Republicans Rejoice as They Spread the South’s Third World Status To The Entire Nation

Infrastructure rank

Many Americans really have no comprehension of the importance of basic physical and organizational structures and facilities such as buildings, roads, and power supplies needed for the operation of an advanced society or enterprise. A great number of Americans mesmerized by Republicans’ anti-tax agenda may get exercised and complain when their power goes out or their teeth are shaken loose driving over pothole-ridden roads, but they are most likely the first to vehemently oppose any tax increase to repair America’s crumbling infrastructure. Apparently, Republicans and their supporters are proud that America’s infrastructure compares unfavorably with most advanced and even some developing nations because in their minds spreading the South’s third world status to the entire nation is a worthy goal.

Last year, the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2012-2013 exposed America’s quality and availability of roads, railroads, ports, air transport, electricity, and telephones ranks 25th, behind nations such as Oman and Barbados, and only one spot ahead of Qatar. On Tuesday, the Obama Administration warned that failure to head off bankruptcy of the federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF) before summer will mean delaying over 112,000 roadway and 5,600 transit projects and cost the economy over 700,000 construction jobs within a year. No doubt bankrupting the highway fund, keeping over a hundred-thousand roads in disrepair, and killing nearly three-quarters-of-a-million jobs is appealing to Republicans who have no intent in funding infrastructure improvements.

The highway trust fund is the main funding source for state road and highway projects, and most of them will cease if it runs out of money that is looking likely because the federal gas tax which funds the HTF has not been raised in twenty years (1994). Currently, federal gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon, but if it kept pace with inflation it would be about 26 cents per gallon and if it were indexed to increasing gas prices, it would be about 35.4 cents. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warned that to keep Highway Trust Fund solvent, Congress will either have to raise the gas tax by 10 to 15 cents per gallon or find between $13 billion and $18 billion a year from other sources and knowing Republicans it will come out of social safety nets. President Obama has proposed infrastructure spending in the past, and once again proposed a $150 billion four-year plan to replenish the Highway Trust Fund, but Republicans refuse to fund anything the President requests.

One solution from the President is allowing states to charge a toll on Interstate highways as a last resort, but Republicans are as likely to go along with that idea as they are raising the gas tax or approving the President’s infrastructure spending plan. On Thursday, a bipartisan group of Senators approved a bill to keep funding at current levels, but as was revealed this past week, Senate Republicans are enamored with obstructing bipartisan plans they support unless they can add an amendment or two forcing the President to approve the KeystoneXL pipeline or eliminating some clean energy standards for the Koch brothers; there is little to no chance the funding bill will pass the Senate. Even if Senate Republicans go along with the bipartisan funding proposal, House Republicans will not support anything the President proposes.

America’s infrastructure already rates a grade of “D” according to the Society of Civil Engineers, and the nation would need to spend $3.6 trillion within 6 years just to upgrade the nation’s bridges, roads, and waterways to keep pace, and be competitive, with the rest of the developed world. According to Standard & Poors, there are long term as well as immediate benefits to the economy by investing as little as $1.3 billion over the next year including adding at least 29,000 jobs, boosting economic growth by $2 billion, reduce the deficit by at least $200 million, and many more benefits over the long term. However, Republicans are not going to invest in infrastructure because they already cut federal spending on infrastructure by $60 billion that is at World War II levels.

To get an idea of the typical Republican opposition to spending even a penny on improving infrastructure when they can give the money to the rich and corporations, a good example is the proposed California High Speed Rail project. The project will be the greatest Earth-moving project in California history, create millions of construction and related jobs immediately and long into the future, improve air quality, and save California motorists fuel costs. The California Republican who is chairman of the House subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines and Hazardous Materials said he has no intention of expediting federal funding for the project that will benefit his constituents or the state’s economy. He told supporters last fall he will continue blocking federal funding for the project because he claims the money is better spent on the rich because they “know how to create jobs.” The congressman, Jeff Denham, is firmly ensconced in the pocket of the Koch brothers and the oil industry and they will not allow any project to even start that creates millions of jobs, improves air quality, or reduces fuel usage.

