John Boehner Screws Over The Unemployed Then Skips Town for Vacation


John Boehner and House Republicans skipped town for Memorial Day vacation while still refusing to vote on the Senate passed unemployment benefits extension.

Roll Call reported, “House Republican leaders have no plans to take up the Senate-passed unemployment benefits extension and only a handful of them are calling for restoring the benefits. Obama has yet to make a personal appeal to Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, and apparently uninterested in the type of hardball horse-trading (video) it would likely take to resurrect the issue.”

Chief Democratic budget negotiator Sen. Patty Murray made a big mistake when she didn’t insist on the unemployment benefits extension being included in the deal. She thought that the extension could be negotiated separately, and it was in the Senate. President Obama and many congressional Democrats wanted the extension included because they didn’t trust the Republican controlled House.

Democrats were right. Boehner has repeatedly refused to bring the unemployment benefits extension to the floor for a vote in the House. It has now been five months since the benefits expired for the long-term unemployed, and there is no sign that Speaker Boehner has any intention of ever allowing a vote on the bill.

Boehner and his House colleagues think it is good politics to push millions of unemployed Americans deeper into poverty. When Boehner is playing golf and enjoying his holiday, millions of Americans are struggling to survive. House Republicans aren’t going to extend unemployment benefits, and they deserve to be called for every moment that they skip town while they are needlessly harming millions of hard working men and women.

Enjoy your vacation Republicans, with any luck, you too will soon join the ranks of the unemployed.

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  1. Just remember, if you want a government which absolutely couldn’t give a shit less about anyone outside the 2%ers (Yes, working class Christians and true small business owners, this INCLUDES YOU) keep voting Republican.

  2. Whoever Republicans and Republican-lite Democrats get voted out, it’s for certainly they won’t be unemployed for more than a second. They would get to hired by multi-national corporations in blink of eyes and the best part for them? They will get paid by their new employers and receiving the full congressional retirement benefits for lifetime at the same time.

    The greedy hides behind their smiles.

  3. Boner and the rest of the scum continue to insure that there will NEVER BE ANOTHER GEOPIG IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

  4. Must be nice to afford a vacation on the taxpayers dime. This is such a sad world where the only person that Boehner thinks about is himself. Most of us will not be able to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend because we do not have a job or money to support our families. When is this country going to start worrying about their own? I never thought I would live in a world where we just tossed Americans to the side of the road and forget that without the middle class this country would have not been formed.

  5. I hope that he gets hit in the head with a Golf Ball maybe he’ll understand how it feels to be need Hard by something! We have have been HIT HARD by Boehner not bringing the Unemployment Extension to a Vote.
    I hope of you in Congress that have let this happen get the same treatment in their life.I have lost everything! I can’t even afford to look for a JOB!

  6. Is this official? Are they really taking another vacation and leaving unfinished business on their desk? We need to recall Boehner including his groupees! RECALL RECALL RECALL!

    If it was you or me, and we would leave unfinished projects on our desk we would definitely be fired!

  7. WASHINGTON — Federal employees owe a total of $3.3 billion in back taxes to the federal government, according to Internal Revenue Service data released Thursday.

    In all, 318,462 federal employees owed back taxes as of last Sept. 30 — an increase of 2.6% from the previous year. That puts the average tax bill at $10,391, according to IRS data obtained by USA TODAY under the Freedom of Information Act.

    But federal workers are better at paying their taxes than the average taxpayer. Their delinquency rate of 3.19% is far lower than the 8.7% for the population at large.

    Some federal workers are worse than others. The non-payment rate for employees of the House of Representatives is 4.87%. In the Senate, it’s 3.24%. That’s 714 tax delinquents on Capitol Hill owing a total of $8.6 million — more than one for each representative or senator. Thirty-six employees in the Executive Office of the President are delinquent on their taxes, for a rate of 2.06%.

    Tax delinquencies on C…

  8. we need to get boehner out of the house of rep. and what happened the executive orders that the president promised?

  9. I’m in the same boat, Michael. No money coming in for 5 months. I don’t dare take my clunky old car anywhere. I need to get it fixed with that money so I can keep looking for jobs and try to schedule a checkup. (Thank god for Obamacare.) I thought right from the beginning the budget agreement went through way too easily. Why would you put Patty Murray up against a snake like Lyin’ Ryan? Unemployment was the biggest concession the democrats gave so that’s exactly why the republicans are sticking it to us. 2.7 million families are suffering. At this point pressure from the White House couldn’t hurt. Nightmares and depression won’t let me enjoy my “holiday” weekend, Mr. Boehner.

  10. I will over come the situation I am in and I will remember what these people have done. Stay strong to my fellow unemployed Americans.

