Darrell Issa Declares War on John Boehner as Benghazi Investigation Turns Into a Circus


The big House Benghazi investigation has turned into a full blown circus, as John Boehner has lost control over Darrell Issa, who has gone rogue, and is trashing Boehner’s big plans.


Here is a transcript of Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) explaining the meltdown in the House GOP to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

BLITZER: What exactly is going on?

REP. CUMMINGS: I think the Speaker has lost control of Issa. Mr. Issa’s trying to interject himself into the Select Committee’s business. Keep in mind, Wolf, when the Select Committee was formed what the Speaker said was everything comes under the Select Committee. Now, here we have Mr. Issa trying to bring the Secretary in, and the Secretary is saying, you know, I’m going to come, but I’m just going to come one time. This is it. By the way, Wolf, it undermines the Select Committee. It undermines them. This is the very thing they were worried about.

BLITZER: I thought if there was a Select Committee, it would supersede the other committees.

CUMMINGS: That’s exactly right….I can tell you. I would think that Trey (Gowdy) would be a little upset about this. In other words, it’s his committee now, the Select Committee, and now he sees Issa operating on the outside, and the Speaker said it would not be a circus, but we’ve got a circus on the side.

Blitzer and Cummings both agreed that Sec. of State Kerry wouldn’t know anything, because he was a senator and not the Sec. of State at the time of the attack.

Yesterday, Issa sabotaged the Select Committee by disclosing details of a memo that confirms that the White House was telling the truth about Benghazi. At the time, it was speculated that Issa was bitter about the Benghazi investigation being taken away from him. Rep. Issa’s behavior today proves that he is actively working to sabotage Boehner’s Select Committee investigating Benghazi.

This whole sideshow has turned into an epic circus before the Special Committee has even formally been seated. I agree with Rep. Cummings. Boehner has lost all control of Issa, who is now acting on his own. The whole let’s get Obama with Benghazi plan is melting into complete chaos and dysfunction.

The great Benghazi investigation is a total joke, as Boehner, Issa, and company are getting what they deserve for trying to exploit the deaths of four Americans for partisan political gain.

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  1. I would love to see a citizen committee replace the current proposed committee on benghazi. Then Congress would also be help accountable. I have served on legislative appointed bodies so I know it can be done. Takes the politics out of issues though

  2. I used to think GOP Congressmen were not shallow stupid fools, who only cared about themselves, their ego, and their status in the tea party hate cult.

    But now I realize, yes, they are guided by what their status might be, in the tea party hate cult. Facts don’t seem to matter, their own rules don’t matter, they attack each other and sabotage each other to get the most attention — it’s attention they want. It’s that simple, attention and continued power.

    They don’t care much about anything else

  3. I have nothing to add to this clown show. The car thief and the drunk at each others throat. HAHAHAHA

  4. Issa just wants to make a BIG name for himself on the back of 4 honorable, dead Americans. He believes the attention of this ‘circus’ will elevate his status. he hasn’t yet learned that RESPECT lasts longer than attention.

  5. I think it would be very easy for Kerry to make Issa lose it. And he is just the man to do it. Preferably televised.

  6. Ooooo….the cannibals are all out!! Yahooooo!!! Who is selling tickets? I want a front row seat!! Is it too late to open a popcorn concession??

    Poor Speaker Orange….you just cannot stuff embarrassing people under the bus these days without them whining!

  7. A single answer would do…”Why yes, Mr Issa, I WAS still in the Senate when Hasbenghazi was attacked..thank you.”

  8. And to be stuffed under the bus by Speaker Orange…only to be replaced by a Dracko Malfoy-clone Inquisitor! OH, the humiliation!

  9. It’s already a circus and it hasn’t even started yet. How many times will we see foot in mouth disease by election time?

  10. I love clowns at the circus! They make me smile and laugh. Therefore, I’ll pop the popcorn, open a soda and enjoy.

  11. Can’t say that I’m the LEAST bit Sorry.

    The Village Idiots that started the Benghazi Witch Hunt deserve exactly what
    they Get.

  12. Well, you knew this was going to be the end result.

    Only thing left for me is this: I’ll get some the popcorn that kws is making and enjoy the fireworks that will come from this debacle.

  13. We should DEMAND a Citizen Committee to replace the current committee on Benghazi!

    This so reminds me of how they relentlessly attacked President Clinton.

    They’re SHOWBOATING for their Brainwashed Flock! Anything to weaken our sitting Democratic President. Republicans do this every time we have a Dem President.

    Would someone write a book or a movie on Republican Destruction…of America!

  14. Boehner has not only loss control of Issa, but has loss control of the house, period. The fact is, they think Benghazi is their meal ticket, so all the sharks are in a frenzy going after it. But what will happen is, nothing will come out of it and they will end up blaming each other how they messed up the investigation. The rest of us can set back and get the last laugh.

