Ed Schultz Proves He’s Smarter Than Rush Limbaugh By Moving His Radio Show to the Web


Ed Schultz’s move to end his radio show is another sign that political talk radio is dying.

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz told his audience that he is tired of doing 3 hours of weekday radio, so he is ending radio show, and moving to a one hour long web based weekday show.


Schultz told viewers on The Ed Show,”Really, this change will give me the flexibility to be on the road, to do the kind of shows I want to do here for the ‘Ed Show’ on MSNBC…This is on me, I just don’t want to do a three-hour talk show anymore, and a lot of it has to do with tread on the tire.”

All of that might be true, but Schultz is also the company man who told his audience that he wanted to leave 8 PM and go to weekends, when it was later discovered that he was pushed into the weekend wasteland to make room for the disastrous Chris Hayes experiment.

The fact that Schultz will be moving to the web is another sign that political talk radio is dying as a genre.

The same demographic problem that is killing the Republican Party and Fox News is also pushing talk radio closer to extinction. As generations change, the market is drying up for over the air political talk radio, “Depending on where you set the hash marks, you’ve got 80 to 90 million millennials about to take the reins of the American economy, and to them, these people are crazy uncle acts,” radio consultant Holland Cooke said. “It’s about stuff they don’t care about, and it’s the same thing every day. Ultimately, that demographic is going to work against us. In the meantime, ratings speak for themselves.”

Liberals and progressives have found success by doing an end around traditional talk radio, and moving to the web.

Variety reported, “Broadcast radio is hurting itself,” says Ron Hartenbaum of WYD Media Management, who manages talk personalities like Thom Hartmann and Stephanie Miller. “If you continue to take away program choice, consumers who want that choice will find it somewhere else.” Indeed, Hartenbaum cites robust growth for progressive talk in newer venues — including satellite radio, mobile apps and video simulcasts of programs — as evidence of the shift, and the viability of such personalities.”

Political talk radio is slowly and steadily dying. Rush Limbaugh’s ratings have collapsed in major markets, and other right wing talkers aren’t as popular as they used to be. Those of use who listened to Schultz on the radio will miss his show, but Big Ed is ahead of the curve on this one.

In the next decade or so the Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Savage genre will be viewed more like a crazy old man screaming on the street corner. Their time is ending, and liberals are already poised to dominated the Internet based talk radio platform of the future.

Ed Schultz is getting out while Rush Limbaugh is staying behind to man the sinking talk radio ship.

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  1. I have three millennial children, two are in their early 20s and both of my older children look at Rush Limbaugh the same way they would look at pictures of that rare 8 legged goat: as a complete freak show that turns their stomachs.

    They have no patience for anti gay talk or pot prohibition or religious views fit for past epochs that are best left in those epochs.

    And Bengh-nazi dog whistle fails to impress them.

  2. I don’t know how that will fare in the South, down here we are just getting FM radio and most people listen to a.m. The year is 1962.

    Other than that I have no idea who listens to the radio anymore. Since I discovered satellite radio, I have not listened AM/FM in probably 15 years. There is a market out there if Ed Hooks up with somebody like the progressive left on satellite.

    I wouldn’t blame anyone who wanted to get out of a three-hour radio show who also does television. That is a lot of work. And I can imagine sooner or later the money isnt the prime driver. I hope that gets onto a broadcast show on one of the left stations like Thom Hartman has done for a long time.

  3. The reality is Ed’s ratings are in the toilet and I am sure he was pushed out just like he was pushed out of his slot weekdays on MSNBC. He is the clown in the circus, he gets the laughs but no one takes him serious. Time for him to quit before he becomes more of an embarrassment.

  4. I can’t help but wonder if this had anything to do with him screaming obscenities on the radio a few months back when he called a caller an f’n a-hole live on the air and Ed had already used up the delay earlier in the call and had to air his foul rantings. But I digress, this “article” is laughable as it is nothing more than an apology for yet another leftist failing in a form of media the left could never do effectively. It won’t be long before Schultz disappears forever and will only be remembered as the talentless hack that he was.

  5. He’s already on the web. He’s on WCPT progressive radio and it streams on the web. He’s also on XM satellite radio. One hour? That’s not fair, and somebody needs to step into his shoes.

  6. “Internet-based talk radio platform of the future.” That all sounds well and good–until you remember the FCC chairman is poised to end net neutrality. This will serve only Republican constituent interests. Those people will do anything to keep their party in power. What’s next? Targeted assassinations?

  7. I love Ed Schultz! He speaks for me. I’m going to miss his 12:00-3:00 XM satellite radio show. I’m a long-time listener. Bring him back at the 8:00 PM slot on MSNBC! I got the impression that Progressive Radio, as a whole, is being pushed out. It’s happening to Thom Hartman and Stephanie Miller. Randi Rhodes just retired. Who’s taking their places?

  8. I very much disagree that talk radio is becoming unpopular. I enjoy Ed and Thom Hartman as much as always, and that goes wayyyy back! I don’t buy it!

