Morning Joe Defends Marco Rubio’s Climate Change Denial And Compares Science With Religion

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During a discussion of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Monday morning, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough defended Rubio’s position on climate change while also claiming that Democrats are like “televangelists” when it comes to the science behind climate change. Rubio was interviewed by ABC’s Jonathan Karl over the weekend and confirmed his intent to run for President in 2016. During the interview, he pointed out that he won’t run for Senate again while running for the White House and roundly criticized Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State. However, the major portion of the interview that the Morning Joe panel focused on was Rubio’s denial that climate change is man-made and that there is anything we can do to stem the tide. HE directly stated that he does not believe scientists.

During the panel discussion, Scarborough tried valiantly to twist Rubio’s words into something a bit less nutty. While it was absolutely clear that Rubio had taken the position of absolute climate change denial and stated that he feels that nothing at all should be done politically, Scarborough tried to make it appear that Rubio was merely trying to offer a somewhat reasonable counter-stance to the Democrats ‘all of nothing’ approach to climate change. At this point, he kept bringing up Al Gore and his statements that Florida would be under water in 50 years. Scarborough’s position became one that Democrats are preaching too much on the subject, acting like televangelists and taking a one-sided stance. In Scarborough’s view, there should be more debate on climate change and different opinions and viewpoints should be allowed in. Because, you know, science is just like ideological politics.


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Thankfully, the rest of the panel didn’t allow Joe to go unchallenged with his complete misinterpretation of Rubio’s stance on climate change. Scarborough initially tried to shape Rubio as being open to a more gradual and subtle legislative process in dealing with the man-made climate change. Both Mika Brzezinski and Jon Meacham stated that Rubio said nothing of the sort. It was obvious that Rubio stated that he does not believe in man-made climate change and he disagrees with the findings of scientists. Therefore, it was absolutely disingenuous for Scarborough to present Rubio’s statements as being anything less than extreme and pure climate science skepticism.

Another thing that that was particularly annoying during this segment was Scarborough’s constant bashing of Al Gore. He claimed that because Gore has made it a mission to bring awareness to global warming and the effects it will have on the planet, he’s caused Democrats to overreach on climate change and stick to an “extremists” view that has caused Republicans to reject the science. He constantly referred to Gore throughout the discussion, bringing him up over and over in a negative context.

Finally, Harold Ford shot back and pointed out that while Gore’s persistence and rhetoric may have pushed Republicans further into climate change skepticism due to pure politics, Gore should be given a lot of credit for what he’s helped achieve. Without Gore’s push towards climate change awareness, we probably wouldn’t be as far along in regards to hybrid vehicles and green technology. Ford also stated that Gore helped make people aware that farming is actually the number one emitter of carbon into the atmosphere and that efforts need to be done there in terms of reducing emissions.

Of course, in typical Morning Joe fashion, Scarborough backtracked on his statements about Gore and made it seem that he wasn’t criticizing or bashing him. In fact, per Joe, he agrees with much of what Gore has said and has told him many times. (You see, Joe Scarborough is a Very Important Person who knows many powerful players.) He then said that he just thinks he overreached a bit, came off a little too much like a televangelist (there’s that word again) but that he did a lot to bring awareness to the problem.

Here’s the biggest issue I have with the way pundits like Scarborough discuss climate change. They feel like you can talk about this in the context of opinion polls and political ideology. Conservative commentators and lawmakers constantly think that this is a matter of debate. The thing is, science doesn’t work that way. We can’t vote against climate change in the next election. Climate change deniers can’t do well in debates and exit polls and think that the science will all of a sudden make a dramatic shift to agreeing with them. Global warming skeptics can’t buy a bunch of campaign ads and, suddenly, man-made climate change is no more. It doesn’t work that way. Yet, that is what we see from conservatives every single day.

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  1. Yes I watched that segment, If Marco Rube(eo) was a scientist then I could give him some room to navigate. But since he is not and makes a statement saying that he is smarter than all the scientists then I must conclude that he is indeed a blithering IDIOT!! And NO Joey Al Gore has not been “telavangilistic about climate REALITY! Mika stood up to his stupidity.