  15. I feel no sympathy for any of these ignorant fools, who thought they could milk a tragedy for political gain while ignoring the wishes of the 4 victims’ families. From Day One, Boehner has been the dog wagged by the tail. Every time he failed to assert his leadership, that failure caused clowns like Issa to take increasingly bold liberties. The Congressional Republicans, especially those in the House, were so bent on sabotaging this president that they couldn’t look beyond their hatred of him to see the inevitable end result of their actions. As we can see, the end result is chaos and the steady unraveling of this mockery of an investigation.

  16. Not one, but TWO, Benghazi investigations going on in the House at the same time. Issa is probably pissed because he wasn’t named as a member of the select cmte on Benghazi, so he’s decided to conduct his own investigation. The behind the scenes GOP conflict over Benghazi has become public. ROTFLMBO!!! For those who’ve been watching the GOPTPers since 2009, this is exactly what we figured would happen. Boehner doesn’t even have enough control of his caucus to stop Issa from conducting a Benghazi investigation while the select cmte is conducting its’ own Benghazi investigation! I’ll write it again–Boehner is the worst Speaker in the history of the U.S. Congress.

  17. How about a jobs bill.An infrastructure bill. What happened to the jobs Boner said would come if we extended the bush tax cuts for the rich 1%. I am so tired of paying for the rich to get richer. Trickle down economics my ass. Get off the BENGAZZIE B.S. & get to work fixing this economy. These teatard repub. IDIOTS need to be in the unemployment line.

  18. Ooooo would LOVE to see a war between the orange one and the car thief. Will boner have the balls to try to take away the committee chairmanship from izzy? Get the popcorn! Start the circus music!
    Dem house control by 2017?

  19. Why can’t/didn’t Boehner disband Issa’s committee hearing since there is now going to be a “Select Committee”?

    These half-assed actions are really very amusing.The only thing that really rankles me is the time and taxpayer money that is being wasted. That money and time should be directed towards passing legislation that makes a positive difference in the lives of the citizens, voters, and taxpayers of this country.

  20. ever since Issa started his never ending witch hunts I hoped and prayed that one day it would all implode in his face, I think I may be getting my wish!

  21. Suga,

    Friend, here is a link regarding Repigs ‘Destruction of America’. These books were written by a very intelligent and honest lawyer who KNOWS….that lawyer is John W. Dean who was the very young White House counsel for Richard Nixon. After essentially bringing down Nixon and his Watergate crooks and serving prison time, he has spent his life studying and exposing the Repigs for EXACTLY what they are. Mr. Dean is the only republican I have ever given any credence to in my life:


    He pulls no punches….

  22. This House is indeed like a circus, a three ring circus. But, there are no trained acts. Seeind a car full of clowns crying BENGHAZI! a BENGHAZILLION times becomes boring beyond belief.

    There will come a time when the public that is paying the performers will demand better performances.

  23. another reminder of why voting REPUBLIC is a great way to remind folks you are a complete fing MORAN (in honor of baggers)

  24. This narcissistic, self-serving, sociopath Darrell Issa needs to repay the $14 million and still counting, to the taxpayers, for the money that’s been wasted on this political pandering charade.

  25. Democrats are Stupid for even agreeing on another Hearing! It’s Time to stamp out Both Crooked Parties” It’s Time for the Green Party to save Our Country from Corporate Greed and World domination of Pollution and Stupid? To Many splinters in Politics.Can’t you People see that Politics won’t work” One step forward two back Mentality is retarded and STOPS Progress for all?

  26. It was prophetic that my attempt at a rhyming take on “Nothing would be finer that to be in Carolina” only had the first two likes of “Scrapping Speaker is an absolute no-brainer in 0 ’14, nothing would be nicer that Icing Darrel Issa in O ’14–if I had Aladin’s lamp for just one day, I’d rub the Dems a landslide and blow obstruction away.

    And now those two have accommodated my lack of further verses.

  27. Ooh, this is great news. Let the fun begin. I can’t wait to see Issa implode then explode. He has wasted taxpayer’s money on his psuedo investigations for political gain and attention and it’s payback time.

  28. LMFAO at your entire comment, Philip.

    If you still believe both parties are the same, then you haven’t been paying attention at all.

    As for the Green Party saving the day, yeah right! And when you say nonsense like “politics won’t work,” then it’s very clear to me that you’ve being chasing too many freakin’ unicorns.

    How else do you expect to bring about political change without dealing with politics? Duh!

  29. That sounds like a stupid idea, and it will never work. The reason is that republicans will always vote republican, and they will never not vote, period. You put in a third party and the only ones voting that way is independents,who would then not vote for the Democrat, which will always allow the GOP the win an election. They three party system splits the votes for Democrats, and that is very very stupid and dangerous. Like it or not, a vote for a third party candidate is the same as a vote for the republican, as it only takes away from the Democrat. Don’t you remember how Ralph Nader running in 2000 and 2004 gave the election to George W. Stupid.

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