Joe Scarborough Calls Twitter Members of MSNBC’s Dwindling Audience Hatemongers and Extremists

MSNBC fail

Ethical double standards when it comes to Tea Party Republican Joe Scarborough is one of the reasons MSNBC is losing its audience.  Ratings have been falling steadily since Keith Olberman’s departure as a result of an ethical double standard applied to him but not to Scarborough. It doesn’t help when Scarborough calls MSNBC audience members who use the twitter hashtag UniteBlue, hatemongers and extremists.

Keith Olberman’s personal donations to Democratic Candidates led to his immediate and indefinite suspension, and played a role in his eventual departure from MSNBC.  Compare that to allowing Scarborough to be the keynote speaker at a Republican Party fundraiser while denying a similar privilege to Ed Schultz.

On Friday, Scarborough declared anyone who uses the #UniteBlue hashtag is a “freak”, “hatemonger” and on the “fringe.” Scarborough made his declaration during a discussion about Ron Johnson’s reaction to Jay Rockefellar’s observation that Republican opposition to the Affordable Care Act could be connected to their dislike for the president because maybe he’s the wrong color.

 I could just take people who use hashtag Unite Blue and make a sweeping condemnation about America’s labor movement if I wanted to, but I don’t because I know that these people are on the fringes; they’re freaks; they’re hate ‘mongerers’ [sic]; that there are a lot of people who are in America’s union movements that are good, decent, hardworking people who actually would agree with me on a lot of issues. I mean we could all pick and choose, but should Jay Rockefeller say that with Ron Johnson in the room and then not bend over backwards to say: ‘I’m talking about people on the margins.’ I don’t think that’s constructive at all.

Most of the people who use the #UniteBlue hashtag are liberals, just as most of the people who use #tcot are conservatives and most who use the #TGDN hashtag use the Scarborough logic that people who share their ideology are good, and anyone who doesn’t must be demonized and silenced.

This post is not about defending Unite Blue as an organization.  It is about Scarborough’s characterization of anyone who uses the twitter hashtage #Uniteblue as a hatemonger, freak and extremist.

Scarborough made a point of recognizing that the labor movement is not monolithic, but failed to apply the same courtesy to people who use the #UniteBlue hashtag.

Scarborough may disagree with predominantly liberal tweeters who use the hashtag to advance social and economic justice issues like increasing the minimum wage and eliminate gender based pay discrimination.  They may tweet to condemn racist comments by hatemongering Republicans like Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy under that hashtag.  However, disagreement with Scarborough does not make someone a freak a hatemonger or an extremist. Nor does agreeing with him make someone good and decent.

Like other Republicans, Joe Scarborough equates being “good” and decent” with being a Republican.  These days being a Republican means conforming to its hateful ideology.  It means supporting school lunches for rural white kids but starving Urban children. In Republican speak, urban is code for black.  There is absolutely nothing hateful about a policy intended to starve children based on their race or where they live, *facepalm*

There is absolutely nothing extreme about denying women access to reproductive health or giving their abusers access to fire arms. *facepalm*  Opposing a minimum wage increase that the majority of Americans support isn’t the tiniest bit on the fringe. *facepalm*

To be one of those good people by virtue of agreeing with Joe Scarborough means denying the existence of climate change, science in general and anything resembling a fact.  It means taking a nuanced argument and distorting it in the name of reducing the argument to Tea Party level simplicity.

Odds are MSNBC’s audience members who are also members of the Twitter community are much more likely to tweet using the #UniteBlue hashtag than those favored by Scarborough’s side of the political divide.  As such, Scarborough is biting the proverbial hand that feeds MSNBC’s dwindling ratings.  If MSNBC can justify showing Martin Bashir the door because he hurt Sarah Palin’s feelings; it’s time to apply a little equal justice to Joe Scarborough.  Even if MSNBC doesn’t believe in equal justice, can it really afford to alienate even more of its viewers?

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52 Replies to “Joe Scarborough Calls Twitter Members of MSNBC’s Dwindling Audience Hatemongers and Extremists”

  1. Is it just me or is MSNBC management purposely driving itself under the bus?
    No one can be that out of touch with their viewers and call them selves execs.

  2. This is the very reason why I have diminished watching MSNBC. I loved Keith and Martin. The problem is Chuck Todd, David Gregory and Mark Halperin are closet repubs and thus choose to let Joe slide. Mika should go also, as she is not strong enough to keep Joe in check or to present a solid progressive argument. I recommend CNN’s morning show. They are trying to be somewhat thoughtful with their content so far.

  3. You got it Uncajoe” G.E big Corporate Plays the same Fox game for complete Domination of low or no Taxes and a Skeleton Government! They Just use the Progressive side for their Profits! The Commons have been sold out by big Business and Religion. If Bernie Sanders even Tried to Run for President he would be Snuffed out!

  4. I here you with Keith O.” But CNN is lost and trying to hard to balance with Newt and other children of the Corn Government destroyers. CNN has become a commercialized specials Runner with no 24HR News of importance?

