#AmericanSpringexcuses Overtakes Twitter As Operation American Spring Is An Epic Fail



This weekend, 10 to 30 million patriotic Americans were supposed to descend on Washington, D.C. and take back America from the Marxist regime of President Obama. The plan was to have millions ‘peacefully’ demonstrate for three days. After the demonstration was over, one million people would then stay in Washington and force the non-Tea Party elected officials in D.C, starting with the President, to resign from office. At that point, tribunals led by the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Allen West, Jim DeMint and Mike Lee would convene and conduct investigations, while the new Congress, consisting of only like-minded individuals, would appoint a new President and replacements of those who were removed from office.

Hrafnkell Haraldsson already covered the unmitigated disaster that was the Operation American Spring weekend protest. At best, a few hundred individuals appeared this weekend for the rally. Of the few that did show up, many were true zealots and lunatics hoping to get noticed. Hrafnkell did a great job providing the names of some of the crazies that made appearances and what they hoped to accomplish this weekend.

Ford Fischer, of News2Share, was in Washington this weekend and provided raw footage of the so-called ‘massive protest.’ As you can see in the 20+ minute video, the rally was an extremely small, disorganized affair. Of course, the people that showed up fit within certain demographics that you’d associate with this type of rally.



On Twitter, the hashtag #AmericanSpringexcuses took off. People have tried to outdo each other over the past two days in coming up with the funniest excuses used by Tea Partiers for not attending the rally this weekend. Below is a collection of some of the best ones I found:



There were hundreds more just like these, almost all nearly as funny and witty. The epic fail that was Operation American Spring gave liberals and progressives ample opportunity to rub the Tea Party’s nose in it.

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  1. Those republican/teabagger libertarian nuts would NEVER admit it but President Obama has been a pretty good guy. He’s had had several times he could of called in the big boys and piled up a bunch of nuts and he would of been legal. It would of been nice if 30 million would of showed up and did something stupid like try to take over The White House and he called in the Military and gunned them ALL down.

  2. Had no desire to go to OAS because I was helping my Mom.

    BTW, sixty years ago the Supreme Court destroyed Plessy vs. Ferguson in the Brown decision.

    Earl Warren is a man hated by the Tea Party of yesterday and today.

  3. Why do you keep posting this gun them all down crap?

    Are you daring the moderators to ban you?

    If you’re not just trolling for reactions and you truly feel that way, then you are no better than them.

  4. Is that Joe the unemployed plumber who is collecting a Government unemployment check while he sits on a bench out of the state he is supposed to be job hunting in? Does Joe know that the Republicans fully intend to do away with all safety nets if they get control of the House and the Senate? Yeah those safety nets like unemployment insurance, social security, disability. Yeah those same things that 90% of these morons need to survive. Good luck if you dipshitz ever get your way.

  5. That was painful to watch! One minute they were using the F*k word, the next they were breaking out in the Lord’s Prayer! A couple of things I noticed, one guy said they want big money ( corporate America ) out of politics, so does Obama, hence Harry Reid on the senate floor this week. Another guy spoke out against GMO’s..well that’s a good cause. But, then a crazy man had to bring up the ” we will take up arms”! Who were these people…tea party, oath keepers militias, misfits of various groups?

  6. Hey you wearing the Anonymous shirt. You might want to get a clue pal. Anonymous absolutely cannot stand you idiots. You would probably be surprised to find out that Anonymous was responsible for blocking Rove and his ORCA from stealing the 2012 election. They blocked the computer voting fraud in Ohio so the American people were actually allowed to choose the President instead of Rove and his rich 2% friends. Anonymous LOVES Obama and you look like a complete fool wearing that shirt.

  7. Hey you, the one in the black shirt talking about the Supreme Court ruling that money is now free speech. Ummm, Yeah we fricking know! Maybe take 30 seconds to look at how their votes went down. Those that voted for this on the Supreme Court were ALL appointed by the Republican Presidents. Not one was appointed by a Democrat President. Guess who every single person at your rally voted for in the last two elections? Yeah, you voted for the Republicans and you people are responsible for those Supreme Court Justices that just screwed America. Please, please get a clue and stop hurting this country.

  8. Exactly. They are clueless that nearly everything they are mad about are things that Obama and the Democrats are fighting against as well. Listening to them talk is like watching a slow motion train wreck. They are all convinced that Obama has been doing everything to take their guns away too. They believed the same BS when Clinton was President. I own guns and i know what they think is total BS. Never once has there been any serious legislation proposed for this. In fact the legislation proposed was only going to affect future sales and it was only improved background checks, limits on magazine size and closing the gun show loophole. I bet if you asked each of these people at this protest there would be a 98% fail rate on the issue of where the Democrats stand on guns. Annnnnd dismount

  9. Not that I expected anything else, but it was with the greatest satisfaction that I read about this monumental fail of the idiots on parade movement.The Republican/Tea Party have so deluded themselves that they represent the majority of Americans that they seem oblivious to the fact that most of America believes them to be little more than ineffective clown shoes. I feel it will be the utmost in poetic justice if we send all the republicans packing this November. The only way they will figure out that they don’t have the clout they think they do is for this message to be sent loud and clear. We are tired of the conservative direction and we’re not going to take it anymore.

