CNN Shoots Down Michele Bachmann With a Single Point About Benghazi and Jobs


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In her heroic effort to justify yet another GOP-led House Benghazi investigation, Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who seemed a bit off her game today, started off on CNN’s State of the Union claiming to be speaking for all Americans.

In response to moderator Candy Crowley’s question about whether Republicans are risking looking off key, Bachmann claimed that Republicans are only wasting more taxpayer dollars on yet another investigation because it’s what the people want.


Yet, when the people actually tell Republicans what they want — e.g. jobs — Republicans ignore them. And for once, your mainstream media did not ignore this fact but instead, Crowley slammed Bachmann with it.

Watch here:

Bachmann had the nerve to say that security threats are a big deal. No mention of the GOP-led House defunding security in Libya prior to Benghazi, even after Clinton warned them that the cuts would be detrimental to security:

House Republicans cut the administration’s request for embassy security funding by $128 million in fiscal 2011 and $331 million in fiscal 2012….Last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that Republicans’ proposed cuts to her department would be “detrimental to America’s national security” — a charge Republicans rejected.


Bachmann claimed there are questions about why the military didn’t do anything, as if she were unaware that this accusation has already been answered many times. She said, “And then when the event occurred, there was no military rescue that was ordered.” She’s implying here that Obama and Clinton were eating bonbons and said hey, let’s not order a rescue, just ‘cuz we hate America. This charge is so obviously ridiculous and steeped in tin foil that it’s tough to understand why it’s being taken seriously by anyone other than hard core right wingers.

The appropriate questions of what happened and how can we improve, what can we learn, have already been answered by those with actual knowledge. Yes, even Bachmann’s “question” has been asked and answered by Republicans own committee (Republican-led House Armed Services Committee), which concluded that the military did all it could do on that tragic night.

Additionally, last week in yet another Darrell Issa “hearing” on Benghazi, the man in charge of the military intelligence operation in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, retired Brig. General Robert Lovell, agreed with the Republicans earlier committee that the military had done all it could.

Why Michele Bachmann and indeed all other Republicans can’t seem to grasp the facts that are being very expensively spoon fed to them is a matter worthy of a House investigation. Facts do not penetrate tin foil, especially when said tin foil is attached to campaign donations.

Furthermore, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates – first appointed by Bush so probably not part of the global Benghazi conspiracy theory Republicans pray to each evening – said on Face the Nation last March (plenty of time for someone to translate for Republicans and thus save us all a lot of money) that he would have made the same decisions as those who were in charge did.

Bachmann should have listened when Gates said that some people seem to have a “cartoonish” view of military capabilities.

According to Republicans’ own dictates, Bachmann referring to the attack as an “event” is worthy of a witch hunt. You see, each word spoken on video must match up with the facts exactly or else Darrell Issa and the House Republicans must investigate. So why won’t Michele Bachmann call it what it was? A terrorist attack in an area that her own party defunded security to even after they were warned that doing so could be dangerous.

Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) exploded at Republicans last year:

(you have) “the audacity to come here” when the administration requested, for worldwide security, “$440 million more than you guys wanted to provide. And the answer is that you damn didn’t provide it! You REDUCED what the administration asked for to protect these people. Ask not who the guilty party is, it’s you!

Interestingly enough, Republicans have not addressed this issue in their “investigations”. Perhaps to do so would demonstrate that the government often spends money in ways people appreciate, thus defunding it and shutting it down are not actually in the people’s best interest.

Bachmann ended her less than enthusiastic repetition of Republican talking points by accusing President Obama and former SOS Hillary Clinton of “blaming a video”, which is surely a fair point coming from a party that cannot manage, a year and a half later and many, many investigations later, to recall one single, salient fact about the actual events and instead relies upon their fantasies of what could have been. Republicans have been repeating incorrect information about Benghazi on TV for a year and a half now, so if that’s the basis for their investigations, they really, really need a mirror.

After all of this, Candy Crowley informed a blinking and bewildered Michele Bachmann that actually, according to a USA Today poll, people want Republicans to address jobs (27%), healthcare (21%), federal budget deficit (19%), education (15%), and security and terrorism was at a low 7%.

“Is there a possibility that Republicans can look off key with this?” Crowley posited again, since Bachmann didn’t answer her the first time.

Bachmann replied that people can “walk and chew gum” at the same time, which implies that the House is doing jobs and healthcare whilst investigating Benghazi. But of course, they are not doing anything but trying to repeal healthcare and inaccurately labeling the Keystone Pipeline a jobs bill, so perhaps House Republicans cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.

It is definitely worth celebrating when a mainstream outlet stands up for what the people actually want and tries to get elected officials to be accountable to them for it, as this is an all too rare occurrence.

