Republican Rick Snyder’s Scythe Cuts Through Michigan’s Surplus and Kills Job Growth

Rick Snyder, Ricardo Thomas / Associated Press

Under Republican Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan shows how starving the beast and corporate giveaways plays out on a micro level, in case anyone missed it during the Bush years.

Paul Egan at the Detroit Free Press reported:

The state will bring in about $400 million a year less in revenue than officials estimated in January, the House Fiscal Agency projects in a report released late today.
If confirmed, the report means a multi-year state budget surplus pegged at $971 million could be close to wiped out.
The state does revenue estimates for three years out. And according to the report prepared for Thursday’s revenue-estimating conference at the Capitol, the combined revenue numbers for the general fund and School Aid Fund were revised downward by close to $1.3 billion over that time.

And guess who is going to pay for the Republicans’ decision to low taxes on the elite whilst giving corporations giveaways from the coffers?

Yep. That’s right. The people.

So the first items on the chopping block are the bipartisan “Build Better Roads” bill that cleared the state House last week which provides $450 million for road funding this year and $500 million in annual long-term funding and of course, Detroit.

The numbers could affect how much lawmakers spend on road repairs and influence the debate over a requested $195-million state payment to help settle the Detroit bankruptcy case.

If you’ve ever driven in southeastern Michigan, you know that road repair has never been much of a priority to begin with, and the roads can be dangerously pitted and full of potholes. Driving on them in the winter can be a bit terrifying. The Senate is said to be debating a bipartisan road repair bill now.

And of course, “Detroit” – code for “inner city” which is code for “African American” — will take the brunt of it. Sure, Snyder had a quarter of a million to pay an “emergency manager” to file for bankruptcy for Detroit, but there is no money for Detroiters to do things like… vote.

While the people are getting outraged, Rick Snyder and his buddies are grinning, because once they’ve starved Detroit enough, they can swoop in and take the river front property, the beautiful old buildings, Belle Isle and anything else they think will turn a profit for pennies on the dollar, as they already did in Benton Harbor.

In case anyone doubts their intentions or how they see “Detroit”, Chris Savage at Eclectablog reported that the DEQ recently issued a permit to a favored business to pollute Detroit at a higher level. Yeah, go ahead, keep dumping pollutants in Detroit and Dearborn (home to the largest Arab American population in the country) at levels “in excess of state regulations”, because hey. It pays to be privileged.

On May 6th, the Detroit Free Press suggested that Rick Snyder’s “business-promoting agency” worked hard behind the scenes to “release even higher levels of pollutants and avoid current air quality regulations”, and may have bent the rules.

“Rules” are for “Detroit”, not for Big Business. Detroit must be punished for failing to follow the rules, and being morally corrupt enough to be poor. All of the entitled white collar gangsters (aka, Koch type “business owners”) will take the money and run. No, I’m not referring to small business owners, but then, Republicans aren’t either, as their policies tend to hurt small businesses.

The House Fiscal Agency still predicts economic recovery, but “The state also is paying out more Michigan Business Tax credits than forecast.” Oh. So much for “shared sacrifices”.

Per the Detroit Free Press:

“Employment growth accelerated during 2011 as 96,700 jobs were added, but employment growth has slowed; only 76,800 new jobs were added in 2012 followed by 47,900 new jobs in 2013,” the report says.
“Even after almost four years of job growth, as of March 2014 total non-farm employment in Michigan is roughly 11.7% lower than in January 2000.”

Yes, the Michigan economy is improving slowly, but it’s doing that around the country. Where is the dramatic job growth trickle down is supposed to “create”? Where is the huge economic boom that worshiping at the feet of big business promises? These promises were made as the honey that would come from the pain inflicted on the people of Michigan. They did their part, again. Even after the Bush years. And where is their reward?

Now that the fail of cutting revenue while giving tax breaks to big business is once again proving that math rules, the people will pay.

Study after study shows that Republican governors are associated with lower rates of growth. There’s a new one out that my colleague RMuse reported on Wednesday. “According to a recent comprehensive study, states that embrace conservative economic policies far underperform states enacting liberal economic policies.” This study showed that “pro-business” states did worst in private nonfarm jobs growth, compared to those with “anti-business” policies.”

