Republicans Fundraise on the Benghazi Dead While Disrespecting the Family’s Wishes

Glen D

Fresh off the 2012 death of her son, Massachusetts native Glen Doherty’s mother shamed the Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and the GOP for trying to use her son’s death for their political agenda. She told them in no uncertain terms to knock it off. So now they’re literally fundraising off of his death.

In October of 2012, the Boston Globe ran Glen Doherty’s mother’s statement:

Mitt Romney will stop telling a story on the campaign trail of meeting Glen Doherty, the Winchester native and retired Navy SEAL who was killed last month in Libya, after Doherty’s mother accused the Republican presidential nominee of attempting to use her son’s death for political gain.

Earlier, Doherty’s mother, Barbara Doherty of Woburn, questioned the former Massachusetts governor’s motives for talking about her son.

“I don’t trust Romney,” she told WHDH-TV. “He shouldn’t make my son’s death part of his political agenda. It’s wrong to use these brave young men, who wanted freedom for all, to degrade Obama.”

This wasn’t just for Mitt Romney. This was aimed at the party using her son as a political prop. How tragic that she felt so strongly compelled against Romney’s insincere claims that she had to come forward with such a statement in the middle of her fresh grief.

Years later, Republicans are now using the death of Glen and the three other Americans killed in the Benghazi attacks on the 9/11 anniversary to raise money for their party. Even Joe Scarborough finds their craven abuse of tragedy “disgusting”. The fact that the party machine is behind this speaks to the recklessness and thoughtlessness of the Republican Party’s current decision to once again use these four tragically murdered men for political gain and fundraising.

Republicans will pick at still fresh wounds and campaign on the dead, while simultaneously disrespecting the family’s wishes again. They excuse this by pretending that they just want the truth, but they have betrayed that claim by cherry picking testimony, ignoring the facts determined by their own Republican-led House Armed Services Committee, planting lies in the press in order to further their own fictionalized version of Benghazi, and grandstanding while hunting for bullets to destroy Hillary Clinton instead of focusing on recommendations based on their previous investigations. How is that helping the families? It’s not. It’s only dragging them through even more pain.

Leah Burton, who was a colleague of Mr. Doherty at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, confirmed for me that not only would Mr. Doherty not have supported Mitt Romney but he was a dedicated supporter of President Obama, and indeed many things that Democrats stand for, including gay rights and religious freedom.

Mitt Romney wasn’t running around claiming ownership of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens like he was of Doherty, but Republicans are still raising money off of the tragic deaths of the four slain in the Benghazi attacks. That’s shameful on its own, yet it’s unclear that the four human beings they are using as fundraising fodder would even support what Republicans stand for.

Stevens worked hard to combat the very anti-Muslim sentiment the Republican Party caters to to get out the vote. He graduated from UC Berkley. Stevens was described in GQ as an “idealist”.

No one’s death should be used as fundraising fodder, but especially not when they were opposed to much that the party using them stands for. They aren’t here to speak for themselves and ask to not be the face of fundraising for the GOP. I can’t imagine the horror and pain this is bringing to Doherty’s family, again. It’s beyond shameful.

Republicans can keep abusing the institution of the U.S. House and abusing the taxpayers as they deliberately manufacture sound bites for their 2014 campaign ads with their Benghazi “investigations” aimed at pre-emptively destroying undeclared front runner Hillary Clinton. Sure, they’re wasting money and resources and going McCarthy again, but that’s what they do in order to avoid discussing ideas and policies.

But when Republicans use and abuse a warrior who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, and who stood for freedom for all and not just the few, Republicans have gone too far.

The implication in Republicans claiming to be Benghazi watchdogs is that only Republicans care about the tragic deaths of these brave Americans. And that is despicable and cheap on its own. But they cross a line when they violate the express wishes of the family once again, and instead deepen the wound by using death as a cash grab.

Republicans don’t get to appropriate the dead and use them as political props. They don’t own our troops, our wounded warriors, or those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, just like they don’t own family, God, patriotism, security, or Christianity.

Shame on you, Republicans. Shame on you.

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  1. Again: I’d like to see the most SENIOR Democrats of the House people Representative Draco Malfoy…er Trey’s committee. They should schedule the family members of these fallen men. I’m certain it wouldn’t take much for Mrs. Doherty to sit before that committee and very publicly….very NATIONALLY…condemn the GOP for making hay off the death of her son. I can’t help but wonder if such testimony by her…and by others who lost loved ones there…wouldn’t bring this whole charade down in a crashing heap.

