Right-Wing Nut And Disgraced Former Navy Chaplain Wants To Kill Liberals?

Dr. “Chaps” Gordon Klingenschmitt

Dr. “Chaps” Gordon Klingenschmitt, a disgraced former Navy chaplain, instructed his followers to arm themselves from “left winged crazies” after the shooting at the Fed-Ex Store in Suburban Atlanta. Klingenschmitt said that because of the gun-free zone, people died. The employees could not defend themselves…which is a violation of the Second Amendment…even though the Second Amendment does not apply in a private corporation.

Klingenschmitt’s justification for having firearms is to defend against the enemies. Klingenschmitt stated that the Jews were ill-prepared because the people of Israel had been disarmed and could not defend themselves against an invasion…as per Judges 5:8.

Klingenschmitt said that during WWII, the Japanese never invaded California because we had guns. If Klingenschmitt knew anything about history, Japan never had the intention to attack the U.S. mainland. The goal of the Pearl Harbor raid was to devastate the American Pacific Fleet to an extent that it would not be able to counter-attack while the Japanese moved into Malaysia, the Philippines and the Dutch East Indies.

Japan hoped that their empire would be protected by a chain of island outposts throughout the central Pacific and that the Americans would quickly tire of a bloody campaign and sue for peace, according to Richard K. Betts’  ’Surprise Attack: Lessons for Defense Planning.’

Japan never had any intentions of going to war, and to quote Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto:

“A military man can scarcely pride himself on having ‘smitten a sleeping enemy’; it is more a matter of shame, simply, for the one smitten. I would rather you made your appraisal after seeing what the enemy does, since it is certain that, angered and outraged, he will soon launch a determined counterattack.”

Admiral Yamamoto knew that the attack on Pearl Harbor was suicidal, but to attack California as Klingenschmitt posited? If Japan did attack California, the entire Navy would have been ashes in mere hours.

Still it makes me wonder if Klingenschmitt truly believes in the Bible and God, when he spews his message. I mean, Psalm 23 vs. 4 reads:

4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Apparently, Klingenschmitt seems to have little faith in who he calls his deity, because, God supposedly should have protected the employees from the shooter who eventually killed himself and the bullets should have bounced off the victims or a force field of angels should have protected those who died (full disclosure: I’m an atheist) but apparently, God thought the death may have been fine, and Klingenschmitt should be praising the handiwork of God.

The stupidity of Klingenschmitt would be funny and I would have poo-poo his silliness on your typical money-grubbing evangelical looking to line his pockets with the hard-earned income of the retired or working class people.


Klingenschmitt has declared war on liberals and will not be satisfied unless we convert from (choose your faith or lack of) to a right-winged Christian extremists belief…not unlike what the Taliban has done in Afghanistan. Klingenschmitt’s anger and disdain is nothing new, In 2006, Klingenschmitt was found guilty of disobeying an order. He was in front of the White House protesting in full uniform, because Klingenschmitt wanted the Bush administration to issue an executive order guaranteeing the right of chaplains to pray “in the name of Jesus” and not use a generic prayer, according to the Washington Post.

Today, Klingenschmitt wants everyone to carry a firearm and possibly want the right-winged gun nuts to end liberalism as we know it. It’s because of us, the military is not incorporating “in the name of Jesus” in prayers.

Klingenschmitt’s rant is nothing new and is a waste of time, but with the decision by the SCOTUS to allow ALL faith to pray in a public setting and with more than 200 religions in the U.S., being a lefty is become a lot of detrimental to one’s health…especially if you’re not a protestant or you’re an: atheist, agnostic, Humanist, Pagan and so on.

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  1. I have never heard a liberal threaten to kill anyone. However, the republicans and the tea party seem to do this on a regular basis. Were we all raised differently. Was it fluoride in the water? Were all of these dropped simultaneously on their heads? Were they all locked in a room and forced to listen to Limbaugh at gunpoint? What the hell has happened over the last ten years? I know I have been paying attention. I’m retired and love(d) politics. But it seems like we have become East and West Germany. And it looks like it is going to get worse.

  2. There is no way to “kill” liberalism. It is a manifestation of Jesus’ command to do unto others, as you would have done unto you. Conservatism is the direct repudiation of Jesus’ command.

  3. This isnt as far fetched as one may think. I have found 2 people I worked with down here that I thought may have been the only 2 real christians I had ever met.(Southern Baptists)

    This week on facebook I got a surprise that one of their favorite hobbys is her Glock. She spends 95% of her time on FB touting her jesus then she starts in with her at the range and how proud she is of her gun.

    The second is the gentlest person I think I have met. She responded to the other lady saying she had just got her permit too.

    These people down here are arming themselves and its through the churches. I would be mightily concerned

  4. I see that the Flying Tigers being employed to antagonize the Japanese until Pearl Harbor took place was left out. Fact of the matter is, even if people could carry guns on their persons to work, having a gun doesn’t make you a sharpshooter. The main reason why people don’t whip out guns has everything to do with accidentally shooting the wrong person and getting your ass sued by the family which would be their right. The company itself could get sued. Of course these gun wackos always leave that out of the equation.

  5. Something serious is happening now. The ignorance of the right wing is a very serious threat to our nation.

  6. Is he doing that “put your hands in the air” thing–what is it, a dance move or something?

    I actually thought it was a picture of Toby Jones–ala Hitch or Capote.

  7. Something these idiots can be proud of ” STARTING A WAR” in their own country “brother against brother ” this was and still is their main objective, I would just like to add they are the worst life has to offer, in the end, whether or not we live through this, they will never admit they have blood on their hands, because someone else will do thier dirty work, what a bunch of low life asylum escapee snakes.

