President Obama Makes Unintentional Joke by Mentioning Brains and This Congress Together

Obama laughing

President Obama and Vice President Biden have been pushing infrastructure funding this week. Infrastructure building and rebuilding are historically great ways to stimulate the economy and create jobs while adding value by reinvesting in our country. Naturally, Republicans are against it because Obama wants it and it might help the country.

So today as Obama and Biden stopped off at Shake Shack in Dupont Circle, where they stopped because it has “great burgers and pays its employees more than 10 bucks an hour,” the President talked a bit about infrastructure, per the White House pool.

“If Congress does not act by the end of the summer we could have hundreds of projects like this stop,” the President said. He added (no mention of a twitch here), “It is a no brainier for Congress to do what it is supposed to do.”

The President must have great restraint and composure to be able to reference brains and this Congress in the same breath without visibly twitching. This is the Congress that shutdown the government, after all, and now can’t sort out why things aren’t operating smooth as silk. This is the Congress that can’t pass even bipartisan legislation that the entire country agrees upon, save for the Tea Party extremists.

This Congress is the reason we can’t have nice things, like roads that don’t endanger our lives and bridges that are safe. It’s the reason we don’t have an immigration reform law and it’s the reason why we haven’t managed to raise the minimum wage.

The reason this Congress is such a failure is that the GOP has been taken over by Tea Party nuts who don’t represent the majority of their own party let alone the country. Speaker John Boehner has kowtowed to them out of fear of his own job in the House, and in the Senate, “wacko bird” (Republican Senator John McCain’s words, not mine) Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has taken the reins and done his best to derail the chamber from its actual purpose.

For all that he’s put up with, my heart hurts the most for Obama having to tolerate the naked, craven stupidity of the Republican opposition. Even when they think they’re just conning their base, they’re shooting their own party in the back. These people are fools. They’d rather let America crumble and fall to her knees than do their own jobs, all out of some misguided effort to court the Tea Party.

Newsflash Republicans: The Tea Party is over. It’s been over for a while now. Before they take their final exit bow and rebrand yet again, they are destroying the GOP, because the Republican Party doesn’t have the backbone to take control. Or, more accurately, the Republican Party doesn’t have anything else but their conned true believers, so they can’t afford to alienate them. Thus, they are allowing the minority of extremists to do their best to destroy this country out of pique that they didn’t win the White House. Again.

It’s no wonder the American public didn’t trust Republicans with the White House. Look what they’ve done to Congress.

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  1. Yup, every problem the GOP has, and they’ve got plenty of them, pales in comparison to the very simple fact that they can’t afford to alienate the whacko birds.

  2. Theres political system is BROKE!! both sides are bought and paid for!! I’m NOT here to cheerlead for either side, I’m about what’s right and WRONG!! the GOP is hopeless!!! I completely give up on those WHITE NATIONALIST!! but where the hell are the democrats???!! WHY are democrats so damn timid?? watching democrats and republicans debate issues is like watching 1972 Los Angeles Lakers (69- 13) playing the 1972 Philadelphia 76ers (9- 73)!! the big wigs at the democratic party mildly put up a fight, It SICKENS me that the supposedly GOOD GUYS 9 times out of ten chooses the path of least resistance!! The democrats have emboldened republicans to twist reality and poison or democracy!! PROOF? why the hell doesn’t the democratic party finance LIBERAL MEDIA?? Clear channel has virtually eliminated LIBERAL RADIO!! Randi rhodes last day is Friday!! theres ZERO LIBERAL talk in SW Mich.!! Clear channel pull the plug!

  3. Our democratic party has allowed the GOP to run wild!! you can literally drive from Maine to California and get conservative radio 24/7 but try finding a liberal station!! GOOD LUCK!! the democratic party obviously doesn’t give a damn about americans being bombarded by RW propaganda!! how the hell can you capture the hearts and minds of americans, if you don’t TALK to them? I told you months ago MSNBC wasn’t a liberal channel and MANY thumbs downed me, now that mr. griffin has destroyed MSNBC maybe you now you see my point. channel channel pays limbaugh 50 MILLION dollars a year and his ratings in california is 39th!! and thats his flag ship station! but clear channel wipes out highly rated liberal shows like Stephanie Miller and replace her with SPORTS programming!! Where are the dems on this?? Their not hurting financially!! if the GOP can use FUX, WHY can’t the dems get the grassroots liberal media going? !! WHY?

  4. The problem seems to be the lack of Democrat entrepreneurs in the media industry. The GOP, on the other hand, has an over abundance of investors. I’d like to know why Democrat entrepreneurs don’t see the need and profitability of liberal orientated news and talk shows. I know there must be millions that search their radio bands for progressive/liberal radio talk shows. I know of so many that complain about a lot.

  5. Talk Radio: The stations have been bought by repub owners all over the country. They have fired the liberal/progressive shows everywhere. All part of the repub plan to take over going back 30+ years:
    Take over the media (tv & talk radio), take over the schools, take over the courts, take over the government. I live in SE Michigan and listen to WCPT Chicago Talk Radio. It has all the progressive shows. They are independently owned.

    The folks with money are using it to make sure all favors them. They don’t want “we the people” to have a say. Folks having to work 2 and 3 jobs means they have no time to pay attention to what is going on. The rise of the middle class gave folks the time to be active citizens government wise. Low wage Americans is also part of the repub plan. The rich make their money world wide. They don’t need us.

  6. @DownriverDem, are you familiar with a sports radio station here in SW. Michigan called 97.1 THE TICKET, these guys are a trip, they talk sports mixed with politics and of course it’s 100% pro republican! they run commercials saying ObamaCare is destroying america! terry foster, they’re ONLY non caucasian constantly rants about how wonderful the republican party is!! foster is your garden variety GOP token, black on the outside but WHITE NATIONALIST on the inside!! I’ve been listening to sports radio since 1975 and that’s all gone now because listening to sports here in SW Michigan is like listening to CNN, on a good day

  7. I’m very familiar with The Ticket, but just listen to games on their station. We get it here in Metro Detroit too. I was just pointing out what happened to progressive talk radio. All about the money. Repubs have it and use it to silence our side. That is also why progressive voices have moved elsewhere (sirus, online, using apps).

  8. “Corporations Are Not People”…therefore, corporate money involved in Citizen United that funnels unlimited money to lobby, buy politicians in the State and National Elections are just tools that the very rich can only afford over the 99% of American electorate that equates to “Economic Inequality” and destruction of our Democracy and Infrastructure.

    GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS… Get “We The People of America” power, voice and votes as per Senator Read suggestion!!!

  9. Save your Breath People” The Corporate’s own the Government and Obama is to weak to remove it” Corporate’s own the Majority of Congress and Senate and the Supreme court” The Military is owned by big business and weapons Makers! God,Weapons,and Money is all that Matters in this Country of the 3%! Might I suggest saving the little inflated Money we have as Commons and move out of Country Before the big War of the Races and Haves and has not’s?

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