The Ultimate ‘Dick’ Move: Cheney Blames Hillary Clinton for Benghazi


In a mind-blowing display of arrogance, war criminal Dick Cheney said that Hillary Clinton should be held responsible for Benghazi.



WALLACE: What do you think about Benghazi? Do you think that she did anything wrong and should she be held responsible for the events surrounding that attack?

D. CHENEY: She was secretary of State at the time that it happened. She was one of the first in Washington to know about it. I think she clearly bears responsibility for whatever the State Department did or didn’t do with respect to that — that crisis.

I do think it’s a major issue. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it yet. And I would expect that she will be held accountable during the course of the campaign.

Cheney thinks that Hillary Clinton should be held responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi when she was Secretary of State, but doesn’t think that he should be held responsible for the more than 4,000 American deaths in Iraq while he was vice president. That makes Cheney a hypocrite of the highest degree.

Here’s an idea. Before Hillary Clinton gets “held responsible” for Benghazi, let’s hold Cheney and the Republican Party accountable for the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq. It is far from the smartest move for Fox News and the Republican Party to trot out Dick Cheney to question Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy credibility.

Cheney and George W. Bush are the faces of Republican Party foreign policy failures. It is unfathomable that Republicans could be this dumb, but judging from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’s comments today, Republicans really are going to remind everybody of legacy of failure by trying to challenge Hillary Clinton on foreign policy.

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  1. I gotta tell ya folks……
    Dick may surpass Rush as the Democratic Party’s BFF!
    ‘Cuz NOTHING will remind Americans of the HORROR
    rained down on our Nation, than this guy. Even more than
    the guy who was supposed to be his ‘boss’.
    So, GOP, just keep putting this guys face all over TV.
    Please do. It only serves as a reminder as to why we can
    NEVER! EVER! trust Republicans with OUR Country again!

  2. after weeks of daily CIA memos on cheney’s and bush’s desk about an eminent homeland attack before 9/11, where is THEIR accountability! on 9/11, the profiteering from the IRAQ war and the embassy attacks under their watch? he should be in jail, the murdering bastard. where are the democrat officials who should be speaking out for her????? get vocal cowards, stand up for your party and future nominee. this is simply politics in the republicans eyes. get with the program!! stand up for your party, get vocal!!!

  3. Every time he sticks his face out, all he does is remind the country that he is walking around free when he should be in prison. Keep it up, Dick.

  4. weeks of daily CIA memos on cheney’s and bush’s desk about an eminent homeland attack before 9/11, where is THEIR accountability? profiteering from the IRAQ war and embassy attacks under their watch? where are the democrat officials who should be speaking out for her????? stand up for your party and future nominee. simply politics in the republicans eyes. get vocal!!!

  5. Ironic comment, considering that the world wants Cheney held accountable for the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, the unethical imprisonment of Muslims at Gitmo w/o due process, and the Machiavellian torture of selected prisoners.

  6. I wish the report man would swing by and take back the heart this undeservingly S.O.B took from someone that would have appreciated it, this guy is as evil a person on earth, that can ever be imagined, and he will never wash the blood of war off his hands.

  7. Read some of the posts here. This is the standard GOP mantra lately: “Hold everybody accountable…except us!”

  8. Of course she’ll be held accountable during the campaign. She’ll be held accountable for whatever they imagine happened and whatever lies they incessantly repeat about whatever they imagine happened … just like Obama’s held responsible for everything they imagine happened. What neither will ever be held accountable for will be what actually happened and whatever they actually accomplished. That will be completely ignored. I hope Hillary has her original, long-form birth certificate handy. BENGHAZIIIIII!!!!!!

  9. Dick Cheney is one of the most evil men infesting the GOP right now. He is a sick, twisted sociopath, an uncaring, unfeeling asshole. And his wife is a soulless liar. Did you see how much she blinked when she talked. That is the surest sign that she knows she is lying,

  10. ‘Dick’ was named appropriately, he needs to crawl back under the rock, from whence he came.
    Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, & GW Bush, should be tried for war crimes, starting a war with Iraq on false pretenses, causing the deaths of several thousand people, some of our own, while profiteering from the war, it really doesn’t get any worse re abuse of power and impropriety. The best his A-hole could do is shut the fuck up!

  11. The words “Dick Cheney” and “Accountable” can
    NEVER be used in the same Sentence.

    They are the Complete OPPOSITE of each other.

