Rush Limbaugh Compares Obama To Hitler And Brings Up Death Panels While Talking About VA

During his radio broadcast on Monday, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh used the recent scandal surrounding a VA hospital in Arizona as a way to compare President Obama to Hitler. He also suggested that the long wait times that veterans were forced to deal with when it came to setting up appointments to see a doctor represented the future under Obamacare. Basically, this is all a precursor to the ‘death panels’ that right-wing fear mongers have warned us about since the Affordable Care Act was first drafted. Below is an excerpt from the show’s transcript, where Rush is speaking to a caller about the veterans waiting on appointments:

RUSH:  Now, is that just for an appointment or is that for the specific treatment that he needs?

CALLER:  That is for an appointment, sir.

RUSH:  I don’t know where that happens.  I don’t know anybody who calls the doctor and is told three months.  It may be, I just don’t encounter it.

CALLER:  Well, luckily we have other insurance through my work and we have gone to another doctor.

RUSH:  Yeah, but correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t the deal, didn’t you all think that should something like this happen, the government’s gonna take care of your husband? He’s a soldier.

CALLER:  Absolutely.  He put in a little over 20 years, and he is a retired veteran, and he is a disabled veteran as well.

RUSH:  Yeah.  Well, look, look, and by the way, I know in every group of people you’re gonna have some bad apples who try to exploit and take advantage of.  But this is happening way too frequently.  Forty people dying, a hundred people dying on a wait list designed to speed up their treatment.  And I know some of you are saying, “Rush, Rush, don’t downplay this death panel business.”  Hey, we all know it’s out there.  For the sake of this discussion we’re gonna use the benefit of the doubt.  I know the death panel is obviously a factor in certain cases, whether they want to admit it or not. But even if you take that out, this is just so much incompetence, it’s impossible to calculate.

Good for Rush to bring back the old ‘death panel’ talking point. It has been swept under the rug a bit, so bully for him. Always nice to be able to reach back and pull a classic out of mothballs.

Later on in the show, Rush just had to use a tried and true favorite — comparing Obama to Hitler:

RUSH:  Reuters also has a story here: “Top Aide Says Obama ‘Madder Than Hell’ About Veterans Allegations,” and it’s a story quoting what you just heard — the chief of staff, Denis McDonough — on Slay the Nation yesterday. (paraphrased) “We’re gonna get to the bottom of this! We’re gonna get to the bottom of this and we’re gonna fix it, and we’re gonna ensure that it doesn’t happen again!”

Now, this is classic.  This is exactly how stuff like this gets spun (“spinned,” for those of you in Rio Linda) in dictatorships and in totalitarian states since time immemorial.  For example, “Gosh, if Lenin only knew all these people are dying in Ukraine! God, if Lenin only knew, he’d be so mad that he wouldn’t let this happen! If Stalin only knew!”

He was the genocidal dictator.

“If Stalin only knew! If Hitler only knew what was being done on his watch? Oh, my! Oh, gee! What if he only knew?  If Castro finds out, oh, no! Who’s gonna have to tell Castro that this is not working? Oh, no!” And then when the problem becomes too big to ignore, we hear, “Boy, is Stalin mad now!  Boy, is Castro really mad now!” This is how it all works.

These guys are in charge of everything!

Pretty sure that Rush can’t go an hour without comparing President Obama to Hitler, or at least pointing out that he is a dictator. In this instance, he just reeled off a bunch of names and claimed that Obama was the same and that he’s snowing the public when he’s really a ruthless dictator set on making America a totalitarian state.

The situation with the VA hospital in Arizona is shameful. And we should continue to investigate it. It is likely that we’ll see similar situations pop up in other VA hospitals around the nation. However, it seems Republicans just want to shine a spotlight on this particular incident because they are hoping to get a scandal out of it that will hurt the President. With the Benghazi investigation looking more and more like a bad joke for Republicans, conservatives are trying everything possible to find something that will finally stick to the President.

The fact is, there is a real scandal here. The scandal is that we sent over 2.6 million people to serve overseas in violent, dangerous wars. Out of those that came back, roughly half of them either came back injured, or developed serious mental and/or physical ailments in need of treatment. Despite the fact that we spent billions and trillions on these wars of choice, greatly expanding the VA hospital system and hiring thousands of more doctors and nurses to care for all of these new patients didn’t seem like a huge priority. Especially when you have a certain sector of our legislature more concerned with austerity and budget cuts than anything else.

So, while people like Limbaugh, Hannity, or House Republicans crap all over the VA and try to blame Obama for this somehow, they need to look at themselves in the mirror and realize what they’ve brought forth by cheerleading for two expensive wars halfway across the world that have killed thousands and injured over a million. They pushed for sequestration, and while the VA didn’t see any cuts, many other government services that veterans and the VA rely on did see massive, across the board cuts. So please stop with the sanctimonious BS about how you care about the vets, when at the same time your words and actions have helped contribute to this current situation.

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  1. And when will Rush be making an appointment with his local death panel, hmm?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Another rant by poor Rush who is desperately trying to maintain afloat and be at least 1/100th relevant. Rush is sinking faster then the Titanic and will make almost as big a wake when he does go under.

