John Boehner Admits That The IRS Scandal Is All About Impeaching Obama and Holder


John Boehner’s answer to Fox News about why he hasn’t had Lois Lerner arrested revealed that the true motive behind this faux scandal is impeaching Attorney General Holder and/or President Obama.


When asked why he won’t arrest Lois Lerner, Boehner told Fox News, “There is a provision in the Constitution that has never been used, and so that’s I’m not quite sure we want to go down that path…It’s never been used….I’m not the historian here, but it’s never been used, and I’m not sure that’s the appropriate way to go about this. It’s up to Eric Holder to do his job.”

Speaker Boehner let the cat out of the bag, with his referrals to Attorney General Holder doing his job. The point of all of this isn’t to get Lerner. House Republicans don’t really care about Lois Lerner. What they are really after is something that they can use against Holder and Obama.

If Holder were to refuse to prosecute Lerner, Republicans could claim that the decision is proof of a coverup. They could then launch an investigation into the White House’s “role in the IRS scandal” which they hope would drag down the Obama administration, ruin Hillary Clinton’s chances for 2016, and chase Holder and Obama from office.

The facts have already proven that the IRS targeted both liberal and conservative groups, and that the White House had nothing to do with it. House Republicans are using the IRS faux scandal to distract from the fact that they have shutdown the government, refused to extend unemployment benefits, rejected any serious job creation bill that has been proposed, worked some of the lightest schedules in the history of the Congress, and generally refused to pass anything that isn’t a repeal of Obamacare, tax cut for the wealthy, or rollback of an environmental regulation.

The IRS and Benghazi are both unspoken admissions that if Republicans don’t find some scandal to attach to President Obama, they will lose in 2016. The current scandal mania does give Republican House members something to run on in 2014, but they are also trying to lay the groundwork for 2016. Without a scandal, Republicans will have nothing to run against Hillary Clinton with.

Republicans are out to smear, and if possible, impeach. House Republicans are desperately trying to convert their conspiracy theories into real scandals, so don’t be surprised if try to go down the impeachment path as a last ditch effort save themselves from losing another presidential election.

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  1. Wow!! I never would have guessed !! (Sarcasm) Actually, it’s been painfully obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention these last few years. Republicans have been doing their level best to get SOMETHING on this president. Never mind that infinitely worse things have happened under the last 3 Republican presidents.

  2. The basis problem with the Lois Lerner 5th amendment issue is that Darrell the felon Issa didn’t follow the law when she first took the 5th. That’s a fact repugs ignore.

  3. Surely the Repigs will not try to do the impeachment routine again…America is damn sick of Congress doing everything to destroy America and nothing to help Americans.

    They have called for President Obama and AG Holder to be impeached since January 2009 for – breathing while black!

    Bringing Lewinsky back REMINDS all Americans that the last time we had a Democratic president, he was impeached but NOT convicted for a blowjob! Real serious business there….

  4. Rey,

    I downloaded The Authoritarians links last time you posted, great information.

    JasonEasley – the upvote link on this post is not working. I’ve tried every way I know and it does not work!

  5. THIS. is the reason the Senate cannot turn over to the Republicans. Esp. the Tparty republicans who will have a field day going after Pres. Obama and Holder with impeachment.

  6. I have been having the same problem for several days now, but I can’t vote at all.

    It’s not a problem anywhere else but here.

  7. I listen to liberal talker Randi Rhodes on radio every day. RR has been saying this for the past few week or so….that all the Rs want is to impeach the president. This is what they are working towards. What other reason could it be.They are not that concerned about the Benghazi clown show and their bad actors, it’s all about the president and making their case towards another impeachment.

    SToP these people once and for all! Where are the Dems in Washington who aren’t out there and standing up for our party!.

  8. John Boehner should crawl back in that bottle of booze he came from and pickle himself. Like the Tequila worm.

  9. Boehner should stop trying to be a politician because it really makes him look stupid. He is a pro in never answering question directly. The GOP/Teabums always try to use the term “Contempt of Congress”. When in reality, polls show that everybody has contempt of Congress. These lazy bums haven’t done their jobs in years. In 2010 they ran on providing jobs for their constituents, and haven’t done a damn thing. They try to look busy by investigating everything under the sun, except themselves. Of course the investigation wouldn’t have to last long, the evidence can be seen everyday that the people turn on their news. They have lied, stolen and cheated long enough. They have shut down the government for their own purpose, which could be treason. Let’s start pressuring our reps to start to look at impeachment of those GOP/Teabums. Especially the ring leaders, Boehner, Cantor, Crude, and McConnell. The rest our puppets that can’t even find the door without help.

