Megyn Kelly – Fascism Today’s Sexy Poster Girl


Business Insider called her Fox News Channel’s “darling” and a “rising star,” and after returning from maternity leave in 2011, raved about her “new snazzy haircut” – rather tame compared with GQ’s assessment in 2010 that “she’s hot.”

At the time, Kelly defending the sexual nature of her role as a Faux Beauty, claiming, “Well, it’s a visual business. People want to see the anchor” – and not just people, but Roger Ailes especially, who once infamously ranted, of another Fox(y) News reporter, “I can’t see her legs!”

And according to Gabriel Sherman’s biography of Roger Ailes, election night 2012 found one Fox News employee exclaiming, “This is Fox News, so anytime there’s a chance to show off Megyn Kelly’s legs they’ll go for it.”

To judge from how women dress on Fox News, they want to see a LOT of their anchor, and more than just legs. Kelly eagerly obliges.


They love their legs on Fox News. Watch the woman on the left pull her already very short skirt up her thigh):

And Megyn Kelly is not without her own “Oh, is that MY vagina?” moments (because you can’t talk about vaginas but you can show them):

Kelly has a degree in political science from Syracuse University and a J.D. from Albany Law School, which makes her defense of conservative positions all the more perplexing. It only goes to show, liberals, that education has its limits, and that an advanced degree does not guarantee either a) intelligence; or b) honesty, though it does bestow a degree of verisimilitude, at least among those wishing to have their preconceptions validated by an attractive, half-dressed woman.

There is more to Megyn Kelly than body parts, however. It is with good reason Media Matters called her, in 2013, “more dangerous than Bill O’Reilly.” And it’s not just because of her looks, but because she does not act deranged like Hannity, O’Reilly, and others:

Kelly does not breathe fire like her primetime cohorts, but she can be every bit as partisan and misleading. The recent comments from Kelly and from the network are part of a deliberate effort to set her apart from the partisanship and moralism of Hannity and O’Reilly and cast her as a voice of factual authority. Anyone who’s watched enough of Kelly’s news programming knows how insidious a message that is. And, unfortunately, it appears to be working.

But if not visibly unhinged, she is every bit as deranged when it comes to making assertions the base will gobble up like Limbaugh does OxyContin. After making Salon’s “Fox News’ 5 worst moments of 2013,” for telling the world that Jesus was white, and then in time-honored Republican fashion, non-apologizing, she topped that this April when she called the gender pay gap a “meme,” something she must clearly know to be false.


But hey, it would not be the first time a lawyer lied. And who, by the way, can forget her telling Bill O’Reilly in 2011 that pepper spray is a “food product”? And how are food products in the eyes a good thing anyway? Do you rub ketchup or mustard in your eyes, let alone pepper? Would you want other people to do it?

As Mikey Weinstein of Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) said yesterday, after being defamed by the Faux beauty,

I think that Megyn Kelly is to professional journalism and professional journalism ethics what Clive Bundy and Donald Sterling are to race relations in this country.

Weinstein held nothing back:

I think that Megyn Kelly is a pathetic and disgusting entity that continues to spew absolute and total lies.

And he’s absolutely right. She is.

And on another level, disgusting as she is, it is also all rather funny: Kelly is afraid of dark-skinned people, gays, atheists and others, and Fox News, busily dehumanizing her by selling not her brain (arguably not her best asset) but her sexuality (or at least her breasts and her legs), is afraid of women and the sexuality her half-clothed body represents.

Of course, her sexuality is not free and unbridled, but harnessed by white patriarchal males. Her body is owned.

As the Bible says it should be.

It is difficult, sometimes, to not sympathize with the radical feminist concept of female “collaborators” with the patriarchal power structure.

14 Replies to “Megyn Kelly – Fascism Today’s Sexy Poster Girl”

  1. I absolutely believe in the concept of female collaboration with sexism, and anyone old enough to remember Phyllis Schafly (or who read about women who passionately advocated against suffrage) should believe in it, too.

    When Kelly was about to take Hannity’s place, I described her as a hot teacher who “really gives you a lot to think about,”, as opposed to Hannity’s crazy, red-faced, foamy-mouthed uncle who ruins Thanksgiving. That would appeal more to a younger audience, and I do think that makes Kelly more dangerous.

  2. I keep wondering sometimes why Fox News doesn’t allow women to wear pants while on clock. I found the article about several former workers for Fox News said that upper management are filled with absolute sexist married men who like to freely looking at women legs. Hilariously, there is one lady with an exception, Greta Van Susteren did wore pants. Apparently she isn’t that attractive enough for upper management married men.

  3. Wasnt she also the one who was crazy over the New Black Panthers? The ones that did nothing and she lied about it for month after month?

    If she was on CNN, Fox would be trying to destroy her

  4. It don’t matter what she dresses in, how much she takes off. Her personality, attitude and intelligence makes her a very ugly person. Maybe Fox knows now she doesn’t have the brains and is getting ready to show her the door. But wanted her to have something to fall back on, that doesn’t need brains.

  5. It’s a rule….women on camera are simply not allowed to wear pants. There’s a YouTube video of 20 or so “upskirt” shots.
    And, btw: one of the defining characteristics of Fascism is rampant sexism. Fox “News” is the cable TV propaganda arm of the Fascist GOP…

  6. She does have a veneer of reasonableness that can divert folks from understanding that she is just as unmoored from reality as the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity to name a few. Her looks are have a cookie-cutter similarity to those of other female anchors on FOX Noise. The words in the above article about education are so true. Formal education does not mean one is necessarily intelligent nor does it mean that one’s education will be used for the benefit of society rather than following a backward agenda. Because of her veneer of intelligence, she is taken seriously by FOX viewers and others in a way that Sarah Palin is not.

  7. She is employed by Fox Hates & Lies TV station, there is nothing sexy about hateful, hate filled, hate mongering liars. No matter what one looks like, hate and lies is ugly, despicable and disgusting.

  8. Fox News knows that all of those sexually repressed/obsessed older white males out there are going to believe every word from the lips of an attractive woman. In the same way a man who goes to an exotic dance club thinks that the dancers that set and talk to him are really interested in him sexually and not just for the income. I know of what I speak because I have seen men gladly hand over hundreds of dollars in one evening.Fox News is just a glorified exotic dance club that disguises itself as a news station.

  9. I remember when Karl Rove could not believe that Ohio was called for Obama in 2012.
    Kelly walked back to the number crunchers and verified their call.
    I think she looked rather heavy legged.

  10. I bet you Fox is like a giant frat party. A place where no one have to ever grow up and be responsible for anything but pure stupidity!

  11. Especially when a place/business that takes PRIDE showcasing lies and hatred of everything and everybody that is different than them!

  12. I can’t imagine Rachel Maddow trying to (or needing to) take revealing photos or pander to men for any reason. I think that’s why Fox is afraid of her. She’s pure intellect and reason, with all of the credentials, and a little snark for fun- to get Fox’s ire going.

  13. I can’t believe why any self-respecting journalist (or person) would take revealing or sexy pictures, or allow themselves to be made into a sex object like that. If one of my local television anchors did that they’d be fired. I can’t imagine Rachel Maddow trying to (or needing to) take alluring photos or pander to men for any reason. I think that’s why Fox is afraid of her. She’s pure intellect and reason, with all of the credentials, and a little snark to get the point across with a laugh. I don’t see much real humor on Fox. Or class.

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