Republicans Attack Obama For The VA Scandal That They Helped Cause


Congressional Republicans are ignoring the need for bipartisanship, and trying to blame President Obama for the VA scandal that they helped to create.

Here is Republican Sen. John Thune (R-SD) doing his best to blame President Obama for the latest VA scandal:

Thune compared the president’s response to the issues at the VA to Obamacare, “When it became clear that his health care website was a disaster, the president employed an all-hands-on-the-deck approach to fixing the problem, spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. In response to the V.A. disaster, on the other hand, the president has dispatched just a single staffer — a single staffer — to oversee the investigation. This is not acceptable.”

Video of Republican Sen. Marco Rubio calling the Obama administration incompetent on the VA:

President Obama delivered a dose of reality to Republicans who are hoping to turn this sad state of affairs into their next big scandal, “The point is, caring for our veterans is not an issue that popped up in recent weeks. Some of the problems with respect to how veterans are able to access the benefits that they’ve earned, that’s not a new issue. That’s an issue that I was working on when I was running for the United States Senate. Taking care of our veterans and their families has been one of the causes of my presidency, and it is something that all of us have to be involved with and have to be paying attention to.”

The problem is that Republicans and Democrats have all too often not been paying enough attention to the issues with the VA. Republican and Democratic presidents have had to deal with VA scandals. Both Democratic and Republican controlled Congresses have dropped the ball for decades on the VA.

The National Journal pointed out the cause of the problems at the VA is bipartisan, and it goes back to the 1960s:

Looking for a lone villain in the VA debacle, however, is a fool’s errand. It’s true that—despite holding the world’s most powerful post for five years—Obama is yet to eliminate the long waiting times for veterans seeking help. Blaming him alone, however, is to ignore roots of the problem that stretch back decades before Obama took the Oval Office.

Instead, the sheen of shame over the VA’s failures spreads across time and party affiliation. It stains the legacies of presidents as far back as John F. Kennedy and condemns past Congresses whose poor oversight allowed the problem to fester. The VA itself is also not without fault, as bureaucracy and intransigence let the department deteriorate to the point the problem became nearly impossible to fix.

The reason why the VA story won’t become a national scandal is that Republicans are also guilty of sweeping the issues under the rug, and letting them get worse. The real story features Republicans that are guilty of ignoring the VA, and this is something that Republicans in Congress would rather not talk about.

President Obama has done a lot of good things for our veterans. He has undertaken job creation initiatives for vets. The president has secured increased funding for the VA, and his administration has done remarkable work along with people like Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders in cutting the VA backlog, but these kinds of scandals will continue to happen because very people in Washington pay attention to the VA until it breaks.

This scandal isn’t President Obama’s fault. He is the guy who got stuck with this mess, because he is in office right now. If Republicans really cared about our veterans, they would stop trying to blame Obama, and start working with Democrats on legislation that would comprehensively reform the VA.

Veterans are waiting too long for care, but this has been an issues for years. The Republican attempts to blame Obama and call for the privatization of the VA are not answers.

The Republican compulsion to blame Obama for their own problems solves nothing, and will only allow a bad situation to continue to get worse for our nation’s veterans.

Republicans, as usual, have nothing, and President Obama is being left to clean up the decades worth of mess that they helped to cause.

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  1. Wow…was really hoping for some facts here. Please give us the ammunition of facts to fight against the republicans. Your story above….4th grade. Or is your useless story more about there is no reason this should be so wide spread since this has been a priority of Obama since he was in the Senate.

  2. Face it, the GOP wants to PRIVATIZE the VA as Mr. Easley shows in a few words. The GOP doesn’t care about Vets. They want to use them as props to fool people. When all said and done this scandal will be investigated and the proper things will be done to correct the matter.

    The key word is PRIVATIZATION. Close all VA facilities and give veterans chump change coupons that amount to very little coverage.

  3. First of all let’s just think a couple of years ago when George W. Bush shut down Fort Mammonth,New Jersey.This is the site where they were placing the veterans into a data system for their health care.After they shut it down those records were placed in a damn warehouse and the job was not getting done.Let’s put the blame where it belongs.

