Obama Is on Pace For The Best Job Creation Year Since Bill Clinton Was President


Under President Obama, the United States is on pace to have its best job creation year since Bill Clinton was president in 1999.

Check out the job gains by year graph:


Here is a chart with the full numbers via the Calculated Risk Blog:


On the rare occasions that Republicans will talk about jobs, they love to portray the president as a job creation failure. In their next breath, they will  explain how prosperity could fall from the heavens onto us all if the president would sign their stack of bills that are a series of permanent tax cuts for the wealthy disguised as job creation legislation.

The data reveals that job creation didn’t go into overdrive after George W. Bush massively cut taxes for the wealthy. The previous three years before this year were some of the best job creation years since Clinton was in office. The Republican motto of cut taxes and the jobs will come, has been proven wrong again, and the great right wing myth that President Obama has destroyed the economy is completely divorced from reality.

After enduring the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, no one is going to argue that the economy is booming. Despite the best efforts of Republicans, the economy is starting to pick up some serious steam. The mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about the good things that are happening, so Democrats need to speak up, because these number show once again that Democrats create where Republicans break.

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