  2. A few years ago the term Capital vulture-ism was coined to explain the reason for the inequality in America finance.

    Now the truth of that name VULTURES totally belongs to the Republican Party.

  3. As if Republicans, while fundraising, gave a rat’s ass about those families… Geez, they are way to busy fundraising on their backs…

  4. Republicans and their “Christian” leader friends are all “sub-human”, “soulless-beings”, who work now “only” for their “elite 1%” corporate “slave-masters”. Who are now “themselves” the true “ANTICHRIST” who is talked about in their “Christian” religion’s “Holy-Bible” (in my opinion). They plan too “enslave” us (the 99%) forever. The “Antichrist” has obviously “misled” them all. They “cannot” be saved. They will “all” Burn in Hell forever for their “evil-deeds” against all of humanity and nature. It is written in their “Holy-Bible”. For Christ’s sake! They don’t even read their own Bible. What fools…

  5. While the misfit RethugliKKKans disrespect the dead,their families,America and the world we must remember November because our country deserve better than slime and we are better than them.
    Please vote! clean our house of this unbearable cancer,urge your friends and family to vote to give back our dignity. Vote,just do it!

  6. They disrespect the four who were killed when Bush/Cheney caused the death of 4,000+ with their WMD lie…

  7. They disrespect the four who were killed when Bush/Cheney caused the death of 4,000+ with their WMD lie…

  8. This article is worthless. Where are the names of those Republicans using Benghazi in their campaign financing efforts? Come on.. names please. Meanwhile, Democrats don’t want to find the truth behind Benghazi. Why is that? Got something to hide? If there’s nothing to hide, why not get the whole truth out and find out exactly why things happened the way they did. Are you protecting Hillary and Barack?

  9. Democrats should campaign on the fact that Republicans are politicizing the deaths of four brave Americans. But they won’t. Democrats are as clueless when it comes to campaigning as Republicans when it comes to governing.

  10. I’ve never called anyone an idiot here, though there are several of you who have earned that title. If you want to ban me for opposing views, then have at it. That’s how progressives operate.. shout them down or ban them. It’s your choice, but this year the Republicans will control both houses of Congress, and in 2016 we’ll have a Republican President. That’s when our country will begin to heal, and undo all that’s been messed up by Obama and his regime. Now.. try and ban THAT!

  11. I disagree they have both a heart and mind. Both of them are full with visions of various ways to gain the one thing they want the most money! See to them nothing is more important or sacred then the money that can buy them more power.
    They swear allegiance to the almighty dollar AND THE POWER IT BUYS.

  12. You are stuck on stupid. Please tell me in the past 40 years what republican policies have helped the average American. I doubt you can do it.

  13. That’s funny. A down vote but no explanation of republican policies that have helped the American people. You people are a joke

  14. Name one? Well, the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In the House it passed with 80% Republicans and 63% of Democrats in support of the bill. In the Senate, it was 82% Republicans and 69% Democrats voting in favor.

  15. Keep on dreaming. The GOP is scared stiff of Americans voting this time. They know without a doubt if they can not block people from voting they will lose in every race.
    What they did not count on was people rebelling against their tactics. Look for numerous long lines of voters with all the needed documentation this November. See the push is on fast and hard to throw out all the GOP they can. The quickest way to get a citizen to vote is try to take the right to vote away from them. Something the GOP ignored but will learn this time.

  16. That is a great idea but I am sure that they would not let her say anything (makes them look worst then usual) before the Repigs, kinda like when there no women to testify for birth control, just old white guys. Hopefully the family will come out and talk to the press about it and they actually do show it

  17. I know I may not be good at math but I said in the last 40 years. Lets see 1964 till now is 48 years. Again you are stuck on stupid. And that law was passed with northern republicans how many of them are left? Susan Collins, Mark Kirk who will lose. Stop with your idiotic nonsense

  18. You idiot, 1964 was 50 years ago.. not 48. Your math is as good as your political understanding. LOL

  19. How about winning the Cold War? Breaking up the USSR, which is now making a comeback since they see a lame leader in Obama.

  20. Well seeing that I was born in 1964 and I am only 49 I don’t think it was 50 years ago but your dumbass still refuse to answer my original question. What has the republican party has done for the people in the last 40 years?

  21. Some family members have reached out to Nancy Pelosi
    and have asked her to stop this, they do not want it re hashed.

    Also in answer to Constitution – I would ask him to read Juan Cole’s article about Benghazi, I think rethugs have some explaining to do!

