Darrell Issa’s Benghazi Stunt Blows Up In His Face as Kerry Won’t Appear at Hearing

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Darrell Issa’s subpoena of Sec. of State John Kerry has completely backfired, as the State Department announced that Kerry would not be testifying at next week’s Benghazi hearing, and Issa put the subpoena on hold.

According to The Hill:

A subpoena for John Kerry to testify before Congress next week on Benghazi has been put on hold while the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the State Department negotiate when — or if — the secretary of state will appear.

Jen Psaki, a State Department spokeswoman, said Monday night that Kerry will be in Mexico May 21 on a previously scheduled trip, and that the department is working with the committee to “explore whether there are better means of addressing the Committee’s interests, including through a more appropriate witness.”


Frederick Hill, a spokesman for the House committee, told the Associated Press Monday that “The State Department has told the Committee that they are committed to finding an alternative date in the near future for Secretary Kerry to testify before the Oversight Committee. As such, Chairman Issa agreed to lift the subpoena obligation for May 21.”

This is the Lois Lerner story all over again. Remember when Issa went on Fox News Sunday and announced that Lois Lerner would be testifying at his IRS hearing only to have Lerner’s attorney say that he had no idea what Rep. Issa was talking about? Lerner did not testify. She took the Fifth. Issa ended up cutting off Rep. Elijah Cummings microphone, and storming out of the room.

Rep. Issa thinks that Sec. Kerry is going to testify, when it clear in the State Department response that it hasn’t been determined if Kerry will testify or not. Issa has been hyping Kerry’s testimony without deal in place for the Secretary of State to testify.

The whole point of this hearing was to get mainstream media attention by dragging Kerry in to testify. Issa is still trying to turn his Benghazi Pinocchio into a real news story. He can’t do that if he is unable to create a pretense of a coverup by the Obama administration. If Democrats don’t play along, this story goes nowhere.

It doesn’t matter to him that having John Kerry testify is silly and pointless, because Kerry wasn’t Secretary of State when the assault occurred. For Issa, this is all about the publicity that’s never going to come.

Benghazi is a non-scandal, and now Rep. Issa is going to holding a hearing next week that will get no media attention. The only thing that Darrell Issa accomplished with his Kerry subpoena is that he exposed his shoddy tactics and complete lack of credibility for the world to see.

24 Replies to “Darrell Issa’s Benghazi Stunt Blows Up In His Face as Kerry Won’t Appear at Hearing”

  1. You hide and watch..the criminal will claim that he can and will have Kerry arrested for standing up to the criminal’s insanity. From now on we should refer to Mr. Issa only as “the Criminal”

  2. you get bet your sweet patooty that the right wing media will be broadcasting how kerry has refused to testify.

  3. If there is a select committee why doesn’t Boehner tell him to drop his investigation? Issa is a real liability to Boehner because he has pulled so much garbage it will blow up in Boehner’s face

  4. Sport,

    That “the Criminal” works for me. Same way I upset SECupp by tweeting “the Imbecile” repeatedly while she was on camera @msnbc. At first she had henchminions attack, that is how I know I was getting to her. Tweeting to these imbeciles while they are on air actually gets to them because they are all looking at the Tweets while on-air.

  5. Poor Dip Stick Issa….

    He’s already inconsequential…and now is on the very verge of becoming a laughing stock. Now his own party thinks his hearing is a standing joke…and has formed a NEW Inquisition…and not asked him to take part!! His own party! Speaker Orange! Throwing him under the bus!! And now John Kerry is thumbing his nose!! Poor Issa….

  6. Totally for the corporations and will not create one job. This is a race to watch the US go round the bowl like a swirly

  7. Issa has failed.. The worst speaker ever has already named a new committee for this dog and pony show. when this one only get the truth like the last one will he start another hearing wasting millions more

  8. Folks, what we are seeing is not GRAND THEFT AUTO

    More in terms of a CAR CRASH.

    This is 2Fast, 2Furious

    Watch Mr. Issa “act a fool.”

  9. Does Issa really believe that Sec. of State Kerry is just sitting home waiting for the bid and call of an IDIOT.

    Please Repugs. stop insulting the American People.

    You have the nerve to blame all the World anger, and distrust on Our President’s Administration, GO LOOK IN A MIRROR all of you repugs and see whom is truly at fault.

  10. Why is this man not in jail? Why can he start a fire collect the insurance and hold these bogus hearings and still not go to jail?? The man is worth $400 MILLION AND CONTINUES to make his money off lies and insid. Why do the RW constituents never ever complain about all this? I would be screaming if the GOP was my party! I would be cussing them out every single day in emails mail however!Does every single RW constituent have a job that’s paying them more than (okay I’ll even make it easy) at least $50,000 a year? There are not many people who vote to suffer. But the RW has made us ALL SUFFER FOR their ignorance in voting GOP. Either ALL RW constituents are white and hate this bigoted and hate this black president or the GOP does a dam good job of brainwashing their folk into sheer stupidity! I mean it. YOu people actually vote for this party that’s done nothing in 5 years but destruct??????

  11. This is just sad. For a group of people who say they want less government and want Dems to stop spending money, they sure as hell waste billions on pointless hearings (or should I say “herrings”?)and spend countless hours getting their government selves up in other people’s faces. How on earth do people look at this shit and think, “OK, now my party is on the ball!” Not one single member of the GOP/TP could find their asses if they had SEAL Team 6 there to point the way. I’m sick of them not doing their jobs and wasting time and money on pure crap. I’m also sick of hearing them say, “It’s what the people want” because nothing could be further from the truth. They live in a made-up, bullshit, fantasy land where they have the power to pull nonsense out thin air and convince themselves that they are not only right, but doing God’s work as well. Is there any way to make them disappear? Someone call a medium and have them get in touch with Houdini.

  12. As a former San Diego resident, lived close but not in his district, he is a criminal, car thief and a buffoon. I cringe every time I see his office building from the 78 Fwy as I drive by on my frequent business meetings in the area of his office.

  13. What IS a scandal are the dozens of people killed in embassy attacks under George W Bush.

    Yet, no one’s talking about that. Not a single Democrat will discuss it despite it being part of history.

  14. Never before has there been so many Republicans nut jobs being in office at one time. No matter which one is talking stupid does not matter. There is Issa,
    Cruz,Rubio,McConnell,McCain,Boehner, and the whole tea party,Graham,Cantor and this is just a few of them.
    Notice these Republicans only go on one
    Network and that is Fox’s so called news. Facts do
    matter and that is one thing Fox’s will never

  15. In my humble but correct opinion: Darrel ISSA is a crass egomaniac. It’s all about him in the sunshine. “Look at me, look at what I am doing.” No matter IF there has been no “Gotcha” moments to wrap up the committee’s wasted hearings on all the so called “Scandals”

  16. Largo, that is exactly what I said he should do, IF he did appear in the kangaroo court of Darrel Issa. Then Leave a list of all the other Embassy/Consulate bombings that have occurred under The Republican Bush era, that were NOT INVESTIGATED at all! And tell Issa to get busy on those. ;)

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