Man Who Had Unemployment Benefits Cut Off By Republicans Threatens John Boehner’s Life


An Indiana man who had his unemployment benefits cut off after House Republicans refused to extend them has been arrested by the FBI for making multiple threats on Speaker of the House John Boehner’s life.

Months after Brandon Thompson lost his unemployment benefits worth $341.00 a week, he did something that no one should ever do. He began threatening to kill John Boehner.

On April 1, 2014, Thompson used the contact form on Boehner’s official website to leave the following message:


On May 1, 2014, Boehner’s wife received the following message on her cell phone:


On May 6, 2014, Boehner’s wife received a second message from the same person on her phone:


According to the criminal complaint, Thompson pulled a gun on a debt collector four years ago. This person is not a hero, but his behavior is an extremely criminal example of the kind of desperation that has likely set in for millions of people who had their unemployment benefits cut off by House Republicans who believe that these individuals are takers who should go get a job.

Millions of people are in a desperate position because of the historic decision that House Republicans made to block extending unemployment benefits. Politicians who are interested in only pleasing their big money donors have ignored the fact that their ideologically based decisions have real life consequences.

Brandon Thompson should be prosecuted because threatening the lives of elected officials is against the law, but House Republicans are not fooling anyone with their Benghazi charade. People understand what is really going on, and they are getting angrier by the day. As economic inequality continues to grow, and millions are pushed to the brink, it likely that stories like this one could become more common.

However, the answer is never to threaten the life of anyone. The answer is to remove the problem at the ballot box. Threatening people will only get you arrested, but organizing and voting will get you a new Congress.

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  1. A man that threatens John Boner is arrested and yet idiots seem to threaten our President almost daily and nothing is done…totally messed up!

  2. Brandon Thompson was dead wrong for threatening John Boehner. Now, he is in hot water because he could very well face a considerable time of imprisonment. However, the Republicans remind me of the French aristocracy before the French Revolution of the 1790’s. They show the same intransigence and self-indulgence, along with their well-documented lust for power without the intention of doing anything constructive for their constituents. They were so bent on making Barack Obama’s presidency a failure that they threw every roadblock in his path without taking into account how many Americans their actions hurt. Brandon Thompson’s reckless actions are a direct result of the extreme desperation as a consequence of the GOP’s cutting off an economic lifeline for someone who had nowhere else to turn. As callous and tone-deaf as Boehner and his ilk are, they will never in a million year admit it.

  3. I’d bet money this guy is a conservative gun hugger who is angry because this time HE is the one hurt by the radical right.

    He’s probably all for it when it involves Boehner and the righties taking away benefits from OTHER people.

    Just wait for the rest of the story once he gets prosecuted…

  4. He’s from Indiana, same as me, so I can almost guarantee that this guy is a conservative. This is what the Republicans have to watch out for. The GOP is comprised of “cut off nose to spite face” GOP. They are Destructo Cons. They are the scorched earth GOP. The General Sherman party. They don’t care who they step on to make president Obama look bad, which is precisely why their mania to arm these legitimately angry people is going to backfire in ways they will not appreciate for years to come.

    The American Spring is not going to be the love fest for the GOP that they imagine. If they succeed in defeating every Democrat and getting into power, guess who the guns will turn on? Nothing trumps the desperate acts starving people will do to survive, Absolutely nothing. This is what Marie Antoinette and Czar Nicolas found out the hard way.

  5. I seriously doubt this guy is a liberal. Sounds like a pissed off out of work conservative to me. When is the last time you heard a liberal progressive threaten someone with a gun?

  6. Well, maybe he is the smart one. Just think. Now he gets to join that club that gets room and board free – three squares a day, tv, exercise room, and all that. Who needs unemployment insurance when you can get everything at taxpayer expense, in jail. Oh, he may have occasional discomfort, yeah, but….

  7. Good. Republicans are the real terrorists in America. Muslims are being scapegoated to hide the truth. Fundamentalist Christians murder far more in the name of religion than do Muslims or any religion.

