Elizabeth Warren Blasts Boehner’s House Circus, ‘That’s not how you run a country.’


On Face The Nation, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) slammed Republicans for avoiding the real issues. She said that the way Republicans are doing things in the House is not how you run a country.



BOB SCHIEFFER: Let me ask you a little bit about politics. You’ve got midterm elections coming up here. My sense is that there’s a very good chance that Republicans are going to take back the senate.

SEN. WARREN: Well, I’m going to be out there fighting that. I’ll tell you that because I know which side, which party stands with American families, stands with America’s middle class, who wants to give the middle class a fair shot. And so I’m going to be out there doing everything I can for the Democratic candidates. We’ve got good people in the United States Senate. We’ve tried to move something forward. Take a look at the House if you want to see what happens when Republicans take over. What are they on now, is this their fiftieth vote to repeal Obamacare? That’s not how you run a country. We have real issues we need to deal with. Minimum wage, student loan debt, equal pay for equal work, a little accountability for the big financial institutions.

BOB SCHIEFFER: You know, your fans say you’re a populist, but your critics say you’re just basically a socialist.

SEN. WARREN: (LAUGHS) I just don’t know where they get that. You know, look at the issues. I mean this, really. Let’s take a look at them. Minimum wage? I just believe nobody should work full time and live in poverty. And you know what? Most of America agrees. Student loans, I don’t think the U.S. government should be making tens of billions of dollars in profits off the backs of our students, which is what the current student loan system is doing. And I think most Americans agree with me on that.

Sen. Warren was issuing a warning that if you want to see what the Republican controlled Senate would look like, just watch the dysfunctional circus that is the Boehner run House. Warren was right. Endless votes to repeal the ACA, and millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on trumped-up investigations is not the way to run the country.

The problem is that Republicans are only responsive to the needs of their big donors and special interests. Taking that mentality, and transferring it to the majority in the Senate is only going to make things worse for average Americans.

Elizabeth Warren is fighting for fairness, not socialism. A symptom of the ideological mental illness that has run amuck on the right is that Republicans now confuse fairness with socialism. Democrats like Elizabeth Warren aren’t socialists. Wanting the American people to have a fair chance, and opportunity to succeed is part of the ethics that built this nation.

The Republican way is no way to run the country, but it makes for one heck of an oligarchy.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren…An American Treasure!

    Check this out: Mayday, Mayday, Help!

    The Idea

    Government has failed us. More than 90% of Americans link that failure to the influence of money in politics.

    We’re going to kickstart a SuperPAC big enough to make it possible to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016.

    On May 1, Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig launched Mayday PAC: a crowdfunded Super PAC with the sole mission of forcing Congress to get money out of politics. The response so far has been overwhelming.


  2. Bonehead Boehner will absolutely go down as the worst Speaker of The House ever. As he get’s older this will eat on him and when he’s on his death bed, he’ll realize that all he was, was a meat puppet.

  3. its funny because harry Reid is guilty of stifling bills in the senate, I don’t see the liberal press making that an issue. the raising of minimum wage is an attempt to raise more taxes to pay for public debt incurred by Obama and the ACA. it wont help anyone but those who want a fat government check

  4. LOL, you do mean the 2 wars and the huge tax drop for the wealthy right? The ACA is already planned and funded. it lowers the deficit.

    Jesus, let me guess, Breitbart?

  5. What is really “funny” is that we are smart enough to know who does what. DEMs did not shut down the gov, they have not voted to repeal something the people want 50+ times.

    Sorry Jack, those tales you are telling are being seen by the American people. We don’t buy into the GOPT schitck any more.

  6. I have thought a lot of her since she created the Consumer Protection Bureau, that Republicans filibustered her as being it’s administrator. That was the best move they have made yet, because it made her run for the Senate, and man is she some kind of Senator, I wish we had 60 just like her and Bernie Sanders.

  7. “A symptom of the ideological mental illness that has run amuck on the right is that Republicans now confuse fairness with socialism.”

    Minor point, but yes, this is the GOP standard MO these days. Whatever we do wrong, we just attack the other side for discriminating against our beliefs.

    I’m in the midst of a discussion today with a long-time online friend who posted one of those tired worn-out memes from a right wing site about how “Oh, wah, we’re tired of being called intolerant bigots because we don’t believe in same sex-marriage”. So I assume since he put that on his page, it’s open for discussion, and I inform him, no, it’s not that you have the beliefs. It’s that you use those beliefs to deprive others of equal rights (this can apply to anything…women’s rights, gay rights, voting rights, whatever). I was then told to “get off my high horse”. LMAO. Oh, the disconnect and sad they feel so threatened by simple discussion.

    I continue to plod along.

  8. Plain and simple Insane people are buying the country using bigotry, fear,ignorance,greed and hatred; we have become a country that i am not familiar with in a short period of time . If the republicans are given total control of Congress our way of life will totally disappear.

  9. Much as I’d like that to happen, and sooner rather than later, I don’t think it ever will. Boehner seems utterly incapable of the kind of introspection and honest self-analysis it would require.

  10. Do you clowns ever think about how stupid you look repeating Fox sound bytes. If we had a liberal press half of that vile Congress would be gone for starters.

  11. when you say minimum wage won’t work,you’ve lost right wing economics TRICKLE DOWN so when you say your philosophy its a total lie

  12. So tired of the GOP waving the flag and thumping the bible whilst tearing down our country and refusing to create the jobs they preach!

  13. John Boehner is a poor excuse for a Speaker of the House who deserves every bit of harsh criticism coming his way. I can’t think of a better person to deliver such criticism than Elizabeth Warren, because I love the way she speaks truth to power. Ever since he became Speaker in 2011, he has accommodated the Tea Partiers to the detriment of everyday Americans. He has been led by them rather than being a leader himself, and the shutdown of the government last October was the most striking example of his incompetence.

  14. Let’s sue the Republican party for being a detriment to American lives. this includes our health care, food, wages, and environment. i think it is quite deserving and a reasonable case could be made.

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