Republicans Go Berserk and Accuse Scientists of Bullying Them With Facts

Antarctica is melting
It is highly likely every American, at some point in their life, encountered a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. There have always been bullies that prey on weaker people, but it is unlikely that when most Americans think of a bully they would hardly consider nerdy scientists bullies under any circumstances. However, according to Republicans, conservatives, and the religious right, the biggest bullies on the metaphorical block are scientists they claim intimidate weaker people (aforementioned evangelicals, Republicans, and conservatives) with facts, empirical data, and real-world occurrences that only ignorant right-wing morons and bible-clutching yokels find intimidating.

Over the past few weeks, the above mentioned weaker people have been intimidated more than usual by scientists whether it is Neil deGrasse Tyson’s weekly beat-down of creationists’ absurd belief that Earth and the Universe were blinked into existence 6,000 years ago, or climate scientists overwhelming evidence that man-mad global climate change is responsible for extreme weather events plaguing every region of the nation. One does not have to be a scientist, or even understand what science is, to comprehend that the entire globe is being ravaged by the exact extreme weather-related events climate scientists warned ten years ago were going to occur, and yet Republicans and their conservative pundits claim scientists are perpetrating a massive liberal hoax to portray seasonal weather as global climate change. However, a report this week revealed that climate change’s effects on Antarctica are Earth-changing and will adversely affect every continent on the planet.

According to new research from NASA, warmer ocean currents have set off an unstoppable, unpreventable, and irreversible chain of events that are melting a major section of west Antarctica’s ice sheet that will raise sea levels by about four feet and displace tens, if not hundreds-of millions of people from coastal and inland areas on every continent in the world. What conservative idiots and evangelical morons cannot fathom about global climate change is that it is the significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns due to warming oceans that under normal conditions occur over millions of years. It is the warmer ocean temperatures due to manmade CO2 and methane emissions that are responsible for global “ocean warming” that is melting Antarctica’s glaciers as well as changing weather patterns responsible for extreme weather events affecting the entire globe. Republicans have decided that climate scientists are using the empirical data and recorded severe weather to bully climate deniers with what they have labeled superstition, religion, and lies.

Between last week’s report on climate change and the devastation at home from super-storms, flooding, droughts, wild fires, tornados and this week’s news Antarctica is melting, conservatives went berserk and accused scientists using data, reason, and knowledge to bully people. That is the charge from CNN’s S.E. Cupp who was not to be outdone by Heritage Foundation economist Nicholas Loris who argued that “we haven’t seen these extreme weather events because the data doesn’t prove that.” S.E. Cupp continued that “Isn’t it a problem when science guys attempt to bully other people? The science group tries to shame anyone who questions facts, and it’s not working with the public.” Except conservatives are not questioning facts, they dispute they are real and it is stunning that anyone, even morons in the religious right or conservative movements, could dispute that the severe droughts, extreme flooding, super-storms, or drought-related wildfires are not real.


Conservative Charles Krauthammer avoided the “scientists are bullies” route and asserted that their data-driven certainty that global climate change is a reality is scientists’ version of religious superstition. The freak of nature said, “It’s always a result of what is ultimately what we’re talking about here, human sin with pollution of carbon. It’s the oldest superstition around. It was in the Old Testament, it’s in the rain dance of Native Americans – if you sin, the skies will not cooperate.” Krauthammer is an idiot because like the preponderance of morons decrying global climate change is a hoax, he obviously lacks rudimentary understanding that warm oceans is what changes what happens in the skies where weather is manifest. There is nothing remotely superstitious about that simple fact that every eighth-grade student in America learned in science class during the unit on weather.

Interestingly, bible-as-science advocate Pat Robertson had to weigh in and went straight to conspiracy theory and warned that efforts to combat climate change will destroy America and that scientists are part of an “anti-American socialist agenda that goes back to the playbook of Obama’s mentor.” According to Robertson’s tiny religious mind, curbing fossil fuel emissions “is high on the agenda of the radicals (scientists) who want to destroy America, it isn’t high on the agenda of those who really care about what goes on in life.” It must be beyond Robertson’s ability to comprehend that a great number of Americans “really care about what goes on in life” including taking steps to curb the devastating effects of global climate change to prevent more devastation that economists, the military, and scientists say will destroy America without intervention.

