The 10 Dumbest States In America Are Dominated By Republicans


The Street compiled a list of the 10 dumbest states in America, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, states that are run by Republicans dominate the list.

The Street’s list was based on the level of education a percentage of each state’s population receives. This is not a comprehensive list, and it does not mean that there are no intelligent people in that states below, but there is a clear political lean to the list.

Here are the top 10 dumbest states in America:

10). Tennessee

9). Oklahoma

8). Indiana

7). Alabama

6). Nevada

5). Louisiana

4). Kentucky

3). Mississippi

2). Arkansas

1). West Virginia

– Only one of the states voted for President Obama in 2012 (Nevada).

– Three of the states have Democratic governors (Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia).

– Those same three states all went for Mitt Romney in 2012.

– Eight of these states have or will have some form of voter ID law in effect (West Virginia and Nevada require no ID).

– Seven of the states have Republican controlled state legislatures.

– One state has split control (Democrats control the House in Kentucky).

– Two states have Democratically controlled legislatures (Nevada and West Virginia).

Since the Republican dominated states are not as smart, it isn’t a big shock that they send right wing ideologues to Congress. The lack of collective intelligence leads to an electorate that tends to base their policies on belief instead of facts. These states are the home of the climate change deniers. They contain the same people who believe that unemployment benefits make people lazy, and Obamacare is socialism.

A lot of the dysfunction in the Republican Party can be traced back to the fact that the Republican base has dumbed itself down. The majority of these states are bedrock Republican country. The reason why so little is getting done is because it is impossible to come to an agreement when one political party refuses to be guided by facts.

Republicans are governing over a swath of stupid, and the only thing we can do is quarantine the disease to keep it from spreading.

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  1. Oklahoma’s legislators just chose to end this legislative session a week early.

    They couldn’t find the funding to provide tornado shelters for our children’s schools but funding for much stricter abortion regulations on physicians, well that was a different story.

    More proof that Republicans are not “less regulation” and that they only care for fetuses until they are born.

  2. The ignorance is rampant is these states. It is true that there are ignorant people in blue states, but the majority comprehend it is important to educate our population, provide them with healthcare, and not use religion as a way to solve everything. “I mean, let’s pray to no longer have drought” <—– That's a big no no and no. Sadly, many are faithful to talk radio, which infects people with made up things that is literally hurting people. Many carry their humongous confederate flags proudly and have "Impeach Obama" painted in the back windows of their cars. That's just pathetic.

  3. It’s no coincidence that states in which Republicans bleed education budgets dry are less well educated than others in which Democrats make education a priority.

  4. Another Coincidence I’m Sure……The Top 10 Most Corrupt States Are ALL Ran By Democrats And Are Incredibly In Debt

  5. @Monroe, corrupt and in debt? Do you mean like Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, New Jersey? Oops that’s a bridge to far.

  6. I cant believe my state of South Carolina missed the list. We have a republican governor and legislature and voter ID laws. In 1850, someone observed that SC was too small to be a republic but too large to be an insane asylum. Still true today.

  7. Yup!
    Really does show that “pro lifers” aren’t really pro life,
    they are pro BIRTH.
    That’s it, in a nutshell.

  8. I’m guessing NC (my state) missed the list only because of the Research Triangle Park, which has a high percentage of Ph.Ds. Our legislature has gutted money for education, though.

  9. Sorry, but intelligence can never be measured by pieces of paper since all pieces of paper are not created equal.

  10. Most omnipotent, omniscient power greater than ourselves…

    “Please help the ignorant to gain the DEEP DESIRE AND MOTIVATION TO LEARN ABOUT FACTUALLY BASED CURRENT ISSUES for their health, well being and safety from their own political predators and fight to vote the predators out of politics”.

  11. “….only because of the Research Triangle Park, which has a high percentage of Ph.Ds….”

    The impetus behind the Research Triangle Park came from one of the most effective governor’s that NC has ever seen, Terry Sanford. And, let’s just say that he wasn’t a Republican.

  12. That’s especially funny since everyone knows the most corrupt state is New Jersey and that’s Chris Christie (R) terrority

  13. Shallow. Superficial. Completely misses the point. Rather than casting the partisan spin, the focus should have been on Christian Fundamentalism as the correlating variable.

  14. Monroe:

    The basis for your claim Skippy? How is “corruption” defined?

    Do you seriously expect thinking people to believe that Democrats are more “corrupt” than FOP/TPers?

