Morning Joe Slams GOP For ‘Undermining the Credibility of Benghazi Committee’ with Fundraising


How many times can Republicans get caught making things up in their desperation to politicize this tragedy before Joe Scarborough gives up on them? It takes a naked, desperate cash grab based on the tragic death of four Americans for Joe to say enough.

Calling Republican fundraising over the death of four Americans in Benghazi “disgusting”, Joe Scarborough charged on Morning Joe Thursday morning that Republicans have “have undermined the credibility of this committee.”

Yup. Republicans have lost even Joe Scarborough on Benghazi, by being so cravenly desperate and political about their approach as to raise money off of murder.

Watch here:

They opened discussing Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), who is leading a House committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks, cautioning Republicans against using the Benghazi tragedy to raise money yesterday.

Before Gowdy even got the words out of his mouth, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) sent out requests for cash, claiming the party to be a “Benghazi Watchdog”. They asked for donations ranging between $25.00 and $500.00. In other words, they’re all in with craven politicizing of a tragedy.

This action disgusted the Morning Joe hosts and panel. A panelist noted, “All it takes is one email to show the other side that this is indeed a political exercise, they want to raise money off of this issue.”

Joe Scarborough charged, “They (Republicans) have undermined the credibility of this committee and they need to clean it up and promise they are not going to do it again. Over four dead Americans, American Ambassador, over 25 dollar donations to the NRCC. I mean give me a break. It’s disgusting.”

Eugene Robinson, “Give me a break, I mean this is really is hideous. If Republicans expect this investigation to be taken seriously at all and not seen as the most naked of political exercises to animate the Republican base in advance of the election, look, there are a lot of Democrats out there saying this is all political saying this is all getting votes and contributions.”

Joe and Mika remained disgusted with the Republican dirty money cash grab… but why?

Republicans politicized the Benghazi tragedy from the moment it occurred. Mitt Romney smirked his way through an early, inappropriate presser on the attacks – he, who knew nothing, rushed to the microphones for the sole purpose of using the attacks to win an election. That failed.

If Republicans really wanted the truth, they wouldn’t have cherry picked who they allowed on TV, nor would they keep the actual experts from testifying on TV. It was Republicans who leaked intel and jeopardized more lives in their attempts to “investigate” Benghazi. Republicans have already leaked emails that were deliberately and deceptively edited in order to suggest that the Obama administration changed talking points to protect the State Department.

Also, if this were a genuine truth getting mission, Republicans would have investigated the many unfortunate attacks on consulates, outposts and Embassies prior to Benghazi, like the “thirteen Benghazis” that took place under Bush’s watch. Or maybe they’d take a look at Republican refusal to fund Libya and embassy security as requested by the State Department.

Republicans act like the Benghazi attacks were not a tragic accident (the sort that happens during wars and uprisings in unstable areas), while the war they started on a lie should not be investigated at all because it was totally an accident and that’s the “past”.

But I could make a case that if we had not invaded a sovereign nation on a lie, while many extremists would hate us anyway, it would have been a lot harder to drum up the massive amount of anti-American sentiment needed for recruitment to terrorist organizations. The same thinking applies to Gitmo and our use of torture. So in truth, if Republicans really want to investigate Benghazi, we would have to go back to the decision to invade Iraq, and our subsequent decisions to deny the very things this country is supposed to stand for — like trial rights, in addition to our decisions to use ineffective and illegal torture methods as a purported gateway (one that experts agree does not work) to intel gathering. Why is it that these very unAmerican events are of no interest to Republicans?

A little accountability would be a good thing for Republicans.

But meanwhile, they are fundraising on the tragic deaths of four Americans, with no regard for the families, or the political beliefs of the slain.

If they really cared about the deaths of these four human beings, they would not be fundraising off of them. And that’s how Joe Scarborough, a true believer in many Republican conspiracies, finally came to be disgusted with Republicans over their Benghazigasm. Shame, shame, shame.

12 Replies to “Morning Joe Slams GOP For ‘Undermining the Credibility of Benghazi Committee’ with Fundraising”

  1. They really lost all credibility when the had Miss Lindsay collaborate with the woman at CBS to film the documentary about Benghazi that was loaded with lies.

    I cannot bear to watch Scarboro, has he ever mentioned the Lindsay Graham connection?

  2. Joe S. says they should stop now and promise not to do it again. Sorry Joe, that ship sailed when Romney tried to use Benghazi in the election and made himself look like the total a** that he is.

    Republicans always accuse Democrats of doing the very things they do. I guess the figure that since they have no problems lying, cheating, and using any dirty trick they can dream up to win, that everybody must be doing it.

    Now they have exposed the fact that they have wanted to use Benghazi for political reasons all along. It is not that any of us doubted it on the Progressive side, but they can no longer deny it.

    This one is going to bite them in the a**, really hard.

  3. For some reason someone has decided for Joe to rant every morning about the topic of the day and their ratings will improve. It only makes him look like a bigger loud mouth fool.

  4. Joe has undermined the credibility of the GOP (whatever little they may have had once in the remote past), and his own, just by being himself.

  5. First you must have credibility before you can undermine said alleged credibility! The GOTP has NO credibility except in the odiferous bubble that the GOTP has shielded themselves in.

  6. “Mitt Romney smirked his way through an early, inappropriate presser on the attacks – he, who knew nothing, rushed to the microphones for the sole purpose of using the attacks to win an election.”

    Actually I think Romney responded so quickly because he KNEW it was going to happen, was waiting for it as his corrupt money handlers promised him when they engineered the entire thing. Do I believe the GOP and 1% are evil enough to arrange the murder of a US ambassador for political gain? Absofuckinglutely.

  7. I was going to say they were undermining their whole party’s credibility by digging this crap up again, but GOP credibility went out the window with Nixon.

  8. I said that from the beginning Carole. He was just waiting for it, I think his visit to Uncle Netanyoohoo assured it. People think my claims are far out but that video was designed as a cover to cause chaos & confusion. And guess what country that film maker was from. Since when have there been anniversary attacks on 9/11? Only on an election year?

  9. Fund raising is all it was EVER about. Why is Joe shocked? Why are WE?

    It has nothing to do with the truth for the four families (oh, please – one of the dead was a colleague whose memory deserves better than smarm).

    It has less about getting to the ‘truth’ that even GOP Armed Services Committee Chair Buck McKeon says has been established! When a critical link in the GOP leadership smashes the rest of the party’s venality, you KNOW there’s nothing here but trash talk and money.

  10. They never cared about those 4 dead people. If they had, they would not have voted to cut funding for embassy security in the first place. All they have ever cared about doing was to discredit both President Obama and former S.O.S. Hillary Clinton. Their use of this tragedy to raise funds is ghoulish, but not surprising coming from them. When I think of the ill-advised war in Iraq that cost this country so much in money and lives, as well as the numerous embassy attacks under Bush and before that, the over 200 soldiers who got killed under Reagan’s watch, I get sick to the stomach over their hypocrisy. As for Morning Joe, he acts as if all this is new to him. Anyone who’s been paying attention realizes this has been going on for months. He has little to no credibility himself, both for being part of the GOP and for his own malfeasance while he was in Congress.

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