Chris Christie Is Cooked as Former Campaign Manager Says Gov Knew About Bridgegate


As Chris Christie delusionally continues to believe that he can be president, his former campaign manager says that he personally told him about the GWB lane closures the day before they happened.

According to the New York Daily News:

Gov. Chris Christie’s former campaign manager says he told the governor about plans to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge in December, contradicting Christie’s claims he had no prior knowledge.

Bill Stepien, who lost his job in the scandal, contends he told Christie about the GWB traffic plans on Dec. 12, a day before the governor told reporters his staff didn’t know about them.

Meanwhile, Gov. Christie told the Fiscal Summit that he expects Bridgegate to blow over before the 2016 election, “I think this will be a footnote by the time any of these decisions are made.”

As Christie was blowing off Bridgegate, his Wall Street donors were pronouncing him dead, and shopping for another candidate. According to the AP, “Shortly after Christie discussed his White House ambitions in Washington on Wednesday, Republican donors gathered for a hedge fund conference in Las Vegas shared a decidedly pessimistic view of Christie’s presidential prospects. Even self-proclaimed Christie fans said his political brand probably has suffered permanent damage, acknowledging they’ve been forced to look elsewhere for a business-friendly presidential contender.”

To summarize, Chris Christie thinks that he can still be president while the staffers that he threw under the bus are letting the world know that he is a liar. At the same time, Christie’s base of financial support has completely abandoned him and is off looking for another candidate.

If Christie does run for president, it will be a disaster of epic proportions. Much like Mitt Romney did in 2012, Chris Christie seems to have convinced himself that it is his turn to be the Republican nominee. The whole post-Sandy PR image that Christie built up has been destroyed, as the ads that can be used against him write themselves. Because of Bridgegate, Gov. Christie will never be known as a straight talking politician who gets things done and fights for the common man.

It’s over and everybody knows it, except for Chris Christie.

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