Desperate Liar Mitch McConnell Gets Caught In His Own Obamacare Trap

Mitch McConnell
Upon Senator Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) primary victory promise to repeal Obamacare, I mused who would ask him about kicking the 413,000 Kentuckians who were on Kynect off of it. Your mainstream media did just that, and the Kentucky Senator told a bold faced lie. A lie so disingenuous and so important policy wise that it can’t be overstated.

The man who is hoping to be Majority Leader of the Senate and who promised to repeal Obamacare if he makes it claimed that the Kentucky state exchange is not connected to Obamacare. But of course, it is. It is Obamacare, under a different name.

ABC reported:

But the veteran senator won’t say what would happen to the 413,000 Kentuckians who have health insurance through the state’s health care exchange.

McConnell told reporters Friday that the fate of the state exchange is unconnected to the federal health care law. Yet the exchange would not exist, if not for the law that created it.

Kynect is the state exchange version of the Affordable Care Act, aka, Obamacare. It’s a marketplace run by the state as the drafters of the ACA intended all marketplaces to be (before Republicans sabotaged the online marketplace by refusing to build the state markets).

A plurality of Kentuckians like their Obamacare, so long as it’s called Kynect, so it’s no wonder that McConnell is trying to dodge his way around kicking them all off of their health insurance.

According to Kynect statistics as of 4/21/14, 413,410 Kentuckians are enrolled in new health coverage, including Medicaid and private insurance.

Per the Kynect website, “Calling it ‘the single-most important decision in our lifetime for improving the health of Kentuckians,’ Gov. Steve Beshear announced in May 2013 the inclusion of 308,000 more Kentuckians in the federal Medicaid health insurance program.

Read slowly in honor of Mitch McConnell:

The expansion – made in accordance with the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) – will help hundreds of thousands of Kentucky families, dramatically improve the state’s health, create nearly 17,000 new jobs and have a $15.6 billion positive economic impact on the state between its beginning in Fiscal Year 2014 and full implementation in Fiscal Year 2021.

Kentuckians deserve to know what Mitch McConnell plans to do with all of the folks who signed up for insurance under Kynect or got onto Medicaid when he repeals Obamacare, as he has promised to try to do.

It looks like McConnell is caught in his own Obamacare trap. Too bad he and his party never tried to do anything to solve the healthcare crisis in this country — and have staked their entire party upon the public buying their smears about Obamacare — instead of realizing that once it was implemented, they would be running on kicking people off of insurance and that’s not as easy as telling Obamascare lies.

Kynect is Obamacare, and Senator McConnell knows it. This is one of the most brazen, outrageous lies told in the last few years, and I’m ranking it above even Mitt Romney’s Jeep lies, because it is meant to fool innocent Kentuckians who have no clue that Kynect is Obamacare. There aren’t words for this kind of cruel hypocrisy.

Politics is full of spin, but this goes beyond spin. This is a matter of people’s lives.

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  1. Uhhhh Yepp! Thatss.right..Jon Stewart nails Mitch (Bitch)McConnell perfectly. Only a complete idiot would believe Mr. Turtle.

  2. I am very proud of what our governor did. God knows many people in Kentucky needed this healthcare.

    Before the AHA, we had about 640,000 residents who lacked insurance. By the end of April, around 413,000 Kentuckians had health insurance via KYNECT.

    If I am understanding this article correctly, it sounds as if all of the uninsured are now insured?

    Regardless, Mcconnell has boxed himself in and the Lundgren Grimes campaign better take advantage of it. This literally fell into their lap, Mcconnell making this bold face false statement.

  3. McTurtle could care less about the people. He has done nothing for them in 30 years, why should he start now? Lying is his way

  4. Sorry folks but if they are GOP members in Ky. They are brain washed to not believe anything except from GOP supportive articles. The more you tell them the more calls that you are a liar.

  5. Sorry but I can not imagine that the whole state is so ignorant about what is going on in the country that they do not know they have Obamacare, I also cannot imagine that they are so delicate in their feelings for a black man that if they are the beneficiaries
    of his work they will reject it.
    If this is the case they don’t deserve the ACA and they deserve Mitch McConnell.

  6. Who is going to shake this asshats hand after he kicks all these people off the ACA. He will never be able to show his mud turtle face outside of his shell in KY ever again I hope. Mitch you are scum, and will say or do anything to get re- elected, you are a real dirt bag politician, not even a descent human being, or mud turtle for that matter.

  7. You forget Joan that if McConnell wins he would take over Harry Reid’s job & we simply cannot have that. Hopefully, Kentuckians will wake up & see this imposter for who he is.

  8. I wonder what it feels like to be one of the most hated men in the U.S.? I would think he would retire.

  9. There was a survey done a while back where most Kentuckians were happy they had Kynect and not Obamacare. So no. I have to believe they don’t know they are the same thing. It’s sad.

  10. I may be an apocaloptimist, but many of you are being far too pessimistic about the Democrats retaining a majorty in the Senate. You should be fired up and using facts to compare the differences in the agendas of the two parties. I don’t expect hardcore GOP and TP to change their opinions, but you can inspire many to vote and vote Democrat that may not otherwise vote, because they believe their vote will make no difference. We must point out what is at stake and inspire voters to actions in their best interest. Many young people are paying attention, they must be fired up and perpared to make a difference.