Under Republican Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin has been a petri dish of festering conservative “pro-business” fail. “Pro-business” does not mean good, sound economic policy – it means corporate giveaways and unfunded tax breaks to the people who fund the Republican party. The facts are that tax impacts are quite variable, while expenditure impacts are more consistent. This translates into liberal, Democratic policies being better for the economy on a state level, no matter what the dapper, sanctimonious Ronald Reagan promised.

And facts aren’t any more partisan than math. They exist, and denying them isn’t helping anyone. The problem is that Republicans are trying to excuse selling out their party as some kind of ideological principle that leads to “economic freedom”. Giving all of our resources to corporations has not led to economic freedom or individual liberty, nor will it ever.

Republicans are driving the price of Detroit down and when it’s cheap enough, they’ll do what the Republicans did in other areas of Michigan—take the people’s public land and appropriate it for corporations and the rich.

8 Replies to “Republican Rick Snyder’s Scythe Cuts Through Michigan’s Surplus and Kills Job Growth”

  1. Let’s face the fact that Republicans/Conservatives are just ignorant GREEDY scum! Eisenhower was the very last Republican ever worthy to hold office. Even our own Governor Ka-Suck is claiming credit for the improvement here in Ohio that clearly is the result of the Obama Admin. and Democrats.

  2. That’s how they fly..if its bad Obama did it. If its good the GOP did it without having done a dam thing but lie about it and make your life miserable living hell. So that you RW constituents who can’t seem to get enough abuse from them will vote for these AH’s again–starve and die for them! “I’m a republican and proud that my party hasn’t done caca for me or my country but made me lose my job, my beneifts, my union, my schools, my way of life. Yay!” wtf? As they cry..Obama is taking away our way of life! Look at whose actually doing it to you! GOP! Look at the red states. Now they want to run on min wage. Yeah…right..they will not do that. They believe in no nothing! Think about that for a minute RW constituents. Just for a minute so you can see that you vote to spite yourself! You and your whole family will starve and end up living in your car like they did those 2 million people w/o UI they paid for!

  3. The Destructo cons slash and burn policies continue as they make the US into their personal toilet. The biggest problem is that the shit doesn’t float away. It stays in the water and in the air and no gated community is going to stop the poisoned water and air from reaching them too. So when they start getting cancer, they will wonder why.

    Just like Charles Koch and his prostrate cancer.

  4. The small rebound in the economy in Michigan is directly tied to the rebound in the auto industry which Snyder had ZERO to do with. Thanks are owed to OBAMA, not any repug. The roads are getting so bad now you see cars along the side with flat tires every day. It’s like driving in Beirut. Snyder is a joke.

  5. Speaking of roads, SC has some of the worst interstate roads in the South. Potholes, holes,and lots of patches are the norm. The last time I went through SC, I thought my car was going to fall apart, and I have a Toyota, a car that can usually take a beating under almost any condition. When I reached my destination, I checked my tires to be sure they hadn’t been damaged by the bad roads. This is what happens when citizens don’t want to pay taxes to maintain a state/nation’s infrastructure. Here in GA, many RW citizens complain about the Atlanta area traffic online, but they never vote for SPLOST to improve the road system. These tools like complaining more than they like paying one extra penny in taxes to fix the traffic problem. Deal and the GOPTPers here have given millions to corporations, but GA hasn’t had a significant decrease in its’ unemployment rate. Some of the corporations took the money, created a few jobs, closed the plant, and left the state.

  6. Well to be fair it was Michigan own Budget Director John Nixon, Snyders former right hand man said that the projected revenues could in fact drop drastically that was when the high estimates came out back in January. Also Michigan has been hitting a surplus yearly and its because they keep spending down, fiscal reports estimate low so that the next following budget year they will praise themselves with having up to billion dollar surplus. So remember these are estimates to help them budget. So really cant judge anyone till that budget year actually occurs. Michigan is doing 3 year budgeting while most states are doing year to year. I cant criticize that. Dont fool yourselves projecting less money means spending less that would be a victory for conservatives.

  7. My boyfriend and I were in South Carolina recently on vacation and said never again. We used my car because it’s a new Volvo and extremely comfortable. We bounced all over the roads. I swore we would not visit again. I was so afraid of damage to my car. At one point we were driving and there was a drop of at least 6 inches. Our heads hit the top of the car. I was furious. We’ve been to Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and several other states and frankly this country is going directly to seed. It is so shameless that it keeps yelling “America Proud” and slashes money for improvement. The republicans and democrats are both guilty.

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