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  1. Brig. General Robert Lovell, who was running the military intelligence operation involved in monitoring the Sept. 11, 2012, assault in the Libyan city of Benghazi, testifying before the House Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi, agreed adamantly with the Republican-led House Armed Services Committee report which concluded that the military did all it could do on that tragic night. “That’s a fact,” Lovell said

  2. I think she maybe more stupid than Palin. Be glad when she is gone. Hopefully she will be spending some time in the slammer.

  3. You beat me to it. “…who seemed a bit off her game today,”

    Ho hum. Just another day at the office for her then.

  4. Darrell Issa has NEVER gotten over the fact that the SMART people of California did not want him for Governor. He was branded a loser by the majority and frankly he should be investigated for his investigations.
    He looks like the dude in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame.
    I bet he is as close minded. In my opinion and in this case thank goodness for Freedom of Speech and it is so obvious his feelings about President Obama and Hilary Clinton..

  5. Questions HAVE been answered, but not to bachmann’s or any other teabagging repuke’s liking. They’re ALL being retired this November 4th. I cannot wait to be a part of the Congressional Cleansing of the 2014 Midterm elections.

  6. Typical xtian repuke tacic. They demand respect but give none in return. I cannot wait until bachmann and all other teabagging repukes are thrown out come November 4th.

  7. Unfortunately, Bachmann did vowed that after her ‘retirement’ she will be on national stage, claimed that ALL of Americans will listen to her and her fight for our freedom. Some has murmured that Bachmann wants to have her own talk show for politics. A talk show of her own? I think it would be more of tea party-preferred comedy show.

  8. Being dumb IS her game, so when has she ever been off it? I’m just glad that someone decided to shoot her nonsense down for a change. It’s been disheartening to observe how the media gives an undeserved dignity to their foolishness, so I’m happy to see a change.

  9. No mention of the GOP-led House defunding security in Libya
    And why would there be a reason to mention anything about funding when it was discovered 18 months ago that funding for security was never an issue?

    Careless fact checking?
    The process that distinguishes actual journalism from mere rumor and gossip?

    There are many unknowns surrounding the attack in Benghazi. Why were we still maintaining a diplomatic facility in Benghazi when the British, French, and even the Red Cross had pulled out? What was the Ambassador doing there, on the anniversary of 9/11, when there was adequate security at the main embassy in Tripoli? Where was Pres. Obama during this 8-hour attack? Why did the administration choose to ignore the intelligence of those on the ground who stated that this was a planned attack by Ansar al Sharia?
    And that’s just for starters.

    But the funding question?

    That was answered long ago.

  10. Whacking at Bat Guano Insanity is a bit of picking on the low hanging fruit. Poor BS Crazy believes that people are going to pay more attention to her once she leaves than they do now. I guess there’s no problem with having delusions of grandeur.

  11. Not that I think Bachmann is worth even talking about but comparing her to Palin is a bit much. At least she didn’t quit half way through like Wassila Barbie. Palin is the lowest of the low.

  12. What is going on with Bachman’s eye? Did she have a stroke? Something is seriously wrong with her. Outside of her being crazy something happened to her. I guess all the lies and distortions she spouts are affecting her health. I could never lie like she does and sleep at night.

  13. Lame GOP defense is lame: In a Republican led hearing Republicans determined that they were not responsible, based on words of one guy? LOL. Tell us more about the million dollar report that exonerates Chris Christie from lawyers he hired.

    Why didn’t Republicans listen when they were warned of the ramifications of security cuts? Why do they hate the troops? Why don’t you understand English?

    So many questions so little time.

  14. Ailes will hire her. They’ll find a spot for her at Fox, and no one will watch. That is, if she survives the investigation.

  15. “I cannot wait to be a part of the Congressional Cleansing of the 2014 Midterm elections.”

    To that end, it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to do whatever we can to get as many people as possible to the polls come November to vote Dem!!

  16. And want to know where Bush was every second during the 13 attacks on his watch. Every second. What was he doing, why were we there, and why didn’t the Marines rescue all those dead people? Do you have a sense how stupid this all is?
    Four people died in a tinderbox. Stevens was there because he had a relationship with the people, and they supported him. What ground Intel? After the fact? How do you know it was ignored..maybe it’s classified to protect the informers. I swear, the right will come up with anything and nothing against this President and Clinton.

  17. Unfortunately Sarah our country has veered off course dramatically and it the fault of BOTH political parties. We need to have a viable Independent party that will be part of the checks and balances this country so desperately needs. Neither party is entirely blameless and needs to be held accountable for all of their misgivings and outright lies.

