Obama Is on Pace For The Best Job Creation Year Since Bill Clinton Was President


Under President Obama, the United States is on pace to have its best job creation year since Bill Clinton was president in 1999.

Check out the job gains by year graph:


Here is a chart with the full numbers via the Calculated Risk Blog:


On the rare occasions that Republicans will talk about jobs, they love to portray the president as a job creation failure. In their next breath, they will  explain how prosperity could fall from the heavens onto us all if the president would sign their stack of bills that are a series of permanent tax cuts for the wealthy disguised as job creation legislation.

The data reveals that job creation didn’t go into overdrive after George W. Bush massively cut taxes for the wealthy. The previous three years before this year were some of the best job creation years since Clinton was in office. The Republican motto of cut taxes and the jobs will come, has been proven wrong again, and the great right wing myth that President Obama has destroyed the economy is completely divorced from reality.

After enduring the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, no one is going to argue that the economy is booming. Despite the best efforts of Republicans, the economy is starting to pick up some serious steam. The mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about the good things that are happening, so Democrats need to speak up, because these number show once again that Democrats create where Republicans break.

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  1. And with a year and a half still to go, the numbers will increase, as people quit their jobs because healthcare is no longer a reason to stay with an employer, start businesses of their own, and become job creators.

  2. This indeed good news. I have friends on the edge of bankruptcy because they still can’t find work, and by son is dispairing of ever finding a job even with a college degree.

    The rest of the report is a mixed bag. Yes, job creation has been good for the last several months, but it is insufficient to employ the 330,000 new people joining the labor force each month. Additionally, the key demographic 25-554 saw an employment decline.

    The total number of workers is now at about the same level as before the recession…but there are now approximately 8 million new workers that should be employed just to keep up with population growth. Part of the unemployment number is the people who are working part time but want full time. That’s another 7 million.

    So yes, it’s a good sign. No, we’re not out of the woods.

  3. Deliciously beautiful NYT article. And he’s right. William Randolph Hearst had far, far, FAR more power than the idiotic Koch brothers do…..and he failed too.

    Remember the Koch brothers have already experienced massive failure. They sided with Big Tobacco, stealthily funding “studies” to show smoking didn’t cause cancer. And they failed.

    They are trust fund brats who have chosen to be an extremely negative force on this planet. They will go down in infamy just as George Pullman did, the copper magnate who perfected the company town & the company store & died so hated his family had to encase his body in concrete so that his workers wouldn’t dig the body up and burn it.

  4. People who have read my post for the last year knows I don’t sugarcoat ANYTHING, I was elated when one Barack Hussein Obama was elected POTUS, then I became bitter as hell became he started acting like a establishment democrat, pardoning the bush jr crime organization! followed by caving in on a stimulus package Paul Krugman endorsed! But reality kicked me in the head and the truth is, IT’S POLITICS!! Obama for the most part had to work with a GOP that not only hated him for beating they’ve Great White Saviour “willard rommey” and eddie munster, they HATED him because he is a black man! Obama quite possibly maybe the best president since Abraham Lincoln!! WHY? because I’ve NEVER seen or read in any history book of any U.S. president having to deal with a opposing party hell bent on destroy him even at the cost of destroying AMERICA!! Abraham Lincoln, with all due respect, you didn’t have to deal with FUX NEWS- TEA PARTY FREAKS- SOVIET AS$HATS (PUTIN) – and BILLIONAIRE PSYC…

  5. What, Jason?? (“The mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about the good things that are happening…”) You mean that left-leaning, liberal, in-the-tank-for-Obama media that we hear about endlessly from the right?? LOL! Can you just imagine the numbers that could have been these past few years if the right had supported moving our country forward with bills to get people back to work?

  6. Oh, you mean the woods where republicans left us stuck in a ditch. If you want to see a “mixed bag” look at the Bush years, and the period immediately after. Compared to the Bush years, this is the beginning of a new golden age of employment.

  7. Thanks for the link to Egan’s excellent op-ed! He’s going to be skewered this week, which the right always does when the truth surfaces.

  8. Making comparisons between Obama years and Bush years does not bode well for Obama.

    Bush also inherited a recession. Remember the dot-com bubble and crash? The fix they used was the same as the one used for the 2008 crash, and it worked about as well.

    The hole that we fell into in 2008 was the failure of Keynesian economic theory, and both the Republicans and the Democrats were responsible. Continued application of the failed theory under Obama has made for a meager recovery, though it has enriched the rich beyond belief.

    If we want to get the country on its’ feet fast, we have to free the People from confiscatory taxation and crippling rules, ordinances, and restrictions that only serve to protect the well-established.

  9. The numbers will continue to go up, but they would go up much faster if the GOP would get off its collective ass and pass job legislation that will actually create jobs.

  10. Wrong. The Great Conservative Lie is that if we don’t tax the rich, they will create oodles of new jobs like benevolent benefactors, and money will trickle down to the huddled masses like a stream from the heavens.

    The reality is that this has been tried many times, and has always failed. It doesn’t work. Period. If Reaganomics actually worked, our economy should be booming right now more than ever before, since the wealthiest of the wealthy have more money than at any time in history. And yet the Republicans want to give the rich corporations even more tax breaks. As Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result.”

    What HAS been proven to work for job creation as well as to boost the economy in general is government spending “seeding” the economy, and getting money into the hands of the middle class and the poor who will spend it — and a progressive taxation system so the rich pay their fair sha…

  11. Part time job creation is nothing new. Many heads of household have worked more than one job for the last 15+ years. Most jobs created in the last five years are in the private sector with many public jobs slashed. Republicans wanted smaller government and they got it.

  12. And such a thing NEVER happened on a Republican’s watch–EVER! Certainly not under St. Ronald Reagan–NOT!

  13. Bush inherited no recession as a matter of fact. When the US Supreme Court handed Bush the presidency and he put his hand on the Holy Bible the US economy was not in recession. The US entered recession during the fall of 2001 due to obviously 9/11. Bush was ten months into his first year in office when the economy contracted. Oh! Dubya did inherit something from Clinton though and that would be a budget surplus.

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