Issa Accuses Obama of a Watergate Style Cover-Up While Exploiting the Benghazi Dead


While he was fundraising off of four dead Americans, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) accused President Obama of a Watergate style cover-up.

According to The Tampa Tribune, Issa said:

Benghazi is just in the early stages. The president can come clean and we can have this done in a few weeks.

It takes very little time and very little committees if the administration wants to tell the truth. If the administration wants to continue delaying, denying and lying and covering up, it takes a long time.

There was a lot of time and a lot of money spent on Watergate to eventually get to the truth about the wrongdoing of Richard Milhous Nixon.

Issa made these remarks at a Republican fundraiser, and expressed no reservations about raising money off of the four Americans who died in the Benghazi assault. Issa called it normal for both parties to raise money off of their activities in Congress. It just so happens that his activities involve exploiting the dead for partisan political gain.

The reason why the House Republican investigation into Benghazi is a joke is because people like Darrell Issa have already decided that President Obama covered something up and committed a crime.

Republicans aren’t interested in truth. They are looking to abuse their investigative powers in order to whip up grounds for impeachment against the president.

There is a cover-up going on, but it is not being carried out by President Obama and the White House. House Republicans have been covering up the truth about Benghazi for two years. The truth is that House Republicans are exploiting the dead for political gain. The investigations have been done. The facts are known, and the real criminals are those who are using Benghazi for their own benefit.

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26 Replies to “Issa Accuses Obama of a Watergate Style Cover-Up While Exploiting the Benghazi Dead”

  1. Issa doesn’t believe Obama did anything wrong. He knows better … just like he did with Fast and Furious and the IRS non-scandals. He knows better, but this is his idea of what good Republican representatives do.

  2. Issa has done as much harm to the Repig brand as the Evangelibaggers. Greedy Pig Liars.

    Zero ‘Oversight’ has been performed with Issa making the RePig Congress’ Witch Hunts.

  3. Issa has made such a fool of himself, thats its hard to tell if he is lying or just shading the truth. Its obvious he cant tell the truth

  4. It’s far more serious than lying alone. He proffered documents that had been altered, and it is pretty evident he either ordered that or knew of its being done by staff.

    That is a felony. Tampering with evidence presented to Congress (it had come from evidence submitted by various agencies) is a serious crime.

  5. This guy has been conning the American people ever since heot into office. A two bit car thief, that couldn’t make it in the criminal world,so he goes into the white collar crime as a politician. The only thing that Benghazi and Watergate has in common, was that both of them was the results of the GOP. Some body should investigate Issa.

  6. Listen, heres how you shut up the typical republican who’s so outraged so upset!! simply ask them to name personally the dead americans in the unfortunate benghazi embassy attack. Name ONE!!?? the average republican won’t be able to do it! WHY? because they don’t care about those dead americans! they don’t care about fixing the problem! they couldn’t care less about the TRUTH! these so called PATRIOTIC loyal god fearing republicans just wanna find something, ANYTHING to pin on Obama! Where the hell were these PATRIOTIC republicans during george bush embassy attacks??!! you know there were 13 of them, RIGHT? FYI, theres been 44 embassy attacks in the last 52 years!! where were these bleeding heart republicans then??

  7. The worst part of all this charade is that Issa is acting AGAINST the wishes of these 4 people’s families. It’s a disgusting display of a nakedly partisan witch hunt that has produced absolutely nothing he can use against President Obama. The fact that they are exploiting Benghazi for fundraising and general political gain, especially when the victims’ families decidedly don’t want their loved ones used in this way, underscores the depravity of everyone involved in it, especially Issa. He is the one who should be investigated for his ethical lapses and the resulting waste of taxpayers’ money on this fool’s errand.