Keeping the Highway Trust Fund out of money, and America’s infrastructure at levels below every developed country on Earth, really serves a variety of Republican goals. Whether it is killing 700,000 jobs, keeping America from competing with the rest of the world, retarding economic growth, or just letting the nation fall farther into disrepair, they have no incentive to fund infrastructure improvements. About four months ago a conservative economist Republicans revere argued that President Obama should propose, and Congress should immediately approve at least $1.3 trillion in infrastructure improvements to strengthen the economy, create millions of jobs, and bring the nation closer to some developing countries’infrastructure. Needless to say, the conservative economist is no longer held in any esteem by Republicans.

President Obama warned that not adequately funding the Highway Trust Fund will bankrupt it, and it was probably succor to Republicans who have tried desperately to bankrupt the federal government and sell it off to the highest bidders. There is no telling how far Republicans will deliberately let this country slide into third world status to prove their racial hatred for this President, but if the Republican former Confederacy is any indication, they will not stop until America ranks below Yemen and Afghanistan’s infrastructure where bridges are non-existent and dirt roads are the norm.






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  1. How dare the American people put our great country in 25 place in ;this world. we who have been the front runner in every war, catastrophe, crisis, given of our money, our young mens lives, SHAME,SHAME,SHAME. Either stand up for your country or get the hell out and go to a country where you have no freedoms. Any politician who does not want to better our country for our people, and insists on bucking our gov. every step of the way, needs to be brought down as seditious. VOTE now and lets quit fiddling around with these people.i am an American- what are you?

  2. When will we, as the American people start working together to get this country into todays’ world. The jackasses that are bringing us down apparently do not give a sh#t what it will cost to repair the infrastructure they are letting decline now. Every thing will collapse at one time which will cost more in the long run to refurbish. And all for the sake of keeping a few people happy, and because they do not like the man in the white house. I was under the impression that these people were elected to do as the majority of people wanted them to do. I would venture to guess that many, many campaign promises have gone by the wayside to appease their wealthy greedy masters instead of those who put them in office. I trust that they will not repeat their mistakes by voting them into office in November.

  3. I live in Cleveland, OH and I see this issue come up when VP Biden came to town talking about a rapid transit stop which is expanded near one of the local universities and two of the major hospitals. Local reaction on the news site was disgusting and reactionary. The transit stop would benefit area that has a mix of working people and students.

    Guess people forget Ike built the highway system.

  4. Anyone who has read @joeb, INSANE rants knows full well what’s destroying this country! it’s corporate america who buys politicians on BOTH sides! what do you call BLUE DOG democrats? The koch brothers aren’t anything new! this country has been corrupt long before 1776! get real. the corruption really started getting bad when the railway barons started lining the pockets of politicians. One of the goals of corporate america is to reduce the USA into third world status! where you have the top 3 or 4 % and the rest are fighting for low wage jobs! BOTH political parties know this! HELL, I assume most of you know it too! I don’t think it can be fixed SORRY, YES voting is important, but thats NO guarantee either, it’s just another illusion, if democracy tries to come back to america, the power brokers will rig the system! HELL, didn’t we see it in 2000? didn’t it almost happen in 2012? the big MONEY controls the politicians and the media and the supreme court.

  5. BTW, try going to a article bye Cliven Thompson at the N.Y. Times and peep out the story about Diebold voting machines and how in 2000 at 10pm the voting machines servers suddenly FROZE up and after the problem was FIXED the machines turned off AGAIN a hour later,votes in OHIO were so close they to recount them! that was 2000, karl rove and the big wheels have destroyed democracy in america! just ask Al Gore what he thinks.

  6. Nothing will be done as long as politicians can be bribed by industry and banking. Call out “political funding” for what it is — bribery. Let the government fund elections, make the broadcast media, who don´t pay a penny to use the people´s airwaves, run a set amount of free political ads, put people who give or take any kind of bribe in jail and see what happens.

    We have lost any semblance of democracy we had. Democracy American style is simply a matter of the richest winning.