  9. Really? Are you talking about radio ratings or TV? Do you have any numbers to back that up? I have seen numbers that show how badly Limbaugh has slipped, and how even dog waste removal companies don’t want to advertise on his show. And I have read business reports of how much trouble Limbaugh’s “network” is in, causing trouble for part-owner Bain Capital. And I have not seen a drop off in the sorts of guests Ed has on, those people still take him seriously. And since he did the legwork and changed his views on the Koch-line, he has seemed to be even more engaged. So who doesn’t take him seriously, the Limbaugh fans who never would? I am just asking, why wouldn’t someone take him seriously?

  10. The article is a little vague about the details and causation. We know that Rush is in trouble because his attempt to intimidate and distract from Ms. Fluke led to a boycott so successful that many advertisers are just staying away from talk radio. We also know that the Conservative talk audience skews really old, and young people have no patience for anti-LGBT or veiled racist rants. But because Radio, AM in particular is nearly a monopoly, to try to stay alive Rush is being pushed into every available station, displacing more popular shows. The fact that at this point he is being propped up by right wing “think” tanks advertising means basically, the Koch Brothers, et al, are basically operating AM as a denial of access to liberals, in a political, rather than purely economic act. Will it kill the whole medium? It depends on how quickly less affluent people move to smart phones to replace the relatively cheap AM band. Bain will milk it than sell it off. It may return.

  11. The local radio station which broadcasts progressive radio preempts these programs with sports since they moved them from one FM station to their present “sports” station in January 2013. These preemptions happen suddenly while the program is in progress.

    Frustrating indeed. I plan to make an appt. with the program manager …

  12. Last Week, Clear Channel changed the format of the Progressive radio station in Denver that carried Ed Schultz. I listened to that station every time I was driving anywhere on weekdays (weekends were infomercials). Norman Goldman created a video showing how I could connect my smartphone to my car radio and still listen – provided my car radio is new enough to have such a plug – and provided I pay for sufficient web time on my smart phone. I’m retired though. Big Business wins again.

  13. And most of them white haired and stepping into the grave.

    Lets remember there are no solid numbers for the rush show. No way of counting them. Not to mention his ratings have fallen and he has lost a huge number of advertisers

  14. I love Ed Schultz – but I’m deaf. When his show was cancelled I cried. I wish there were transcripts

  15. There may be a personal reason for Ed’s less hectic schedule and sometimes emotional reactions to the stupidity of some callers: His wife is back in the hospital — today, as a matter of fact.

    He hasn’t said why (as if it’s any of the public’s business), but if it’s related to her cancer diagnosis, that would stress anyone out, and they might want to take a leave of absence, not just lighten the schedule.

  16. Shultz is no more a liberal than Karl Rove! He is a phony, switched from wing-nut talk because he could not compete. Today is his last show and he doesn’t even bother to show up. I find both his TV and radio shows poorly produced called in garbage. He is lazy and the end product reflects that. He does not do any research it is just him spouting off the cuff, no different than Rushbo really. Good riddance, now hopefully they will give his spot the radio and msnbc to Thom Hartman!

  17. Yep, Air America was a HUGE success. They had to BEG their listeners for donations to stay afloat. I guess there weren’t enough listeners to matter.

  18. This is not a move of big business. Instead, it is and has been the REALITY of Radio for the last 4 to 5 years.

    On-Demand Radio is where its’ at. Ed Schultz realize this. Anyone that know anything about radio — knows this. Independent Underground Radio LIVE is the NEW GENERATION Progressive Talk Radio.

    Key word – INDEPENDENT, not corporately owned and dictated talk radio — available by PODCAST – ON DEMAND.

    Folks are going to have to change the way they receive information. Podcast syndication points of Stitcher-On Demand Radio, iTunes, Soundcloud and more is how you will tune into what was “traditional radio” in the future. Via your car AV Jack, on your Phone, Tablet or computer when you want.

    We have a fundraiser campaign right now to expand our program. If you support Independent-Left Progressive Radio/Podcast over “talking points” propaganda radio, DONATE!


    We are the future of radio!

  19. Heading to the web is not staying ahead of the curve, it is an admission that no one cared for the drivel Ed spewed everyday and his ratings were in the tank. Radio is not a medium that any so called progressive or liberal host has yet to become a major player in the market. They all end the same way…off the air. Why is everyone so obsessed with Rush Limbaugh? If you don’t like him, don’t listen. The need of some to constantly bash him for the failure of progressive radio is amusing. Really, get a life.

  20. I have to say I found Ed’s style atypical of most right wing blowhards, i.e. he seemed ill prepared, and when confronted by wingnuts with their usual nonsense, he seemed more inclined to insult and shout over them rather than easily thwart their non-sensical ramblings with facts. Chris Hayes may be “disasterous” as his MSNBC replacement, but that has more to do with viewers and how easily they are bored by rational and thoughtful idea driven discussion presented in a non – firebreathing manner.

  21. Good by Ed Schultz, you big dork. You’ve implied people to break the law to win elections. You’ve made fun of people with handicaps. I’m glad your gone where you will only spew your crap to nobody for an hour. You have no respect from me.

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