CNN Tells Republicans Go Sell Crazy Somewhere Else By Refusing to Cover Benghazi

Via WWII Foundation

CNN boss Jeff Zucker has let it be known that his network won’t be bullied by Fox News into covering Benghazi and that CNN won’t be covering Benghazi unless it becomes legitimate news.

During a recent interview, CNN boss Jeff Zucker said, “We’re not going to be shamed into it by others who have political beliefs that want to try to have temper tantrums to shame other news organizations into covering something,” he said. “If it’s of real news value, we’ll cover it.”

This came from the man who runs a network that spend weeks obsessing over a missing airplane. Republicans desperately need CNN and MSNBC to treat their Benghazi special committee circus as legitimate news. If CNN won’t go gavel to gavel with their coverage, it is going to be impossible for Republicans to convince the American people that their conspiracy theory is a legitimate news story.

It’s not a coincidence that other networks are backing away from the story after seeing the drop in Fox News’ ratings after they went all in on Benghazi coverage. What Zucker was saying is that if Benghazi were to become a legitimate news story, CNN would cover it, but right now, Benghazi isn’t newsworthy, so no matter how much Fox News screams at the top of their lungs, CNN won’t be covering the story.

Most of the media isn’t playing along with the Republican attempts to manipulate them into covering Benghazi. Through seven previous investigations, Republicans have found no evidence of wrongdoing by the White House. Benghazi is the ultimate non-story. Viewers outside of hard core Republicans aren’t interested.

House Republicans can’t even explain what the “crime” is. For the first time in years, the mainstream media is telling Republicans no. The mainstream media has been enabling Republican insanity for years, by treating their conspiracies and crackpot theories as if they are legitimate news. The media isn’t playing along anymore.

This means that Fox News is standing by themselves, and hemorrhaging viewers, by trying to do the Republican Party’s dirty work on Benghazi. CNN is letting Republicans know that they aren’t going to be a pawn in the Republican plan to use Benghazi to bring down Obama.

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  1. Yea, what gives? The so called MSM is repub owned and repub corporate board run. Maybe CNN was finally embarrassed enough to wake up.

  2. Could this be the start of SANITY being restored? Let’s hope so. Put a billboard up in a prominent place, counting how much these worthless “investigations” are costing taxpayers. Then list all the bills these clowns SHOULD be working on, like jobs, unemployment etc. The President did nothing wrong. Where was their sense of outrage during W’s many, many acts of stupidity that got hundreds of thousands killed or maimed? Other countries put war criminals on trial, why not the US of A?

  3. What is wrong with everyone.? Those 4 good men who were left to be murdered deserve better from there own countrymen. We have a bunch of people that only think of themselves. How sad this country has become. Stop them on the street and ask a simple question. I used to laugh, but now I want to cry. People in
    other countries must think we are so stupid.

  4. 9.11.01: WTC And Pentagon Attacks (3,044 dead)
    January 22, 2002. Calcutta, India. Gunmen associated with Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami attack the U.S. Consulate. Five people are killed
    February 28, 2003. Islamabad, Pakistan. Several gunmen fire upon the U.S. Embassy. Two people are killed.

    May 12, 2003. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Armed al-Qaida terrorists storm the diplomatic compound killing 36 people including nine Americans. The assailants committed suicide by detonating a truck bomb.
    Did you weep for them? Take your crocodile tears somewhere else

  5. Yes, they do deserve better…better than to have their deaths turned into nothing more than a way for Republicans to play politics and get contributions and votes.

  6. Well there’s a first time for everything. Let’s just hope this is the beginning of a new Corporate Media Trend, but I doubt it. Our boot licking media will continue to gravel at the feet of Reich Wing Propaganda.

  7. This Administration has shown the American people which party and ideology AND President have been the adults in the room. And the children are revolting…in personality and action.

  8. The hard core, un-balanced Republicans who are screaming Benghazi in their sleep remind me of vultures who continue to pick at the sinews on the bones of a dead carcass. Nothing there…no meat…no taste…no smell. Just bones. Only the hungry vultures (Issa, et al) flutter around it. Shamelessly, as though the carcass is going to come back to life to feed them. HA!

  9. You forgot about Lebanon, 1983. The GOP patron saint, Ronald Reagan, ordered the Marines guarding the barracks in Beirut to leave their weapons unloaded.

    299 soldiers died as a direct result of Reagan’s order.

    Not only did these hypocrites not hold Reagan accountable, they reelected him.

  10. There are not enough characters to list republicans incompetence when it comes to policy but you’re right I should have included it with the dog and pony show which was Grenada to cover up it up

  11. BENGHAZI…Too many sequels. It got boring. Nobody watches or listens anymore. Except for Issa and his band of Merry men who wake up every morning screaming BENGHAZIIIIIIIIIIII !

  12. The last time I was in Iraq, was at the height of The Surge. We were losing an average of four guys PER DAY for months.

    The Republican reaction? Declare George W. Bush the greatest military genius since Sun Tzu.

  13. Then they need to investigate also the deaths of 300 American Citizens during the Bush administrations in attacks against U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.

    If you advocate for 4 citizens I would do it also for those 300 and they also need to make Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld pay for all those killings… no outcry or acknowledgment has being received from Republicans at all… Oh! wait a minute… Bush is white! That’s why!

  14. Thank you djchefron, but you are talking to a person who only listens to and believes what fox news says. Trying to enlighten these folks is a lost cause. Their eyes glaze over when another try’s to give correct info. Stupid prefers to remain stupid.

  15. I hope CNN sticks to it’s comment and does not cover the Kangaroo Court of the right. Wasting taxpayers money is all they are good for. How much extra do they get paid for it. They are the foxes in the hen house. I hope every credible news channel forgoes this debacle and refuses to give it any credibility. Time for the right and Faux News be put in it’s place.

  16. 7 August 1998 Nairobi, Kenya al-Qaeda simultaneously attacked both Embassies with truck bombs (more details) bombing 213, including 10 US personnel and 2 US security
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    That last one is about the 241 Marines that died.

    Any comment about them and the select committee that was formed to find out who was at fault for it happening.

  17. Its time to throw the Republican Thugs out of office ,1 Down Eric Canter yay more to go,no more life time seats for the thugs.

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