  5. Start a petition to cancel Morning Joe. I will sign it. All Mika does is pout, because Joe rambles all the time, and she doesn’t get to say much. Are they smarter than a 5th grader?

  6. all of you are sorta missing the corporate point… I’ve said this before..

    its NOT GE or RCA anymore… its COMCAST!!!

    the speculation about Olbermann’s future started almost as soon as it was announced Comcast was buying control and you can sorta see the slide by some of the people that started disappearing as guests, Dailey Koz anyone? allegedly forbidden by Scarborough… SE Cupp? smug ‘conservative’ counter viewpoint…


  7. Who has the time to watch Morning Joe? Most people have jobs to go to so don’t have the time to hear their blather.

  8. What’s happening to Progressive Radio is happening at MSNBC. Fewer young people getting their news from people who talk AT them.

  9. For sure Linda, I am ready to sign the petition to get rid of Morning Joe. He is extremely overbearing, arrogant, selfish, racist to the core, lies too much and you guys figure why STARBUCKS will no longer sponsor that terrible show anymore. David Gregory, Chuck Todd, Mark Helperin, even Mika are kissing Joe’s bullying and ranting ways. I used to love to watch MSNBC, but it is now a sellout and the information from this show is not at all balanced.

  10. They run for cover any time one of their hosts does anything that Comcast might disapprove of. They fired Keith Olbermann & Martin Bashir. They tried to kick Ed Schultz off prime-time to the weekend but brought him back because of audience complaints. It’s the corporate take-over of our media.

  11. I don’t know if this is valid, but I think progressive media are not as successful as conservative media, because we are not angry, we don’t direct hate at people based upon anything other than behavior, and don’t spew lies and opinions as truth. Fox News is more “fun” to watch,not as news, but as entertainment. Too bad many of their viewers think it is news.

  12. May we please fire Mr. Scarborough so he can move on to his presidential aspirations, shallow dreams of importance and false sense of actually mattering. He’s THE biggest joke on the network, MSNBC should welcome Fugelsang with open arms to do Viewpoint type show, bring the whole crew from TYT and set them loose to blaze a morning show like no other. And can you please stop replaying the same crap I see all day on CNN about the missing plane or BS from FOX about Benghazi. There’s a ton of crap happening everywhere in the world, a massive amount of dirty politicians you could pursue and investigate or jut plain old reporting the political news as a news station that doesn’t bring the crazies, instead you can host moderates from both sides with actual plans to change things.
    Most of all I would like to tell MSNBC that if you really want to grow your audience there has to be more actual interaction, Rhonan Farrow starting hashtags is nice an all but there’s lot more USA to report ab…

  13. Too much Bull S@@##t on this show and the people can see clear thru it. To bad Meka don’t have to much to say without being jaw jacked by joe.

  14. It is high time for Morning Joke to be retired from the airwaves. MSNBC needs some good true blue new blood on the airwaves rather than Scarborogh…the pathetic hack! I think one of his guests needs to muster the courage to ask how that intern is doing.

  15. I agree ! Esteban. I also enjoy Stephenie Miller. MJ has become boring . same ole talking points. I miss Dylan Too. Once Keith left I knew it would never be the same. Joe should move on over to fox. He uses the exact talking points!

  16. Well, you really can’t buy that kind of advertising. I’d say he did #uniteblue a favor. I’ve been following all weekend and what an explosion on twitter.

  17. I used to enjoy Morning Joe but no more. Hardly watch at all. What a waste. I am appalled at the right turn it has taken. Chuck Todd, Halperin, Gregory – what a bunch of sellouts. Mike isn’t strong enough to be a counterpoint to that bombastic idiot, Joe. I mute the TV when he is on. Cannot stand to listen to him anymore. I find this whole thing very frightening. So much for a free press presenting the truth and varying points of view.

  18. Keith got rid of Keith. A little research and looking up his final speech on you tube will tell you that he had been negotiating for almost a year to get out of his contract and get gone

  19. Last week I tweeted Morning Joe to ask if he had hired any interns lately? The tweet has been deleted, but not by me. I guess MJ complained to twitter.

  20. I had never heard of #UniteBlue until I read what the lapdog/shill MJ said.

    Will now be using #UniteBlue.

  21. Ad hominem attacks on Unite Blue members are fine at MSNBC but if you criticize Palin, al a Bashir you are fine. It appears that MSNBC a liberal cable news channel is by conservatives… sigh.

  22. I check TVNewser sometimes to compare ratings. All the “news” channels are in the toilet the last few months. Fox is at it’s lowest since 2012.

    What ruins “Morning Joe” is Joe & that smirking chimp Mark Halperin. He thinks he’s sly & funny. When someone tries so hard to hide their political beliefs it’s boring & obnoxious. As if we can’t figure it out. Like David Gregory. His rap dance with Rove confirmed what we knew. Nicole Wallace is another typical Repub shill if you read between the lines.

    No one likes it when Joe shows up. Mika & guests are way more relaxed when he’s gone. He seems to make everyone uncomfortable, even some Republicans. He’s just that kind of person who rub people the wrong way. What is the point of Joe S?

