Benghazi Committee Backfires as Boehner Refuses to Answer Fundraising Email Questions


A sign that the latest House Republican Benghazi show investigation is backfiring grew when John Boehner refused to answer questions about why he won’t stop the Republicans from fundraising off of Benghazi.



Q: Four Americans died in Benghazi. Should the NRCC fundraise off of your efforts with the select committee?

Boehner: Our focus is on getting the answers to those families who lost their loved ones. Period.

Q: Should the NRCC, they’re fundraising off of it right now, is that a wise thing to do?

Boehner: Our focus is getting the truth for these four families and for the American people.

Q: You are very involved in the fundraising off of this. Why is that happening?

Boehner: Our focus is on getting the truth for the American people and these four families.

Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings said Boehner has the ability to shut down the Republican fundraising off of Benghazi right now.


Rep. Cummings said, “Speaker Boehner can shut this fundraising effort down right now, and he should. You shouldn’t be raising money with regard to this matter.”

This story is backfiring on the Republicans. The media is already calling the commission a partisan stunt. Believe me, when you aren’t fooling Chuck Todd, you aren’t fooling anybody. Even worse, loyal Republican talking heads like Joe Scarborough are calling out Republicans for fundraising off of the Benghazi victims.

Republicans needed a quick pivot after they were proven completely wrong about Obamacare, so they revived the corpse of a past conspiracy theory. The problem is that literally everyone knows what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

John Boehner could put an end to the fundraising, but he won’t because Republicans are trying to profit off of the deaths of four Americans. This isn’t new behavior. The Republican Party has fundraised off of 9/11 for more than a decade.

By repeating the same non-answer over and over again, Speaker Boehner admitted his guilt. His answers were the political equivalent of taking the fifth.

This charade is already backfiring on House Republicans. The media isn’t interested, and have busted the GOP for trying to fundraise off of a tragedy. The American people aren’t interested, and only the zombies who watch Fox News care about this conspiracy.

House Republicans are only hurting themselves by reviving Benghazi. The latest master plan to get President Obama is resulting in another spectacular failure.

42 Replies to “Benghazi Committee Backfires as Boehner Refuses to Answer Fundraising Email Questions”

  1. The ignorant tea baggin gop just keep trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and wasting $$ and wasting $$ wasting $$ wasting $$

  2. Republicans are their own worst enemy.

    I always saw a majority of Republicans as less than intelligent, or willfully ignorant, but their shenanigans of late are off the charts stupid.

    The RW is making it easier every day for Democrats. It is beginning to look to me like they are purposely trying to lose.

  3. I think this and the rest of the GOP’s war against the American people will cost the GOP huge in November.

  4. It is so terribly hard to justify a Kangaroo Court these days.

    “Boehner: Our focus is on getting the answers to those families who lost their loved ones. Period.”

    I note, Mr. Speaker, that you have also chosen to ignore the PLEAS from all of those families NOT to make political hay from their deaths. So perhaps you can also explain to them why you choose to raise money off their dead heroes. Classy Speaker Orange….very classy.

  5. Just a little bit republican is to much, vote all the republicans out of Congress in the mid-term elections and see if things don’t get better. If anyone gets mad at me and makes a comment, make sure your a 1%er, instead of one of those brainwashed clan cows. Just remember republican has NEVER done nothing for the working class.

  6. Not to mention the fact that they are aiding the terrorists that committed the act in the first place. Look at the attention they have garnered, the impact those terrorists are having on this country through the republicans efforts to make the administration look bad.

    I wish the media would call them out on this. Democrats – can’t you make this point?

  7. Please !! Let’s get out and vote to get these time-wasting, good for nothing bums out of the House. Boehner especially has to go, because he allows this mess to continue. He has to be the worst Speaker of the House ever. And the American people deserve better. Even “Krusty the Clown” would be better than this guy.

  8. Mr. Boehner, why don’t you go on national television and tell all the families in American why you and your party cut them off from unemployment and food.

