Bill Kristol Responds To His Own Lewinsky/Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theory With Benghazi

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This Sunday on ABC’s This Week, host Martha Raddatz, filling in for George Stephanopoulos, had a panel discussion about the recent reemergence of Monica Lewinsky. Raddatz brought up Lewinsky’s article in Vanity Fair, where she rehashed her experience during her affair with former President Bill Clinton and the ensuing scandal. One of the members of the panel was Bill Kristol, writer and editor for The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine. Raddatz turned to Kristol first, as his magazine floated a conspiracy theory about Lewinsky’s recent appearance in the spotlight. Basically, they said that shadowy allies of Hillary Clinton are managing Lewinsky in order to help out Clinton’s 2016 White House run.

The great thing about this moment was that Raddatz pressed Kristol to explain how this conspiracy would work. Kristol seemed befuddled, so he did what any good conservative would do — flip the script to Benghazi. Basically, because he was called out by Raddatz on his outrageously inept and silly conspiracy theory, Kristol was left with nothing else but to bring up Benghazi and the Republicans’ latest issue to attack Hillary with, Boko Haram.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:


RADDATZ: The “Roundtable” now: Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard; Democratic strategist Donna Brazile; Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger; and talk radio host Michael Smerconish, author of the new novel “Talk.”

And, Bill Kristol, I want to start with you. Your magazine said, quote: “We’re guessing that Lewinsky’s reemergence now, months before Hillary is likely to declare her candidacy, is probably being stage-managed by some division or other of the vast pro-Hillary conspiracy, whether Lewinsky knows she’s a pawn or not.”


RADDATZ: Do you stand with that statement?


RADDATZ: You stand with that guess?

KRISTOL: It’s a little ironic. We’re being — having a little light-heartedness about Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton.

RADDATZ: OK. How would that work that — this conspiracy? Do you sit down with the Vanity Fair editors?

KRISTOL: Yes, well, you could. I think — I believe Hillary Clinton knows the editors and the publishers of Vanity Fair. But that’s not the issue. And I don’t think Monica Lewinsky ultimately will be an issue one way or the other.

Benghazi is a serious issue. Boko Haram is a serious issue. And Monica Lewinsky isn’t.


Video via This Week:

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I don’t understand why Kristol is invited on talk shows and treated like a man with actual knowledge. Over the years, the one thing he has shown is an ability to be demonstrably wrong about nearly everything he discusses or writes about. Whether it is predicting elections, talking about foreign policy, discussing social issues or talking about the possible outcome of wars, Kristol almost always comes out on the wrong side of history. He might be wrong more often than Dick Morris. Two months ago, Rachel Maddow ferociously lit into Kristol’s record of being spectacularly wrong all the time.

It is sad, and morbidly funny, to watch a pundit respond to one outrageous conspiracy theory with another conspiracy theory. For Kristol, it’s just another day.



13 Replies to “Bill Kristol Responds To His Own Lewinsky/Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theory With Benghazi”

  1. Yes, Kristol is definitely on the list with a dozen or so others on the right who should never take up space on talk shows… EVER! He knows nothing.

    Since he’s partially responsible for the unleashing of the Quitter Queen from Alaska, he should be held accountable for that fiasco, too.

  2. Bill Kristol is an idiot. It is anything goes with him without validation. If it sounds like it might stir controversy, he says it without any backup for proof. He should “hide” with the moron from Alaska.

  3. This Chicken Sh….er…draft dodging piece of trash is one of those, “I’m not saying it happened…I’m saying when you hear….” Anther neo-con who can’t stand the idea that there might not be another war to start. You notice that the dip stick couldn’t stop smiling, regardless of the lie he was spouting.

  4. Like any other good ol’ Republican, this one has no shame. After all, we’re just talking about two women, right? Geez, these type of people piss me off.

    “We’re being — having a little light-heartedness about Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton.”

  5. bill Krystol is irrelevant to any meaningful ADULT conversation!! I could debate him one on one and destroy him!! This is the same failed prophet who just knew the intelligence leading to the Iraq invasion was air tight!! He’s the epitome of a “TOOL” he appeals to conservatives because he’s kinda soft spoken and to the low information viewer he seems sane, LOL if bill Krystol was a democrat, he’d NEVER be taken seriously!! can you say, EMPTY SUIT, PERIOD!

  6. BTW, republicans are hopelessly ignorant! who cares about what bill clinton and one of his ”female friends’ did 20 yrs ago???!! WHO CARES?? I didn’t care 20 yrs ago and I care even less now!! republicans are pathetic!! so their strategy is, talking about bill’s 20 yr old affair and saying benghazi every 30 seconds?? Maybe they’ll throw in how the GOP saved all those SLAVES in 1865!! What a useless party!! your biggest criticisms about democrats are non issues from 2yrs ago – 20yrs ago and 149 yrs ago???! YEAH, run with that GOP! that should secure the tin foil vote for sure!

  7. Billy-Bob-Boyfriend Krystol has never been correct on anything! Never. Anyone can take his talking points and put them through a fact-checker; he’s always wrong.

    Well, the GOP doesn’t have “911” to use as a running tool this time around. Remember when every sentence ended, or began with “911”? They pick a mantra like an authoritarian cult and start making disciples chant it on every street corner while trying to sell you some book of lies…multiplied by 7 every election cycle.

    Their “night terror drills”, aren’t working so hot to garner support so, the only thing left is gunning people down who won’t drink the koolaide…just like jim Jones.

  8. This shill, the baby-faced neocon operative Kristol, has been on not only tv talk shows but C-SPAN hundreds and hundreds of times since the late 90’s.
    The question is: why?
    He is proof that the political establishment lives in its own privileged world inside the beltway and NYC. It made me sick to see him fomenting for war with that leer on his face, he has three sons, are the ‘serving their country’?
    Kristol’s constant presence along with other professional rightwing hacks such as Alex Castellanos are the reason the media in the US is a immature, shallow cesspool devoted to covering for the Republicans.

  9. This is why the Sunday morning shows have become a joke. This guy is the best they can come up with? Not worth another moment of my time.

  10. Sad to say, but RWNJs do care. My RWNJ brother brings up Monica every time Bill Clinton’s name comes up.

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