Warning! Anything You Say or Do Might be Persecuting Fake Christians

Michael_Sam_Kiss_ESPNRight wing bigots can’t get over Michael Sam. Look, let’s be precise: fake Christians can’t get over Michael Sam.

The college star was drafted by the St. Louis Rams despite threats by religious extremists to put whatever team drafted Sam out of business. They felt somehow that Sam being allowed to play in the NFL violated their rights.

Most sane people would understand that banning Sam merely because of his sexual preferences is what would be a violation of rights – his rights, as it happens, but for these extremists, they are the only people who have any rights. The rest of us have to live our lives tip-toeing around hoping we don’t somehow “persecute” them by doing something they don’t like.

To make matters worse, Sam had the temerity to kiss his boyfriend, and to really make matters worse, ESPN and others had the nerve to televise the kiss. You remember Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Lies about Homosexuality complain that he was *gasp* “forced” to watch Sam kiss his boyfriend?

Talk about being persecuted, those poor bigots! Sam might as well have been Nero.

The thing is, Nero didn’t really persecute any Christians, because to be honest, there probably weren’t any Christians in Rome to be persecuted, and Sam didn’t persecute any Christians either. For one thing, any real Christian would have spent that time loving their enemies, like Jesus told them to do, and turning the other cheek, also per Jesus’ instructions.

I mean, look, I’m just a surly old son of Odin here, and tell me if I’m missing something, but aren’t Christians supposed to do what Jesus told them to do? And not do? Like, don’t pray in public because it makes you a hypocrite? And love your enemies and do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

Brian Tashman over at Right Wing Watch points to a little whine fest between Lars Larson and Breitbart columnist C. Edmund Wright. As usual with these things, they started with a false premise, namely that, a) Sam’s kiss is representative of anti-Christian persecution in America, and b) that all Christians are hostile to gay rights and gay people.

You mean, like the Pope, who said, “Who am I to judge a gay person?” That Christian?

And isn’t that what Jesus says to do anyway? Not judge?

You know, when people wanted to stone a woman and Jesus said, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”?

And, “Judge not, that you be not judged”?

Well, far be it from these bigots and fake Christians to care what Jesus said. To be fair, they probably don’t even know what Jesus said because you have to actually open the Bible to find out, and if there is one thing pretty obvious about the Religious Right, it’s that they have never opened the Bible they pretend to be defending.

At least not the New Testament. You know, that part of the Bible by and for Christians.

And in fact, Gallup just reported that support for same-sex marriage has reached a new high of 55 percent. This means there are quite a few American Christians who also have no problem with Michael Sam.

But Lars Larson and C. Edmund Right are pretty sure that kiss persecuted them and worse, that it’s a lot like making it a crime to insult Mohommed. Or putting an NFL franchise out of business for drafting a gay player, I’m sure they’d agree.

Larson said,

You know what I compare it to, if you go to certain countries on this planet [are there other countries on other planets we can visit?] and you say a harsh word about Mohammed, the penalty is death. In America, if you say a harsh word about somebody who is homosexual, the idea is a public death or an economic death [like the Rams?] or a career death. So what’s the different in that kind of thinking?

And what’s the difference between being somehow punished for criticizing a gay kiss and threatening to put an NFL franchise out of business for drafting a gay player? Isn’t that a lot like those “insult Mohammed” laws you are complaining about?

Wright lamented that it was “not necessarily a great moment for America.” And then, with a powerful need to look in a mirror, Wright said, “They want to be celebrated and elevated and they want to quash anyone who dares not do that.”

For Lars, the infamous kiss gives us all a peak at the “ugly” said of “homosexual advocacy groups.”

I’ve got to say, listening to these two stumble over reality is not a real great moment either.

And that’s not even getting into World Net Daily editor David Kupelian, who said that Wright’s and Larson’s revulsion are of God. He told Linda Harvey,

If you take a 5-year-old who looks at that [kiss] and he says, ‘Ick, that’s gross,’ that is something of God, of innocence, goodness and wholesomeness in that child who sees something yucky.

To be honest, the only ugly thing I see here is all this hate in the name of a man who told them to love, and to forgive, and to turn the other cheek, instead.

But hey, let’s be fair: what is more fitting for these people? Fake persecution for fake Christians.

It’s a marriage made in heaven.

27 Replies to “Warning! Anything You Say or Do Might be Persecuting Fake Christians”

  1. To a five-year-old, a kiss is a gesture of affection, conferred on and by parents, aunts, uncles, puppies, and kittens. A five-year-old who says, “Ick, that’s gross”, has already been under the influence of dirty-minded adults.

  2. These Christian extremists are bullies. They are bullies because on a personal level they shame their own church members, their own children and anybody else they have personal access to for being gay.

    Meet somebody sometime who has been tossed out of their family because they are gay. It’s heartwrenching.

    But yet these bullies, like all bullies in general are the first to scream victim hood when it doesn’t all go their way, when victims begin to fight back, when the shaming is on the other foot for a change.

  3. Jesus said absolutely nothing about being gay. Nothing. Perhaps these two should get out of the OLD Testament and read The Sermon On The Mount.

  4. “You know, when people wanted to stone a woman and Jesus said, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”?”
    Actually written over two centuries after the bible says jesus was crucified. By someone who knew neither judean law or the conditions of the roman occupation of Judea.
    (Why was jesus killed by the romans? Because the judean authorities could not execute anyone themselves.)

  5. A lot of 5 years olds, heck 15 year olds, would say “yuck’ when they saw their own parents kissing, be they hetero or gay. And gee, I thought most TVs came with remotes now. They guy didn’t even have to leave his chair to change the channel, or turn it off if he was SO offended.

  6. The thing is, Christians are saved by grace. This grace came upon them one moment in their lives but it covers EVERYTHING.