  11. PoliticusUSA, this is not news this is the new normal. LOL and crying at the same time. So sad, but so true.

  12. If every American remembers how important it is to vote this November we can slaughter them. I will not miss it. Think of all of you who are suffering because of the greed and selfishness on the right. Now I understand why we have so many ex-pats. This country doesn’t want to do anything for you under the right wings leadership. orange man is not a leader. He belongs in the family business sweeping floors. When he speaks he always licks his lips,must be the left over booze taste calling him. They are such disgraceful so called leaders. Time to say goodbye to them.VOTE!!

  13. John Boehner’s GOP-controlled House just finished its 54th scheduled work day yesterday, almost half of the entire scheduled work days of the House in 2014 (112).

    Thursday was the 142nd day of 2014. Tough work if you can get it.

    If John Boehner is being paid by the hour, his wages paid out so far are $107,759. That’s not counting his investments in tar sands oil (Keystone XL).


  15. It is going to take DRASTIC measures to change the DC operates. The people can change this whenever they decide to do it. It is not going to fix itself without severe intervention. Crooked politicans rule our country, not the people and not the president. When the people have had enough of this type of BS they will change it. Until then you can bet that politicans like Boehner will continue to rape and pillage Americans.

  16. When the people fear their government, there is a tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty,- Thomas Jefferson.

    Boehner has no fear of the people.

    Anyone want to change that?

    It can be done.

  17. To all unemployed combat veterans,
    Please accept my apology on behalf of the good citizens of the United States who support you in all you do. It is a disgrace that your country has turned it’s back on you in your time of need, especially after you were willing to give your life for our freedom. This is not what the people wanted for you, that is the work of crooked politicans. Please contact your local Veterans Affairs office to see what benefits you may have.


    Enjoy many more benefits than you have with unemployment by becoming a ward of the government permanently. You will get free housing, mediacl, dental and eyeglass coverage, free cell phone, food and some spending cash. It is like an all expense paid permanent vacation on the government. If this is the way our country works, the politicans go on vacation while you starve then give them what they deserve. SCREW BOEHNER, HE IS SCREWING YOU/

  19. If our founding fathers could see what crooked politicans like Boehner have done, they would roll over in their graves in disgust.

  20. The people of this country Don’t, Its the special interest That do. Who ever has the deepest check book. They all need to be fired.

  21. If the unemployed were taking over DC this weekend I am willing to bet something good would happen by Tuesday morning. Nothing ventured (Dec 28th to date) nothing gained. For as long as we do nothing … nothing will happen. What do we have to lose …nothing.

  22. BOEHNER is a big DIRTBAG,as most politicians are. Doesn’t really matter what party they are affiliated with! I know people that are unemployed. Just because you are young, doesn’t mean there are alot of job opportunities out there. AMERICANS-screwed again by the politicians. All the politicians are worried about is what benefits them. I SAY LETS VOTE THEM OUT, START WITH SOME NEW BLOOD. All politicians should be on a limited term,just like the President. This is a call to all AMERICAN CITIZENS-when it is time to go to the POLLS, GO VOTE. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am tired of this crap we put up with from our leaders. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the world.

  23. Dear Family and Friends,
    I am in dire need of numbers, people and voices. Our so called government has given up on us. We need to be heard. We have to tell them that we do not agree with how things in our government are being handled without concern for us AMERICANS! They have been there far too long and have lost touch with the average AMERICAN!
    I ask that you stand with me on my fight for the Long Term Unemployed, the underemployed, and the 99er’s. Please contact your state Representatives and tell them that it is just plain wrong to let AMERICAN people starve, loose cars, loose their home’s and to loose EVERYTHING they have worked so hard for their whole lives. People can’t feed their kids let alone themselves. They are living in cars, shelters and camping on friends/families couches. Loosing their children because they can’t care for them anymore…
    I have listed a site below for petitions that have been started that I have already signed join me in my fight for a BETTER AME…

  24. All I can say is this piece of shit name Boner belongs in the bathroom like all the shit. and anyone of those assholes that put up with piece of orange shit Get him out of there andObamaa start doing something to take of Americans that put you office I used to think better of you but not now

  25. Anyone in his district/near his district or close enough to get to him needs to follow him around his whole vacation.make the tanned assholes life as miserable as he is doing to the people in this country he swore to serve and protect.Make him face the people he is hurting everyday.put a alert on twitter of BONER sightings so that people know who to thank for the mess we live in.Wish i lived close enough to haunt him.

  26. It is mind boggling that the Democratic process is being completely bypassed by one sour, disgruntled alcoholic. This is akin to a dictatorship. When the Senate passes a bill that the House can’t even vote on because of one man who is being manipulated by the Koch brothers and the like, our system is doomed.

