Ted Cruz Champions Nuremberg-Style Laws for Gays and Lesbians

Ted_Cruz_Business_with_gaysOn Friday, President Robert B. Sloan Jr., of Houston Baptist University, said gays and lesbians were like arsonists or alcoholics. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who appeared with Sloan at “Faith in the Public Square,” and always in lockstep with religious extremists, asserted that Christians should not have to do business with gay people.

Everyone has to reconcile their own faith with how they interact with others, and that’s a choice you’ve got to make based on your understanding of biblical teachings and based on the best understanding you can come to it.

Raw Story has the video:

I’m very much a believer that the scripture teaches that you hate the sin and love the sinner, and so, you know, from my perspective I am perfectly willing to interact with anybody. Look, I work in the U.S. Congress. But at the same time, I don’t think the law should be forcing Americans to violate their religious faith.

Never mind that Cruz himself has already violated the religious faith of Americans with his anti-gay marriage bill, the State Marriage Defense Act of 2014, introduced in February. As one denomination has pointed out, banning gay marriages violates their religious freedom to perform such marriages.

If all this seems eerily and disturbingly familiar, it should. It was the Nazis who said, “Don’t Buy from Jews!” (Kauf nicht bei Juden!). The Religious Right is saying, “Don’t Sell to Gays!” But we’ll get to that later.

From here, Cruz launched into the popular Christians are being forced to pay for contraceptives meme:

The Obama administration is litigating against the Little Sisters of the Poor, trying to force them, trying to extract millions of dollars of fines to force them to pay for contraceptives and abortion-providing drugs for others.

Now, these Catholic nuns don’t want to do so, and the idea that the federal government would be going after Catholic nuns, trying to force them to violate their religious faith, really demonstrates how utterly unmoored we have come from the constitutional liberties this country was founded on.

Liberties which, apparently, require non-Christians to listen to Christian prayers at council meetings. Liberties which, apparently, give employers the right to make healthcare decisions for their employees, decisions which amount to a claim of ownership over those employees – slavery, in other words. Yes, that’s religious liberty.

The thing is, even though slavery is legal in the Bible (Old and New Testament), it is not according to the Thirteenth Amendment, and the U.S. Constitution, not the Bible, is – so far anyway – the law of the land. Your employer can no more own your soul or your mind than your body. But Hobby Lobby is arguing that it can. And the Republican Party, Ted Cruz not least among them, agrees.

Of course, the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, are not paying for anything. They are incorporated. The corporation pays for the contraceptives. But the Supreme Court has already ruled that corporations are people and therefore have the same free speech rights as the rest of us. It does not seem much of a stretch given recent SCOTUS decisions, that corporations will be found to have freedom of religion as well.

Which means, by extension, a diminution of those rights for individuals.

The ironic thing is that free birth control leads directly to lower abortion rates. For a group that wants to do away with abortion to be so myopic in the name of ideology is truly staggering. And for doing something that will directly reduce abortion (as opposed to say, oh, the utter futility of abstinence education) President Obama is called the “abortion president.”

It really isn’t contraceptives or even abortion that these patriarchal fascists are concerned with, however, but with control. Control over women and their sexuality.

All of this is absurd, of course. What if a business owner suddenly decided he did not believe in the germ theory of medicine. Will his employees be forced to forgo all prescription medications? To have exorcisms instead for the little demons making him sick?

This is not a slippery slope, as has been suggested. It is a precipice, off which we may well be pushed by the Supreme Court when it makes its decision in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius come the end of June.

What Republicans want, in essence, as shown by the so-called “religious liberty” laws in Kansas and Arizona and elsewhere, but also by Sloan’s and Cruz’s speeches, are their very own Nuremberg Laws, which in 1935 essentially banned Jews from German civic life, much as the fifth century Theodosian Code banned Pagans from Roman civic life. Bryan Fischer is far from alone in insisting that “sexually immoral behavior” be against the law, and that such laws are justified.

In fact, a German propaganda tract from 1935, “Our Battle Against Judah,” sounds very much like Republican rhetoric about gays and gay-rights supporters:

There are two causes for the fact that the Jewish element is increasingly showing itself in public nearly everywhere. First, as already noted, the increasing activity of the Jewish element is undoubtedly the result of the patience the National Socialist state has shown to this foreign body amidst the German people. Second, one must also, unfortunately, conclude that the behavior of many people’s comrades had enabled or encouraged the Jews. True, the National Socialist state, its lawgivers, and the relevant offices have the task of keeping the Jews in their appropriate place through the appropriate measures, and they will fulfill this task, in as far as it is within their power. Such measures have already been taken in a variety of areas. One need only be reminded of the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, the Aryan Paragraph in the Wehrmacht and in sports, and the cleansing of the state, film, press, etc.

