Republicans Care About Vets So Much That They Blocked a Bill Expanding Veterans Benefits


Republicans have been crying a river of crocodile tears over how much they care about veterans, but back in February, Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have expanded veterans’ benefits because it was, “too expensive.”



However, the same Senate Republicans who are now claiming to be a friend to our veterans, shamefully blocked a bill in February that would have expanded and improved care for vets. The bill by Sen. Bernie Sanders contained provisions that would have restored the COLA for vets, and protected them from losing their benefits in the event of another government shutdown. It also would have authorized the construction of 27 new clinics and medical facilities, and it would have provided tuition assistance to post-9/11 vets. The bill failed by a 56-41 vote as only two Republicans joined with Democrats in supporting it.


Those 27 new clinics and facilities that Republicans blocked would certainly come in handy now.

Video of a CNN report on the Republicans blocking the vets bill via Bernie Sanders:



The good news is that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is working with the White House to reintroduce the bill that would expand veterans’ benefits and also contain new accountability measures for the VA. The bad news is that Republicans like Marco Rubio are already complaining that the 10 year/$21 billion bill is too expensive.

Senate Republicans love our veterans so much that they block a bill that would have built dozens of new VA clinics and facilities, blame President Obama for the VA scandal, then turn around and threaten to block a second attempt at building more facilities because they think it is too expensive.

Two billion dollars a year for ten years is too much money to spend on the people who risked their lives for their country. That is what Senate Republicans really think of veterans.

Every day, that construction gets delayed more vets are at risk of dying while stuck on waiting lists. That is a real world consequence of Senate Republican obstruction.

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  1. This is shameful & disgusting. The hypocrisy quotient is high as all getout in the GOP. Vets & those who love & respect them need to VOTE THEM OUT!!

  2. “The A-10 is only one of many items the Pentagon says it no longer needs, but which Congress says it does too need. Lawmakers also plan to block the Pentagon’s plans to retire the U-2 spy plane, lay up 14 warships for modernization, dock an aircraft carrier, and carry out another round of base closings.”

    Of course, the Republicans in the Senate filibustered a bill that addressed specific veterans needs because “it’s too expensive.”

  3. TEA-Republicans have shut-down any and every attempt to help middle America and the working-class since Obama won the right to thump both McCain-Palin and Romney-Ryan!

  4. Repubs. love the vets so much that they:
    Refusing the Medicaid Expansion
    Slashing unemployment benefits
    Holding up bill to support Disabled Vets
    Blocking a Vet’s Job bill
    Voting down funding for VA hospitals
    Sen. McCain who wants to go to war every time a gun is fired anywhere in the world — how did he vote? Where did he stand?

  5. Joan, the two Republican Senators that joined the Democrats were Senator Dean Heller and Senator Jerry Moran.

  6. McCain (songbird) almost always votes his party line. Back in February he voted against the expansion of Veteran’s benefits, as usual.

  7. On Twitter I think it was, someone posted a map showing the trouble spots with the VA. Funny – it was predominantly all in RED states.

    While federal money is equitable and distributed by service load, administration is usually local. So. I fear the local administrators may be taking their marching orders from their politicos rather than DC?

  8. Q.1 — Which party’s administration established Gitmo as the major repository of alleged (read “not yet convicted”) Muslim terrorists?

    Q.2 — Which administration created wars on two fronts, requiring the men and women in the military to serve several consecutive tours of duty, including reservists?

    Q.3 — Which party played political games with the debt ceiling and federal budget, resulting in funds being slashed across the board for ALL critical federally-funded programs, including the VA … just when there was a huge increase in the number of veterans requiring medical and mental health services?

    I’ll give you 3 guesses, but you’ll only need one.

  9. So I wonder when the republicans will demand we dig up all of the deceased military personnel at the national cemeteries because maintaining them is too expensive? Would they want to give Arlington National Cemetery back to the family of Robert E Lee claiming he was a loyal patriotic American? The republican party is altogether evil.

  10. The TeaRuplicians think there is going to be another Civil War. But they are wrong, It is going to be an costly American Revolution, Part Two in each State……
    And when it is over, There will be no left alive on their side just like the French Revolution left no one on the royal side.
    I just hope America survives. The results are going to be mixed to all who survive.