  4. In addition to the good arguments above, the VA backlog that was in existence at the time Obama took over has been decreased by 50%. It also appears that the VA has a rather antiquated computer system, and we know that our good republican friends will never vote for funds to replace the system. They would rather use the VA as yet another attempted battery ram against Obama. And spend our money on “investigation” political stunts.

  5. I just wanted to thank you for giving the web link to reuter’s article. I read many of your posts here on politicsusa and find you courteous to idiots by giving them something to chew on instead of just calling them out for what they are. Your class and decorum is rare these days and I appreciate you very much.

  6. Fer real!!! It must be that weather machine in Alaska or is it chemtrails? Who can keep up with the ODS

  7. what rock have you been under that you have not seen or read anything at all of what is going on???
    the repubs are being like spoiled rotten brats. every problem faced by the people of this country is the fault of some one else according to them. they will not accept any blame at all for any of the problems.
    it wasn’t the repubs that caused the government to shut down costing the tax payers billions of dollars. oh no! it was obama’s fault for not kowtowing to the repubs. for not crawling on his belly to them like they do to to the koch bros and the tea party. it was all obama’s and hillary’s fault for bengazi. not repubs fault for denying additional added funds for more and better security…
    hmmm? maybe you should pull your head out of your azz and pay attention.

  8. Well well well….seems all the GOP braying now amounts to a herd of jackasses braying in their own tin barn!

  9. I’m not sure I agree, DJ. At first I was willing to cut him some slack…but he’s been with the President since day one. To me, this shows a certain lack of “rolling up your sleeves”.

  10. But if your funding was cut by REPUBLICANS what more could he do? The VA don’t print money that comes from congress.
    Also one must consider this calling for his head is payback because he told the truth about the Iraq fiasco. To the rethugs that was an unforgiveable sin. Just sayin

  11. They offered bonuses to try to decrease wait times and some people cheated to get bonuses. Didn’t see that coming? Interestingly, did anyone notice that most of the facilities where cheating for bonuses happened (that we know of so far) is in “red” states? Hmmm

  12. If Republicans give a dam about these veterans how about they roll up their dam sleeves, work with the Democrats and try to make the system better, instead of hopping before a tv or on a Senate floor playing the same old political games. It’s all Obama fault, we Republicans had nothing to do with it.There comes a times when leaders ought to put politics aside and do what is right. And finding out the facts, not guessing and jumping to conclusions should be the main goal. And then seeing what can be done to fix what is wrong should be Republicans and Democrats only goal. Fight for these veterans the way they fight to keep you safe. And stop using them as political ploy.This problem with VA didn’t just start in 2008, if any Republicans care to remember.

  13. Bush did more than that, other than tripping the need, he closed clinics across the Nation. My eldest moved home because they closed his clinic, and the one here has a pretty good record.

  14. It has been a problem for year at some facilities, But the real disaster was brought about by the Reagan administration cutting funding and trying to undercut their operation. Doctors and good career people left, and things were really bad.
    Bush Sr tried to clean up the mess, and raised taxes to try and do so…we all know where that got him

  15. My god djchefron , you blame the GOP and when someone asks you for facts you site a article on something that happened this week and you feel smug about it , smug enough to say keep up.

    Jay Carney says the President just found out about the latest scandal from watching the news( ) yet now you want us to believe he has been fighting his since he was a senator ? seems he is always the last to know , almot as if he tells his staff “if it’s bad don’t tell me”

    I know you want to blame Bush and talk about the wars. So if all this is either Bush or the GOP’s fault and Obama has been in office for over 5 years after two campaigns were he said he was the one that could fix it. What has changed since his promises ? All we ever hear is nothing is his fault and those damn Repubs keep blocking all the good things he wants to do. What he just found out he GOP doesn’t agree with …

  16. John, there are many people who knew conditions were bad at the VA. Lets not forget when Walter Reed was shut down. You seem to forget the 2007 neglect scandal. That was when Obama was in the Senate. And yes that was when he started working on that

    The current scandal is not part of that. Perhaps you could leave your low information source, and find someone news worthy.

