Rush Limbaugh Claims People Don’t Want To Call Boko Haram Terrorists Because They’re Black

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Another day, another idiotically racist thing said by Rush Limbaugh. During his radio show on Monday, Limbaugh went on a rant about the terrorist group Boko Haram and the kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria. He first started this segment ripping on the Twitter campaign to raise awareness of the tragic event. Like 99% of what Limbaugh talks about these days, he used the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls as a way to criticize the White House. Basically, he spent a few minutes talking about how ineffectual social media and Twitter is at raising awareness and laid it at the President’s and First Lady’s feet.

After rambling on about how much a failure the Obama ‘regime’ is and how liberals are just big ol’ hypocrites, El Rushbo transitioned into complaining about Hillary Clinton and her ‘failure’ to label Boko Haram a terrorist organization while she was Secretary of State. In Limbaugh’s mind, the only reason she didn’t name them as a terrorist group was because they are all black. And also because she might have had the hots for one of the leaders.

Below is an excerpt from the transcript of the show:


RUSH:  How many people do you think know that this terror group Boko Haram has been attacking Christians since 2009?  The jihad aspect of Boko Haram is almost completely ignored by the White House and the media, and I can tell you why.  I just saw why.  There’s video that’s been released, about half of the kidnapped girls have been converted to Islam, the other 150, no mention of.  The Boko Haram leader, or whoever Boko Haram had perform on video, is a good-looking guy.  This is why Mrs. Clinton wouldn’t call this terror group a terror group, because they’re black.  Can’t afford to do this.  This is how surface conscious the left is.

We cannot call people what they are, in this case a jihadist anti-Christian terror group aligned with Al-Qaeda, we can’t call them terrorists because they look like African-Americans, and we just can’t go there.  Nobody will ever convince me that that’s why they didn’t call this group a terror group.  Just can’t do it. Just can’t go there because the left doesn’t go any deeper than skin when identifying people.  Everything is racial politics, identity politics, whatever.  And if you’ve got a group of terrorists who are, particularly from a foreign country, not domestically, and they’re black, we can’t call ’em a terror group. No, no, no, no, no, that will not help us domestically politically.

And so this group escapes any scrutiny. They don’t get the proper treatment from this country foreign policy-wise, and in effect they’re allowed to just behave without any stops whatsoever.  You know, I wonder sometimes, and I know that maybe this is a bit much, but where would the media be without me every day saying what I think?  Do you realize, I’m all over media just simply uttering a contrary point of view to the conventional wisdom media soap opera every day, and that is used, little snippets of this program are used for guests to bounce off of.

I mean, I’m honored. I’m happy to be a contrarian. I happen to know that what we do here is relentlessly pursue the truth and stay focused on the substance of things rather than the surface.

Yep, there you go. Hillary Clinton didn’t want to label Boko Haram a terrorist organization because they all “look like African Americans.” It doesn’t matter that she placed their leaders on the individual terror watch list in 2012. Or that she was specifically asked by the Nigerian government and consulted by numerous experts to not list the group to the terror watch list, as the feeling at the time was that it could enhance their reputation. I guess it also doesn’t matter that the group was eventually named to the terror watch list in November 2013 under current Secretary of State John Kerry.

Other conservatives spent the past few days trying to make Clinton appear responsible for Boko Haram’s actions. Despite the fact that it made little sense, at least they didn’t go so far as to say the reason was because the group is black. However, for Limbaugh, he sees blacks as a totally protected class of people and that only white Christians are the subject of true racism in America and around the world. It is a great liberal conspiracy to keep the white man down, and Limbaugh is there to expose the grand conspiracy for all the world to see.

You have to love his little spiel at the end of his nonsensical rant. In a moment of pure egoism, he claims that he is extremely important to the world due to his ability to be contrary. If he wasn’t around on a daily basis, the vast left-wing media machine would shut down and cease existing. He is just pursuing the truth, doing God’s work, making the world a better place. He is truly a serious news person. (Except next time he gets called out for saying something outrageous and claims that he is nothing but an entertainer dealing in comedy and satire.)

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