  15. Derrick:

    “Religious Fundamentalism” and education are inversely correlated: the more educated a person is the less likely they are to be a “religious fundamentalist;

  16. Step outside RTP and the IQ drops greater than 20 points. Lived in NC off and on for 65 years plus and is getting worse year by year.

  17. OH,
    I would have to agree. Up here in Boston many of the liberal minded look down tremendously on people who they consider “less educated”, but when their car won’t start or their plumbing backs up they have to call on the “less educated” or as the article like to say the “dumb”. People who refuse to vote for Obama are not necessarily dumb, they are more likely to shun big government. They do not like the interference of government on their rights and education. There is a reason they move to and or stay in these states.

  18. while do agree that the smartest people are not necessarily the best educated, your premise falls apart quickly from there> Fear of big government? understandable, but how many of these people backed the USA Patriot act when enacted. Remember we had one of them thar wars of terrorism to fight. Not a peep on the erosion of rights for the rest of us. But let a democrat gain power and to them every little thing is a constitutional crisis. because the same gop talking hezds that pushed the true erosion of constitutional rights told tehm so. and I won’t even get started on what happens if gov’t is dismantled and corporations no bound by the constitution st the rules…..abuse of power is abuse of power no matter who does it. the smart man looks where the powerful aren’t pointing you, to see what they are distracting your attention from.

  19. I think it’s important to note that most of the “Democrats” in W.Va. are Democrats in name only, including the governor and one of the state’s senators in D.C. They cater to coal, industry and other business first and foremost. The people? Eh, too poor to line their pockets, so screw ’em.

  20. Jeff,
    I have to agree with the hypocrisy, so many that were for the war, The patriot act, the TSA and DHS at the beginning are now screaming about these same erosion of rights. I do not see the the democrats being any better with the continuation of the NDAA, the growth and militarization of the DHS as well as most of the other departments within the government with the full approval of the current administration. This is where I see little difference between the D and the R. Also if you think the government is really going to protect you against the bi corporations, just look at the banks and big pharma. the big banks have a turnstile between them and the regulatory agencies of the government. Government is fully beholden to the banks, hence the reason no one has gone to jail. Big pharma uses lobbyists and the law to artificially inflate the prices of drugs when you can drive across the border and by most of the overpriced drugs for pennies on the dollar.

  21. Oklahoma was never part of Mexico. We were part of the Louisiana Purchase so maybe you should check your history. I am not originally from Oklahoma and knew that. If you take the City of Norman where I live the education is much, much higher. It is the part over by the AR border that is really bad but if the GOP Gov and Legis have their way, the whole state will be like that with their cuts to education. Without OU’s President David Boren, the cuts to higher ed would be even more but he is not afraid to take on the GOP Governor and Legislature.

  22. Mine’s #9. Heck, we’ve got the smartest kockeyedest, roach of a governor, the Kochs and Corrections Corporations of America can buy, Aunt Mary. We just love our Guvna’.

  23. @Derrick The political influence of the fundamentalist Christians has always been overrated. They are just another bloc that is manipulated by Republicans to garner votes. Even their impact at the state level is likely temporary, because all things in politics is temporary. Their have been people with theocratic ambitions since before the republic was founded, and there will continue to be for as long as it endures.

    Outside of the true believers within the GOP, Republicans only champion this crap, because it gets them votes.

    If you want to dismantle the power of the belief based voters, don’t attack their beliefs, provide a better education to the electorate.

  24. Ah. Indiana. My home state. The high school I graduated from, only 5% of my class went to college.

    Most of my friends that did go to college ended up leaving in that famous brain drain that affected Indiana.

    The colleges there are great: Purdue University, University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, Earlham College, but the people that graduate from there end up leaving.

    Same for West Virginia. The University of West Virginia in Huntington is a good school, but graduates leave in droves.

  25. LOL! This article is laughable. These statistics are at least 5 years old. This list of “dumbest states” is based on 2009 information complied by the US Census Bureau. I took the time to research this information. What I discovered is the percentage of those with Bachelor degrees in these states and the country overall, has increased since 1990. Trying to tie the level of educational attainment to the dominant party in any state is asinine.

  26. Hey, It’s perfectly OK with Me.

    Seriously. If the folks that Live there keep voting for Rotten Politicians, then they DESERVE exactly what they Voted For.

    Someone should TELL Them.
    Democracy is NOT a Spectator Sport.