  3. yep , and for the record there rush, who started these wars, and didnt get more doctors knowing the casualities were bound to happen?? and hmmmm, who voted down numerous bills to fund things like this for veterans??? and hmmmmm lets talk about the hitler thing the right continues to use, hmmmmm which side is trying to kill unions?? which side has voted against anything that would make the playing field even for women??? which side is currently going back to child labor, and calling for hardly any wage for those child sweat shops??? which side is always complaining that the media is biased, while they have the most biased media outlet to hold their platforms on?? the fact show, there is one party following the principals of the nazi party, but yep its the party rush supports. rush reminds me of a former girlfriend of mine, she was always claiming I was a cheater, while in fact she was the one cheating on a consistant basis

  4. Rush Limbaugh is coming off now as both desperate and pathetic, although he’s always been a pathetic excuse for a human being. The fact that he’s resurrecting Sarah Palin’s nonsense about “Death Panels” that was voted the biggest political lie of 2009 speaks volumes about his grasping for straws. It’s also another example of the insane Republican obsession with getting rid of the ACA, and it couldn’t be more transparent. On top of it all, the comparison to Hitler is laughable coming from one of the main promoters of fascism himself with his poisoning of the political well. When people like him compare the president to Hitler, they are being patently dishonest as well as trivializing the monstrous evil that Hitler will always be remembered for. I look forward to the day when this miscreant will be a footnote in American history.

  5. So only republicans are upset about this scandal in the v.a.? The VA is probably one of the only departments in the whole federal government that both sides are terrified to be seen as against. The VA has seen its budget increase above the increase in actual veterans. Rush has a point. Whenever Obama’s “fake” scandals pops up, the first thing they do is say it was an isolated incendent that Obama and his administration knew nothing about it. Then the proceed to not release information that might shed some light on the problem. Once enough time has passed then they transition to “that is an old story that only the republicans care about” meme. Obama complained about the VA when he was running for president in 2008. I have heard him and Michelle go on and on about the VA and all the changes they are making and how much they “care”. Now Obama is really mad. Just like he was when he found out about the IRS scandal.

  6. He deserved to be mad about the IRS scandal. It was completely made up by Issa. Thats been proved.

    So you think Obama compares to Hitler and has death panels?

  7. This is not the first time a windbag GOP talking head has gone “Full Godwin” on us. Won’t be the last time, either, unfortunately :( ssmdh

  8. Of course the Oxy-addled draft dodging dip shit has an opinion about veterans…a group I’m sure he knows almost as much about as he does women. Poor oxyRusty. Nobody loves him any more except brain stewed ditto-heads. His ratings are almost as flushed as his face. The NFL won’t let him own any part of a team. ESPN couldn’t work more than 2 Sundays with his sagging sac of suet.

  9. They’re sure trying to “shut up” any opposition – start watching or listening to the “other side” and see what is really happening in America. Ignorance is not an excuse, people!

  10. Oh, he’ll be more than a footnote, probably a paragraph of three as the primary developer of hate radio within the chapter entitled, “The Role of the Media in Partisan Politics at the Advent of the 21st Century.” Beck and Hannity will likewise be mentioned. In any event, none of them will be remembered kindly by history, rather history will show how their efforts were crucial in the political divisiveness of this era, in the near destruction of a beautiful country, and in the flowering of blatant bigotry in all of its expressions, from racial to gender. Hmmm, maybe he’ll get 6 paragraphs considering his tenure from the Clinton Administration through the Obama Administration. Either way, he’ll be as vilified as he vilifies those who are not like him today.

  11. The same Republicans that cut Veteran’s benefits? The same Republicans that think military doesn’t deserve a living wage? Those Republicans are “enraged”?

  12. The same Republicans that cut Veteran’s benefits? The same Republicans that think military doesn’t deserve a living wage? Those Republicans are “enraged”

  13. Rush Limbaugh is one of the most pathetic liars in public life. His disdain for the truth must be pathological. It seems he would rather lie even when the truth would serve him better.

    Then the comparison with Hitler is symptomatic of those who have no facts or logic to offer so resort to the adult version of childish name-calling.

  14. If President Obama were like Hitler, Rush would disappear in the middle of the night and his radio station smashed up.

    Rush you’ve gone to the Godwin law well too many times.

  15. rush, like 5 deferments Cheney never served in the military, not for one day, I imagine he has never been to a VA hospital. My husband a disabled vet has,
    he has always received good treatment, I have to say they are really busy all the time and not all of them
    have problems, so why don’t people wait for the investigation to be completed before they attach blame, Shinseki is very loyal to the military and devoted to doing a good job.

  16. Folks can clearly see that Limbaugh is desperate whenever he opens his mouth. His comments are reminiscent of what happened in Germany during the thirties. Our country and the world does not need to be subjected to a repeat of this or any right-wing insanity.

    Limbaugh and his cohorts need to be kicked off radio and all public airwaves immediately. They could suck on their own poison instead of infecting the public with their dangerous rhetorical garbage!

    They are not “conservatives.” They are theocratic authoritarians! A menace to society and the world!

  17. Again the Baron Harkonen spews another spittle infused rant! Go get your sores drained and pull out the heart plugs of some willing intern.

  18. OMG! this coming from a draft dodging, prescription abusing, 3 time losing divorced , klan member! and for you so called religious right wingers, ask yourselves, if Jesus walked the Earth today would he “PAL AROUND” with limbaugh?

  19. Not a big fan of Obama, but if he was a dictator, it would seem that he would have had Fat ass “Limpballs” eliminated long ago.

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