It is hardly reasonable that many Republican politicians, or their conservative media hacks, doubt for one minute that man-made climate change is real because they, like the great majority of Americans, have seen and felt the effects of extreme weather events firsthand. However, they know for a fact that for a large segment of the population, primarily their religious right and oil industry supporters, science is frightening because they lack the cognitive abilities of dirt and depend on superstition and fear to inform their worldview. A great number of Americans hate science, whether it is delivered by Neil deGrasse Tyson on Cosmos or NASA reporting a major part of Antarctica is melting because it makes them feel as abominably stupid as they really are and contradicts their faith whether it is faith in the bible or the dirty energy industry.

There is no hope of convincing climate change deniers that scientists, or science, is not their enemy and they will likely go to the grave hating science and the scientists attempting to save their pathetic lives from the effects of climate change. The reality is their contempt for science and scientists is very selective because they love the science that discovered and developed technological and medical advancements that make their pathetic lives better. If there was any real justice, they would be forbidden from using anything science and scientists are responsible for until they admitted their only problem with science is that they are intimidated by it because they are too stupid and superstitious to understand it.

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  1. .Gone Berserk!?…Gone Berserk?!..Uh Yeah..Republicans and Conservatives and especially Christians of that party ARE already Berserk or they wouldn’t feel and say such insane things. But we must understand that 99% of them are too stupid to understand science or even facts for that matter.

  2. OUCH!!! That’s republicans in a nutshell:”because they are too stupid and superstitious to understand it.”

  3. Its like, you cant get off the train you are on because that would be admitting you are an idiot.

    Again, this is why they want uneducated xtian kids. No one will refute what is going to, or is happening. No one to refute that god will take care of all when in the last several billion years he hasnt done diddly squat for anyone. A god would not have let the 2 atomic bombs go off in Japan and stop the environmental effects. Oh wait, their skin isnt white is it.

  4. Part of it is that they can’t tell the difference between actual evidence that has been vetted and something people just say because it sounds reasonable to them. They can make up any causes they want for anything because they do not have to go to the trouble of finding ways of testing them. Because of that Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Pat Robertson are all equal authorities to Neil deGrasse Tyson but Tyson is tainted because he does not repeat the wisdom of the conservative information network. There is no lever to change these people because evidence will not sway them.

  5. I’m sitting here at a laptop computer,watching a 60′ flat screen television hanging on my wall getting it’s signal from a dish on my roof from a satellite out in space. With a cell phone with little buttons and a remote phone with a screen and buttons and no curly line to the wall and a TV remote that I can get one of over 300 channels by pushing a button while my laundry is being done in the next room without an agitator, self-levels the load and spinning several hundred revolutions a minute to remove the water and a pretty song that plays when it is done. I will move the clothes over to the dryer, push a few buttons and it will play a tune when it’s done. I will heat my coffee in a microwave if it gets too cool and heat up my lunch without dirtying a pan to do it. Place my dirty dish in the dishwasher when I’m done and push a button when it is full and remove the dishes when they are clean and dry. I’ve often wondered what my parents would say if they could return from their g…

  6. …graves to see the easy life I live. I’m 75 and our phone was a wood box on the wall that you cranked to get an operator that pushed wires to connect you to another phone. A long distant call could take up to an hour to connect. We had 4 parties on our line! We had a wringer washer that you moved each piece of clothing from tub to tub thru rollers to remove the water. You carried the clothes outside to hang on a line with clothes pins (on sunny days). We washed dishes in the sink and dried them with a dish cloth. We had a radio. Our first TV was one channel with lots of snow and had to turn the antennae on the roof to get a clearer picture. It was a big box! Our first car had a crank to start the engine! We grew most of our food in a garden. Mom canned the food for the long winter months. We had a cow for milk and meat. Pigs for meat. Chickens for eggs and food.

    Mom would say God gave many, smart brains to make these things you have. Dad would say, I bet I could make this. Scie…

  7. I noticed this when Bill Nye was on Crossfire, SE Cupp kept saying, the scientists were bullying everyone.. i find this attack clever (original) and lacking, so in fire Republicans want to blame the Alarms ? shows u they do NOT care about the planets health or articulate enough to stand on a fact base presentation to bolster their position on Climate change..

  8. One of these days, scientists are going to go “Tyrion Lannister” on us and wish they’d let the real world (Stannis) kill us all. I know I would be so disheartened if I were a climate researcher I would give up and move to higher ground leaving the idiots to drown in their own fecal material.

  9. Hell, it’s not going to be the scientists who go Tyrion Lannister on us but the Earth is going Tyrion Lannister on us. As I type this 125,000 people are being evacuated in California because the wildfires are out of control there.

  10. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it quite embarrassing to know that our congress is filled with these ignorant and science challenged people. How the world must laugh at us.

  11. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it quite embarrassing to know that our congress is filled with these ignorant and science challenged people. How the world must laugh at us.

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