Right Wingers Rebel Against Fox News And Demand A New Tea Party Driven Network



On Tuesday, Lord Christopher Monckton, a contributor for World Net Daily and former policy advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, penned an article for the far-right website complaining about the mainstream media and how it is too far to the left. Not only did he target the normal sources, such as newspapers, broadcast networks and other ‘legacy’ media outlets, he also pointed a finger at Fox News. Apparently, in Monckton’s mind, Fox News is a slave to the left and is far too scared of President Obama and his ‘Obots’ to really investigate truly interesting stories and angles — such as the President’s birth certificate or climate change skepticism.

First off, Monckton whined about the media not giving enough coverage to conspiracy theories or hatred of science:

For the so-called “mainstream” news media increasingly refuse to report any fact, however interesting, if that fact in any way casts doubt upon the totalitarianism they have long and furtively championed.

Everyone hates the IRS, and no news editor could plausibly argue that the news that there is very good reason to hate the IRS is not of interest to the public the media nominally serve. Yet if you came across any mention of the decision of Congress to hold Ms. Lerner in contempt, you will have been lucky.

For the left cover up for their own. The first duty of your average Marxist journalist (and that means most of them) is to report the news in a way that furthers the global spread of a single narrow, outdated political prejudice. Increasingly, that means not reporting the news at all.

Consider the question of the Obama “birth certificate.” On any view, this is an interesting story. An experienced, credible and much-decorated sheriff has published detailed and compelling evidence raising grave questions about the authenticity of several documents related to the identity of the occupant of the White House, and one of these documents remains on the White House website to this day.

Yet most news media have never subjected the “birth certificate” to scrutiny. Indeed, remarkably few have even been willing to admit that there is an investigation at all, still less to provide any reasonably detailed or factual account of its progress.

And a growing number of news media are now refusing to print any comments or letters to the editor on climate change, if those letters in any way call into question the official version of the science, even though 17 years 9 months without global warming cast more than a little doubt on its reliability. The only point of view permitted is the enviro-left viewpoint.

Ahh, I see. The problem with news media today is that it doesn’t cater specifically to what far-right conservatives want to hear and read. If a newspaper or cable news network doesn’t provide ample coverage on conspiracy theories and science denialism, then it is obvious that the editors are in the bag for the Marxist Socialist regime known as the Obama Administration.

Later on, Monckton points out that Fox News isn’t listening to its base enough and is abandoning its audience by not going farther into tin-foil hat territory. Since Monckton feels that mainstream news media is losing its audience due to its complicity with totalitarian government and its fealty to the Marxist leaders, and that Fox News is now part of this problem, he feels that the only possible solution for the right-minded conservatives who seek the truth is for them to start a brand new news network.

Some of this decline in print and electronic media is accounted for by the rise of the Internet. Much of it, however, is attributable first and foremost to a systemic political prejudice that is simply no longer tolerable to the readers.

We can hope, therefore, that eventually the voters will become so disenchanted at the failure of many news media to give both sides of the story that they will drive the totalitarian wing of the legacy media altogether out of business.

That will be a very good thing. In the meantime, the non-left, liberty-loving, democratic-minded news media should be prepared to raise their game.

Why, for instance, has Fox News not dared to tackle the birth-certificate question in any depth. The reason is that, though it is generally fair and balanced, it is no longer unafraid. The intolerance of the left knows no bounds. They did not like Glenn Beck’s exposure of the ACORN scandal, so they hounded him and bullied his advertisers till he was forced out.

Everyone else at Fox is now running scared. The standard Saul Alinsky tactic of viciously and persistently attacking the reputations of any who dare to oppose the left works all too well.

The tea-party movement would justify its existence if it were now to establish a 24-hour TV news channel sufficiently independent of its advertisers and staffed by sufficiently tough-minded journalists that the bully-boys and Obots would be unable to frighten as they have frightened Fox.


Heh, you have to love the Saul Alinksy and ACORN references by Monckton. It is like he made sure to insert the far-right’s favorite buzzwords in this article — Alinsky, Marxist, totalitarianism, ACORN,  liberty, etc. Anyway, it isn’t like Monckton is alone in his idea that the right-wing needs to launch a more conservative 24-hour cable news network. A couple of months ago, the CEO of Newsmax, a far-right news site that shares more than a few similarities to WND, announced that he was planning on launching a “kinder, gentler” version of Fox News. Of course, if Newsmax is involved, it is going to be driven by conspiracy theories and crazed rants. 

You have to love the bubble mentality of the far-right and Tea Party crowd. They live in this insulated bubble. However, if there is ever any chance that something might penetrate that bubble, they freak out and demand a stronger and more impenetrable bubble. In this case, too much contradictory information is making its way onto Fox News and they aren’t focusing enough on the conspiracy theories and insane contrarianism that makes the cuckoo crowd feel all warm and fuzzy.



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  1. Sooooo..the batshit crazy lyin Joseph Goebbels wet dream channel is not batshit crazy enough and doesn’t push dishonesty far enough!? Hmm well I say bring it on! I hope they do start a new channel that puts Fox to shame, all the more comedy writing it’s self and bringing their sickness to light.

  2. Sounds like he want a station that will say what he want them to say and it don’t have to be true. As long as it as say something negative about the president then it must be true. How sad. There must be some very unhappy group of people who can and will never be happy in their whole life time because they hate blacks and all people of color because they are free. The slave owners really screwed them up big time by trying to punish the blacks for wanting to be free. You see they thought if they called them lazy, stupid, and dumb they would be ashamed embarrassed and come back and be slaves for them, didn’t worked, then and still not working.The more they try to destroy the president they more they will destroy their own party and they will have no one to blame but themselves. Karma has a way of coming back doing the work of those who have been disrespected and the president has been disrespected over and over by the republicans.