  9. Tim, not only has the GOP not done anything to aid the middle class..they have worked against every single thing the President has tried to do for the middle class. The GOP is paid handsomely and they have worked against the majority of Americans. They have deliberately taken away from the middle class.

  10. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the media to call out the republicans. The media is owned by big business. Even MSNBC treads lightly when it comes to republicans. The deck is stacked and all we can really do about it is get out and vote. All the liberal wailing about the right wing does zero to change anything. Vote and get your like-minded friends to vote. That is the only solution.

  11. What is puzzling about the Republican Fixation on Benghazi is that usually their fundraising efforts try to focus on causing fear, but traveling abroad is the exception rather than the rule for most Republicans, so what is the fear element in Benghazi? This was far from the first instance of American diplomats dying overseas and Republicans were directly involved by cutting $600 million from the embassy security budget, which they only restored after Benghazi. Their vulnerability to the facts is exceptionally high in the case of Benghazi.

  12. That’s exactly the plan Tom. Do nothing, lie, cheat what ever it takes. Raise money off the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi after the rethugs refused to give any more funds for the protection of Embassy’s. Why should any of us be surprised? If the rethugs thought they could raise money off the rape of Boneheads Mother they would do It. Nothing,nothing is beyond them.

  13. As sad as it seems this sick little trick may actually drive the conservative electorate to the voting booths come November. Not to be so grim but recent polling surveys show a very scary potential outcome for the progressive agenda. Polling data shows the possibility is ripe for a conservative tsunami wave akin to 1994 in the upcoming midterm elections. Conservative enthusiasm is way up while democratic enthusiasm is at a twenty year low. Were this to become a reality it goes without saying that the poor and middle class are royally toast. We progressives must get motivated and quick like. Tell your family and friends to vote come November for progressive candidates. Tell them family and friends to tell their friends and family the same thing. Wake up Democrats!

  14. Those in the bubble are so brainwashed you could show then all the evidence and they will still blame the President and Hillary Clinton. It is disgusting and frustrating that so many Americans are deluded. Beneghazi, is whitewater redux.

    Hopefully people will get bored with the same story over and over they will turn off fox when they bring up beneghazi. I watch Msnbc and even though I loved the BBQ of Christie it became overkill and I turned off the station and watched something else. They must have got the message now Christie is brought up when a new development occurs and they don’t spend an hour talking about fat boy.

  15. Can’t we move on to more important issues facing our country? This is a dog and pony show to attack Hillary before 2016 and continue to stonewall Obama on every relevant issue. At every turn of the corner, the blame is placed solely on the POTUS as if he were an Emperor without a system of checks and balances. Watch the GOP apply the blackface and bamboozle our President at

  16. Republicans have never been known to pass up opportunities to politically profit from faux crises, fantasy conspiracies, and pseudo-scandals based on supposition, innuendo, and rumor mill.

  17. Please people don’t take the mid-term elections for granted. Your freedom may very well depend on it. Get out and vote even if you have to walk a mile or two to the voting booth. It is that important and that serious. We cannot afford this situation to continue. Siting in the House of Representatives and not doing the work that citizens of this country have sent you to do and on top of that drawing a huge salary is so wrong. Taking away food stamps from the mouths of children whose parents have lost their jobs and are going through difficult situations is so wrong. Not voting to increase the Minimum wage so that the least among us can put aside a little savings for a rainy day is so wrong. I can go on and on but God does not like ugly and he is not to crazy about pretty.

  18. The GOP wing nuts know darn well that George W. Bush has made it impossible for any republican to become a president for a long time to come. We will not be forgetting the lies, and the waste of money.

    We will not be forgetting them for shutting down our government, and costing us 25 billion.

    Way too many people are unhappy with the GOP. Go Hilary.

  19. I don’t understand democrats not wanting to get to the bottom of Benghazi and the murders of FOUR Americans by this administration. The entire administration has lied about the entire thing, just so it would not hurt the democrats in 2012 elections. Sure wish it had been some of your children that was murdered and see how far you would go to get answers. Why are some of the witnesses forbidden to talk by this administration.

