Another Republican Winner: GOP Senate Candidate Accused of Stalking Her Boyfriend



The law and order party has some problems with law and order. Oregon Republican U.S. Senate candidate Monica Wehby was accused last year of stalking her boyfriend, entering his home without permission, and harassing his employees.

Politico has the details:

Wehby was questioned by a police officer on April 3, 2013, after being seen leaving the area near the home of Andrew Miller. Miller, the wealthy owner of a timber company, had been romantically involved with Wehby but their relationship was ending at that time, they both say now.

Wehby, who is vying for the Oregon GOP Senate nomination, was not arrested in the incident.

But the Portland police report detailing the incident said Miller, owner of Stimson Lumber in Portland, was worried that Wehby had come to his home uninvited, and had even entered the residence without his permission. Miller said he was considering getting a protective order against Wehby, the report states.

Miller didn’t get the protective order. He is a big-time Republican donor in Oregon, so he is trying to downplay the incidents. He also has said that he will support her, but he will not be involved with the campaign if Wehby is the nominee. Wehby might be challenging Sen. Jeff Merkley, so she has little chance of winning, but she is a shining example of the Republican Party’s ability to recruit and field some of the worst candidates in politics.


Republicans have struggled in Senate races because they end up with terrible candidates. From I am not a witch to legitimate rape, Republicans just can’t seem to find many sane people that non-Republicans would be comfortable voting for. A possible stalker might be a new low even for the GOP.

One of the reason why the Senate is so dysfunctional that it can’t even pass legislation that both sides support is that enough of the crazed Republican ideologues are winning to poison the body. Republicans have gone so far to the right that their party is now majorly composed of extremists and the unstable. When these of people get elected, the result is an upper legislative chamber that is paralyzed by the dysfunction and chaos that they bring to the office with them.

People can do out of character things during breakups, but having the police called for potential stalking is not the kind of thing voters look for in a senator.

12 Replies to “Another Republican Winner: GOP Senate Candidate Accused of Stalking Her Boyfriend”

  1. What? And watch a couple hundred loonies setting themselves up for prosecution demanding sedition? No thanks.

  2. OMG!! The HOARDS! The ANGER!!! The BRAVE revolutionists! How does one FUNCTION in a crowd so massive!!

    10 TO 30 million! Astounding..!!!


    maybe 10 to 30 PEOPLE. And I note that the “Colonel” who called for the AMERICAN SPRING is nowhere to be seen.

  3. William..Time for you to go Bye Now! Republicans can’t seem to find sane candidates because their is no such thing as a “sane” Republican. The very fact that one is or choses to be a Republican is indicative of a deeper mental pathology. When Republicans voice these claims regarding, Law And Order, Personal Responsibility, etc. that means that that is for others to obey not them. And William if I want to view a “live stream” I will go to the bathroom and view a live stream that has more substance yet is very similar to what you are referring to..their both pale Yellow and both are something I don’t need.

  4. I live in Oregon and the first time I ever saw Dr. Monica Wehby’s campaign commercial against Merkley and “Obamacare”, I knew something was not ‘right’ about her.
    She IS CREEPY!
    She has this very snide tone in her voice and the scene where she is touching a patient, seems almost forced, or rehearsed.
    I am not surprised at this accusation.

  5. Those 10 – 30 people are lost and can’t find D.C. on a map, oh and the colonel is out eating his fried chicken.

  6. With you Moongal…I will vote for Merkley…this doctor makes my skin crawl…too many odd happenings in her past…and the surgery on a child investigation….very strange…

  7. They pick the lowest of humanity to run for their party. Do as I say,not as I do should be their party motto. None are qualified to hold public office but the crazier and less qualified they are the nuttys go for them. Shows how the dumbing down of the citizens has worked. It’s unbelievable what a slovenly society America has become. Believing there lies and distorted views of what America should be is leading to our country’s downfall. I actually fear for my Grandchildren. With wackos ruling and running this country I know it will be a horrible place just to exist in. God help us all.

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