Justice substitute “gay” for “Jew” and “American” for “German.” How often have we seen Religious Right leaders and Republican politicians call for a “cleansing” of America? How often have you seen “gay sympathizers” blamed for the emboldening gays and lesbians to demand equal rights? Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s father, a Cuban who asserts the U.S. is a Christian nation, has said that marriage equality is a government conspiracy, which reminds one of all the Nazi talk of Jewish conspiracies. No one has loved conspiracies more than Nazis – except for our current crop of Republicans.

In February, Cruz said,

They just want to use brute power to force the states to take down marriage laws that have been in place for centuries and that’s inconsistent with the Constitution, it’s not right and it’s heartbreaking.

He says marriage equality is inconsistent with the Constitution, but the Constitution does not mention marriage equality (or, for that matter, the Bible or Christianity or the Ten Commandments). Yet he says that that theocracy, which the Constitution DOES forbid, isn’t inconsistent with the Constitution.

To understand the absurdity – and danger – of the Republican position, think about their case put in reverse: non-Christians refusing to do business with Christians. Suddenly it is Christians who are second class citizens. Imagine storefronts: No Christians need apply. What if New Ages shops automatically directed anyone wearing a cross out the door? Or Muslim butchers or Jewish? Or atheist? What came out of Religious Right mouths then would be quite different than what we are hearing now.

That is because this is not about religious liberty at all, but quite the opposite. This is about theocracy. This is about bending the American people to their will and forcing their own distorted and demonstrably anti-biblical and anti-constitutional views on 300 million Americans.

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  1. In this context it might be a little reassuring that the very same city of Nüremberg was, some 11 years later the platform where the very same champions of that anti-Jewish legislation were tried and convicted for crimes agains humanity.

  2. This unAmerican immigrant needs to be censured, fined, required to apologize to the American people, and then disbar and deport this PIG and toss his idiot patriarch with him.

  3. This Auslander purporting to personify ril uhMericun values better and more purely than the rest of us….creeps me out like no other in this era of creeps.

  4. Good article, Hraf, as usual – of course, you’re basically preaching to the choir here, but I would hope that your work is also read by others elsewhere where it may have some influence in opening some eyes.

  5. I’ve been quite happy not to have had Ted Cruz in the news 24-7. Like Sarah Palin, I think Cruz has seen his better days and can only hope they both disappear into the night, not ever to be heard from or to be seen again. Of course, both are too narcissistic to feel any sort of shame for the damage they inflict upon our Nation.

    We must remember that there are more of us who oppose the theocracy Cruz stands for than those who support him. Vote him out Texas, and like Palin he can go on and do his grifting, his screeching from the comforts of his tour bus.

  6. Put Ted through a lie detector test to see if he’s gay, those nut case republicans are hypocrites on other issues.

  7. Like I’ve been saying for years the GOP is turning into the National Socialist Workers Party. First the Tea Party and their purity tests and open disdain for democracy and weapon worship. Then the targeting of a certain group that they lay all blame on.Then they call for their party to be the only political party that exists.And their consolidation of power with the corporate powers and government. Now we have the 4th. Reich. Hitler and Goebbels are so proud of the GOTP and Fox News.

  8. Why do parasites, like Cruz and Co., still have an existence? We know that his parents infected him; he was raised to spread parasitical mind control to other “host” as a Manchurian Candidate. We should have been looking for a “cure” after McCarthyism; Joe did a lot of damage before he was stopped. Our country did a lot of soul searching after the first wave McCarthy-ites, but, Joe and Co. left permanent scares. We knew then, as we witnessed the ravages, the multi-dysfunctional carnage that these parasites can have on our citizens and governing system.

    Maybe Jerry Lewis should have been having telethons to create more research and hospitals in order isolate the spread of these terrible parasitical creatures. Now we have a second, possibly 3rd generation that has grown more virulent than the last.

    Even if they all die off quickly (hopefully) their parasitical lifestyle spread has already infect another generation…we must find a cure/stop their spread before it’s 1939 again…

  9. Ted Cruz-Missile continues to be the best friend the Democrats could ever hope to have and we should thank him for his service.

    It has to be clear to his ilk, by now, that their views will never again be the majority and they do not care. As long as majority rules in this nation they will forever be on the outside of power on this and every other issue.

