Tea Party Nut Allen West Says Obama Is Using Boko Haram To Distract Us All From Benghazi


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This past weekend, conservatives took to the air, online and print to declare former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as being responsible for the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram’s recent kidnappings. The logic was that since Mrs. Clinton didn’t designate the group as a terrorist organization during her tenure as SoS, Boko Haram was emboldened enough to commit these recent acts. Of course, this makes absolutely no sense when we look into it deeper. First off, Clinton placed three leaders of the group on the individual terrorist watch list while she was in office. Second, there were a number of legitimate reasons why the group was not designated in 2011 or 2012. Finally, the group was placed on the watch list in 2013 by current Secretary of State John Kerry.


Regardless of the illogical nature of the argument, conservatives have tried their best to run with this story as a way of smearing Hillary Clinton due to their fear of her in 2016. Right now, Republicans have no decent candidate to run in 2016 and it is looking more and more likely that if Hillary Clinton does indeed run for President in 2016, she will cruise to an easy election victory. Therefore, it is imperative for conservatives to publicly slander Mrs. Clinton at every opportunity, hoping something sticks. This is why Benghazi has become the number one issue for Republicans to focus on.

Former one-term Republican Congressman, and current Fox News analyst, Allen West took to his personal blog to write about the Boko Haram kidnappings on Monday. However, he took a different approach than many of his conservative colleagues. Rather than hammer Clinton for ignoring the group (he mentioned it, but it wasn’t his piece’s main focus), he instead stated that President Obama is using this recent event to distract everybody from Benghazi, among other ‘scandals.’ Below is an excerpt from the blog:


Remember the movie with Robert Deniro and Dustin Hoffman called “Wag the Dog?” Funny thing, that film was released just before the Clinton-Lewinsky kabuki dance and the infamous pharmaceutical factory bombing in Sudan by President Clinton (and by the way, Monica is back in the limelight thanks to an article in Vanity Fair – but I digress – or maybe not).

Are we witnessing an Obama “Wag the Dog” moment with Boko Haram in Nigeria? I say yes.

Consider all the scandals facing the Obama administration, especially Benghazi and the Select Committee, which Rep. Nancy Pelosi referred to as a “political stunt.” Really? Four Americans die, we’re told it was because of an anti-Islam video, no one has been “brought to justice” and THAT is a phony scandal and a political stunt? Boy, if this had been a Republican president, he or she certainly would never have been reelected because the media would have been all over it. Instead the media is doing everything possible to protect Obama.

So, perhaps Obama, Rice, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, Rhodes, and the cast of characters can tell us why was Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi on 9-11? Not to mention, why was he there without proper security, and who denied his request for security — and Libyan Islamist militia is not the answer.

We need to start at the beginning: why did we support Islamist forces in Libya in the first place? If it was a humanitarian crisis, then why not Syria? Or perhaps the intention all along was to support the Islamist forces in Syria as well?

If President Obama gave an order to Secretary of Defense Panetta and Chairman of Joint Chiefs General Dempsey to make sure those under attack got all the resources necessary — then why didn’t they get them? Or did Obama not give that order before he went to bed? And if it was given, who countermanded the order and told American forces to stand down?

Where are the weapons provided to the Libyan Islamists? Were we trying to collect and redistribute those weapons to the Syrian Islamists? And just as a last inquiry, why haven’t we heard from the 30 or so survivors of the terrorist attack? And who made them sign non-disclosure agreements precluding them from speaking about the incident?

This is sort of West’s thing now. He’s always been beating the drum on Benghazi. However, now everything is a distraction from Benghazi. Donald Sterling being accused of racism? Distraction. Revelations about General Patreus from a recent book? Distraction. Chemical weapons being used in Syria? Distraction. I am shocked we didn’t hear West claim that the climate change report released last week by the White House was a distraction to Benghazi, like some of his colleagues at Fox News claimed.

Anyway, it seems like West isn’t quite on the same page as some of his conservative brethren when it comes to Boko Haram. Many right-wing commentators want to use Boko Haram as a black mark with which to defame Hillary Clinton. West just sees it as yet another shiny object meant to distract us from the greatest tragedy and scandal that has ever occurred in the history of mankind, Benghazi. Not to tarnish a tragic event that led to the deaths of four Americans, but we’ve already had 13 hearings and 50 briefings that have included 25,000 pages of documents on this attack. How much longer do we have to keep parsing CIA talking points, non-existent ‘stand down’ orders and cartoonish expectations of our military’s capabilities before everyone just stands up and says, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?!?!”


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  1. De tout façon ces terroristes, c’était l’affaire des Américains. OBAMA n’a pas voulu intervenir et pour cause! Ensuite, les tornades ou le réchauffement climatique, à chaque mensonge provocation de votre part, un pas de plus vers la fin. Le ciel m’est témoin et appui tout ce que j’ai fais et que vous n’avez pas fait, vous a amené, à avoir tout contre vous, car tout ceci est le fait de votre résultat. Pour le guignole qui s’agite dans tous les sens et qui voudrait faire exploser la terre, il y a les vérités qui se retourne contre lui, comme le ciel. Et il ne faut pas prendre les autres pour des cons, parce qu’on en est un, surtout moi! Toutes les preuves courent dans la nature, contre tout ce qui est contre nature. Trop tard pour vous, le procès est déjà fait, l’heure des condamnations à déjà sonnée, il y a déjà très longtemps, vous ne faites que vous enfoncer.