  8. Threatening someone is absolutely the wrong thing to do; these Republicans are messing with peoples lives and it may get worse.

    Boner and party they just don’t get it, they are selfish and don’t care about anyone but themselves and the rich, so they can make more money and get more power.

    I hate to say it, but if they keep trying to take people way of life away, this country is going to get much more dangerous. They haven’t figured that out yet. They need to wake up, that I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    All we can do is vote them out…that is the power of the people. Unfortunately they spread lies and the money behind them plasters all those lies all over the media and seems like uneducated people don’t understand until it affects them personally. We don’t need to follow Rome.

    VOTE Democratic, at least most of those politicians are trying to help us citizens not take away what is rightfully our. Social Security is not an entitlement, we paid for that…

  9. The man was wrong for threatening Boehner. However, when people are not heard, when people are deliberately cut off from the basics of survival; when families are cruelly cut off unemployment for folks who have mortgages, rents, utilities, food to pay for, those are basic human needs. Anyone who thinks you can take those away and not have backlash is not living in reality.

    In other words, when you hurt people there will be a reaction, and it will not be pleasant. It is unfortunate that it came to this; but, that is probably a person who is on the verge of losing everything, or has already lost everything.

  10. Amen C. McCoy! I totally agree! It should be a crime akin to freaking treason to be able to publicly vocalize a threat against the POTUS, yet like you said, someone (usually some repugnant arse hole) makes threats against him daily and nothing is being said or done on the public note. Boner deserves all that Thompson threatened against him and then some, because the decisions of him and people of his ilk don’t care about killing other people through the ludicrous decisions they make with regard to other people’s ability to put food on the table for their children and families.

    What the government really needs to do is set Boner and his entire red cohort in a ring of outraged voters, taxpayers, and people like Thompson, who lost their ability to provide for their families based on repugnant decisions, and see how that works out for him and the rest of them. What does any one expect is going to happen!! No words or threats would be needed or spoken. People’s backs are against the …

  11. Kevin, that’s a dangerous road you’re travelling down there. To pin violence solely on one side of the aisle is quite ignorant and dishonest. Nutjobs come in all shapes and sizes. Jared Loughner comes to mind. If we’re going to be honest here, this “liberal progressive” administration does a bang up job of threatening people with guns. You may want to look up how many children have been killed by “liberal progressive” drones. Of course, many of you will just breeze past that point, and focus only on the so-called conservative hoodlums. I am not a conservative either. I just think it’s only right to look at this topic honestly. This finger pointing is wrong…and dangerous.

  12. Hey I’m not going to condone threatening ANYONE’S life but lets be real, we don’t know his story! I don’t want to get in a debate whether he’s a democrat or a conservative!! he’s a human being! he should be punished but he should be heard!! The GOP has turned into a domestic terrorist group!! and lets be REAL!! many democrats are onboard with it!! Last week house republicans passed a bill for tax breaks for the WEALTHY! to the tune of 156 BILLION DOLLARS!! 156 BILLION! and 62 DEMOCRATS voted right along with it! So this man threatening violence towards boehner or any politician is a symptom of a bigger problem with government.

  13. Yup – a concealed carry gun-hugger who appears to be conservative is the alleged bad guy.

    (INDIANAPOLIS) — FBI agents arrested an Indiana man with a concealed carry permit for making threats against House Speaker John Boehner. Brandon J. Thompson, 32, of New Castle, IN was arrested Thursday night for allegedly making email and telephone threats against Speaker Boehner.

  14. You may have a point, but your examples are wrong. There is no difference between a bomber and a drone. They both kill indiscriminately.

  15. I don’t think that this man intentionally wanted to hurt Boehner. He is just angry just like the rest of us and this was a good way for Boehner to acknowledge the severity of his decision to withhold the extension. If he actually wanted to hurt Boehner; he would have done it with out warning. The truth is that these kinds of things are to be expected as we see that everyone is going into survival mode now. People are hurt by the lack of concern that the government has for its own people. I just pray that God keeps us all humble as we rely on him for our provision. Keep in mind everyone, God is still in control, no matter what it looks like now. The hardships that we are experiencing now will only last a little while and when all is said and done; we win. God has not forgotten any of us.