    The thing about being outside and trying to get in, though, is that you gotta speak kinda loud to have any voice and by “kinda loud”, I mean in a terrifying way because no one will otherwise hear you. That’s what is happening here, why it will continue, and why he will forever be the Dem’s BFF.

    Until the Republicans finally whack him, figuratively or otherwise.

  10. The actions of the GOTea Party seem simple minded and ignorant making it easy to dismiss them as idiots. Their structured arguments are designed to divide all of us; the lies, attacks, blame shifting, right wing media issues, are made to disrupt and prevent us from seeing other things.
    I am disgusted when citizens betrayal of the Constitution because of pseudo-Christians who do nothing but bow to billionaire commands while hating blacks, Hispanics, the working poor, Democrats, unions and gays.
    The cuts to the social systems and blocking the legislative and political process at both the state and federal level have the goal of weakening all of us and our country. It is a well scripted, repeated, coordinated,and executed plan under well financed and various PAC’s.
    The goal is the destruction of our social system by the same tactics of denial, rewriting history, simple nationalism, blame shifting, combined with religious fervor which has destroyed other nations in the past.

  11. I am against theocracy. This means that no Shira , Abrahamic, Mosaic, etc. biblical beliefs being allowed as law. Keep your religion at home. If you choose to bring it out, then you will have a fight to the death on your hands!

  12. GOTEA PARTY NAZI – The terms far right, or extreme right, describe the broad range of political groups and ideologies usually taken to be further to the right of the mainstream center-right on the traditional left-right spectrum. Far right politics commonly involves support for social inequality and social hierarchy, elements of social conservatism and opposition to most forms of liberalism and socialism. Both terms are also used to describe groups who hold extreme nationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, racist, religious fundamentalist or reactionary views

  13. Perhaps the Shakespeare line “The lady doth protest too much” applies in more ways than one to Cruz.

  14. Just playing to his audience.
    And if interviewed at a later time.he’ll deny he ever said or meant such a thing,
    Even knowing it’s on tape.

  15. There is no excuse for gay marriage to be in the congress or even in the courts. If heteros have the right to marriage, then so do homosexuals. There is no difference except a bunch of wild eyed idiots need to involve themselves in others lives.

    I will not live under religious laws. in the end you will find them far more brutal than civil laws

  16. Where did the America I grew up in go, I have never heard more mentally ill people in politics in my life and Ted the bulls##t artist is a good example of a waste of a life, his ol man should have worn protection.

  17. What always bothered me about this crap is the way nuns can hold the hand of starving children and dying woman while they are giving birth to their 10th child instead of providing birth control so it doesn’t happen in the first place. They should quit telling these people that they can’t use any protection against pregnancy. I have no respect for religion.

  18. This is only true if the democrats get out and vote in the midterms, en masse. Have to overcome gerrymandering, and voter ID’s and reduction of early voting times, and inability to go to the bathroom even once in line to vote. The republicans have done their best (worst) to skew the results. WE CANNOT LET THEM DO IT! Spread the word….

  19. I could not have said this better…the infection must be stopped, and it IS an infection. Cruz, Palin, Bohner, Cantor, and all of the Republicans in Congress, as well as republicans running as Democrats (getting kick backs from pacs, like here in Chicago with Reuner paying Blacks to stomp for him in his commercials), I do not like him with a passion. He is a millionaire who has suddenly popped up to do good by the citizens in Chicago? I think not.He needs to go back to Hell from whence he came…

  20. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I shudder to think that such crimes would be committed, but then rectified, tried, at a later date.

  21. You are right . I can speak for my fellow Canadians we are glad Cruz doesn’t live here and if it was in my power I would revoke his citizenship. From what I have read Democrats need to start campaigning now to get people out to vote in November or you all are going to be living in a Christian nation and then the burning,torture and concentration camps start.

  22. The GOTP has taken a lesson from history, Hitler was a Christian (Jesuit Catholic) Conservative, Mussolini was a Catholic(Christian) Conservative and Franco was also a Catholic Conservative. I have relayed these FACTS to many Christian Conservatives and they flip out or call me a liar. Sorry but I know WW2 and the politics that led up to it, I have a library of books concerning not only that war but war in general.

  23. Observer, I sort of have to disagree with you. Cruz is not the best friend the Democratic party could have right now. I say this because of his promoters – The Billionaires’ Club I call them – with Charles and David Koch and others funding every last one of these right wing lunatics. They are paying for Supreme Court decisions, causing the Justices to vote in a partisan manner rather than subject to the law. Yes, they are louder than ever before. They’re the Moral Majority on steroids. They’re not Republicans. That party is dead.