  27. Yes, but guess who will bet blame for it? The president, all those other times the president was the one who were fighting the hardest for the unemployed to continue to receive their benefits there were still some fool heart dems like Patty Murray who got blindsided and didn’t included in the budget like the president wanted it to be, but no she didn’t fight for it. Why don’t they listen to the president when he say fight for what you believe in and stick with it, he fought hard all those times when he could and got it until his times ran out. That is the only problem I have with the democrats, they get cold feet and back off too fast instead of standing their grounds. The republicans know as long as teaparty is in there unemployment benefits won’t get passed and that is so sad, I just hope that those who are unemployed are register to vote, will vote and remember who are on their side in 2014, 2016

  28. answer to your question, of course they are. With only 113 days of work on the agenda, what do you really believe will get done, plans are to do nothing as usual.

  29. Randi, you said that you have listed a site below for petitions, where is it?? I agree with the Former US Marine. If we stand up against those heartless hypocrites in Washington we can see a difference by at least Wednesday when they return to work to file their nails, and call us “Lazy.” I saw Boehner yesterday giving a press conference, and he said that he is pro-military. My question is: If he is so pro-military why is he letting veterans become homeless, starve, and destitute?? What a hypocrite!!! All he is worried about is finding someone to blame for the VA problems, and that is the President. They are (Repubs)are not to blame for cutting lots of VA programs.

  30. What a sissy. Perhaps they should run it through his back yard and he will get more than a Keystone Pipeline.

  31. Boehner is a Dick and thinks he can screw the american people and get away with it. So far he has, Hopefully in November the people in Ohio will vote his ass out of office. Where they should put him is drop his ass in the middle of Afghanistan or throw him in jail.

  32. How could it possibly be legal and/or constitutional for ONE man to block legislation that affects nearly three million Americans??? How does this ONE man have more power than the President???

    How many vacations have they left on since screwing us over last December? They do NOT care. It’s going to take something drastic or rash before there is a change. This is why oppressed have ALWAYS, EVERY SINGLE TIME IN THE HISTORY OF MAN had to resort to violence in order to get what was rightfully theirs.

    I HATE this country. Hate it.

  33. What are the American people to do? I wish the House speaker had to be on unemployment and his ran out. What would he do. There are to many unemployed American people who are hurting because of this person. We can not take a vacation because we have no money. He needs to get out.

    This Country has gone to HELL

  34. Impeachment proceedings against John Boehner for lying to the people when he indicated that he would approve EUC under the condition that unemployment extension would be paid for. Now, he is retracting his promise. Isn’t that grounds for impeachment?

  35. Congress holds the purse strings, Very little that the President can do. The thing that he has done and can do is get on the stump and raise peoples awareness on the situation, which he is always doing. You have to get in Boehner’s behind on that one, they hold the paperwork on everything that goes on in this country. If bills are agreed upon between the senate and the house it goes to the Presidents desk for him to sign. If it doesn’t go through the senate, it goes back to the house to be amended again, until it is agreed upon, it’s on Boehner’s desk as we speak. He won’t put anything up for a vote.. go figure

  36. Why would he hold a vote on the senate bill? That would then mean house conservatives were allowing to help main street Americans. John Boehner said his reason for running for congress and going to Washington was to shrink government nothing else. Conservatives do not believe in unemployment benefits. If they had their way no government help would be allotted for anyone(except if your bank account balance ends with at least six zeroes).

  37. I hope something happens to Boehner, he deserves to be punish for causing a lot of pain and suffering to people, and worst part is he doesnt even give a f.

  38. I agree with you brother. I have 1 month left on my unemployment benefits. I don’t know what comes after that. My Obamacare is only $1 a month…got that settled. I have breaks on my gas, electric and phone bills. My question to you, Former US Marine, is how do I go about getting things set up as you suggest. My only expenses are Food, Utilities and my Property Taxes each year. No rent or mortgage. So I should be able to qualify for some kind of permanent assistance. It’s time for me to take my ‘vacation’ to the next level. Can you help me? My name above.

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  40. I find it sad that at age, 48, after working my entire life, putting myself through paralegal school and working full time my entire life at law firms as paralegal, legal assistant and finally an office manager, I am now only working part time and making half of what I was making and working half the hours. In September 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, worked through all treatment, including a mastectomy and chemo and then lost my job in July, 2013. I immediately started looking and found a part time job in Septemer, where I am still working, part time, making a fraction of what I earned the past 15-20 years. I am entitled to partial benefits were this to be passed. Does Boehner at all care about people such as myself. My father same thing, worked all his life, retired went back to work and than got laid off and he is suffering too. I have 4 children, 5 grandchildren. My husband and I have lived with our children in our home of 17 years which we are about to lose now. I…

  41. As for food, go to your county social services to sign up for a food card. You will receive a certain amount each month for human food for human consumption only. Amount will depend on members in your house hold.

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