  22. It benefited the average American by being strong enough that we didn’t get the crap nuked out of us. We made the commies go broke, they disbanded, and made not only Americans but the world a safer place.

  23. Hey dumbass Russia still has how many? According to the Federation of American Scientists, an organization that assesses nuclear weapon stockpiles, in 2013, Russia possessed an estimated 8,500 total nuclear warheads of which 1,800 were strategically operational. Are you really this stupid? Don’t answer that

  24. So far, djchefron has called me idiotic, idiot, dumbass twice, stupid twice and joke once. I called you an idiot once, because your basic math skills are in serious doubt.
    Want to talk about the great things Democrats are doing? Most unemployed workers in history.. Highest poverty level in 50 years.. Highest deficits ever.. Worst foreign diplomacy ever.. Leaving Israel out on a limb while sympathizing with the PLO.. Assisting the Muslim Brotherhood to rule Egypt..
    I have more if you’re interested.

  25. Well, I guess I need to add one more dumbass and one more stupid to the count. Your vocabulary is rather limited, isn’t it?

  26. Constipation, you have been called colourful metaphors because you have earned them honestly. When you say and feel stupid things CONSTANTLY and are shot down EVERY time by reality and FACTS, what do you expect? special treatment? I was wondering where those single thumbs down votes came from. I should have known. Chose a different handle please because it is quite obvious that you know nothing of the Constitution like every Reich Winger out there who claims to be a “Constitutional Patriot” and hates the very premise of it but claims to defend it. The Constitution needs to be defended all right…From People like YOU!!! Dechefron We all have your back!

  27. This is the problem with this issue – they don’t care that four people are dead. They’re just being used to score political points for the Republicans.

    That’s all this has ever been about from day 1.

    It’s a shame, but Republicans have no shame so they just keep doing what they’re doing.

  28. SO when is enough enough,seems every week the Repukicans are having another tax payer wasting investigation into something that does not need to be continually investigated.Where were they when thousands of innocent Americans were dying under Reagan and Bush.How come nobody wants to discuss that? Repuikans and anybody who sides with them are doing them are doing the Devils work.As someone else said these guys don’t care about anyone or anything except the all mighty dollar and how much they can make off the back of the working middle class and poor.Hope you sleep well at night believing the crap they spew.

  29. When Republicans get to the truth and
    everything all said and done will it
    bring the Families love
    ones back?

    Oh Constitution – Don’t forget to give to
    Benghazi Watchdogs Republicans care for Americans
    and our Military. “WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU”. You
    get a tax break since you are over the 1%. YEA

  30. The truth IS out there, it has BEEN out there, and it will ALWAYS be out there. You don’t even have to look very hard to find it.

    The problem is the truth doesn’t lead Republicans where they so desperately want to go – and where they’re hoping voters like you will take them.

    See, Republicans care so much for the truth and the four Americans who died that they’re FUNDRAISING off of it. FUNDRAISING. Ka-ching!

    They want money for their campaigns and they want to win elections and they are using this to obtain both. The more they can distract you and keep you from actually concentrating on what they’ve done for the American people, which is nothing, the better. Because surely if you actually took a close look at the situation, you wouldn’t vote for them again. They can’t have that. Gotta keep the votes – and the money – flowing.

    That’s all this is about, Sir/Madam.

    That’s all it has EVER been about.

  31. how many “truths” does the GOP need????? or are they so stupid they don’t recognize the truth before it BITES YOU IN THE ASS

  32. The Republicans didn’t cause the breakdown of USSR, they just happened to be in office at the time. USSR was responsible for their own breakup.

  33. Obama did a pretty good job of campaigning. This year it will be easy work, as the Republicans are just throwing the voters right to us. By policies and revulsion.

  34. Actually, the Democrats have figured out exactly how to manipulate our current system of electoral college, majority vote of the people for US Senators and division of representative districts concerning ethnicity (I won’t use “race”… it’s a lame card that everyone brings up to try to benefit themselves on both sides of the isle)

    Republicans gain seats of power when the system is in jeopardy of collapsing, because they empower corporations and rich people to pay others…. or at least they used to before a Democratic party president initiated preferred trade partner status when he (or she? his wife comes from a more powerful family than him….) worked his magic with the World Trade Organization. Now, of course, corporations exploit loopholes that were established to create “social justice” with other countries.

    Democrats gain seats of power and create dependency to ensure the future of socialism.

    Be responsible, take only what is earned.. remember “existing” ear…

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