Right Wingers Rebel Against Fox News And Demand A New Tea Party Driven Network


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On Tuesday, Lord Christopher Monckton, a contributor for World Net Daily and former policy advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, penned an article for the far-right website complaining about the mainstream media and how it is too far to the left. Not only did he target the normal sources, such as newspapers, broadcast networks and other ‘legacy’ media outlets, he also pointed a finger at Fox News. Apparently, in Monckton’s mind, Fox News is a slave to the left and is far too scared of President Obama and his ‘Obots’ to really investigate truly interesting stories and angles — such as the President’s birth certificate or climate change skepticism.

First off, Monckton whined about the media not giving enough coverage to conspiracy theories or hatred of science:

For the so-called “mainstream” news media increasingly refuse to report any fact, however interesting, if that fact in any way casts doubt upon the totalitarianism they have long and furtively championed.

Everyone hates the IRS, and no news editor could plausibly argue that the news that there is very good reason to hate the IRS is not of interest to the public the media nominally serve. Yet if you came across any mention of the decision of Congress to hold Ms. Lerner in contempt, you will have been lucky.

For the left cover up for their own. The first duty of your average Marxist journalist (and that means most of them) is to report the news in a way that furthers the global spread of a single narrow, outdated political prejudice. Increasingly, that means not reporting the news at all.

Consider the question of the Obama “birth certificate.” On any view, this is an interesting story. An experienced, credible and much-decorated sheriff has published detailed and compelling evidence raising grave questions about the authenticity of several documents related to the identity of the occupant of the White House, and one of these documents remains on the White House website to this day.

Yet most news media have never subjected the “birth certificate” to scrutiny. Indeed, remarkably few have even been willing to admit that there is an investigation at all, still less to provide any reasonably detailed or factual account of its progress.

And a growing number of news media are now refusing to print any comments or letters to the editor on climate change, if those letters in any way call into question the official version of the science, even though 17 years 9 months without global warming cast more than a little doubt on its reliability. The only point of view permitted is the enviro-left viewpoint.

Ahh, I see. The problem with news media today is that it doesn’t cater specifically to what far-right conservatives want to hear and read. If a newspaper or cable news network doesn’t provide ample coverage on conspiracy theories and science denialism, then it is obvious that the editors are in the bag for the Marxist Socialist regime known as the Obama Administration.

Later on, Monckton points out that Fox News isn’t listening to its base enough and is abandoning its audience by not going farther into tin-foil hat territory. Since Monckton feels that mainstream news media is losing its audience due to its complicity with totalitarian government and its fealty to the Marxist leaders, and that Fox News is now part of this problem, he feels that the only possible solution for the right-minded conservatives who seek the truth is for them to start a brand new news network.

Some of this decline in print and electronic media is accounted for by the rise of the Internet. Much of it, however, is attributable first and foremost to a systemic political prejudice that is simply no longer tolerable to the readers.

We can hope, therefore, that eventually the voters will become so disenchanted at the failure of many news media to give both sides of the story that they will drive the totalitarian wing of the legacy media altogether out of business.

That will be a very good thing. In the meantime, the non-left, liberty-loving, democratic-minded news media should be prepared to raise their game.

Why, for instance, has Fox News not dared to tackle the birth-certificate question in any depth. The reason is that, though it is generally fair and balanced, it is no longer unafraid. The intolerance of the left knows no bounds. They did not like Glenn Beck’s exposure of the ACORN scandal, so they hounded him and bullied his advertisers till he was forced out.

Everyone else at Fox is now running scared. The standard Saul Alinsky tactic of viciously and persistently attacking the reputations of any who dare to oppose the left works all too well.

The tea-party movement would justify its existence if it were now to establish a 24-hour TV news channel sufficiently independent of its advertisers and staffed by sufficiently tough-minded journalists that the bully-boys and Obots would be unable to frighten as they have frightened Fox.


Heh, you have to love the Saul Alinksy and ACORN references by Monckton. It is like he made sure to insert the far-right’s favorite buzzwords in this article — Alinsky, Marxist, totalitarianism, ACORN,  liberty, etc. Anyway, it isn’t like Monckton is alone in his idea that the right-wing needs to launch a more conservative 24-hour cable news network. A couple of months ago, the CEO of Newsmax, a far-right news site that shares more than a few similarities to WND, announced that he was planning on launching a “kinder, gentler” version of Fox News. Of course, if Newsmax is involved, it is going to be driven by conspiracy theories and crazed rants. 

You have to love the bubble mentality of the far-right and Tea Party crowd. They live in this insulated bubble. However, if there is ever any chance that something might penetrate that bubble, they freak out and demand a stronger and more impenetrable bubble. In this case, too much contradictory information is making its way onto Fox News and they aren’t focusing enough on the conspiracy theories and insane contrarianism that makes the cuckoo crowd feel all warm and fuzzy.



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