  27. Religion will Continue to destroying The United States! You should Love the Science World and None Religion Believers! For they are the One’s that are Holding things together!

  28. If it comes from a Republican/TeaPartier/RWNJ, it MUST be fact-checked, and Monroe is no exception, he’s wrong and/or lying:

    States with highest arrest records of public officials for public corruption, 1999 to 2008: Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Maine, Michigan, South Dakota, Wyoming, Virginia.

    States with the highest number of convicted public officials, 1998 to 2007: Florida, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, Virginia.

    Total Federal Public Corruption Convictions, 1976 to 2010: New York, California, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, D.C., New Jersey, Louisiana.

    Most corrupt states (citizens and officials combined, per 100,000 citizens): Louisiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kentucky, Alaska, Montana, Mississippi, Alabama, New Jersey, Virginia.

    If you don’t remember who’s running each of these states (Gov & at least 1 half of legislature), look it up.

  29. I believe djchefron was asking you for the source to back up your claim for “the percentage of those with Bachelor degrees in these states and the country overall, has increased since 1990” — not “the 2009 information complied by the US Census Bureau”.

    Try again — unless you’re one of those hit-and-run trolls.

  30. West Virginia should be the smartest state in the union as the richest state (per capita)in natural resources. Unfortunately, we are the only state designated a “Judicial Hellhole” and are reigning as the “Most Miserable” state for the fifth consecutive year. We are usually First in the Worst and Last in the Best in every measurement of well-being ever developed. We lead the nation in politicians and government officials who are convicted felons with fat pensions. Our state has evolved into a retirement mecca for old people and Appalachia Mafia criminals hiding their ill-gotten gains in shady economic ventures usually involving coal, chemical and/or other “hinky” shennagins. In McDowell County, male life spans average 64 years and 9 months, the lowest in the USA, as our standard of living tumbles backwards.Young people with children flee the state for jobs as only the well connected share the bounty of federal money controlled by the most sophisticated good old boy network (GOBNE…

  31. You might want to change ‘brainier’ to ‘brainer’ in the President’s quote in your banner before throwing stones. Calling them names doesn’t help educate them or soften their hearts, gratifying though it is.

  32. Elections have consequences. People need to do their own research on a candidate before going to voting booth. Failure to do so can lead to people to vote for name recognition, not where the candidate stands on the issues.

    Ignorance is not limited to those who do not have a Bachelor’s degree. Some of the smartest people I know didn’t graduate from college.

  33. Not to pick at nits…oh, heck. I like to nitpick!
    It would be more accurate to say these are the least educated states. Dumbest implies least intelligent. The study’s conclusion is based on academic achievement rather than intellectual capacity. There are plenty of highly educated dummies just as there are highly intelligent folks who never finished high school.

  34. would like fir you to kiss my TEXAss,,oh well just have to ignore these unwashed ,they know not where in they speak,HAR!

  35. Astorix,

    I spend a fair amount of time on conservative boards challenging them on their beliefs, using independent references to show them their assumptions are incorrect. They often tell me I am a troll since I don’t believe what is “common knowledge” on those boards. Once they call me a troll, I know I have them because they can’t respond with facts. I want us as progressives to be better than them, so please at least challenge their assertions.

  36. the biggest problem with the voting public in kentucky,is that they dont know the difference between obamacare and the aca specifically due the idiots that they keep electing back into congress such as the turtle mitch and hide and seek harold rogers. we need to vote these merchants of co-operations out of office regardless of party r or d and get busy getting this country back to work. a simple investigation into these two hard right idiots will completely spell out my beliefs

  37. So level of education is basis for intelligenxe. Man I feel bad for that computer science major who worked years to be making 25 an hour while 20,000 in debt when a GED can go to the oil rig and make 28+ an hour starting.
    Or the trade schools that recieve 25+ an hour atarting pay in bad states after a year and a GED as opposed to that 4 year accountant making 16….
    level of education has never been a good indixator. When I went to private school I transfered out at 2nd grade into public. I was then taking the advanced classes for the 6th grade before I learned the same level of math science or english…
    Then when I graduated from a “college prep” high scool I found myself skipping to the advanced sophomore and junior year classes because I tested of the lower ones.
    Anyone else here notice those ten “stupid” states are also big construction states?

  38. You may also notice the big construction companys bring their own labor.

    I guess people have a choice of where to work dont they? A computer major doesnt have a 10th the rick factor as a construction worker

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