  8. Just one note – Klingenschmidt is NOT a Protestant nor any denomination you ever heard of. He’s a Dominionist, a self created group that come largely from Pentecostalism and other extreme fundamentalism, but that is the direct opposite of mainline Protestantism that, for the most part, focuses on following the teachings of Jesus, NOT on saving of their own souls.

    It’s important to distinguish between the extremists who are heretical and those who, as with Rev. Dr. MLK, Jr., see faith as a process of questing after truth and putting justice and inclusiveness into practice. Trust me on this – Klingenshmidt hates Protestants just as much as he hates everyone else who isn’t in his little cult.

  9. The only chance, slim as it is, is for the center left i.e. Dem’s, progressives, liberals, and moderates to vote.

    The center->left needs to take a page from the civil rights movements play book. Get people registered and get them to the polls on election day. Push The Vote!

    Get the college kids registered and get them to the polls.

    I mean in 2014 NOW! or the House stays Repub and the Senate changes hands.

    It’s all hands on deck, or we get our asses waxed.

  10. Millions of people have been murdered in the name of Jesus over the years, and things haven’t improved any.

  11. Maybe it’s just this particular picture but this guy looks like he could be Karl Rove’s younger brother.

  12. You guys hit it on the head. NEVER heard a single so-called “Liberal” threaten people with a “second amendment solution” b/c they didn’t like their politics. This is exclusive territory of the libertarian ultraconservative armed with qua-Christian ideology and strange logic. I’m not quite at retirement age – but I’ve never seen people so worked up and utterly dazzled by celebrity pundits – among them Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and the nut-case-du-jour (e.g., Cliven “not gonna pay my grazing fees” Bundy).

    Strange, you know… my family roots starts with the colonials in Boston. We’re a revolutionary family; fought in every war since, with the exception of the engagements in the Middle East (my fault, I guess). My point is, my progenitors fought in these wars to give these nutcases the right to tear it all down. And I’m not sure if I should be amused, disgusted, or depressed.

  13. KILL YOU is the favorite threat the zealots and unhinged rethugs get off on saying…There has NEVER BEEN A LIBERAL DOMESTIC TERRORIST. THAT BEING WE will NEVER HEAR A FAKE JOURNALIST SAY THAT…

  14. It already has: Cliven Bundy, Tea Party militias, and white supremacist Christian identity:

    “Cliven Bundy Klan Calls for Action Wednesday in Salt Lake City”

    ABC News: “U.S. ‘Bundy Affair’ Rides Again in Utah Canyon Protest”

    “Cliven Bundy’s ‘Christian Nation’ ‘History’ Lessons (VIDEO):

    “EXPOSED: The Source Of Cliven Bundy’s Crackpot Constitutionalism”

    Rachel Maddow explains “Christian Identity” white supremacist movement (video):

  15. Tea Party Dominionism: mainstreamed by Glenn Beck:

    Barton’s Bunk: Religious Right ‘Historian’ Hits the Big Time in Tea Party America: Barton’s Bible = Tea Party Platform”

    “David Barton Advocates Seven Mountains Dominionism”

    “Beck’s [Tea Party] ‘historian’ [David Barton] delivered talks to racist, anti-Semitic Christian Identity groups”

    [quote] ADL: “Barton has delivered his revisionist presentation in the meeting halls of the racist and anti-Semitic extreme right.”
    In the 1994 book, The Religious Right: The Assault on Tolerance & Pluralism in America, the Anti-Defamation League wrote that Barton “purveys a slick, cut-and-paste revisionist history of the United States and the Constitution.”

  16. Moral Mondays spreading throughout the south is doing just that… taking the Bible back from right-wing extremists and GOTV:

    Moral Mondays protests (N. Carolina) spreading throughout the south:

    May 13, 2014: “Moral Monday Movement Gears Up for Round Two”

    Meanwhile, “Right Wing Targets ‘Moral Mondays’ Organizer”

    Either we’re all in this midterm election or we’re all done. Those are our choices.

  17. Larry KKKlayman strikes again….these clowns will all wimp out once the US Military rears it’s head……they have access to about one trillionth the firepower the Military has…

  18. First off there is no such thing as a “left wing crazy” We on the left don’t do crazy we concede that to the right wing because they do it so well. And Japan did attack us but with a failed experiment using balloons with explosive a incendiary devices. Their object was to burn the timber rich northeast to keep wood from being used and to keep civil defense forces engaged. Only a few ever made it. This guy is just another nutcase, he is of no bother.

  19. Why do the right winger want to kill liberals? Simple. I am a proud liberal Democrat. My desire is to do what my God ordered me to do–pursue justice.

    Conservatives want to conserve. Ah, but WHAT do they want to conserve? Their money! Gimme, gimme, gimme all you can and most of what you can’t.

    Some of the right-wing Xians have HUGE churches that have to be paid for with money, money, money and they want ever single penny THEIRS, but nobody else’s.

    So what about the guns with which they want to threaten liberals? Hell, they would have shot Jesus had they been changing money at the Temple. “HEY, YOU! [BANG, BANG] Who was that guy? Oh, they call him Jesus.

    Oh, his name wasn’t Jesus, that’s an English name. So praying in the name of Jesus means that only Americans or the English can pray in his name, eh?

    IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY! Jesus said that people cannot serve God and Money at the same time, so those hypocrite Conservative Xians who hoard $$ have made their cho…

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