Did A Police Commissioner Really Call Obama The N-Word? Yes, And He’s Proud Of It!


robert copeland


On Thursday evening, the town of Wolfeboro, NH held a town meeting to discuss the words and actions of its 82 year-old police commissioner, Robert Copeland. Back in March, Mr. Copeland was at the bar of a local restaurant and complained loudly about President Obama. He yelled out that he could not watch television anymore, because every time he turned it on, there was “that f***ing n*gger,” referring to the President. One of the town’s residents, Janet O’Toole, overheard the comments and engaged Copeland. He proudly took credit for his remarks.


Only after finding out that he was one of the town’s three police commissioners, and seeing him get reelected, did O’Toole act. She wrote a letter to the town manager. The manager informed her that her complaint would need to go directly to the police commission. When she wrote to the commission and received a response directly from Copeland, she decided to contact her local paper, The Granite State News. The paper ran a copy of the letter she wrote the town manager as well as a letter in response from Copeland himself. Copeland’s response was unbelievable.

“While I believe the problems associated with minorities in this country are momentous, I am not phobic. My use of derogatory slang in reference to those among them undeserving of respect is no secret. It is the exercise of my 1st Amendment rights. I believe I did use the ‘N’ word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse (sic). For this I do not apologize – he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.”

In Copeland’s mind, he sees no problem with slinging racial slurs at our President, since apparently President Obama is undeserving of any respect. Taking that logic, it seems he feels it is perfectly fine for him to call any minority a racial slur as long he feels they deserve it. Obviously, this is phony tough rhetoric. The man is not saying this to the face of the President, or any other minority. The town of Wolfeboro has over six-thousand residents. Only about 20 of them are black. Therefore, this old bigot feels emboldened to display his ugly, racist behavior because he feels that nobody will do anything or object to his words and actions.

Thankfully, the residents of his town were rightfully disgusted, especially as he was so indignant and refused to apologize. Not only refused to apologize, but doubled down in his racism. At the meeting on Thursday night, around two dozen people took to the podium and spoke out against the commissioner, calling on him to resign. Only two people spoke in his defense. However, despite over 100 people attending the town meeting, with nearly all of them wanting Copeland to quit, the town’s other two police commissioners have said they will not ask Copeland to resign. Instead, they will leave the decision to him.

It will be interesting to see how long Copeland remains defiant. This is now national news, and his behavior has brought a lot of unwanted and negative attention to the town. It is also another example of an old, white bigot making national headlines for saying offensive things. First, we had Cliven Bundy. Then, we had Donald Sterling. Now, we have police commissioner Robert Copeland.


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  1. What the hell is wrong with the other two so called ‘police commissioners,’ permitting this boob to remain in office? He is exhibiting overwhelmingly poor judgement & they are following suit. I would strongly recommend the public’s requiring this guy’s full physical examination (at Mass General, in Boston) with psychological work-up done.

  2. So he has no problem with the fact that he is a worm level bigoted A$$NOZZLE? Well I do! As a former Law Enforcement Officer I am ASHAMED that I come from the same profession as he does! This nation was founded upon the notion that ALL are created equal; but if there is an exception, it is this fool…

  3. New Hampshire has an attorney general..The attorney general can determine that the police commissioner is a threat to the safety of the citizens of New Hampshire. He needs to have three political leaders on the same page and..boom the guy is gone. Also no recourse as he would have to sue the AG and the AG has to give permission..

  4. He thinks he is still back in the 50’s and 60’s. This old white bigot doesn’t realize that times have changed and people are more decent compassionate now. And should be removed. In fact the other two commissioners should be removed also. I’m sure the Mayor has a right to call a special election and hopefully the three can go back to their “Klan” costumes. Eveidently the people of this town don’t need and want such hatred and bigotry. And if Copeland continues his BS, then he shouldn’tbe surprised if someone black or white don’t personally call him on it. of course they say, “God looks out for children and fools..maybe God is fed up with this fool.

  5. whoa…what happened to the first amendment? Using the “N” word or any other word is not a crime. Copeland may be a creep, but he’s an American creep and so he can say whatever he wants.

  6. Try something similar at YOUR place of employment, dimwit.

    The First Amendment protects free speech from GOVERNMENT retaliation. Now go back to school.

  7. The reason the other commissioners aren’t calling for his resignation, is that they may find themselves in that position sometime in the future. They cover their own asses, no matter the consequences. I defend you, you defend me. It’s really that simple.

  8. @phil if I’m wrong I’ll humbly apologize to you, but my experience tells me you’re a caucasian, RIGHT? also you’re either a republican or libertarian or a tea party member, am I correct? See reading someone post typically reveals they’re race. The problem with your myopic rants is your view on the first amendment, you don’t realize that with FREE SPEECH comes responsibility and consequences! Now lets say your local department store accused you or your wife of thief, you’d be screaming bloody murder and YOU and your wife would be hiring a lawyer and SUING everybody there including the janitor!! @phil, try using some common sense ok.

  9. Really???? Ask Donald Sterling about saying what you think? He exercised his so-called first amendment rights, and he will lose his team.

    Bottom line, you can SAY whatever you want, but there are REPERCUSSIONS to what you say. In other words, be prepared for the consequences of your free speech!!!!!!!!

  10. Welcome to post-racial America.

    Some people are just fine with their hate contained, just as long as they can also look downward at their chosen categories of people.

    Whoa, but, let reality differ from their defective and demented notions about how things should be, then, here come their horns, pitchforks, tails and highly publicized ‘free speech’ venom.

  11. BTW, didn’t limbaugh decree that since america elected Obama that RACISM was dead?? guess copeland didn’t get the meno, or the ENTIRE GOP! and donald sterling or donald trump or sarah palin or cliven bundy or glen beck or bill o’reilly or newt gingrich or ted nugent, or richard cebull, marilyn davenport. When PIYUSH JINDAL has to call the GOP “THE PARTY OF STUPID” you know your STUPID!

  12. There is more going on with the N-word in America than just the police chief’s comment and refusal to apologize. Both Black and White America are being held hostage by this word and it must come to an end. The following publication released February 10, 2014 provides an in-depth perspective about the choke-hold the N-word has on America and why it’s imperative for Black African Americans to bury their use of the term to help eradicate the r-word…racism.


  13. Sorry, but the “both sides do it” argument doesn’t quiet cut it here. This man is a high ranking law enforcement official and his attitude affects the community in which he lives. When the 20 or so black people who hear that, they’re not thinking “oh we should really stop using that word”. No I’ll sure some of them are thinking, “Damn, I hope I don’t run into this guy”.

  14. They’re permitting it because racist generally flock together. All three of them should be fired……..

  15. Well Did You Really Think He Would Apologize? He Comes From A Time When Africa-Americans and/or Blacks Were All Just A Bunch of Niggers! My Thoughts are how many blacks are in Prison because of this Bigot?

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