    Any way these terrorists, it was the business of Americans. OBAMA did not want to intervene and for good reason! Then, tornadoes or global warming, every lie provocation on your part, a step closer to the end. Heaven is my witness and support everything I do and that you have not actually brought you to have everything against you because all this is the fact that your result. For guignol (puppet) which moves in all directions and wants to explode the earth, there truths that turns against him, as the sky. And do not take the other for idiots, because there is one, especially me! All proofs run in nature, against everything which is against nature. Too late for you, the process is done, time sentences already rung, there is already a very long time, all you do is push you.

  2. …Oh for the love of!..Sigh!..I would love to bitch slap this asswipe until he passes out! He has to be the worst of them all and that is no mean feat!

  3. Demandez l’origine de l’argent et quelle devait être son véritable propriétaire et destination, ne peut que se venger. Et personne ne peut lui résister!Pas même le diable en personne, alors ses aides…. Plus il y en a plus cher ils payent, regardez donc ce qui se passe chez vous, vous n’aurez pas le monde, plutôt plus rien du tout.

    Get the origin of the money and what should be its true owner and destination, can only revenge. And no one can resist it! Not even the devil himself, while his aides …. Plus there are more expensive they pay, look at what is happening at home, you will not have the world, rather more nothing.

  4. Conservatives have this fantasy that only THEIR talking points are worth being addressed, and this in the order that THEY want…

  5. West is a lunatic; he can talk all he wants, he knows nothing and offers nothing to our political discourse.

    He is, as the headline notes, a TEA PARTY NUT.

  6. I hope these tea nuts don’t really believe they are going to convince anyone beside themselves that they are not bat++it crazy.

    What they are really doing is showing all we sane folks just how insane they truly are.

    As hard as it is to read and hear their ramblings, I am glad that they are publicly showing their ignorance.

    I’ve always known we had a lot of nuts in this country, I just didn’t realize how many there are.

  7. Remember that movie, “I was a GOP Token” Mr. West? No? Oh…wait..it’s still running and you’re still the star!

  8. What a dumbass…

    Unlike Benghazi, which has been constantly debunked and is nothing more then a dead horse the the Right Wing has basically done unspeakable things to, the threat posed by Boko Haram is legit.

    Thing is, you don’t want to go there guns blazing. That’s what they want.

  9. “Boy, if this had been a Republican president, he or she certainly would never have been reelected because the media would have been all over it. Instead the media is doing everything possible to protect Obama.”

    Except this DID happen to a Republican president. 13 embassy or consulate attacks, 98 dead, 64 wounded. And the “liberal” media and the GOP-controlled Congress didn’t so much as say “boo.”

    This moronic Palin wannabe has seen his five minutes of fame slip away, and will say or do anything to keep his name in the news.

  10. Don’t ever say that ‘n’ word in very liberal site. Ever. We don’t use derogatory language here. We are not Breitbart or The Blaze.

  11. When will he ever go away? Have anyone seen Allen B. West’s very own website, allenbwest.com? It’s horrible and it somehow made me feel more appreciate Breitbart website for a moment.

  12. Yet another example of the mentally lazy and inherently disingenuous right wing rhetoric regarding anything said or done by the POTUS:
    “We’ll damn him if he does, and we’ll damn him if he doesn’t … cuz that’s how we roll.”

  13. This guy here doesn’t even deserve a response. But I can’t resist. First let me say, I’m a Black man, before anyone thinks I’m being racist. Allen West is a complete idiot that doesn’t even have the brains of a goldfish. What is sad is Fox News and all of his GOP/Teabums knows it. I’m sure everyone has heard the response from racist who insist that are not prejudice because they have black friends. Well, this is the guy they are talking about. He’s a token and too stupid to realize it. He got as far as he has because he speaks against President Obama. Of course that’s what all the GOP/Teabums figure, when you campaign speak out against Obama. They don’t realize that crap is getting old, because the American people are waking up and seeing the games that they are playing.

  14. Reply to Pascale PADLO

    Donc qui a besoin de perfection de toute façon ?

    Votre commentaire est le plus étonnant et fabuleux erreur que j’ai jamais vu.

  15. Between him and his mother…

    Was there ever a year that West wasn’t collecting or benefitting from SOCIALIST money of one type or another?

  16. OOOO I’ve gone to Breitbart web site, OMG that is some real serious CRAZY on that site. I don’t think anyone of them had a single thought of their own. Well maybe, how to further inflict hate on other Americans…oh and not wanting to pay their taxes!

  17. Good Golly, President Obama certainly is a powerful person, isn’t he? Perhaps we need to get him a cape and call him SUPER PREZ! He is in control of the weather, he is in control of all people throughout the world—what they do and what they don’t do. He is in control of EVERYTHING.

    Give it a rest nutjob! You are running scared–and it is showing! As a side note, anything that you are against is typically a GREAT THING.

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