Bill Maher Calls Out Republican Impeachment Cowards and Promises Obama Will Kick GOP Ass


Bill Maher demanded that Republicans put up or shut up on Benghazi. He told Republicans that if they impeach President Obama they will get their asses kicked by him for a third time in 2014.


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Maher said:

Republicans in Congress who can not think of one single more important thing to do than investigate Benghazi for eighth time need to either put up or shut up. Come on guys, if this is really about the rule of law, and the constitution, and Valley Forge, and Omaha Beach where Forrest Gump saved Private Ryan. If you really believe that Benghazi is that serious, and Obama is that big of a crook, then you should impeach him tomorrow, and I wish to God you would, because it’s the one thing that would make him popular again.

Now, even casual news viewers have probably noticed a resurgence in the Benghazi obsession lately from the right, and that can mean only one thing. Obamacare is working. Logic, however, not so much. Because if you ask them to explain what the Benghazi crime is, they still can’t. It’s just some blather about, don’t you see, if it was terrorists instead of what he said, act of terror, than Obama is weak and Mitt Romney gets to be retroactive president.

It’s like trying to relate to someone who’s tripping when you’re not. Sorry, we don’t see the spiders. But rational arguments don’t matter, because this is today’s Republican Party we’re talking about. A group that I’m convinced caught syphilis in 1994, left it untreated, and is now in the drooling and frothing stage.


Do it. Put your flag pin on and do it. I am serious, really serious. Rob Ford in rehab serious, and here’s why, because when the Republicans impeached Clinton his approval rating shot up ten points to seventy three. Obama’s approval is at forty one. He could use a little of that impeachment mojo. So go ahead Republicans make Benghazi your big issue, please. Put Barack Obama back on the ballot in 2014, so that he can kick your ass a third time.

Republicans can’t explain the crime because there was no crime. They can’t explain the scandal because there is no scandal. What House Republicans don’t realize is that they are opening up a can of worms here.

They are whipping their base into a frenzy with these Benghazi investigations, and those Republican voters are going to demand impeachment.

People should be doing what Maher did. The media should be telling Republicans to put up or shut up on Benghazi. Our press should be demanding to see the evidence. Democrats should be daring Republicans dive down the Benghazi rabbit hole.

Obama and the Democrats aren’t afraid of Benghazi, but Republicans are terrified that voters will find out that they were completely wrong about Obamacare. Democrats should be daring House Republicans to impeach President Obama because if they do, Democrats will retake the House.

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