  10. Wrong, wrong, wrong. They’re not interested in getting anyone. They’re only interested in stirring up those who have the uncontrollable need to be angry about something — in other words, their base.

    First, they know there’s nothing there that leads to Obama or Holder. They’ve always know this, just like they knew it with Fast and Furious.

    Second, if they actually thought there was anything there, they would grant Lois Lerner immunity. They know that she knows nothing incriminating, so they use her as a whipping girl.

  11. The Republican Party leadership and their media mouthpieces employed by The Rupert have been shouting into the wind, calling for Obama to be impeached … ever since he was originally elected in 2008.

    The House Republican majority and Senate minority have become obsessed with discussing and voting on meaningless, totally symbolic, wholly partisan proclamations as a means of avoiding any discussion of useful, substantive, productive legislation that meets the needs and concerns of the American people at large.

    Tea chugging politicians and pundits who continually call for Obama (and/or Holder) to be impeached are engaging in desperately needed rounds of mental masturbation, a psychological necessity to relieve the pent-up frustration resulting from having gotten their butts kicked in the last two presidential elections.
    I’m sure they all feel much better as a result.

  12. even if the republicans win control of senate it ake 2/3 vote to impeach the republicans would never come up with 67 votes

  13. it’s absurd! The allegation is that conservatives just want to push Lerner contempt because they want Holder and/or Obama. If they protect Lerner…they make themselves vulnerable. What would the left scream if the house carried out the sentence themselves? What is the appropriate way for them to dispatch their responsibilities of government oversight and respond to over a hundred complaints by their constituents?

  14. Boehner can drink bleach for all I care. The man certainly did not earn whatever he is being paid by the Americans in this country.

  15. How did they respond when we wanted to know about the 3000 lives lost on 911 and the over 4000 lives lost and when it all said and done over 6 trillion dollars lost on a lie? You are stuck on stupid but homeschooling does that to you

  16. The GOP is not your or mine or anyones representative. All of them are millionaire. They will never ever feel or taste what your life is like today having to check your available balance on a daily basis. They do not give a shit about you. They never ever have to check their balance, starve or worry if they can put food on the table, pay rent or house note, have money for gas in their car, choose between paying utilities or buying food, money for doctor appts, meds, babysitters. They do not ever have to worry about these things. NEVER. They take off over 100 days a year. And you RWinges call all of us minorites lazy people. I don’t the oppty to do insider trading the XL come no one mentions Boehner is invested in it? That he’s lying about the number of jobs..he just wants XL for his pockets..not yours. Environment will be destroyed.. babies will die..but thats okay? I thought you were the party of life. As you drain the life of your citizens. BASTARDS! All of them

  17. I don’t know who raised these leaders on the right…did they grow in the wild? One thing is for sure…their families did not know GOD. At all. God is not cold blooded. God is not hateful. God is not about greed. What God is IS and teaches is what every republican is NOT.

  18. Oh, I fully expect them to try as hard as possible to go the impeachment route.

    The ONLY funny thing about all of this, all the fake scandals, etc., is that they’re only talking to their very base, the low-info voters without two brain cells to rub together. They’re not raking in any new voters; in fact, they’re probably causing a trickle out of your more independent-leaning voters who are just tired of all this crap.

    I suppose they’re so desperate to keep what base they have that they feel obligated to keep doing this stuff. Must be terrible to live in such fear constantly and to know deep down that your party has zero to stand on, absolutely zero to offer the American people in the way of governance.

  19. I don’t think that Boehner said a single thing about impeachment in that clip.

    What are you talking about?

  20. John Boehner, I “double dog dare you” to speak on a progressive station, either t.v. or radio, and give your “opinions.” Then see how far you get when you’re unable to respond to any of the questions or statements – factually!