  11. Why should anyone be surprised at this hypocrisy. That’s the norm for this group of unpatriotic haters. Months ago they talk about how they wanted to welcome black, and you see were they try keep them for voting or using racial slurs, they want to welcome women, yet they vote down equal pay for them. They talk about welcoming Hispanics and they vote against immigration laws. There is so much stupidity among them, and they expect decent people to put them in office. So lets show their big time spenders such as the Koch brothers, that money don’t buy votes. Let’s flood the voting booths. Maybe we can send them all home.

  12. I prime example of Republican hypocrisy is available by checking the voting record for Bill “Birther” Posey. In his multiple terms he has done nothing for those that he is alleged to represent.

  13. Thanks for the info, now I can write an email
    to my rethug senator (Burr) who is on the veterans affairs panel, I will enjoy telling him off one more time!

  14. If the rethugs would stop blocking the closure of Guantanimo that money could go to
    health care for veterans.

  15. I am a veteran and I will remember for many years into the future. I’m telling other veterans also.

  16. And I can tell you of one Democrat who voted against it and it was Tammy Duckworth, from my home town. She took pictures with an ex-boyfriend who served, and I was proud until I got that list. I could not for the life of me figure that out and I still cannot figure out why.

  17. Veterans and active duty military members will continue to vote republican no how much they suffer from republican policies. I wish I understood why.

  18. Sanders worked hard on these improvements” Only for the Children of the Corn to say No? I Guess (R’s) have no Military Family!Why do Some keep Voting the Plaque back in office? Lets have a Liquidation sale on Republicans People This Fall.

  19. For the life of me, I cannot understand why any soldier or veteran would vote for Republicans, who clearly don’t care about them or their concerns. What part don’t they understand about the fact that Congressional Republicans continue to vote against any measure that would improve their lives by increasing their benefits? Could it be that they buy into the harmful, outdated views the Republicans harbor about manhood that also celebrate machismo while they buy into the phony meme about Democrats being “soft on terrorism?” Whatever their reasons are for voting for politicians who so clearly care nothing about them except to use them to fight wars, the willful ignorance involved in doing so is dangerous.

  20. I am a 20 year Navy vet (LCDR, Ret). I never have agreed with the (so called ) logic of the Republicans, although I had to be very careful to never actually VOICE those objections at the time since I REALLY didn’t feel like being brought up on charges under the UCMJ. There ARE some of us out there that can see beyond the ends of their arms and keep their brains intact through the years. It always amazed me at how hard these people work at keeping their minds closed while still travelling the globe. It’s not difficult to see that in most any country THE PEOPLE are just people trying to get by and feed families etc and are more caught up in THAT than politics. We really need to start understanding that political leaders have a severe disconnect from the average citizen and quit blaming the PEOPLE of a country. Making war on them is senseless. making war on THE LEADERSHIP is what needs done. Could have ended Iraq with just a few well placed bullets instead of a full invasion.

  21. Conservatives in congress seem to really care an awful lot about our future children. As for our children who are alive today in the now coming home from two wars(one on falsified evidence)in very serious condition not so much. Good god! I wish I could be born in the near future one party in power really cares an awful lot about them future Americans debt burden.

  22. Remember there are a lot of vets over the age of 60 and fit a certain demographic that the GOP loves…..need I say more?

  23. I can honestly say, in my 60+ years, that I could have only voted “republican”, one time.

    That was while I was in Vietnam and the political officer, made a deal, that if we voted for Tricky Dick Nixon, we could have some free time.

    Have to give that 2nd LT credit though, he drove a very good bargain, 10 of us at a time could leave that stinking outpost, for a 3 day, in country R&R, down on the China sea, at a place called China Beach.

    3 days of drinking, steaks, clean racks, not to mention other the other amenities. Yes…a great time.

    ….and since we had to fill out our ballots and then put them in a bag, well…I never really did vote for Nixon, if you get my drift.

    But for three days of peace and quiet, no more rockets and heavy mortar’s and those Vietnamese out there lobbing rounds into the compound….I would have voted for Satan himself, but he was already there.

    I sure did hate going back to that hill.

    Back then republicans were a kinder, gentler br…

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