  7. Third world?? Must be talking about Detroit, Cleveland, Newark, Los Angeles, Chicago.

    The left is terrified of the south. Terrified of it growing population, growing jobs base and growing electoral strength.

  8. No, many more of the left live in the south. Many of the people are done with the actions of the gop governors and state congresses.

    The job rush is over. The people are finding out all they get is low paid jobs

  9. BTW, almost all major cities have problems. The jobs that have left them are crucial to survival. Kansas and Wisconsin are in bad shape. Almost all “left” state out perform the red states

  10. What happened to all those hundreds of Billions of dollars from the 2009 stimulus plan the was suppose to go to “shovel ready” infrastructure works? How can we be in 25th place now after that? Were did that money go?

  11. What the hell is No. 27 “Taiwan, China”, and why is a PRC flag being used?? Way to insult the good folk of Taiwan…

  12. I’m 62 I came to the states in1957 when I was 5. Every 3=4 years I have gone back and visited my family in Sweden and I’ve traveled around Europe 3-4 times also.It used to be when I went over there , they all envied me and the USA. Now when I go there I envy them. They are a head of us in most things now. Its a shame.

  13. Infrastructure. Republicans and democrats alike voted 850 billion dollars to fix “infrastructure” in 2009. Nothing happened. Where did the money go? Why did the president laugh later about his lying about “shovel ready” jobs?
    Why is it that the infrastructure is suffering more in democrat ruled cities than anywhere else? Why doesn’t the democrat mayor fix your potholes instead of the democrat einsteins wanting to build 40 mph “high speed rails” to nowhere?
    Blaming republicans is cheap and easy, when the major decisions were made by a democrat Congress and a democrat president. But then, they don’t call liberalism “the politics of denial” for nothing.

  14. Why would anyone try to say that the Kochs (oil business people) want to oppose road construction? That would increase driving (which uses gasoline, diesel, and oil lubricants), not to mention asphalt used to build and repair roads comes from petroleum.

    Anyway, if we just used half the money that went to bail out the banks, plus Social Security, SNAP, food stamps, affirmative action, foreign aid, environmental/logging lawsuits, etc., there’d be plenty of money to fix roads, bridges, sewer lines, etc.

  15. It certainly looks like the federal government spent all it took in and then some. It is not a tax issue, it is a spending issue and the D’s and R’s are both complicit.
    2013 – $901 billion budget deficit (projected)

    2012 – $1.1 trillion budget deficit

    2011 – $1.3 trillion budget deficit

    2010 – $1.3 trillion budget deficit

    2009 – $1.4 trillion budget deficit

    2008 – $455 billion budget deficit

  16. You can really look at almost any standard to find that conservative Republican economic and social policy in the American South is guilty for the mass creation of poverty, suffering, and death. Now they want to impose that misery on the rest of America for corporate profits.

    Economic Opportunity Is Lowest In the Republican Bible Belt, Major Study Finds
    Class-rigidity is most extreme in the South, according to leading Harvard and Berkeley economists.

    “Economic royalists complain that we seek to overthrow the institutions of America. What they really complain of is that we seek to take away their power. Our allegiance to American institutions requires the overthrow of this kind of power. In vain they seek to hide behind the flag and the Constitution.” -FDR

  17. bobloblaw..the only thing terrifying about the south is the blatant ignorance and backward thinking that has damaged every state in the union. Until you in the south stop flying the seditionist rebel rag of a flag and get your heads out of the buy-bull you will continue to drag this nation down.

  18. Is it wise to spend on obsolete technology now (other than to keep it patched up), or would it be wiser to wait a few years until new technologies are ready to replace them? With proper development, something like solar roadways could pay for themselves AND upgrade our infrastructure considerably.

    That is just one example, but many other types of infrastructure will be ready to upgrade soon – but we can do it cheaper with emerging technologies.

  19. The Trinity is Punishing us for our War Machine all the Time within all of the World for these Countries we are in suck our resources dry with laughter all at the same time? Nothing ever changes” Lets all sink to the bottom together’ U.S Policy is a Killer?

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