  11. The reason people don’t know the difference is because the republicans confused them in the very beginning. Remember they are they the ones who start calling it obamacare, not the president. It was their way of making the american people to hate it but it backfired and people wanted to know more about and they like what they saw. Now the republicans don’t know what to do. So Mitch is in a hard spot, what the dems in Ky need to do now is educate those in backwards of KY that the insurance is actually obamacare before election time. Because they like what they have they will still keep it because they need it and it will show at the polls, it is like when they registering people to vote, instead they are educating people on the name of insurance they actually have. It may be called one name but it is still ACA,aka, obamacare. Then they won’t want to lose their insurance for no insurance like before. Education is the Ky, so get to work.

  12. Grimes needs to use McConnell’s own words to fight him because he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. If people in KY don’t understand their state exchange is Obamacare, it’s time they found out.

  13. If these knucklehead in Kentucky have Kynect and don’t realize it’s Obamacare, then we know why turtlehead was elected again. These people are really not qualified to even vote. So if they are dumb enough to cut off their nose to despite their face then let them. All because of their hatred for a black man. Tell me hatred don’t breed stupidity.

  14. In more than 30 years in politics, Mitch McConnell has done nothing for Kentuckians. He is only interested in being re-elected so that he can continue to remain rich in spite of doing nothing constructive in Congress. However, he never would have prevailed in election after election if there hadn’t been a bunch of gullible fools who bought into his nonsense. The fact that so many people in Kentucky don’t understand that Kynect and Obamacare are one and the same is a measure of how McConnell and others have succeeded in brainwashing these folks. Just the same, he’s caught in a trap of his own making, and Ms. Grimes needs to make the most of this stupidity in her campaign. Unlike his hate-filled, factually false memes about her, this one would have the ring of indisputable truth. She needs to use his words to hoist him on his own petard.

  15. I love the lady that is running against McConnell. She has fire in her belly and will make the idiot suffer for all the crap he has brought upon the people of his state. She also has a spine of steel and can run with the best of them! No more turtle man lurking in the halls of congress!

  16. Joan, I only wish you were correct. Jimmy Kimmel did a “man on the street” video asking people if they liked the ACA or Obamacare better. Most preferred the ACA. They also asked people who didn’t like Obamacare if they agreed that insurance companies shouldn’t be able to kick people off if they used too much health care, if it was good if kids under 26 should be able to stay on parents’ policies, etc. Most agreed with the details of the law. The video is on You Tube.

  17. I must add, I spend a fair amount of time on conservative message boards if only not to stay in my own liberal informational bubble. Joan, I also wish you were correct that people don’t dislike Obama because of his skin color. If you want to see what I am talking about, subscribe to Freedom Outpost then start reading the comments to almost any article posted.

  18. I think Allison Grimes will make the skink turtle pay for his hateful attack against his own Kentucky citizens having the chance to live their lives in diginity.

  19. Joan:

    You are correct: most of people the state of Kentucky are ignorant of the ACA and what it does, and of how Kynect is related to it.

    Remember: less than half of the people in Kentucky are functionally literate.


  20. My brother-in-law owns a business in KY and has a master’s degree, and HE and his family are all rednecks to the core. They hate Democrats, Obama, the ACA, and I’m certain all their employees feel the same. They have managed to instill a need for education in their girls, all four of whom have degrees and jobs, but they insist the GOP is better for the country..oh, and yes, they are fundamentalists as well. So no smart voting from this crew.

  21. I think she will. Allison is a smart cookie, and she hit him hard with her victory speech the other night. I’m sure she will run ads with his own voice telling lies, and then point out the truth. Debates will be entertaining, for sure, if he agrees ago any. And if not…well, more ads touting the man who is afraid to debate a woman.

  22. That was what I was going to say the big problem is the brainwashing of america and it’s not just stupid people it is people with college degrees who believe all the crap the right wing propaganda machine throw’s out it beats all I have ever seen.

  23. You are indeed blessed to have your governor.

    I heard him on Ed Schulz several months ago talk about the success of the ACA in Kentucky. I was deeply impressed with his compassion for Kentuckians. After the interview I looked up his office telephone number. I called and left a voice mail giving my name, my telephone number and that I was calling from Bangor, Maine.

    Five minutes later the gentleman who took my message called me back to thank me for my kind words for the governor. He was impressed because I took the time to make the call. I asked him to tell the governor how I felt and that he would be in my prayers. He said he certainly would tell him.

    I have often called other offices but never received a “thank you call” back.

    Yes, you are blessed.

  24. Shiva,

    The reply button was not on the post where you asked me if the conservative site I went to was like WND or Breitbart so am responding here. I haven’t read Breitbart in a long time (just way too over the top in hate), but I imagine it is. They come up with these outlandish anti Democratic headlines but little independent support.

  25. Thats fine Jan, the threads only go 5 deep then the reply button is gone.

    WND is an alien website, breitbart is just plain ridiculous

  26. McConnell is a lying republican liar lying republican lies, I expect nothing less and nothing more. The GOP have nothing for 99 percent of Americans, so the lying liars must keep up the republican lies. That is all they have,lies. That is all they are, liars.

  27. These moronic types here in Ky. only listen to their preachers and local news broadcasts. Can any one guess what most of the mainstream local media here project? You got it, almost Fox like local news all over the state. It is going to be rough, but I am and will continue to stump for Alison any time I can. I have already donated several times, when I can.

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