    So they don’t have to abide by the teachings of Jesus, or do anything positive – they can do and say ANYTHING they want and they are still assured of God’s love and eternal salvation.

  7. Real Christians have a role model to follow – Jesus Christ fought the Righteous, welcomed sinners and outsiders, and warned about how hard it was for rich men to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  8. And then there’s the little boy, about 5 years old … the video has been going around lately … who is confronted by two “husbands”. He asks them a couple questions, pretty tame stuff, and then says, “I’m going to go play ping pong now. You can come play if you want to!”

    Bigotry is taught, so stop teaching your kids to hate.

  9. Or dirty-minded peers in school – even elementary school, who of course, learned from those dirty-minded adults

  10. The point is that Christians accept this as the authoritative word of God, whatever its origins (and no, you’re right, it’s not in the earliest versions of John).

    The Romans didn’t execute Jesus for the Jews. Jesus had not committed a crime under Jewish law. The Romans executed Jesus for sedition.

  11. RW xians have never heard of this role model, because, as Hraf mentioned, they’ve never, ever, actually looked in the wholly babble that they claim to believe in and follow. Instead, the RW xians worship Republican Jesus™, who bears exactly zero resemblance to that biblical guy.

    How do I know they’ve never read the babble? Simple. It’s the fastest, most direct route to atheism I can think of.

  12. These numbskulls are creating a dangerous social meme. If you claim persecution long enough, then persecution becomes acceptable. You want to claim victimhood? Fine. We’ll make you a victim. If you want to be a victim, then being “victimized” will become the norm.

    Victimization and persecution occurs when there is plainly seen unfairness. If you try to fake it, it just might become your reality…

    Are there FEMA camps for fake victimized christians?

  13. Jesus has left the building. For the fundamentalists and my Southern Baptist neighbors jesus is no longer a constant. He would not be down with all the weapons they are gathering. God on the other hand is a cold blooded killer. They can relate to that. I think christianity (as in fundamentalists and haters)is a thing of the past. Its all about their own power and glory now.

  14. “How do I know they’ve never read the babble? Simple. It’s the fastest, most direct route to atheism I can think of.”
    I TOTALLY agree. As a formerly ordained minister, I HAD actually read the Holy Bible,but ONLY through the “lens” I had been given (indoctrinated). In searching for ammunition to “defend the faith”, I went into an in-depth study mode that had fallacies just jumping off the pages. Even in spite of my wife’s remaining totally “faith-filled”, I became as-atheist-as-you-please. She continues to fool herself into thinking that I am “…just angry with god” while I try to emphasize not being angry at anyone I don’t believe exists. I try to tell her, “IF I’m angry at anyone, It’s at myself for wasting so much of my life believing in something as preposterous as an all-powerful god/so-called supreme being who created useless creatures like mosquitoes and after 6,000+ years can’t cure cancer.

  15. The rise of religion, and it’s continuation, is simply the incapacity of most human beings to comprehend the incomprehensible universe.

    So instead of letting it be, and accepting the potential terror of an eternal death, cessation of a personal identity, they have to create a small reality that is dwarfed and overshadowed by the reality of an endless existence around and in us.

    Poor fools. Poor poor terrified little puppies.

    Funny that folks such as Jesus had a message for THEM they didn’t get and instead interpreted his words so poorly.

    Reduced to the stunted human terms of limited minds, and limited consciousness. They cry out futilely from limited experience, only.

  16. I don’t live for others… I live for myself, my partner, family, friends…. As for anyone else, especially these hate filled “people”, they can screw themselves.

  17. You’re assuming that they can actually read. That might be a stretch in their case. They certainly don’t seem to be able to reason.

  18. If they spent less time worrying how others are sinful they should take a good look in the mirror and might be frightened in what they see. They are far from perfect and Jesus only knows if they are forgiven. They are being used by their preachers and right wing politicians for their own gain. Bet they laugh all the way to the bank. Only children who are taught that any lifestyle is different are being used by their parents. There is no war and rights being taken from them. They all imagine it and are “told” by their leaders to say and do these abominable things. Must be hard to hate so much. It is so much nicer to smile and welcome others. I have seen gay parents who are more attentive to their children then so called straight parents. At least they do not raise their children to hate others.

  19. …”I am looked upon as evil by those who feel that they are being oppressed because they cannot force me to believe as they do” And this pathology applies to all who have “belief” systems and claim that “faith” is the adjustable wrench that fixes all and excuses all and explains every non fact with no empirical evidence. I revel in the fact that as an atheist I have a “Knowledge” system with a personal relationship with reality and the proper tool(fact) to dispute the fabrication and faith of the foolish.

  20. ‘Awww… Look at the little fake Christians. Oh, I’m so sorry that Sam kissing his boyfriend offended you.’

    Yeah… If anything, these fake Christians ought to apologize to me for wasting 15 minutes of my life just because you wannabes are whining and crying and moaning and bitching about a freaking football player. So what if he’s gay? He can play, so why not give him the chance to compete in the NFL? If that doesn’t work out, there’s always the CFL and the Arena League.

  21. Life is too short for people to be concerned with the sins of other people. Do they not have their own soul to think about? Or is it just easier to criticize others and ignore one’s own shortcomings. Only the perfect human has the right to correct others, and He is not with us.

  22. Stupid is alive and well in these folks. It’s very likely that if a five year old boy saw a little girl and boy, a teen girl and boy, or even his own parents’ kissing, he’d say, “Ewww, that’s gross!” because it’s what they do at that age. Little kids think kissing is icky, in general. For Kupelian to think a five year old would recoil only because he saw two men or two women kissing is sad, especially when most people know little kids think two heterosexuals adults kissing is as equally icky and gross to them.

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