Rasmussen Poll Finds Republicans Circling the Drain in GA Senate Race

michelle nunn
A Rasmussen Poll released on Friday May 23rd, shows Democrat Michelle Nunn leading both her potential rivals in the Georgia U.S. Senate race.  Rasmussen polls are notorious for overestimating Republicans and underestimating Democrats, so Nunn’s lead may be even larger than the poll numbers suggest. According to the Rasmussen poll, Nunn has a 45-42 edge over Republican businessman David Perdue. Her lead over Jack Kingston is even greater. In that match-up she holds a 47-41 lead.

The Georgia poll numbers put a significant monkey wrench in the GOP’s attempts to take control of the U.S. Senate in the November election. Republicans need to gain six seats to wrestle control of the Senate away from the Democrats. If the Republicans lose the race in Georgia, that task becomes nearly impossible. Perdue and Kingston will face each other in a primary run-off to be the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss. Michelle Nunn clinched the Democratic Party nomination on Tuesday, cruising to a lopsided victory in the primary election.

Republican difficulties in Georgia are being mirrored in other Southern states with competitive Senate races as well.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is in danger of losing his seat to Democrat Allison Lundegran Grimes. A recent Bluegrass Poll in that state has Grimes leading 43-42. Republicans were once bullish on sweeping Southern races in North Carolina, Louisiana, and Arkansas, but recent polls also show them trailing in those three contests. Arkansas in particular is not panning out well for Republicans as Democrat Mark Pryor now holds a 51-40 lead in that race, according to an NBC/Marist Poll.

While November is a long ways away still, and the Georgia Senate race remains competitive, it may serve as a warning sign that Republican prospects for reclaiming the Senate may not be as promising as GOP-friendly pundits would have you believe. In Georgia, the numbers for GOP candidates are already beginning to circle the drain, and the state appears poised to elect a Democrat to represent them in the U.S. Senate.




15 Replies to “Rasmussen Poll Finds Republicans Circling the Drain in GA Senate Race”

  1. Rasmussen polling, an arm of the FOX-hole providing this report. Even if true, do not slack off – push ahead with boot-on-the-ground, grass-roots effort and make it so in November.
    No money – no vote!
    No property – No vote!
    Not white – No vote!
    Not male – No vote!
    No picture ID – No vote!
    Parents not citizens – Cannot Vote!
    TEA-types will muster their members to vote!
    Republicans will do the same!
    Your vote is your voice!
    Do not rely on others to do your job!
    If you want it done right – Do it yourself!
    TEA-Republican obstructionist must be removed!
    Get the vote out!
    Vote Out The Encumberance!(V.O.T.E.)
    The 2014 Mid-term election is a-coming!
    “Sweep the Senate CLEAN….in 2014″
    “Sweep the HOUSE CLEAN….in 2014″
    “Sweep your state CLEAN….in 2014″

  2. This could be a miracle if more Dems can win. If the GOP gets the senate, you can forget your rights and learn to be a church member or else

  3. EXCELLENT NEWS! Our state is going to be sapphire blue soon. Another who must go is the corrupt, immoral and insane Governor Deal! #ChangeTheDeal Vote Jason Carter for Governor!

  4. I think the MI Governor’s race is heating up as well. Snyder is a tool of ALEC and the Kochs, and the damage they have done to Detroit is going to bite them hard. The progressives in that area will not vote GOP, and after Snyder’s horrible treatment of unions, teachers, the elderly, and virtually, all of us, the Nerd is going to have trouble selling his ‘accomplishments’ over the past years…there were none that helped the populace; many that helped corporate leaders and the Kochs. Out with the GOP.

  5. If a conservative super-pac, now not required to disclose donors, gets money from two competing factions of the conservative movement, can they now take money from both the business wing, and the tea party, and not disclose that fact to their donors? Specifically, can they openly take money from the business community, and covertly take money from the tea party, to sabotage the interests of business, now that they can hide their donor lists? Can they have two (or several) masters who they can milk for donations, promising each a different outcome? Doesn’t Citizen’s United enable that sort of behavior?

  6. I cannot remember exactly where I read this but I believe Scott Rasmussen the founder of Rasmussen polling firm either retired or left Rasmussen. Since then conservatives who follow their polling data have been bitching suddenly over Rasmussen taking a slightly leftward turn. In reality it is nothing more than a more nationally accurate turn to the center away from their former over conservative tilt. On Fox news Rasmussen explained that the polling system in place has not changed since he left.

  7. I will have to hold my nose and vote for her in November…..I voted for her opponent in the primary last week.

    I don’t like her Blue Dog policies at all .

    Friday was the last straw for me when she called for Secretary Shinsiki to resign.

    Also her guns everywhere in Ga policy is disturbing as well as her nonsense about not allowing the Federal Gov. who will be her employer to contribute to health insurance like every other employer.

  8. I never felt the GOP would take control of the Senate. The Republicans are just delusional and highly arrogant. My bet is that Grimes and Nunn will be the new sitting members to be sworn in come January 2015

  9. Don’t sleep just yet on the GOP.

    What concerns me if you check out the Sec of State website to see vote tally in all races…we(Progressives) were outnumbered almost 2:1 in every race. I find it hard to believe this red state would not show up for whoever wins the runoff with Perdue and Kingston.

    Democrats only had 12% of voters vote in the primary compared to 20% for the GOP. We must reverse those numbers to have a fighting chance in November.

  10. Right or wrong, I classify Blue Dog Dems as R’s for all practical purposes. Seems they only go along with a D vote if they’re catered to wooed for their vote. Disgusting! A BDD is just dishonest, imho.

  11. It’s heartening to read that Michelle Nunn is in the lead. However, I won’t rest easy until I know that she is the governor of Georgia and that Nathan Deal will be sent packing. He is just one example of the regressive GOP/TP characters who have wreaked havoc in the states where they are governors, and it will take time to undo the damage they have done.

  12. Isn’t she running for the Senate and another Dem is running for governor against Deal? Sorry, confused.

  13. I cant believe these church going so called evangelicals hate to see those poor in spirit receive health care. What problem they have, this is not Christlike.

  14. Yes, Jason Carter, one of Jimmy Carter’s grandsons, is running against Deal in the governor’s race in GA. And, I agree: until Deal is out of the governor’s office, nothing is going to get better in GA. Michelle Nunn, while philosophically is DINO, she’d still be an improvement over retiring Senator Chambliss, and, most definitely better than either one of her opponents, Kingston or Perdue.

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