House Dems Call Boehner Offer a Slap In The Face and Refuse to Be Props In Benghazi Circus

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings And House Democrats Discuss Accuse GOP Of Obstructing The Legislative Process

House Democratic leaders have flat out rejected John Boehner’s offer to be props on his special Benghazi committee. After meeting, Democrats called the offer a slap in the face.

After House Democrats rejected Boehner’s proposal, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) spoke to the media, “I consider it a slap in the face. It is actually worse than the current situation that we have in Oversight and Government Reform [Committee]. It’s a step backwards…It basically left the door open for abuse, the same kind of abuse as we saw in Oversight and Government Reform…I’m hopeful that the conversations will continue, but right now, what he has sent is extremely … disappointing.”

In order for this select committee to have even a whiff of credibility, House Republicans need Democrats to be a party of this panel. If there are no Democrats, no one will pay any attention to this investigation. The problem is that Republicans are proposing rules that turn the Democrats into props.

The Oversight and Government reform committee that Rep. Cummings was referring to is the pit of partisan witchhunt, waste, and abuse that is chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA). For Cummings to suggest that the panel that Boehner has set up will be worse that what Issa is doing is really saying something.

House Democrats aren’t going participate in a sham that is designed to embarrass the president before this year’s midterm elections. Democrats don’t want to be part of any panel where Republicans hold a 7-5 majority, and under the rules, hold all the power.

The offer that Republicans made confirms the idea that they don’t want to hold a serious investigation. Boehner and company are only interested in a publicity stunt. They are wasting taxpayer money by exploring conspiracy theories in a desperate attempt to hurt the president.

Democrats aren’t going to play along, and their lack of participation will expose this stunt for the shameless political ploy that it really is.

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  1. All I know is if the GO(t)P spent HALF the time they have on 4 Dead Americans in Benghazi, on the hundreds of millions of living Americans here back home, we might have a comprehensive Jobs bill by now. Utterly obscene.

  2. Come on, guys. Both Democrats and Republicans should get together and resolve this thing. Use every means available to get to the truth, and then it’s over with. If the committee finds nothing, then look how bad it will look for the Republicans. Since the Democrats know there is no cover-up/scandal, why not play along with the Republicans and then spend the next few elections chanting “Told ya so!”

  3. This investigation is a Republican sham. Even two of the victim families do not want Benghazi exploited by the Republicans. The Democrats should boycott these bullshit procedures.

  4. Well, buddyboy…. It looks like we’re eventually going to find out the facts. Make lots of popcorn because it’s going to be interesting.

  5. Instead of taking care of the people’s business this is what the Repugs do. Democrats are right to stay far away from this disaster.

  6. DJ,

    There should be Democrats on every single cable news show and all Sunday shows screaming to America that this is ABUSE and WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY.

    They better not give in to this Witch Hunt.


    You are a moron, always. Every. Single. Comment.

  7. It has to be really painful for you to watch dumbasses like me, to be in control of the House of Representatives. And then to add insult to injury, we dumbasses get to form committees which will uncover scandal/cover-ups/criminal activity which will go all the way to the White House.
    Yeah, that’s really gotta suck for you. But hey.. better you than me.

  8. What needs to be done is bring out the numerous cost of this GOP witch hunt and list out how much the cost for each of the following GOP political stunts have cost “We the People”.
    Government shutdown= $24 Billion

    50 votes to end ACA (Obamacare)= ?

    What is the current cost for the prior Benghazi investigations = ?

    Add any other costs that are relevant.

    Then point out the fund raising being done over this by the GOP.

    Let us not forget that under Bush their was a total of 13 embassy attacks, where was the GOP outrage then?

    This political stunt will backlash on the GOP as long as no Democratic Party members are on the committee.

  9. Bush didn’t lose an Ambassador. Bush didn’t go all over the world saying the attacks were because of some video on YouTube. If Democrats won’t belong to the committee, then no big deal. That just means there won’t be any dead wood getting in the way of the truth.

  10. Nice try your party has already admitted this is a big gamble for them. Better quit posting here and go read about it and your beloved RW sites.

  11. Right over 8 million Americans disagree with you on that one.
    Nice try to change the topic! We can smell your fear in your posts.

  12. Wasn’t there a NY Times reporter on the ground during the attack? Didn’t he ask someone around at that time what was going on, and I believe he was told a disrespectful video was causing violent protests throughout the Arab region?

  13. These asinine House teapublicans think everyone is as ignorant and uninformed as they and their supporters. Haven’t we already had 7 or 8 Benghazi committees? They’re not happy with the facts/results of one, so they have another. What a colossal waste of time and money. Pathetic as they are, the saddest of all is Boehner. Too bad he doesn’t have the balls to do his job!

  14. I agree the Democrats should refuse to play ball on this. As a united front, walk out. Most people already see this as a non starter of an issue. It’s the paid Fox shills and the usual people who answer to the dog whistle they are even responding. But you look at the responses to Ted Cruz & John Boehner’s twitter, even some right wingers are getting fed up.

  15. Yes, it is really painful to watch the dumbass teapublicans make a shamble of the House of Representatives. And it does add insult to injury to consider all the public funds they’ve wasted forming committees which do not uncover any authentic scandal/cover-up/criminal activity, which they desperately want to go all the way to the White House.
    Yeah, it really sucks that they’ve wasted the past 5 years not doing the people’s business that they were elected to do. Only a moron would approve of the irresponsible actions of this House, and you, sir, fit that bill!

