Editorial Cartoon: War Wounds

What does it say about America when it asks its brave men and women to risk their lives, have them return home damaged physically and mentally, and then treats them like doormats?bd140522fb

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  1. It makes me mad as hell! It dam well better not be another political game of “gotcha” like all the other “scandals” have been. These men and women went to war for our country and they deserve the best care this nation has to offer!

  2. Remember please that the wait time has been cut in HALF or more over what it was in the previous administration, and many VA hospitals are doing excellent jobs. The one in my area deals with a lot of homeless veterans who are getting excellent care on a regular basis. It has a lot to do with the STATE it’s in – and the problems seem to proliferate in Red states. Also remember the GOP filibustered the vote on extending and enlarging funding for the hospitals so they could hire staff and grow. It’s critical that we call out the correct people on this.

  3. My husband works at a VA hospital in Oregon, a solidly Blue state, and it’s doing an excellent job. No long wait times, excellent care. This sorry situation is not universal, but rather in localized Red states.

    GOP also cut funding and filibusters any kind of progress the Obama administration proposes to do for the Vets. It’s all documented. The bills, the filibustering, and who did what.

  4. Those who fought must wait and beg for care but the chicken hawks get care immediately. Our Representatives get the BEST care. They have Medical Staff right there to take care of them. They never wait for appointments. Funny,but each one of them is totally replaceable and they are treated like Royalty. Somewhere along the line they have made themselves more valuable than it’s citizens,especially those who fought for our country. The right cuts all the programs,veto every bill and then complain it’s the lefts fault. Time to kick the righties out of office. They aren’t worth the space they take up. Our Veterans deserve more than they are given. It’s easy to say “thank you for your service” but exactly what do we do dor them except cheat them out of benefits they were told they would have. Those who work directly with the vets and don’t treat them with respect deserve to loose their jobs. Time for American citizens to start being the squeaky wheel.

  5. Cheney had 5 deferrments during the Viet Nam war. How much has HE cost taxpayers so far for his extensive medical bills? During the 8 years he was VP (self elected by the way) there was a full medical staff there ready for any emergency he may have. All the profits these war hawks made for the useless wars should be taken, given to the VA for the REAL heroes. I wonder how many much more deserving people died after Cheney got the latest heart, going to the top of the list?

  6. It says for the uninformed, this is the way we’ve always done it.
    Unless of course we are talking about the Viet Nam vets, We, as a nation treated them as something to scrap off the bottom of our shoe.

  7. I would love to know how an old man got a heart transplant? My daughter has been on the waiting list for a kidney for a couple of years now. I keep praying for a ray of light but I realize that she could slip through the cracks because we live in Kansas. Mr. Cheney is Darth Vadar with an ice cold heart!

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