  8. Ambassador Stephens, Sean Smith, Glenn Doherty, and Tyrone Woods. Sorry I am not a Republican, registered Independent. The larger point is was there a cover up, and there appears to be evidence pointing to that. If the President and his administration have nothing to fear then he should have released all of the related documentation and not had to wait for a FOIA request from Judicial Watch to uncover the damning memo that they heavily redacted. It makes it look like he has something to hide.

  9. There is no cover up. There is no evidence pointing to that. General Issa has not found one single fact to point to that.

  10. Evidence of a cover-up? If there is this evidence, where is it? How may incompetent republicans does it take to find it? Or screw in a light bulb. Anyone with a brain can see the Ben Rhodes email was not talking specifically about Benghazi, unless you have your own agenda.

  11. Sorry, not buying it as you utilize the efforts of Judicial Watch which is hardly a non-partisan entity. Rather it is along the lines of a Breibart type of website. Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch, has been on a continuous effort the last few years to “overthrow” the legitimate Obama Presidency. A few months ago, he even organized a rally in Washington, DC, which purported to “drag” the Koran-reading Kenyan usurper from the White House. There’s nothing that Judicial Watch does that is not focused on getting rid of the Black Man in the White House. BTW, there’s nothing damning in that “heavily redacted memo” unless you wish to take a phrase way out of context. That kind of tactic, however, is the methodology of the Right Wing Republican.

  12. If there is no coverup then what does the administration have to worry about. The Republicans are equally incompetent in this whole incident. Why would it take two years to get the memo that was used in preparation to direct Susan Rice to lie on 5 Sunday morning talk shows about how the Benghazi disaster actually began a full 5 days after the incident. The CIA’s station chief in Libya sent a cable one day after the Sept. 11, 2012 attack, saying that eyewitnesses confirmed Islamic militants had participated and that the event was a terrorist attack. If the memo was used to have her lie in order to protect the credibility of the administration then there is someone else lying out here. I would think you would want the actual truth regardless of whether it is a D or a R in the office.

  13. The partisanship of Judicial Watch largely irrelevant if the actual evidence, the memo in this case actually existed and was used for the prep call for Susan Rice at 4:00 pm the night before she went on all of the Sunday morning talk shows claiming it was the video when she knew full well from the cable received the day after the incident from the Benghazi CIA station head that it was indeed a terrorist attack. Please don’t let the facts get in the way. It appears to me that you would use the excuse that you don’t agree with the facts because you don’t like who uncovered them. Is this really sound reasoning?

  14. Darrell Issa is a threat to American democracy. He is the worst kind of politician. He has done nothing for the people of his district. He is positioning himself for a run at higher office. He has no ethics or moral compass.

  15. I don’t know what to say anymore about these People? The whole lot of these Corporate fungi manipulators all want Corporate to rule our Country into a sesspool of Eco destruction and unregulated passes for banks,Stock crooks and a beaming entity of the trinity within their Heads! I Shun thy (R’s) back to the Pit of the Corn.

  16. DJ,
    I gave you a thumbs up because I often think the same think, although probably for different reasons. I enjoy the discussion of differing opinions, probably more than most on this blog.

  17. The only cover up is the one the GOP is using the deaths of 4 Americans for, that being that the republicans have nothing and will do nothing for 99 percent of American citizens. That is the cover up, the shuck and jive, the slight of hand, the bull shit bait and switch. Issa is just another lying republican liar lying republican lies of misdirection, fake slander, fake outrage, fake, fake, fake, fake. The entire republican party is sick, puke, disgusting. The GOP, the political party of hateful, hate filled, hate mongering liars, and that is no lie.

  18. to “knight4444” your are spot on! Exactly, they would not be able to name ONE! Also can they name how many contractors were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan? They could not give you the numbers or circumstances, because nobody in the Republican corner will tell you they care for those. But they focus on this incident as if it is: “OH MY GAWD!” the WORST ever wartime tragedy! Let’s blame Obama and Hillary!” “They are hiding something.” HIDING WHAT! Emphasis on Benghazi is strictly a political pointing finger.

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