  18. They will of course forget the Ambassador refused extra security so he didnt raise attention to himself

    Does that matter? nooooooooooo

  19. In a Republican led hearing Republicans determined that they were not responsible, based on words of one guy?
    One guy? Not following the story much either I see.
    Asst. Sec. for Diplomatic Security CHARLENE Lamb testified before Oversight one month after the attack that a lack of funding played no part in the decisions made about security.
    Additionally, in the May 8, 2013 hearing, Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstram testified about the ARB report stating the panel talked to the CFO with Diplomatic Security, who also said that resources were not an issue.
    And fwiw, Sen. Boxer Ma’am was awarded 3 Pinocchios by Kessler when she made a bogus claim about Benghazi funding on the Senate floor on 5/14/13. State Dept. officials REPEATEDLY told Congress that a lack of funds was not an issue. Instead, security was hampered because of bureaucratic issues and management failures.
    IOW, given the internal failures, no amount of money would have made a difference.

  20. It’s what her conspiracy-addicted buddies in the tea party want, and to delusional tea-chugging politicos such as Bachmann, they’re the only people that matter.

  21. Nothing matters to these idiots but when you ask them about where are the jobs crickets. I wont even say what I think should be done to conservatives

  22. [I] want to know where Bush was every second during the 13 attacks on his watch.
    Is this meant as a serious argument? Because it’s a pretty lame talking point. But I’ll humor you.

    There were x-number of embassy attacks under Bush and they didn’t require investigations. There were also x-number of attacks on embassies and American interests under Clinton, and they didn’t require investigations, either.
    Why not? It’s because no one tried to argue that they were anything but planned and executed attacks. Neither the Bush nor Clinton administrations sought to mischaracterize the attacks on their embassies. Neither of them disseminated weirdly vague stories about what “really” took place. No one said it was too early to talk about the attacks and then said it was too late to talk about them. But mostly, the reason no one investigated attacks under Bush or Clinton is because no one refused to be clear about what happened or what their responses had been.

  23. Michelle Bachmann and the rest of the GOP/Teabums have a very bad case of self-denial, that usually surfaces when they are hit in the face with facts. I used to think that Palin was the dumb one. But Bachmann is a very close second. In fact she’s stupid enough to wipe with water and wash with a towel.

  24. Is that meant as a serious rebuttal? Where is your evidence from credible sources to support your opinion? I can make up anything I want, even removing historical context, when I don’t have to actually prove anything.

  25. Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security
    So? Does that mean the State Dept. had an overdrawn checking account and was broke?
    At the time of the attack, State was sitting on 2+ billion $. Any facility in a city known to be populated by al-Qaeda affiliates should have qualified for immediate security upgrades. Don’tchathink? At the time Americans in Benghazi were being turned down for more security, State authorized the embassy in Vienna to purchase a $108K electric vehicle charging station for their Chevy Volts. And American Marines were guarding the Ambassador of France.
    There had been 48 attacks in Benghazi prior to 9/11/12 (including 2 attacks on the American Consulate, 2 attempts on the life of the British Ambassador and the Red Cross), and the State Dept. REFUSED TO INCREASE SECURITY per the request of the Libyan diplomatic mission, including Amb. Stevens himself.

    But this all about a budget cut.
    Nope. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

  26. You and the CONsevatives don’t pass the smell this with this idiocy. But being stuck on stupid is all you got. Pathetic

  27. The only group politicizing this tragedy is the GOP. They will not let this go even though the families of the victims do not want these morons to use their tragic loss for their political gain (the upcoming mid term elections). They are completely insensitive to the memory of the four who died in Benghazi. Shame on them!

  28. Jim Hubbard

    Where is your evidence from credible sources to support your opinion?
    Is there evidence of Bush and/or Clinton reporting completely false information about the embassy attacks that happened under their watch? Or is there evidence of either of them withholding information about those attacks?
    Not that I’ve seen.
    If Democrats want to be able to say “Bush did it too”…then it is your accusation and your obligation to provide evidence of it.

    This issue is about an administration that tried to cover up what really happened at Benghazi for political reasons. It was a political calculation and a very bad one at that. This wouldn’t be an issue at all had the WH come out from the start and issued a truthful and comprehensive explanation of events and now it’s their own fault for continuing the pattern of being the least transparent Executive Branch in history.

    It’s not the fault of Republicans for pointing that out.