    As for the GOP blocking things, again I suggest you review who your news source is. Perhaps there are things occurring you are not allowed to know.

  17. I will bet every vehicle I own (4) that every VA clinic that has or is the problem is administrated by a Republican/Conservative. And that Repubs. Conservs. are at the center of the problems.

  18. Joseph,
    It is not a conservative or progressive problem, it is a government problem. Government bureaucracies are the singular most inefficient way to get anything done. The VA has been poorly managed and underfunded for decades, and largely attracts some of the poorer and less ambitious medical personnel available. Our veterans should be given insurance vouchers so they can shop for the best treatment available and not herded into these poorly run medical facilities where most of the personnel have no vested interest in curing these broken soldiers.

  19. The Republicans have been consistently killing attempts to increase VA funding fo many years. In addition to the Feb, 2014 vote to which djchefron linked, above, check out this 2005 story about Senate Republicans killing an attempt to provide an addition $2 billion for veterans’ health care:

    Here’s the link to the vote count on the 2005 bill:

    Note that every single Republican except Arlen Specter voted against the increase. Note that the Republicans controlled the Senate at that point.

  20. Complete bullshit.
    The VA has been poorly managed, but other givernment programs suich as Medicaid are vastly better run and more cost effective then private business.

    Your voucher program is nothing more then a way to cut vets abilities to have full coverage.

    You are done here. Your constant right wing garbage is proven false everytime you post. Move along

  21. You really are a company man. You have the Dems lines down pat , blame the GOP for everything , take no responsibility for anything.
    First let’s get some things straight. Only in Washington can you say you want to raise spending by 20 billion and instead only raise it by 10 billion and call that a 10 billion cut. Then maybe we can agree the Dems control the senate and the President but you want to say the GOP somehow passed spending cuts without any Dem support or do you mean when they want to raise spending a lot and the GOP will only agree to raise it little so you call that a cut ?

  22. WTF are you talking about. Senate republicans filibuster a 24 billion increase in aid for veterans. If you don’t have the money to carry out your mission then you will have mission fail. Facts do not require fiction for balance

  23. So that is what your talking about when you say the GOP cut spending , your talking about the bill being debated THIS WEEK. Now I see it . Of course that is what caused the current problem. I also see what you mean by a cut.

    If you spent more time actually looking at the problem instead of trying so hard to defend the Liberals you might see what the real problem is .

    This administration wanted to decrees the backlog of VA patents (a worthy goal)so they offered bonus for doing it. So two sets of books were born , the real ones and the fake ones that got them bonuses and made the President look good ( have you not heard that the back log has been cut by 40 percent since Obama took office ? ) It had nothing to do with funding cuts (especially like the ones you sited that hadn’t even happened yet) it had to do with a culture of “I don’t are how just make it look good”

    But you keep fighting the good fight and ignore reality and blame those damn Republicans for everything.

  24. You don’t read what your posting do you? That was a Motion to waive the Budget Act with respect to amendment SA 344 and other amendments to the HR 1268 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief, 2005 which was passed and became law. The post you used to show the GOP hurting Vets was an attempt by Patty Murry to kill the bill. But it sure sounded good the way you tell it :)

  25. To Shiva, who is supposed to make the laws? Congress, right? Lets avoid the fact that Obama sees it the other way around.
    So in 2007 Obama was a Senator under Bush’s reign. In 2006, who controlled the Senate and the House? The Democrats. I do recall making 4 trips to the VA before 2006 and my care was spectacular. The Democrats have controlled this debacle since 2006. You can try to blame Bush, but it’s not going to work. Lastly, this GOP voting down the VA bill in Feb 2014 cannot undo all the damage done since 2006.

  26. “Who can keep up with the ODS…”

    Don’t even try – it’ll make you dizzy trying to understand their pretzel logic.

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