Mitch McConnell Promises To Break Obama and Force Him to Do the GOP’s Bidding


Sen. Mitch McConnell gave a bizarre victory speech tonight where he promised that if he is elected Senate Majority Leader, he will force President Obama to do the Republican Party’s bidding.


McConnell ironically began by saying the powers that be in Washington have treated the people with contempt. Mitch obviously didn’t realize that he is one of the powers that be in DC. After telling his supporters to give primary opponent Matt Bevin a hand, McConnell tried to suck up to the tea party. For some reason, McConnell talked about his mom’s polio, and said it gave him the tenacity to fight left-wing extremists.

McConnell claimed that he fought for good Kentucky jobs without mentioning that he has blocked dozens of jobs bills in the Senate. McConnell attacked Alison Grimes as a Hollywood liberal who Barack Obama and Harry Reid want in this race. McConnell tried to tie Grimes to Obama by saying, “A vote for my opponent is a vote for Obamacare.” McConnell said that the race isn’t about two political parties, but it is about holding the supposedly lying Obama accountable. McConnell then immediately told a gigantic lie about Obamacare.

Sen. McConnell claimed that candidates that Obama and Reid select are yes people for them. He called Grimes a partisan’s partisan. The whole scheme is designed to label Alison Lundgren Grimes as Barack Obama’s candidate, and McConnell repeated the tired, old lie that President Obama has been waging war against Kentucky jobs for five and a half years.

The strangest thing McConnell said was that if he becomes Majority Leader, he will force President Obama to do the people’s bidding. By people, he means the Koch brothers and his wealthy donors. McConnell actually promised Republican voters that he will break the will of the President Of The United States.

Mitch McConnell repeatedly tried to sell himself as the real Kentuckian, while ignoring the fact that he has resided in DC for the last three decades. Sen. McConnell’s performance was old, tired, and straight out of the Republican playbook. McConnell is running a generic paint-by-numbers attack on Grimes.

McConnell is very unpopular in the state, so his only strategy is to try to drag Grimes down by tying her to President Obama. The problem for Mitch is that President Obama is more popular in the state than he is. Hearing Mitch McConnell talk about how much he cares about regular people was especially nauseating when this the same man who laughed about throwing millions off of unemployment benefits.

Mitch McConnell promised to repeal and replace Obamacare. He promised a war on bureaucrats, and he dusted off talking points that probably worked in decades past. Sen. McConnell is a floundering candidate, and his victory speech did nothing to make anyone think that he deserves another six years in the Senate.

It’s clear that Sen. McConnell’s only strategy for victory is to tie Grimes to Obama, and run against Obama.

If this is all that he’s got, Sen. Mitch McConnell is in deep trouble.

21 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Promises To Break Obama and Force Him to Do the GOP’s Bidding”

  1. “McConnell actually promised Republican voters that he will break the will of the President Of The United States.”

    Well, bless his lil’ heart. Sounds like talk straight off the plantation!

  2. Poor Senator McTurdle. He’s served his country and his state with aplomb and dignity for several decades. He remains an upstanding model. Perhaps it’s time we allowed the Senator some time in his remaining years to spend with his family and friends and not be encumbered by the tedious work in the Senate.

  3. Do we harken back to when Mr Ritchie Rich said it wasnt his job to get jobs for old Kaintuck?

    Oh the pain, the pain

  4. Mitchie the Kid wants real Kentucky jobs? Is that slaves working the tobacco fields again? You better hope not.

  5. If anything the republicans will set the ground work for the democrats to stay in the white house for another eight more years after the president’s has served his term. They couldn’t make him a one term person, they still trying to impeach him and they won’t succeed at that either not matter how much they keep promising their small group of followers. They are so sad, they have nothing to run but scandals they invented, they won’t create jobs, they won’t pass immigrants bill, they won’t to improve the ACA but keep trying to repeal it. Mitch won last time barely this time he will be floating and praying so ky need to get out to vote and get Mitch out so we can get some work done in congress.

  6. I truly believe McConnell has met his match. He’s offering the same ole same ole. Listen to his “victory speech.” It is the same old tired strategy he has used for 30 years.

    He never thanked his staff for the hard work they did helping him defeat Bevin. It was all me, me me.

  7. A Dem president also needs a Congress he/she can work with. Since the repubs refuse do that anytime soon, a Dem president needs a Dem House and Senate.

  8. Humm, was this the same individual who said that his top priority in the President’s first term was, to ensure he was a one term President? Now if he gets the power of control of the Senate, his goal is to make the President do the bidding of the Republicans…

  9. Ditch Mitch’s margin of victory was almost two-to-one, but his strategy fails when compared to this career politicians effort to deliver. McConnell pronounced he would make Obama a one-term president. He failed! Ditch Mitch lead the effort to kill Obamacare. He failed! This 72-year old career politician has obstructed everything president Obama has put forth. He has led the effort to limit women’s access to make their own decisions about their own healthcare. He is also complicit in holding the debt ceiling hostage over the credit-worthiness of the nation. His white-male dominated base has dwindled down and it is high time women got more involved in the legislation of America. he shows no leadership abilities for ALL Americans.

  10. So Mitch is going to make Obama do the GOP’s bidding?? Where do buy the weed you smoke, Senator? I want some!

  11. Hope all the women of Kentucky unite and give Mitchie his walking papers. Bet he’ll cry like a baby. He has done nothing for Kentucky and never will. He has an ego that is the size of all of Kentucky. Hope they wise up and tell him he isn’t great at all. Women of Kentucky,wake up and really see that he is not doing anything for you. He’s personally hurting you,your family’s,ability to earn decent wages,attain medical care and quality education for your children and yourselves. Time to Ditch Mitch.

  12. what did you have for breakfast Jo C? Stupid pills? McConnell is responsibility for the slowest recovery in our economy because of his stubbornness. He’s still in the old days of Black people aren’t human. If you believe that you need a brain washing.

  13. That’s what it is going to take kmom4kids. If mitch is reelected there will just be more of his hatred for women and children! VOTE BLUE!!!

  14. Mitch is an A$$! Don’t allow him to take the state of Kentucky even further back to the civil war days. DITCH MITCH!!

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