  16. So, all the lives lost in the 13 embassy attacks under dubya don’t matter because no ambassador died? Yeah, that’s real clear logic, pal. I do believe it has been established that the video was part of the big picture of what was happening there at the time.

  17. I say appoint one Dem and that would be Alan Grayson. Get the popcorn and let him tear them a new one.

  18. Benghazi Is the GOP Kamikaze and you know how that turned out. My apologies to you people who were homeschooled

  19. Please don’t continue to blast Con for his comments. This is what happens when you set around all day listening to Limbaugh, then Fox News. Your butt develops soars which fester and runs to your brain. Sucking out all common sense and leaving you totally incapable of knowing what is taking place.

    Americans are beginning to wake up, they are turning off Fox news and can now actually see that is has been a game with the GOP/Teabaggers. Dems just keep giving them enough rope and they will hang themselves. Don’t get involved with this witch hunt.

  20. All I am asking is that c-span carries the coverage gavel to gavel.

    Do not let them have secrecy behind close doors.

    We the People have a right to know what the congress is doing to represent our Country.

  21. After the eight investigations that have already gone forward, there is nothing to find out that has not already been covered, Con. The republicans have no new email information saying anything that has not already been said or known. That’s just a ploy to justify another monkey court. And just like the president’s birth certificate, do you think they have any plans on stopping with this investigation??? Of course t hey don’t. Enough is enough!! They’re showing themselves to be only intgerested in keeing up strive and spreading more lies about Benghazi s well as disrespecting the dead Ameicans who died there and their families for their own political gain and financial benefit.

  22. What has the House Republican majority done for the American people this term? Some 54 symbolic repeals of the Affordable Care Act, proposed budgets that ignore the historical reality that supply-side economics doesn’t work, “jobs bills” that aren’t about creating jobs as much as they are about giving more tax breaks to the 1% and dismantling environmental protections, and witch hunt faux investigations that require Fox News spin and an utter lack of critical thinking to be believed.

    That is the sold purpose of Boy Howdy being in charge of this phony investigation: to distract the voters into believing that Republicans haven’t engaged in a circular self-gratification exercise for the past two years while Americans have suffered.

  23. All Democrats need to boycott these political propagandizing shows ;everything the baggers have done in this country is based upon lies ; instead of doing their jobs the baggers are trolling the entire country. Republikans from safe redneck districts feel safe enough to commit treasonous sedition.

  24. No Con…Bush didn’t lose an Ambassador. Bush ONLY lost 64 American lives in Embassy attacks and the like. In your mind that don’t don’t count for much of nuthin does it? Yeah, didn’t think so. JUST collateral damage. Oh! BTW…Bush also lost 2.996 lives in the ONLY terrorist attack on American soil. This after his “czar” (Bush’s term), Richard Clarke’s continued efforts to alert that buffoon that a terrorist strike was going to happen by hijacking and flying planes into buildings. Which was TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY IGNORED BY YOUR HERO OF A PRESIDENT! So Constitution, if you wanna keep score its Bush – 2,996+64= 3,060 and Obama – 4.
    You can try to ignore history, you bumbling idiot, but don’t expect to slide by on your ignorance. We were there!

  25. Oh, no, not at all. Bush simply invented WMDs that didn’t exist and let thousands of our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis die. Not to mention all the embassy attacks on his watch that you people cavalierly waved off.
    How do you people sleep at night?

  26. BlueDot, it’s not only money these rethugs are wasting, it’s also time. Time they could be working for the nation and the people they represent. Time they don’t have, when you know the plan for them is working just 113 days this session. So, they spend all their time, on Benghazi, then claim their was no time to do the job, they were elected for.

  27. They have shown, by the “causes” they’ve chosen and the “actions” (and I use the term loosely) they’ve taken that an rise to power will simply be more of the same. Inaction and lost causes.

  28. I,m with professor Cole who says just about the only thing they can do next is to exhume the ambassador and take the gold fillings from his teeth.

    Also I would like to see them investigate that film that the rethugs do not seem to want to talk about –
    there are many people who think that this (right wing made) film was made to stir things up and that the rethugs had advance knowledge of it, that it was made because they wanted attacks before the last election!

  29. Benghazi is over and there is no scandal! I live in Texas and I am here to tell you and all repugs like you, that the repug party are killing our country and you’re not even smart enough to figure it out. You just keep on giving them your money and vote while the rest of us turn this place around by voting out every one of them in this years election! 2014 is the year of the women and Democrats. We are sending you all crawling back to your holes!

  30. If I was as stupid as this guy posting under the name of Constitution, I would go far away from intelligent people. That reasoning and low IQ thinking makes up their base. Issa said he was going to have weekly investigations, and he has. On every one, going back to is first SMOKING GUN, which was the Countryside “special” loans investigation where he swore it would be the end of the Democratic party, turned up most of those “special” loans were made to people like Bachmann on the right wing, he quickly hid that one. Every on has had a SMOKING GUN from Issa, Donald Trump, Joe Arpaio and the rest. All their SMOKING GUNS turned out to be blanks. Now Trey GOUTy says he has a smoking gun, and like the ones with the list of names of commies, he can’t produce it right this minute. You will see after November, they will move on to another “scandal” and bury this one like they have Obamacare, now that it is working. Their base is just so damned stupid and racist to admit it.

  31. Are you frigging kidding? Where have you been, living on the Moon?

    There have been 9 committees, one Senate investigation, and 50 briefings on this.

    I suggest you find someone to show you how to use the Google and do a bit of research before showing your ignorance.

    And remember tat it is “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    — Abraham Lincoln

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