Another One Bites The Dust as Dinesh D’Souza Pleads Guilty to Campaign Finance Violation

dinesh d'souza

Another one bites the dust. This time it’s the conservative who called President Obama a “grown up Trayvon.”

Dinesh D’Souza, author of the conspiracy laden “Obama’s Rage” which was made into the right wing tin foil fail “Obama’s America,” plead guilty in a Manhattan federal court on Tuesday to a campaign finance law violation, according to Reuters.

D’Souza was charged with using straw donors in 2012 to give more to a Republican candidate and friend, Wendy Long, who was running against New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. He was also charged with a second count of making of false statements.

This second charge is noteworthy given his accusations against the President as false statements seem to be a thing with the conservative author. His accusations against the President were called the worst kind of smear by the Columbia Journalism Review. D’Souza was consistent in his accusations that Obama was going to deliberately destroy America as part of some Kenyan plot. Or aliens. Maybe it was the aliens from Bachmann’s FEMA camps. The Right is so nuts these days it’s hard to follow them down their numerous and varied rabbit holes.

This second charge will be dropped at sentencing, according to Reuters.

As my colleague Justin Baragona explained when D’Souza was charged, “Under federal campaign finance law, individual donors are only allowed to donate up to $2,500 to a candidates campaign. Federal prosecutors are stating that D’Souza donated a total of $20,000 to a candidate’s campaign. He had other people donate in their names and then reimbursed those people himself. Therefore, he was able to provide money to his friend who was running and make it look like others were contributing to skirt campaign finance laws. He is charged with making illegal donations and making false statements.”

The Right accused the Obama administration of going after D’Souza because of what he had said, as if funneling money illegally to a candidate is fine and should be excused, because after all, as D’Souza’s lawyer explained, he just was being a good friend.

Maybe one day someone will explain to D’Souza that when the President expressed that he could have been Trayvon, what he meant was that due to his black skin, he could have been the target of someone as bigoted as George Zimmerman or, clearly, Dinesh D’Souza. And following this logic, the notion that D’Souza expected that he could violate a serious law that impacts the democratic process for all citizens, not just him, and get away with it because he was “helping a friend” just shows that his prejudice against the first black president is steeped in the sort of presumed privilege seen among the Right these days.

You can understand why D’Souza would want to avoid a trial, given the mess he made with his “family values” affair with an also married woman, as he took a very public stance accusing President Obama of being Kenyan (having a Kenyan agenda; aka, illegitimate; aka, a birther dog whistle) and very angry (aka, “angry black man” dog whistle).

D’Souza is yet another alleged “conservative” facing accusations of criminal activity. (These people are anything but conservative, in point of fact. They are radical and often deluded.) This time it was making illegal contributions in the name of others, which is sort of like committing voter fraud only worse. Much worse.

Irony much? The party of law and order has become the party that will excuse any kind of illegal activity committed by a Republican, so long as the ends justify the means.

The Republican Party might want to examine why it so consistently attracts con artists selling paranoiac fantasies to the base, because once they whittle that tent down to just the easily conned and the paranoid, it’s going to make them sure that we are all out to get them. Yes, it can’t be that what they are selling is so rancid and full of fail that the only people willing to sell it are criminal con artists, deluded fanatics and the super greedy. Oh, no. It must be the rest of us.

13 Replies to “Another One Bites The Dust as Dinesh D’Souza Pleads Guilty to Campaign Finance Violation”

  1. Wait a minute. Wasn’t Obama setting him up for some movie or book? Well if he goes to the big house dating Ann Coulter has prepares him for the experience

  2. Put D’Souza in a hoodie in Zimmerman’s neighborhood and there would probably still have been the same type of confrontation.

    Right-wing minority puppets (Cruz, Rubio, West, Thomas & D’Souza to name just a few) seem to believe they are exempt to the rampant bigotry of the Koch funded divide and conquer mentality of the Tea Party.

  3. I hope his sentencing isn’t just a slap on the wrist. I’m getting really tired of these lighter-than-air penalties for some pretty nasty, fraudulent, ruinous violations from grifters, Wall Street hucksters, and….yes, politicians.

    BTW, Sarah Jones, that was a pretty good beat-down of Dinesh D’Souza.

  4. I will borrow a phrase from an acerbic commenter on another board and call this man a drivelling Indiot.

  5. He was just on Real Time professing his innocence and Bill wasn’t buying it. The writing was already on the wall.

  6. Like I said…Karma is wonderful! It never fails to come back and bite you in the very ass you created for yourself. Remember the GOP picked sarah. The biggest conartist hateful bigoted idiot of them all. I’m still waiting for her fall. It really really can’t come soon enough. How has that woman gotten away with so much murder? why won’t they touch her? who the hell is she that no one will stop her???? what are they waiting for..she already had kids killed..abortion doctors killed by her very vitriol. But no problem. She can incite and cause murder..but no one touches her. Why? She can steal and live off her campaign money. Why? Why is Bachmann busted but not sarah? something is real wrong here. She clearly has broken the law several times and no one says or does anything. Can’t wait till she’s in an orange suit. Since she wants to be number 1. Orange is the new black. Go for it sarah.

  7. He better have to spend more time in jail then the Occupy, Cecily McMillan, protestor who was assaulted by the NYPD and then railroaded.

    Oh and no Club Fed for him. I know its the wrong state but NY’s version of Pelican Bay seems about right

  8. he will have company: walker, scott, the governor in new mexico, what’s her name? along with christie, perry in texas may be vying for a cell block with this con artist.

  9. What made this oh, so sweet was D’Souza’s admission today in court that he knew all along that what he did was wrong. THIS, more than anything about his day in court, made me very happy because he made it his business to smear Pres. Obama and convince his brain-dead believers that the president had “targeted” him because of his stupid videos/movies. Now he looks like what he really is—a lying fool.

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