    Either you will blush, or stammer and stutter as you try to worm your way out of it.

    Speaking of worms, and with all due respect to worms, you are so low, you need to climb a ladder to look a worm in the eye.

  21. The more the delusional and unhinged believe they can take down Obama. The more the people living in the real world view all of them as pathetic jokes

  22. The ones who really need to be impeached are Cantor, Boehner, Issa, and their gang. They have been out to destroy this country and refuse to do anything at all to help us. They are totally derelict in their duties, which is to HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, not destroy us, and run phony hearings on phony scandals costing us, the taxpayers Billions of dollars. They work 1/3 of the time and collect full pay. That needs to stop. If they don’t want to work full time, get rid of them. It is the House who sets the work schedule. This bunch of lazy asses have a lot of nerve calling people lazy who cannot find jobs. These lunatics have jobs and won’t do them, and get paid lots of money. They are proving that they are not needed in our congress. The Tbagging Rethugs prove every day that they are not relevant when they don’t even show up to do their job, and do do their job when they don’t show up. VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT!


  23. Anne,

    The only thing they have on this president is that he is black, and, go figure, they really, really, really do not like it.

  24. This reminds me of a barker in front of a side show tent…just a peek mind you…just a hint of what’s to come. Speaker Orange wants to send up this test balloon and see if it floats. If he gets blow-back, he can always take it down. If THIS gets more traction than…say BEENNNGGHHAAAZZIIII, why, he can beat this dead-on-arrival horse as well.

    You know…anything to keep from doing ACTUAL work.

  25. I keep hoping they push the Impeachment BEFORE the mid-terms. I hope they start talking about it more and more…louder and louder. That way the voters can see how truly desperate they are…and I think it would gin up the vote from the left enough to stop this back water trailer trash effort in its tracks.

  26. As well as John Roberts, Antoni Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito. Supreme Court Justices are supposed to serve “during good behaviour (sic).” These four justices haven’t exhibited “good behaviour” for years, if ever, during their SCOTUS terms.

  27. It is enough of this bull chite, those mofo’s will do anything to stop the President from breathing….enough already!!!!!!!!!

  28. Agreed! Their just creating a slow MEDIA DRIP for the mid term elections. Do everything that they can to confuse and anger the voters!!!! Much like the slow drip for Gov. Chris C.

  29. Agreed! Their just creating a slow MEDIA DRIP for the mid term elections. Do everything that they can to confuse and anger the voters!!!! Much like the slow drip for Gov. Chris C.

  30. Sadly Eykis, I think what we are seeing is an “early to bed” effort at impeachment of Secretary Clinton. They failed to get Bill. They couldn’t win both Houses making a show trial of Barrack a missed opportunity right alongside the repeal of Obamacare. THE KEY TO IMPEACHING ONE OF THESE SLIPPERY DEMOCRATS HAS TO BE TO START BEFORE THEY’RE ELECTED!!! You know Republicans have no intentions on governing the country, only dishing out candy to their Masters.

  31. NEVER take the vote for granted. Everyone here who thinks the GOP will just roll over – think again.

    Start now, work locally to ensure voting rights in your state are not under attack. Be sure there are enough voting machines, hours long enough, goofy ID requirements not allowed.

    Very important – be sure everyone is registered and has ID now. Check your neighbors, friends, fellow church-goers, associataion members, bring in registrars who are non-partisan, then help them get to the polls in Novembber.

    The GOP tries to get fewer people to vote because they know if more do, they lose.

    Students – don’t be casual about the vote. You have to fight for the right, and never take it lightly. Older folks – if you need help getting to the polls, get your church or senior center to host a polling site…

    Get active now folks.

  32. Really Anne? George Bush was an idiot one worlder but at least he wasn’t sending guns and millions of dollars to Al Queda. Obama’s brother is a major bag man for the Muslim Brotherhood, he was running guns to them in Benghazi and over the Mexican border, he’s funding Iran’s mullahs, encouraging them to develop a nuclear bomb so they can wipe Israel (and likely, us) off the map. Recently he has been openly advocating for Muslim Brotherhood jihadists to flee Egypt (where they are despised as the Nazis they are) and come here. But no, I’m sure we’re all against Al-Baracka because he’s black.

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