    I strongly urge people to openly protest every move that’s being made by this group of criminals because they continue to do what they please despite what the majority of Americans desire. They are cruel and greedy individuals who haven’t a religious bone in their bodies. We cannot endure their existence within our governing bodies any longer. What they’re leading us into is going to cause some horrible uprisings by the middle class and poor.

  24. It’s amazing the way Freedom of Religion is used by Corporations like Hobby Lobby.
    They buy Chinese products to sell and MAKE money. Even though abortions are not only legal in China they are sometimes forced on women with to many children.
    They MAKE money by claiming they don’t have to supply health care because of their religious beliefs.
    It’s win-win for them and their Religion (Money).

  25. Marriage should NOT be sanctioned by any state, because they will always want to define it, control it, tax it, or otherwise utilize it for their political ends.

    Marriage is a union, voluntarily entered into, in the sight of community, or God, and is no business of anyone’s to prevent or control.

    Conversely, anyone who does not want to acknowledge and honor the marriage can shun or disregard, or otherwise disparage it…but they cannot prevent it.

  26. On Friday, President Robert B. Sloan Jr., of Houston Baptist University, said gays and lesbians were like arsonists or alcoholics. REALLY?! I seriously do NOT think so!

    Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who appeared with Sloan at “Faith in the Public Square,” and always in lockstep with religious extremists, asserted that Christians should not have to do business with gay people.

    Well, I shouldn’t have to deal with “Christians” who are anything BUT “christian! I thought “christians” weren’t supposed to judge others, or to treat others badly? I don’t think these idiots know what “christians” really are. Either that or the definition of “christian” has been so distorted that it really means “christians” love and treat others kindly only if they are fellow “christians” who love jesus, and god as their savior, but regard all other religions as evil, among other things. SMDH

  27. You see at every turn Cruz reveals himself to be a fraud. All of the support for his crackpot ideas comes second or third hand. The scriptures never said “love the sinner, hate the sin.” In fact, Jesus talked about making special effort for the lost sheep. He talked about not judging others.

    Actually that phrase comes- not from Scripture – but from St. Augustine who said a lot of things that Cruz would probably object to. His Letter 211 (c. 424) contains the phrase Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum, which translates roughly to “With love for mankind and hatred of sins.” I don’t see anything in Cruz’s ideology that shows much love for mankind.
    As one source says:
    “The phrase has become more famous as “love the sinner but hate the sin” or “hate the sin and not the sinner” (the latter form appearing in Mohandas Gandhi’s 1929 autobiography).”

    Gandhi was a person with a philosophy that has NO connection to Ted Cruz

  28. Anna, that’s why these right-wing idiots have such a problem with the new Pope. He “isn’t Christian enough” to them, despite the fact that he is actually following Jesus’ (pbuh) commands while they refuse to.

    I’m not Catholic, heck I’m no longer Christian but Muslim and see, the thing is, I am hated by these people because of that. Oh and I should say I also used to work for the Republican Party and have seen their memos they pass around. They don’t care about laws, they care about theocracy. And any of them that get power are forced to believe the same thing or get shut out.

  29. Senator Cruz and the other teapartyers make a mockery of our constitution, our country, our heritage, our constituents, our way of life, our love of our country. They think they, and only they, love our country and no-one else need apply. They are pesudo-Christians, Christians in name only. No Christian can hate as many people as they do and still refer to themselves as holy people. Their main problem is they cannot accept that we have a black president. I hope there are enough people in the mainstream republican party to vote in their own best interests and realize that the tea partyers are out to destroy this country and our way of life. I do not understand the god they believe in and are so willing to lie for and about.

  30. Y’all are no better than Cruz. At least he has morals he attempts to live up to. You all do not have any morals or values to begin with, so you feel you can’t make mistakes Also, why so much hate for religion? You can hate religious people, then expect them to bow to you? I don’t understand, you people need help. Get it.

  31. You cant read can you. Cruz has no morals. He cant tell the truth about anything.

    The religion talked about is fundamentalism. Not the everyday christian.

    Its sad that where you get your information you get no education

  32. Cruz is a fundamentalist. Ever listen to his dad? Both would toss you in a pit in a second. You may think you are a christian but neither of them would accept you as one.

    this is the Cruz that shut down the govenrment, cost this country 24 billion dollars and then said he had nothign to do with it, all the while getting campaign money from suckers who wanted us to default on our debts and crash the world economy. You sure picked the wrong horse to ride

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