  16. Yea, this is America, where the poor are ignored and Sheldon Adleson makes 13 million a day, and God only knows what the Kochs take in a day.

  17. Agreed – threatening Boehner did no good at all.

    The answer is that the millions of similarly dispossessed Americans need to remember they do have power – if they join together to vote asshats like Boehner out.

    If they don’t – then this is what we get. Boehner is up for re-election. And he’ll probably get re-elected. By people voting against their own interests

  18. Yes it states he has a concealed weapons permit granted but no where does it state which political party he is affiliated with. This is no accident,this information would cause a panic and probably already has for numerous GOP members in Congress.
    If it comes out that he is a conservative that means that the GOP is in a world of trouble for their attack dogs are turning on them. If he is a progressive again a world of trouble for the GOP for this means that part of society has been pushed beyond caring about civility and is in flight or fight survival mode. Either way this could be the start of a real bad change in America.
    Ps.. Just for the record I am a veteran, Democratic Party member and there are weapons in my house as well. So not all Progressives avoid having weapons. We just use them far less.

  19. I dare write this, but I think there are many Brandon’s threatening members of Congress over the unemployment cutoff. We just haven’t heard about them.

  20. @Samantha, I don’t know this for fact, but what if Brandon was a Republican and one of those silly Repubs that always vote Repubs back into office? Could be.

  21. @Jerry, I don’t know this for fact, but what if Brandon was a Republican and one of those silly Repubs that always vote Repubs back into office? Could be.

  22. You know, in my country, we really DO call scum like Boner “untouchables”. Thomson ignored that fact ;)

  23. I am from NE Indiana and as a Liberal it is sometimes lonely. I have been stretching my finances thin trying to help a friend stay afloat after her benefits ran out early. She is over 50 and that group is hard hit and have a hard time finding work. We both wrote to Boehner but I don’t think they are listening. She could lose all she has worked for her whole life as she applies for and interviews for job after job and the extended unemployment may be all that holds her over or allows her to catch up on bills until she hopefully finds a new job. Meanwhile Republicans play games and hold multiple pointless and costly hearings and anti=ACA votes while regular people struggle.

  24. I cant for the life of me figure out the republican mind. They are for healthcare and then they are against it. They are for Peace, then they are against it. { Libya, Syria come to mind}, They are for immigration reform and then they are against it. They are against a rise in the minimum wage, NOW some are for that. If anyone can tell me what the hell they are for… Id like to know.

  25. I do not advocate violence although it is not beyond my comprehension that this threat came to his door.

    I have written Speaker Boehner and told him he was without a soul. For one man to block a vote is unheard of in a “true democracy”

    It saddens me to see and read about all American who are absolutely devastated in this economy financially and emotionally.

    My thoughts are with each one of you at your time of need.

  26. There are many who are desperate out here away from the country club. Urban and rural areas not the pretty parts are suffering a lot. The French Revolution should be instructive to the wealthy. They need to help our country, they need to pay taxes. They need to instruct their stooges in the legislature to bring bill up for a vote. JUST VOTE DAMNIT.

  27. Call John Boehner and have him move the unemployment bill forward. Mr. Boehner should NOT have this amount of power — no elected official should. To allow less taxes on millionaires which have proven to NOT create jobs is an outrage.

    John Boehner:
    Phone: (202) 225-0600
    (#1 to leave a message and #2 to speak with his assistant)

    Enough is enough. The bill Senate passed months ago needs to move to a vote!!!

  28. You can’t vote them out, they have gerrymandered the precincts in such a way that they can do anything they want and still be guaranteed that they will stay in office.