  3. There is already a network that is perfect for the Tea Party crowd. It speaks just above their intelligence level (have to give them something to try and achieve) and has the same view of reality.

    It’s Cartoon Network.

  4. All the worlds a conspiracy! But they lost me when they called Arpaio “experienced, credible and much-decorated sheriff”. They neglected to mention he has cost his state millions of bucks over lost lawsuits

    There just isnt enough hours in the day for these loons

  5. Gee!
    I thought Fox ‘News’ was doing a damn good
    job of feeding their hungry viewers the red
    meat they crave & delivering the ‘News’ “we
    want to hear”
    My Bad………

  6. When I was a child, network television went off the air after The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Before lights out, they would play a video of the Flag along with the National Anthem. Play that 24/7 and these mental pygmies will be thrilled.

  7. There are seven billion people on this planet and they couldn’t produce enough spittle to start a tea party network.

  8. You gotta be kidding!! FUX NEWS isn’t RIGHT WINGY enough?? christopher can’t be serious!! repurt murdoch created FUX for two reasons, to make huge amounts of money to fleece it’s NEO NAZI caucasian supremacy dido heads and because murdoch has a man crush on saint reagan!! FUX NEWS is registered with the FCC as a ENTERTAINMENT network, not news, ENTERTAINMENT!! Listen, I look where this country has been heading since reagans worthless butt eagerly, joyfully ushered in the SATANIC RELIGIOUS RIGHT!! and you better believe there are people on that side that make Islamic terrorist look tame!! These people are sick and dangerous!! And FUX NEWS and the filthy WHITE NATIONALIST media unleashed this dirty beast and I’m thinking it’s going to bite THEM very shortly!!

  9. The crybabies can’t have it all their own way so they’re going to take their marbles and go home. Pity that.

  10. Monckton might just be the Poster child
    for why inbreeding amongst the Royals
    should be frowned upon. The attitude of
    entitlement is a strong aphrodisiac for
    Greedy creatures hell bent on Fornicating
    both the inhabitants and the World we live
    On. I pray that their Mothership arrives to
    take them to the Promised Planet.

    Yes, All Men are created equal provided they
    meet the standards of the Sumerian Supper Club.
    And gets the secret handshake correct. Don’t forget
    that Decoder Ring with special sauce,lettuce,pickle and mustard.

  11. That’s the problem with hate cults — the men (usually) have to out hate the other men to get attention, so it skyrockets, and keeps getting more and more hateful, there is no end to their hate, no logic way to back off.

    This is very much how Civil War started, as the rhetoric of the South got so bizzare — we aren’t taught that, but it did.

    According to Southern speeches, books, and leaders, LIncoln was going to KILL the white race, just if he stopped the spread of slavery into Kansas. I kid you not. That would kill us — just stopping the SPREAD of slavery. forget this bullshit that CW was about slavery, it was bout the SPREAD of slavery as demanded by Southern lunatics, loudly and proudly.

    According to newspapers at the time bragging of it — told cheering crowds “we must expand slavery or be exterminated.

    There was no way to turn it off when Lincoln won, without losing face.

    War seems to be the inevitable result of endless hate talk, where men compete to be m…

  12. I don’t particularly like paying taxes, but I know that if I want to live in a civilized society and enjoy services I can’t provide for myself alone, I must pay taxes. I’ll always remember how the TPers and their members in Congress complained about public transportation in D.C. back in 2009 when they attended one of Beck’s events. It was only a couple weeks before that that the TPers had voted against a bill to improve D.C.’s public transportation system. People like Monckton are the worst deadbeats because they always want something for nothing. If the IRS is abolished, they have no plan for an agency to collect taxes to support the federal government. Their favorite “solution,” block granting, won’t do. I was audited by the IRS for 2013 because I’d left some income off my tax docs. Once I was notified, I amended my 2013 tax docs, sent the check, and the problem was solved. I realized I had made the mistake, and the IRS was doing what Congress empowered it to do.

  13. Could you imagine, just for a second, a channel farther riht than Fox? They would have to have one guy, with a corn scoop, shoveling the foam that came out of the broadcasters mouths.

  14. Can’t believe anyone would take anything that “Lord”
    (he isn’t one and the House of Lords is seeking to get him to stop calling himself one) Monckton says as serious. He is a clown on the climate denier circuit, complete fraud and famously also called for concentration camps for gays. Is Ronald McDonald going to be sought for an opinion now? Or perhaps Daffy Duck?

  15. Somehow I have the feeling that a new right wing network is being worked on by investors…that coincidently include Lord Monckton…

  16. The right wing is destroying itself.They’re showing the world its crazyness by saying Fox “News” isn’t crazy enough for them. They are in effect saying “We want to be lied to,” showing they’re not fit to govern this country.

  17. “…they aren’t focusing enough on the conspiracy theories and insane contrarianism that makes the cuckoo crowd feel all warm and fuzzy.”

    Or that gives them the sense of righteousness and meaning in their lives they do not seem to be able to muster from within themselves. Whether they might admit it or not, they seem to like to be the “victim class”, preyed upon and misunderstood by the rest of the world around them. Being able to be in control is perhaps the greatest driving force in their lives, as I believe too many can see no other way to exist with other people. Call that sort of failure whatever you like, but ignoring it and embracing it as some sort of acceptable outcome says as much about us and the cultures we’ve created and condoned as it does about them.

  18. Good luck with that. How many years must we waste so the country doesn’t work on our problems here at home? No party should be allowed to do the “ride it out” bit inorder to stop what “we the people” voted for. It never use to be this way.

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