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Bernie Sanders Connects The Dots: If You Vote, Republicans Will Pay For Their Obstruction

Bernie Sanders pointed out on MSNBC that the only way Republicans will pay for their years of obstruction is if Democrats come out and vote this November.


Sen. Sanders was asked by Chris Hayes if there will be a cost that Republicans will pay for their obstruction. Sanders answered, “Well, it really depends how effective Democrats are in grassroots America. The pundits tell us that sixty percent of the American people are not going to vote. What that means is seventy or eighty percent of low income and working people who want to raise the minimum wage, who want a jobs bill. They’re not going to vote, and what we have got to do is figure out a way that we rally grassroots America. Educate them about what Republican obstructionism is about. Educate them about how Republicans work day and night for the big money interests, and if we can motivate them, I think we’ll do fine in the elections.”

The problem is that one of the goals of the Republican obstructionist agenda is to discourage and demoralize people. The Republicans don’t want you to vote. They want potential voters to think that nothing will ever change in Washington, so their votes don’t matter. The Republican message to voters is that they should stay home.

One of the reasons why Republicans have been able to get away with championing nothing but the money interests is that the media doesn’t talk about what the Republicans are really up to. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently called out the media in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd for covering up what is really going on.

It is difficult to educate the people when the largest media outlets aren’t interested in what is going on, but Bernie Sanders was correct. If the American people get involved, Democrats will do very in the midterm elections. If Democratic voters choose to wait for Hillary Clinton in 2016, Republicans will probably control Congress.

The only way that Republicans will be made to pay for the behavior is if people vote against them in November. If you vote like it is a presidential election year, Republicans will lose, and their era of obstruction will be brought to an end.

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