  29. I don’t know what this man’s political affiliation is, but I do know that he is one of many people who are being badly hurt by the callousness of Republicans on national, state, and local levels. I can’t even count the number of times I have read posts from conservative Republicans on various forums gloating about how something that’s part of the “nanny state”, meaning “liberal” has gotten voted down. They have an adversarial attitude about liberals and progressives, and it never seems to occur to them that they also benefit from progressive legislation. It also never seems to occur to them that the heartless policies Republicans embrace hurt them like they do everyone else who’s not wealthy. It takes a personal catastrophe for them to have a moment of truth.

  30. Hi, Anne – you make a very significant point. I know I’ve said this several times previously, but there is no reason to suspect that we couldn’t see a replay of 1789 or 1917 in this country. The Repubs’ callousness, comtempt and disdain for the poor and suffering surpass anything that Marie Antoinette allegedly said (and that legendary quotation may have been taken out of context). Their gated communities will not protect them once the hungry and unemployed populace gets desperate – and they will have deserved what’s coming. (Especially because so many of them hypocriticaly claim to be Christians!).

  31. You are so right on all points. The revolution will be quite festive to watch – from a safe hiding place!!!!!

  32. Yah, yah, yah….blah, blah, blah. People are angry about what is happening yet they will continue to vote Republican (for THEIR Republican). The Republicans don’t care. In fact their “Starve the Beast” strategy is working perfectly. Read about it. Impoverish the government so that you can get rid of ALL safety nets including social security, medicare, etc. Some of these old conservative Republicans who depend on social security and medicare but vote Republican have a surprise coming. Also study the beliefs of Ayn Rand who Paul Ryan adores. Then read his budget proposal. If people can’t see the danger in what is happening with the Republicans and their billionaire friends then we deserve to be a third world country. As for a revolution–that is funny. The Americans don’t have the balls! If the same people had lived in the 1700’s we’d still be drinking tea and singing “God bless the Queen”.

  33. Ben, If you study history you will see the same pattern–blame a particular group to take the attention off of what you are doing. The Republicans are blaming the Muslims, stirring up hate against the blacks, portraying people working hard on minimum wage and those struggling against poverty (many of them women) as useless takers. Now the unemployed are being maligned and punished. And what do the Republicans do? Talk against blacks, Hispanics, gays, the poor, the old (who are living too long), the sick, under-privileged children, and the unemployed. They thump their bibles and then do everything Jesus was against and they are against everything that Jesus told us to do. If there is a Hell I hope they go there, each and every one.

  34. Tom – I paid into social security since I was 16 (I’m one of the baby boomers who is living too long). I didn’t intend that the money would be stolen to pay for a senseless war. The Starve the Beast strategy of the REpublicans is intended to get rid of social security among other programs. They want to take this country back to the days of President McKinley (which was the Victorian Age in England–Charles Dickens wrote about). I am surprised by how ignorant so many people can be as to vote against their own best interests yet it is being forecast that the Republicans will hold the House and take control of the Senate. If that happens we are well on our way to being a third world country.

  35. If someone was serious about doing this they would not send threats. They would just do it. It sounds like he was venting his total frustration with the rightwing obstructionists.

  36. Amazingly and soullessly the GOP proposes billions of dollars of unfunded tax cuts for corporations that have record profits and then propose corporate welfare for corporations through R&D legislation, but GOP leave millions of American families and 270,000 veterans in desperate need by ending paid-for unemployment benefits.

    GOP continues its feed the rich and starve the poor and middle class economic policies that help few and harm millions.

  37. Guess what, I’m lucky I got in here to leave a message, been blocking me forever, thanks Boehner!!! Please tell me how to get a job, I went back to school, earned two certifications, one as a Certified Nursing Assistant the other as a Home Health Aide, I’ve worked for over 40 years, paid my taxes, still raising a daughter, by the way I’m 52, are you going to help me, by the way again, I’m in California!!!!! Nobody will hire me because I don’t have a year under my belt in experience, tell me what to do Boehner, I’m about ready to lose my house (mobile home), my daughter and I are starving, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!

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