  12. I would imagine tricky Dick’s real worry is Hillary just might push for a UN tribunal investigation against him and the Bush Administration. After all the GOP really made the Clintons suffer during Bills Presidency. So time for pay back we can hope.

  13. How come Dick and the Bush didn’t show up to the dedication of the new 911 memorial in New York City this past week? A former President, the current President and the next President were all in attendance. Probably were told to stay away.

  14. Transplanting into this cretin was the biggest waste ever of a perfectly good heart!

    Hope his family loves him; don’t know who else could.

  15. Dick Cheney should be hanging his head in shame at all the damage he’s been responsible for as GW’s vice president. From his position, he exerted enormously destructive power over Bush, and he has no remorse about it at all. On the other hand, the more he talks, the more he does to remind us that it would be an unmitigated disaster to return Republicans to the White House. He’s a heartless, soulless cretin who should never again have access to any kind of political power.


  17. In ANY other country, dick cheney would have been brought up on charges of being a war criminal and been found guilty as sin!! but NOT in the good ole USA, we just pardon him and he just can’t SHUT UP! why aren’t we looking into cheney’s motivations for starting a totally unjustified invasion of Iraq, WE ask our countries NOT to indict the bush jr crime family!! Wouldn’t you think this perverted, greedy, MURDERER would be thankful? NOPE! he still spewing nonsense from his wyoming hideout! All I gotta say is, THERE BETTER BE A HELL.

  18. The republicans have OWNED the ENTIRE conversation!! dick cheney’s got diarrhea of the mouth, ronald rumsfeld is actually going to colleges and speaking, condi rice was actually teaching at Stanford university!! what’s wrong with this picture??? we allow war criminals to roam free! with ZERO investigations but the GOP can regurgitate phony scandal after witch hunt scandal!! we’ve talked, investigated, picked, probed, benghazi more than the bush jr war crimes, or darrell issa’s caught LYING trying to inflate number in the phony IRS scandal! why isn’t he being investigated?? it’s CRAZY!

  19. Awesome that the GOP trots Dick out again. How’d that work before the 2012 presidential election — reminding people to run to the Democrats just before an election? Brilliant!! Ask President Romney about that strategy. But, please…keep doing it. He should personally campaign for every GOP congressman and senator.

  20. Hey Cheney, who’s to blame for Iraq? And Afghanistan?
    and perhaps the middle eastern problems of today? All because you / your administration ignored the warnings from January through August 2001 that we would be attacked …

    Hint: the lies promulgated by the administration for whom you were vice president…the 4,000 Americans and civilian lives lost in Iraq!

    Better you shut keep your mouth shut, because you keep putting your foot in it!

    So, stuff it!!!

  21. Great comment! I would add that, were it not for the destabilization of the Middle East caused by the ouster of Saddam Hussein, this mess in Benghazi would probably not have happened. Cheney’s war in Iraq caused the death of many of our soldiers and many innocent Iraqis, just because of greed!

  22. This from the SCUMBAG DICK who killed tens of thousands of innocent people for power and greed. Soon hopefully he will be burning in hell.

  23. The problem is that Cheney wears the blood proudly. He and Bush enacted their religious war to initiate the “end times” they both cherish so dearly. Why someone hasn’t put a bullet through their heads escapes me.

    The world has forgotten about these “patriots” the same way the American public doesn’t want to believe one of us could be so evil. Where is The Hague in all of this? Where are the outraged countries harmed by these criminal policies? Sadly, the US is holding them all financial hostages. If charges are drawn, foreign aid to these countries dries up and our international defense network weakens affecting the bottom lines of every defense contractor in the US. See a pattern here? You can’t prosecute only the talking heads, you must go for the body as well. Bush/Cheney lied, Congress swore to it.

  24. As a wounded Vietnam veteran, I never hated the North Vietnamese or their counterparts, as much as I dislike that arrogant SOB, dick cheney. If ever a man needs to be locked away…..

  25. Is Dick Cheney aware of all the negativity about him that’s out there? Does he read any of it? Or, is he in a bubble shelter. Where his cronies spoon feed him blather from FOX and other supporters? Then wheels him out at night or undercover to go on FOX (Hannity) to froth at his mouth while spitting out the venom at Obama, Hillary and the Democrats.
    I may be able to forgive or be sympathetic with Bush, but not EVER to this dishonest, disloyal, cheap suit Ex-Vice President.

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