  2. Mark . . . Stop celebrating your anti-science, anti-math ignorance; I know that you are just doing this to motivate your misinformed hate cult base (TP) because if they actually knew that your ideas will make them poorer than they are now, they would never vote for you

  3. In spite of all Joe Scarborough’s attempts to make logic out of Marc Rubio’s totally illogical denial of climate change and its cause, the fact remains that this denial falls under the category of being dangerously and willfully ignorant. There is simply no way to redeem an “argument” that completely ignores what scientists have plainly described and tried to get us to address, all in the name of religion. Whatever people’s beliefs are, there is no excuse for the failure to exercise critical thinking. I sincerely hope that if Rubio gets the GOP nomination for 2016, he will be ripped apart for all his nonsense on this and other issues–preferably by Hillary Clinton.

  4. The US has over 300 million people and many are well educated and seek answers yet MSNBC features Morning Joe for three hours five days a week. Why?

  5. Bill F. Apparently it’s near impossible to find anyone with intelligence to fill three hours a day for MSNBC. Why is Harold Ford even near that show?

  6. The republicans know climate change is real but they are afraid to admit because guess who else knows it is real? The president. Anything the president like, they hate, what he hate, they like, I wih the president would one day pretend to hate something just to make them like it and then maybe we can get something done. But then again he tried that with the ACA he tried to give them what they wanted and they threw it in his face. You just can’t please some please when they hate you for no reason at all. Joe is so sad and I just wish they would get rid of him. He will flip out like someone crazy and the people on there be too afraid to speak after he stop talking. Even if they want to object to what he is saying that are to afraid to say it. Also MSNBC daytime don’t spend enough time discusing the things about ACA but if it is bad, they drill, drill and drill, stop, and stop start reporting the positive like the evening does, the morning is more like fox,

  7. 97% of those scientists agree that 1) global warming is a FACT and 2) man is accelerating the effects, if not directly causing them 9 scientists in 10. Rubio is a clown in a business suit. Even Bill Ney the Science Guy could have buried that panel today.

  8. Jill that is nearly true in a small way, however Science is all about Fact and the pursuit of Fact and Religion is 100% fact free and is all about denial of fact.

  9. Wow what a fascinating Morning Joe segment to watch. The incredible somber faces during the discussion were appropriate for a funeral. Which, of course in light of recent news, is appropriate. Rubio is probably right on one thing. There is nothing we can do now. Its most likely over. The funeral is for all of us.

    I predict a wave of retirements and withdrawals from the public eye of a large number of press and public officials and speakers. The faces during this segment says they get it, they all get it. They finally understand what this really is all about. Behind those faces is also the realization that by selling their opinions for short term fame and wealth, they have greatly contributed to a the cataclysm. The knowledge that you have doomed all you love, even the future of your line, is enough to instill humility even in the warped personalities that populate the press corps.

    Dan Pride

  10. You can tell one thing for sure. Morning Joe never actually watched the Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, and he has never watched nor ever will watch COSMOS…… Way too much science for him.

  11. I think you are giving the deniers way too much credit. People like Marco Rubio and “morning Joe” don’t give a rats ass about anything but themselves. And they are willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder if it means they get more money and power.

  12. We can’t throw all those people out of work! Chinese people who work for nothing. The carbon is in China…. not here. It would cost money to make our plants carbon friendly and have to pay a decent wage here when we get it so cheap there, so shut up about carbon so the corporations can make money while the rest of us can’t breathe or have work here. Hey Joe, do you not remember the smog in CA and when rules were put in place it got so much better. Rules cost money. Denver was a brown cloud. We have emission testing and our air is cleaned up. People cause smog, smog causes climate change. I’m sitting in snow and ice in May and the schools are closed. Why don’t you check out the weather channel and see where those storms are coming from…across the Pacific. Check the temps of the water. Check the ice cap on both poles. It’s called science and it is people watched. Never vote for anyone who denies climate change. They are too dumb to tie their shoes!

  13. GOP Senator Marco Rubio Is a Frighteningly Stupid Man Who Thinks He’s Ready to Be President One-time Savior of the Republican Party, Senator Marco Rubio, he of the muy beneficial Cuban background (although, you know, Hispanics aren’t idiots – believe it or not, they can tell a Mexican from a Puerto Rican from a Cuban), he of the parched lips, he of the allegedly once-reasonable side of the GOP, thinks he’s all grown up and ready to be president of these here United States. Oh, sure, he was a bit coy during his Sunday interview, saying that his party of lunatics, whores, and lepers is just filled to the brim with potential candidates. But, yeah, he’s ready. – See more at:

  14. Rubio and his kind are living in the wrong era. They belong in the Middle Ages where they could also deny the existence of germs and viruses, and they could believe that the earth is at the center of the universe, with the sun orbiting the earth. We can prove they are dead wrong with scientific facts, but they won’t accept it.

