Wheel Of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Tweets ‘Global Warming Alarmists Are Unpatriotic Racists’



Wheel of Fortune host, and hard-core conservative firebrand, Pat Sajak has frequently used his Twitter account to comment about politics and climate change. Sajak is a fierce critic of climate change and frequently mocks liberals and climate science with his tweets. On Monday evening, he sent out one particular tweet that could be seen as offensive, if it made one bit of sense. For some reason, he decided to say that those who believe climate change is real and man-made are “unpatriotic racists” looking to mislead others for profit.

This is a legitimate tweet from Sajak’s verified Twitter account. I am seriously confused how someone can be racist by agreeing with the vast majority of scientists regarding climate science. Apparently, by understanding that climate change is real, that it is caused by man, that we are seeing the impact of it now and will see even more catastrophic effects in the future if we do nothing, a person is bigoted towards someone who doesn’t believe in any of that and is therefore a racist. Oh, and that person hates America, too.

Maybe this is just some next-level satire that I don’t get, because as well all know, liberals have no sense of humor whatsoever. Just ask Sajak.  

It could be that Sajak is a comedic genius. Not only is he able to poke fun at those who believe that science is actually real, but he has ‘birther’ jokes at his disposal.

In all seriousness, his “unpatriotic racists” tweet is just idiotic to the nth degree. He is obviously trying to get a reaction by using strong rhetoric to make his point. However, whatever point he is trying to make is lost due to how nonsensical the whole thing is. As stated before, perhaps this is just an attempt at comedy that is going over the heads of nearly every person who is reading it. Because, thinking that someone is a racist and also hates America just for trying to raise awareness of established science is nonsensical.

This isn’t completely new territory for Sajak, though. Like his best bud Rush Limbaugh, Sajak has tendency to make over-the-top statements when it comes to what he perceives as threats to the conservative way of life. For instance, take a look at this statement of his after President Obama was taken out of context regarding his “you didn’t build that” comment.

It’s as if President Obama climbed into a tank, put on his helmet, talked about how his foray into Cambodia was seared in his memory, looked at his watch, misspelled “potato” and pardoned Richard Nixon all in the same day…. These defining moments take hold most devastatingly when they confirm what a large portion of the electorate already believes. Taken alone, it seems unfair that a single moment, an unguarded remark or a slip of the tongue can carry such weight. They’re often dismissed as “gotcha” moments, but when voters are able to nod and say, “I knew it,” these moments stick and do terrible damage. We have witnessed such a moment.

We’ll see how Sajak responds to this tweet. Will he go the Limbauigh route, and point out that it was comedy and that liberals just don’t get it? Will he simply ignore it? Will he double-down on it?

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37 Replies to “Wheel Of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Tweets ‘Global Warming Alarmists Are Unpatriotic Racists’”

  1. Pea brained
    Electile dysfunctional
    Can I buy a planet?
    Ought to shut up

  2. Pat may want to stick his head up his ass on this issue but the insurance industry is taken this seriously
    A major insurance company is accusing dozens of localities in Illinois of failing to prepare for severe rains and flooding in lawsuits that are the first in what could be a wave of litigation over who should be liable for the possible costs of climate change. Farmers Insurance filed nine class actions last month against nearly 200 communities in the Chicago area. It is arguing that local governments should have known rising global temperatures would lead to heavier rains and did not do enough to fortify their sewers and stormwater drains.
    The doo doo is about to hit the fan

  3. Pat has the right to choose” But I believe he is on the wrong side of History! We Commons shall Win out as They always have through Out History’s of collapses and Rebuilds?

  4. Typical GOP conservative thinking they have all the answers, when in reality they know absolutely nothing. Next winter wen it really gets cold because of climate change, he can always snuggle between Beck and Limbaugh. Three peas in a pod!!!!

  5. A no-talent hack hosting the lamest game show in history somehow is an authority on climate change and the judge of peoples’ level of patriotism? Piss off, dumbass!

  6. Why should I care about whatever Pat Sajak (Pat Sajak!!!) thinks any more than I care about what Lynne Cheney or Jon Voigt thinks???

  7. With poster boys’ like sajek, the GOP still can’t figure out why young people typically can’t stand them!! BTW, will somebody tell pat to give rand paul his toupee back!!

  8. Is it me or my imagination ? but don’t 99.0% of republicans all look basically alike.?? pat sajek looks like robert copeland who looks like donald rumsfeld who looks like kelsey grammer who looks like jon voight who looks like donald sterling who looks like robert de nero who kinda looks like joe arpaio who looks kinda like newt gingrich who looks like rush limbaugh!! what a nasty pack of BA$TARDS!

  9. I said it before. I’ll say it again.

    Village Idiot + media = Well Known Village Idiot.

    Pat Sajak should get together with Sarah Palin.

    Then We can listen to STUPID in Stereo.

  10. I remember Sajak as a “Weatherman” (not someone with any professional credentials, such as a meteorologist) on the first “Happy Talk” TV station to grab onto that model(as opposed to actual news) in Los Angeles. His main job was to be a foil for the anchors.
    That Sajak is establishing his bona fides as a Conservative hack does not surprise me at all. Wheel of Fortune is an amazingly retro show in the attitudes that it evidences; you would almost need to go back to the 1950’s to find a show that treats the “little woman” with such replete praise, and then have the Vanna Robot disclose to them their possible gains or losses.
    While I disregard most of this kind of crap, I will be quite happy to render Sajak unemployable. He never had any talent to start with, so if that factor catches up with me, I certainly will cry no tears.

  11. How is being alarmed at climate change in any way racist?

    Answer that Pat?

    F_ck Yo_

    Do you need to buy a vowel for that, dumbass?!

  12. Any reasonable person would agree that reducing pollution is a good thing but they do not like being told that they are to blame. We pay politicians and scientists to ensure that the air is clean, blame them.

  13. We have to agree to disagree. Anyone should be allowed to say anything they like no matter how stupid or wise. But please submit a rational argument next time. Pat was trying to be ironic and witty and failed miserably. I would agree with one thing though, anyone that voices doubt about global warming is badly treated. They have a right to an opinion and who knows in 50 years they may be proven to have been right.

  14. Deniers have already been proven wrong, they just don’t think that 97% of scientists in the world are worth believing.

  15. Little guy with a little I.Q. and a little penis, but with a big mouth to overcompensate for his many shortcomings. One of the most talentless hacks of all time. I bet him and Rush Limbaugh are actually lovers.

  16. I think Sajak is being a smart ass, possibly hinting progressives equate to much to racism, however the GOP’s beliefs and objectives will definitely lead to disparity for most and only benefit the 1% and religious right.

  17. don’t forget to add in ted cruz…. put the 3 of them together and you have, the 3 musketeers of brainless…

    like the monkeys, see no intelligence, speak no intelligence, do no(thing) intelligence.

  18. You are correct!!
    And they NEVER have an upper lip!!! Never!!!

    My Momma used to say Republicans have thin lips so the lies can leave their mouths easier!

  19. I’m amazed daily by the a seemingly, half way smart, normal, person, turns out to be a complete nut bag! I’m so glad I stopped watching WOF when I was 18.

  20. Patty boy is a a complete moron– a brainless robot could replace him at his “job”- Patty Sayjerk”s response to global warming is “A” typical of a substandard humanoid like himself with an idiot rated IQ–for anyone to spend their entire “adult life” as a merry go round operator just shows his level of substandard self achievement goals–what an …hole and pos Patty my “boy” is–what a totally wasted life fenjerk

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