  29. Could someone just play the dam tapes! On the news on 9/11 they showed the terrorists/or whoever the men were that appeared mad at the offensive video ..the news said they weren’t sure appeared it was b/c of the video that they were attacking in 19 SURROUNDING CITIES!! play that dam tape so the RW HATEFEST COMMITTEE can STFU. Im so sick of their constituency being so stupid and denying truth! They know they have NOTHING. They know they’re lying. Never in my life seen such lying abusive incredibly dangerous leaders against its citizens! Wasting tax money AGAIN!! That could of been jobs. Five years of obstructing progress. Nothing. What kind of people support a party like this and lie for them? All they plan is $3 hr labor. No HC
    Go to Texas or any red state and see how they. treat their people–make them suffer unecesarily. Deny you everything. Even take your pensions and jobs then blame dems. only Stupid people vote gop

  30. I know! The families have asked them to stop, but they won’t! These repubs dont care…fricken disgusting liars! They want blood from Obama..and they won’t stop until they get it. They don’t care if people die in the process. Like denying their citizens healthcare. 17,000 will die!!! Tell me again you morons on the right why you don’t want health care again? sheeze! fricken idiots are ready and willing to die for their gop. I have to admit– you accuse the left of drinking koolaid… your people are flat out brainwashed by you the GOP. they don’t see it…at all!! you are being taken big time!!!! Just wait till you lose YOUR job!!! Because they shipped out over 8 million…but lie and say xlpl has 40000 jobs..LIE big LIE. Stop please people..please don’t let them take anymore from you

  31. Please stop associating her with Minnesota. I know she’s a congresswomen from here, but for god’s sake, we don’t want her. She is beyond bat shit crazy. I can’t wait to never hear from her again!

  32. MISS Bachmann you are no speaking for all Americans, its most likely for yourself. There are more issue of interest that are bothering the American people. Immigration,homelessness, umemployment, minimum wage.high rental rates. What was your contribition towards health care for minorities. Have you ever think how minimum wagers afford the high cost of living?

  33. I don’t know about that, but she’s blinking at a furious rate: about three times as fast as Wasserman-Schultz or Crowley. Rapid blinking is frequently a good indicator of lying.

  34. I totally agree with you.

    However, Dems need to speak out – and they don’t. They usually remain silent and do nothing.

    Check out, Ben Cohen’s website where he tells “we the people” what to do to overturn Citizens United.

  35. Looks to me like viewers need to stop swallowing the swill offered to them by this administration and its adoring followers. As an independent voter I don’t feel aligned to either party, but at this point I am embarrassed for the Democrats. They ought to welcome the special committee: if no scandal exists then let it be shown. The facts will determine the truth. Blatant lies have been told to the press and to the public by key players: Clinton, Obama, Carney, Clapper, to name just a few. I don’t understand why all Americans aren’t outraged.

  36. The families that asked the investigation to stop were reportedly Obama supporters. Not sure why their politics would be more important than finding out what happened to their sons and why…

  37. Yes you are an independent. I will sure buy that one.

    The outrage now that your right wing sources havent told you, is that there have been committee after committess on Benghazi and they have found nothing. Your hero Issa has even modified WH documents and still cant find anything. Millions and millions of your tax dollars have been spent on investigation after investigation. Nothing found.

    Yet you are here, seemingly not knowing a thing. The only lies that have been told are the ones Fox News tells you

  38. And of course you would suck that urban legend up in a second. Do you think these people would put their dead familys over their politics? Are you that stupid? Yes. You are.

  39. Wow. Why are you so afraid of what a special committee might find? Are you ok with Obama and Clinton blaming a video? Looks like Obama was more interested in his schedule of campaigning the next day than what was happening to Americans in and near that compound; politics should not have been a consideration that night. Let the special committee sort it out, then maybe finally the facts will be out there. CNN, CBS, ABC, and Fox should all be reporting facts and not politicized opinions. Unfortunately that isn’t happening; it’s plain to see that you don’t rely on factual sources for your information.

  40. I want to know why four Americans were left by our government to die in Benghazi and you are calling me stupid. Are you a liberal, and is this a typical liberal’s response?

  41. In other words, you missed out on the millions already spent to find nothing. And ignore the 50+ people who died the same way under Bush.

    Yes, you are stupid. There is no conspiracy.

  42. LOL let the special committee sort it out. The same republicans that have already sorted it out and found nothing.

    Too hilarious! Mr Independent.

  43. Looks to me that so far the Republicans haven’t done a very good job of investigating–they have too often accepted non-answers to their questions, and the Democrats have sat by and watched the administration dodge the questions and withhold information. The only hope now is for the special committee to subpoena all relevant documents including the daily briefings, interview the witnesses who thus far have been off limits, and present the facts whatever they are.
    Since you didn’t answer the question about being a liberal and representing a typical liberal’s viewpoint, I’ll assume that you are a liberal. That’s unfortunate: it makes all liberals look narrow minded and ignorant. That doesn’t really seem fair.
    Aren’t you even a bit concerned that this administration might have lied to you? And that they didn’t even try to help the four men who were murdered? Would it make a difference to you if those four men were liberal Democrats?

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