    Rubio and his kind don’t care if any of the global warming predictions come true, as long as it doesn’t happen in their lifetimes. With Republicans, it’s all about ME. Nothing and no one else really matters to them.

  15. I watched that bull this morning, and if anything good came out of it, it was the fact that Scarface got Bloody Bill Kristol to admit that man was responsible for climate change. I had to run and didn’t get to see the rest of the segments.

  16. The biggest change and the reason that CO2 emissions are spiking is the massive development of China and India. CO2 emissions in the US are actually down over past 10 years. We can do better, that is certain. But unless we get China, India on board, things like the Kyoto Accord will be hollow and downright economically suicidal. China has long since passed us as the largest producer of CO2. And India will pass us soon too.

  17. It seems like Joe Scarborough has been given orders to rev up the right wing talking points lately and add some rants. His big $$ sponsors perhaps have threatened to put him up as a RINO and then his job would be over…so he now is acting “unhinged”.

    Then he can talk down to Mikka and some of his intimidated guests to satisfy FreedomWorks and ALEC. Can’t make a living as a moderate these days. Look at Huntsman – one of the most rational GOPers out there relegated to the cheap seats.

    I hope his guests out-yell him to make the points the rest of the world sees more clearly:
    1. 97% of scientists think climate change is real
    2. Those who believe men rode on dinosaurs are factually challenged.
    3. Those who try to eliminate rational thought from education will spawn a generation of fools that are not qualified to lead in world affairs.
    4. Lives based on denial are houses built on sand.
    4. Injecting religion into our politics is anti Jeffersonian enlightenment.

  18. NATURAL phenomena drove all of the reported average global temperature anomalies since before 1900. The correlation is 95% and uses only two drivers. CO2 change is not one of them. Search using key words AGW unveiled to see the simple analysis.

  19. What you say does not mean that you say, quoting Rubio, “I do not believe the scientists who say it is human caused….” Rubio is purely pandering.

  20. If Rubio was a scientist he would understand chemistry and that increasing CO2 concentrations leads to increased heat trapping, which leads to warming. Rubio is a panderer to the most scientifically challenged.

  21. Right Dan. Your analysis can also “prove” that gravity is a myth, water is not wet, and up is down. Exxon Mobil says your check is in the mail.
    You are an embarrassment!

  22. Scarborough, Rubio and his fellow idiots don’t seem to understand there’s a difference between facts and faith.

  23. I am unfunded.

    I started out assuming that CO2 increase causes warming. Extensive research demonstrated that CO2 change has no significant effect on climate.

  24. Since our country is selling coal to asia, we are increasing the pollution that comes back to haunt us and at the same time increasing climate change, just so the oil and coal corporations can make more money

  25. With respect, CO2 doesn’t have to have a significant effect by itself, it just has to have a triggering effect to end up with major changes.

    But a major point to consider is that over the last 800kyrs the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere & carbon sinks has been relatively stable.

    By releasing long trapped CO2 we’re changing that. We’re adding CO2 to the carbon cycle, & it would take nature many thousands of years to remove that CO2. And that which sinks into the oceans will make them more acidic. How extensive that will damage marine life is uncertain, but it is the other carbon problem.

    Effectively we’re turning up the Earth’s thermostat. The positive natural feedbacks will outweigh the negative ones, & warming will be amplified.

    Again with respect, I suggest you do some more research, because for decades now there has only been one forcer affecting global temperatures, & that’s the increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

  26. You are right about Rubio, but that puts him squarely in the mainstream of recent Publican presidential candidates. Somebody should really make a movie of the Clown Car Debates leading up to the last election, perhaps starring Newt as Dumbo the Elephant.
    There was once a Republican Party that nominated TR and Dwight Eisenhower for president. The quality of their candidates, and their discourse, has gone downhill even more steeply than the Democrats’ product, and Democratic nominees over the last fifty years have been nothing to write home over.

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