    Guess you all are happy to see that obama has appointed a few of his muslim brotherhood to his administration in HIGH security jobs.

  20. In 2011 and 2012 Republicans voted down a request from the State Department for more security funding.
    Did Republicans hope an attack on Americans overseas would be successful, so they could make political points on it?
    I would not put it past them.

  21. Of course Democrats want to get to the bottom of the Benghazi murders, and unlike the Bush administration did when George W. took his eye off Osama bin Laden, I’m sure the Obama administration is working hard to bring the perpetrators to justice. The claim that witnesses are prohibited from testifying is a myth.

    It took nearly a decade to find OBL, let’s hope those who committed these acts are brought to justice sooner than that.

  22. Bob Dylan once sang ” they say that patriotism is they last refuge, to which a scoundrel clings.” The GOP or what’s left of it have nothing else to attack the President with. If they persist in re opening the events of this tragedy, then we can write off them doing anything they were hired to do until they are kicked out of politics this election day. Why didn’t anyone investigate when 13 embassies were attacked under Bush? Why didn’t anyone investigate why Bush didn’t do anything about 9/11? He certainly knew weeks in advance that an attack on major East coast cities was planned. He also knew that terrorists were already in the country weeks before , and they would strike by air. They also told Bush that hijacked planes would be used to attack us. He also knew that long distance flights would be the planes that would be hijacked, but he chose to do nothing about the information he received from American and foreign country agencies. What about the death of 3,000 innocent people…

  23. I’m glad to see 9/11 mentioned, if only as Republican terror-based fund-raiser.

    “President Bush personally has nixed the effort of the 9-11 Commission to get all the documents in the White House, especially the Presidential daily briefs, which basically tell the Commission and the American people what the President knew and when he knew it…”

    “…and they will never get the full story. That is one of the tragedies. One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9/11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up”

    -Max Cleland, 9/11 Commission

    Republicans acting like they care about American lives or the truth? Garbage. Historically proven, time and time again. GARBAGE.

    It’s impressive how well they stay on narrative though. Bashing Obama as if they aren’t magnitudes worse.

    Like when Mitt bashed him as weak for not stopping profiteers like (& including) Mitt from shipping jobs overseas…HA! Good one, s…

  24. You cant make this shit up
    nevar forget
    Do you feel like you’re not honoring America’s fallen heroes, the Benghazi four, enough? Would you like to honor them EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP? Do you like to wear the kind of pajamas children wear, so you can feel sweaty and restricted by your sleepwear? “Frecklesfuncat” on Cafepress has got you covered!

    Yes, for a mere $75, you can clad your entire body in fuzzy memories of Benghazi, and the Benghazi rage can sink into you while you sleep.

  25. Has anyone wondered what the families of those 4 americans who died are thinking now that their sons are being used as a money making tool for rethugs?

  26. To djchefron and shiva – I would ask that you read the article written by Juan Cole,it is in the Common Dreams site, it really gave me pause to think about all this Benghazi stuff. I would really like to see what you think about it and perhaps your site could
    circulate the info (new) which it gives.

  27. Now this is a thing of true beauty, because you just don’t come across this fine of an example of TOTALLY BASELESS IDIOCY everyday.

    Well, unless you go to sites like Red State, Freeperville, Rushbo, Faux “News” etc., etc. where it’s rampant.

    (Trying to engage in a discussion with someone of this level of profound stupidity would be like trying to squabble with a comatose kumquat.)

  28. What’s worse, that they use it for fundraising, or that the millions from the Koch brothers are still not enough?

  29. Nonsense. More people voted for Gore than Bush. All Republicans need to do is cheat and they could have another president.

  30. Just the thing to awaken the american republic from its disgruntled slumber, and force it to choose sides for 2016. Nothing like a spectacle to get the media and public’s attention, and americans do so love festivals.

    The GOP has habit of looking like jesters when they force these issues though.
    What good will that do for them, though?

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