Republican Lindsey Graham Attempts To Steal Women’s Rights Without Even a Vote In The Senate

Stop GOP war on women
When most Americans think of a congressional representative and their job description, it is likely they imagine they work for the general welfare of the population. With the country’s economy not quite raging along, millions struggling with unemployment and slave wages, and the nation’s infrastructure crumbling around them, it would seem that addressing at least one of those issues would be high on Congress’s to-do list. But this is 2014 and for over five years Republicans have obstructed any attempt to help the people they were elected to serve.

There is a reason the last Congress was one of the least productive in the modern era, if not ever, and it is down to Republicans who wasted an incredible amount of time and taxpayer dollars to either make governance nearly impossible or introduce legislation that serves no greater good. In fact, over the past five years, and longer, Republicans have not introduced or supported even one piece of legislation that helps the people, but they have proposed hundreds of pieces of legislation on behalf of their anti-women special interest. This week another Republican attempted to fast track legislation for their evangelical special interest and as usual it is another attack on women’s reproductive rights.

The latest Republican to introduce legislation attacking women’s right to choose is Senator Lindsey Graham who attempted to bypass a committee and asked for unanimous consent to bring the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” up for a vote. Graham also demanded that the Senate vote on a pro-women’s right bill that he vehemently opposes because he wants a record of how senators vote on each bill. Graham’s bill bans abortions after 20 weeks because of a bizarre idea the developing organism feels pain. According to Graham, “We already have laws banning abortion after 24 weeks. The reason we’re backing it up four weeks is because at 20 weeks, people have been born and survived, and I know two twins who were born at 20 weeks.”

Medical studies and research reveal that Graham is a liar, and real medical professionals have set tenuous fetal viability a 24 weeks. Even then the mortality rate is over 44% and requires extremely invasive medical intervention to ensure survival. Graham’s bill did not include any exceptions for severe fetal or maternal health problems discovered later in a pregnancy that reveals he is not concerned with fetal health and only concerned with controlling women’s reproductive health choices. It is likely Graham subscribes to the religious right and personhood advocates’ contention that since the moment of conception is a living human being, something their bible’s god refutes, even a zygote experiences pain and can survive outside the womb; the definition of a baby. But that is not really the point. The point is Republicans continue interfering with women’s reproductive choices and know better when a woman should start a family than she does and will use taxpayer time and money to prove it. To get a better idea what Graham really thinks of women, it is worth looking at the other bill Graham demanded a vote on and why he and every other Republican opposes it.

The bill introduced last November in the Senate, the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2013 actually serves to, as the title implies, protect women from the recent barrage of Republican state legislation limiting a woman’s right to choose. What the bill entails is putting a stop to restrictions on abortion and “makes unlawful a measure or action that restricts the provision of abortion services, or the facilities that provided them” including any state law making “abortion services more difficult to access and does not significantly advance women’s health.” It is a real piece of legislation, offered by Democrats, that actually helps living, breathing women and it is why Republicans oppose it. Instead, their focus is protecting a fetus that is not a living, breathing human being according to Old Testament god, common sense, established medicine, thousands-of-years of human history, and evangelical Christians prior to 1980. Last year the Christian majority in the House passed a similar bill to Graham’s, but the Senate did not take it up because Democrats were more concerned with protecting women’s health instead of a fetus.

The sponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act, Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) objected to Graham’s demand that the pro-fetus bill and pro-women’s health measure be forced to a vote without “a vigorous committee process” and said Graham’s pro-fetus bill “would do nothing to help women or protect their health,” but he knew women or their health was not the point of Graham’s bill. Blumenthal noted that Graham’s bill “punishes doctors with up to five years in prison for performing a procedure the doctor believes is best for the woman and her family. The Constitution tells us emphatically that these choices should be between the doctor and her family.” Republicans and their religious right voting bloc believe those choices should be left up to evangelical clergymen and Republican males serving in Congress and Republican state legislatures.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had a different take on why Graham wanted to circumvent the regular legislative process to protect a fetus and deny women the right to make their own reproductive health choices such as when they give birth. Reid said, “As we know, he’s got a difficult primary down there, and he keeps moving further and further to the right. That’s what this is all about.” That may be the case, but it does not explain the myriad other anti-choice, ant-women’s rights measures Republicans introduce when there is no “difficult primary” or impending election. Republicans have never let up in their war on women and they have no intention to because they are patriarchal cretins beholden to the religious right’s belief that women are to be submissive to a man, particularly Christian men in positions of power they assert have the right to control women’s bodies and decide when they give birth.

Lindsey Graham is a typical Republican and no different than the freaks-of-nature who made outlandish statements concerning rape and contraceptive use. As Senator Blumenthal noted, Graham’s bill does nothing to protect women or their health, but then again Republicans have not proposed or supported any legislation that protects, or helps, any American because their purpose in serving in Congress is protecting the rich and fetuses and restricting women’s medical choices like typical Christian patriarchs.


11 Replies to “Republican Lindsey Graham Attempts To Steal Women’s Rights Without Even a Vote In The Senate”

  1. Lindsey Graham is a closet case. Unfortunately it is the closet cases that feel forced to marry a woman against their better nature that tend to be the most virulently misogynistic. Look at Marcus Bachmann, another closet case who apparently doesn’t get along with his wife very well these days. And Ted Haggert, so anti gay that his male prostitute outed him.

    These evangelical closet cases have been shamed into rejecting their natural selves to embrace an unnatural life and it makes them extremely bitter, angry and hateful.

    They tend to strike out at the people they hate: women and gays. The Bible gets a lot of it’s misogyny from Ancient Greece who viewed women as a necessary evil to reproduce but nothing more. This poison has been passed down for 5,000 years. It’s time to reject this tie to the Bronze age and grow the fuck up.

  2. That is the GOP..destroy innocent peoples’ rights to further THEIR agenda. I am so sick of these bastards. I hope every woman in that state votes Dem.

  3. No different then all of a sudden McConnell is all for getting Kentucky jobs

    These guys want to be involved in healthcare, why are they not on board with the ACA?

  4. When will someone ask Miss Lindsay what his part was when he collaborated with Lara Logan
    on the discredited Benghazi CBS film.

  5. i am of the opinion any more that the reason that they are making up these asinine laws is because they resent the fact that they were not born women…

    talk about vagina and womb envy.

  6. If they really care about fetal pain, they better outlaw vaginal deliveries. How do you think it feels to have your head pounded against a hole that is too small for hour after hour, until the bones in your skull are squeezed into a cone shape?

  7. Any doubts that Republicans are anti-woman should be put to rest permanently with these revelations. The truth is that they don’t care about potential mothers or fetuses. They just like using them as political footballs in order to rile up already rabid members of their base. If they truly cared about unborn children, they would not be cutting programs like WIC or attempting to defund the ACA. After all, the health of the babies they profess to care for depends on the health of the prospective mothers. Once the babies are born, though, they couldn’t care less. As for abortions, they come out against the very birth control that helps to cut down on the demand for abortions, which shows that logic and empathy are foreign concepts to them. They are much more like the Taliban than they could ever bring themselves to admit.

  8. I don’t believe they are “jealous” they aren’t women. They are ecstatic they are male and want to DOMINATE and control women through their body parts. Most of these guys don’t want kids to support anyway and many of them have walked away from their own and use every effort to get out of paying child support. These are the “family values” hypocrites that have mistresses and are diddling their office aides, etc. It’s all about control and since women started working outside the home, getting divorces and refuse to be their punching bags, these rich old white guys can’t stand not having someone to take out their frustrations on. They have no respect for women, not even the female politicians in their own party. They “tolerate” them, just like they “tolerate” a black man on the Supreme Court and black senators. It’s all a game of manipulation to them to serve their own greed.

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