  10. They’re children in adult bodies, throwing nonspecific tantrums because the real world doesn’t conform to their wishes.

  11. “At that point, tribunals led by the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Allen West, Jim DeMint and Mike Lee would convene and conduct investigations, while the new Congress, consisting of only like-minded individuals, would appoint a new President and replacements of those who were removed from office.”

    I see two things in this statement:

    1) quite the bipartisanship…

    2) sedition and treason. Period. The pitchfork mob type should be arrested and tried.

  12. I watched this, and had to laugh at the foolishness, that was on my screen…But the thing that made me laugh out loud, was, the first jackass that was talking, said, ” I have 30-35, relatives, back home, and I’m the only one here representing”, sign #1, Then that same anal-cranial-inverted, knucklehead said, ” We have to convince our friends and family, that we have seen the writing on the wall, we know what we are talking about” sign#2… This fool, and the others, of that mindset, prove that sometimes, when you don’t get enough oxygen in the womb, at birth, or suffer from some other mind-altering, malady, one can make a complete ass of one’s self… It would truly be a sad day, if these idiots, get to have the country, the way they would like it… No wonder, other nations have nothing but contempt for us, These dumbasses, are destroying, the very, country, they claim to want to save… Can you say “waterboard”???

  13. First and foremost, they’re Bigots. The rest of their grievances are a mish-mash that they can’t all agree on.

  14. Best excuse I saw (but it was in another article): “We were there, but you couldn’t see us because we were wearing camo”. LMAO
    The attendees are guilty of Insurrection and Sedition, but not Treason….
    In the Constitution, Treason is defined as “levying war” against the United States or providing aid and comfort to those that do. As per the 1869 Supreme Court case Texas v. White, secession from the Union is also considered Treason.
    Every GOP politician in this country is guilty of Insurrection or Sedition. Many of them are guilty of both.
    But, our USAG hasn’t the balls or the spine to do anything about it :( ssmdh

  15. Amazing just how much upheaval one Black Man can cause.He should be ashamed of himself haa haa..I feel sorry for the President,he tries and tries but because of these Idiots in Congress he can’t get anything done. With any luck come November we get these a$$ clowns out of office and get the Country back on track.I plan on doing my part.I wonder what is gonna happen if Hillary wins? Im guessing a whole lot of heads will explode.Hopefully that will be the end of the Tea Baggers and their Republican bulls@#t

  16. The Crazy jackass need to get over it that President Obama is here to stay until 2017 and stop being a prejudice racist morons

  17. We have more of a reason for a violent revolution than these illiterate slobs. Our country is close to becoming an oligarchy thanks to republicans & the kochs. They are the fascists who need to go.

    Why didn’t they storm the capital & drag the “Marxist Regime” out of office like they planned for 6 months? A few hundred showed up. They just want to oust Obama & a few “socialists”. I think they’re afraid. 10 or 10 million, they don’t have the stones to go up against the fury rained down on them by a government that takes threats against the president seriously.

  18. My absolute favorite quote was something about ‘chemtrails’ ‘messing up the water,’ so he was forced to sell his jet ski.

    I kicked it back several times just to see if I heard it correctly and he really truly wasn’t kidding. You just cannot make this sh1t up.

    But it was absolutely one of the most entertaining and starkly revealing meltdowns in history, methinks.

  19. Joe The Plumber has a union job now – no shit. Sooner or later all of these losers reach a point where they hang themselves on their own hypocrisy, they just need enough time and rope.

  20. Yes, buckeyewill. And a stealthy group of liberal-appearing people are those who excoriate Warren for the work he did on the commission investigating the JFK assassination. Probably most of them are actually covert teabaggers.

  21. *chuckles* No, but there damn well should be! :D

    We need a Mr. T emoticon as well, for when we pity the fools. ;)

  22. I couldn’t go because I ran out of Viagra and didn’t want to pee on my shoes.

    Freeport Guy, there is bipartisanship in this group, Stupid and nuts.

  23. I’ve said this before:the Revolution won’t be televised, watch, or attended but it will be mocked!

  24. Here’s a good one:
    Joe Wosik ‏@joewo May 15
    #OperationAmericanSpring brings 10 to 30 people to DC wandering around…using Socialist subway and Socialist roads to go to Socialist park

  25. Tim is Just frusty with the whole business! Can’t say I don’t blame him” It’s seems to take for ever for folks to evolve and move on from the Dark period?

  26. I thought 30 million would look much larger. I think one of the problems, they did not have fox news pumping this 24/7!!

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