  23. If the Republicans control both the Senate & House after Nov. 2014 I will swear off everything to do with politics. I was much happier when I never heard of John Boehner or the Koch brothers. It wasn’t that long ago. I got involved in Dems winning in 2012 because Republicans started to scare me. I thought Romney was terrible. He’s not close to the worst they have sliming Congress & everything in the states they touch.

    I’ll still vote. But it’s too depressing to imagine everything Obama accomplished will be reversed. I believe they’ll try to impeach him. They’ve been hinting at it for years. With a majority, they can proceed just to humiliate him.

  24. It’s a shame Jay Rockefeller waited until he wasn’t running again to speak the truth. But it’s better late then never. Ron Johnson knows it’s true. He’s on the Louie Gohmert end of the wingnut spectrum. I’ve heard him say a lot of asenine stuff. His hatred of Obama is palpable. It’s also irrational, so yes, he’s a racist.

    The Tea Party exploded when Obama got elected in 2009. Gee, wonder if it had anything to do with bigoted red state yahoos who can’t stand that a charismatic, educated African American run circles around them. He beat their ignorant, neo-confederate asses twice.

  25. MSNBC is garbage! but what did we really expect?? corporate america isn’t going to allow ANY show they operate to tell the truth on how they FREELOAD of us!! the nonexistent tax rates for business, the tax deductible FREE lunches, etc etc! it doesn’t make a difference whether GE or COMCAST owner MSNBC! they’re NOT going to out themselves!!

  26. Good question.

    A lot of young people will get their news from Jon Stewart — The Daily Show, as they have been for years.

  27. You nailed it Laura…For years, since Cheney/Bush was awarded America to plunder, CNN came off my remote. And now, MSNBC is almost gone. And mainly because of the same people you mentioned. I have never been a Twitt. Now I just catch pieces on a few sites or newsletters. My TV is very seldom tuned to MSNBC or NBC. I read Huffington Post constantly…Then AOL took control.. Next thing we HAD to sign in with Facebook. No thanks, I want nothing to do with Facebook. Then curiosity set in and I started looking the people up that really offended me. Who owns what, that kind of thing. THAT was the real education. I could no longer deny to myself how connected it all was. Now I just bother with a few blogs, a few newsletters and headlines that I then go check out for myself as best I can.

  28. Joe is a disgrace on the morning show. The guy is a bully, talks down to others, talks over them and demeans others. He has to go, MSNBC has to get rid of this trash. He has never run again for office after the strange circumstances surrounding the death of a female aid. He resigned.

  29. Now that I am 78 and was lucky enough to have found the internet. I have more time to spend watching The World Spin. About the only thing that still works, is my common sense. I have to admit watching The World Spin is very depressing too. To take the edge off, I love..not just like, but love This woman and her sense of humour helps me keep it all in prospective.

    Be sure and read the lead story this morning about that Miller guy. And click on the link for the more in depth story from Myrtle Beach.
    How in the world did that manage to happen in a place like SC? Not what Miller did, that’s SOP. But that he is being prosecuted. He had it all going..perfect republican job creator.
    Betcha we will never see any of the MSM mention this or any of the other thousands of REAL Reality stories swirling around us every day.

  30. Normally I agree with you. But in this case I can’t.
    Money talks, and BS walks. Rush Limbaugh got away with and still is, his drug problems. Banks, Wall Street.. On and on and on and on.

  31. Why doesn’t anyone realize the culprit in NBC and MSNBC is the FCC that approved Comcast purchase of NBC in spite of many protest. The chairlady ol the FCC went to work for Comcast just weeks after the approval. Comcast is a lopsided REPUBLICAN donater. Any questions???

  32. What happened to progressive talk radio has to do with who owns the corporations that put on the radio shows. Rich repubs throughout the land bought up the corps that own the stations. They then kicked off the progressive talk radio shows. This is all part of the repub plan to take over the media. I live in Metro Detroit. We lost our progressive talk radio station over a year ago. Since then I listen to Chicago Progressive Talk (WCPT) which is independently owned. They have all the progressive shows I’ve listened to for years. We have no balance because of rich repubs buying it all.

  33. I do not consider Fox News as entertainment. As long as brainwashed and propagandized repub voters believe every word on the station, that tells me all I need to know.
    Look at the repub base voters. Who are they? How old are they? Why are they so angry? Who keeps them that way?

    As a woman, I don’t find any entertainment going on.

  34. Try Aljazeera for news. Dont have to listen to “view points” and politics until later in the day.

  35. Oh please run Joe, then you can answer the questions about what happened in your Florida Office, the media frenzy will decend upon Joe almost immediately.

  36. What did we learn today from Joe? NOTHING as usual. At least nothing that will help non republicans. We learned that Joe will never educate his audience. We learn that nothing but white men and one white lady who rolls her eyes and says NOTHING of substance except mislead the public to hate Obama. jOE will lie thru his teeth about his ignorant racist lying obstructionists republicans. But lie about Pres Obama. The right can do no wrong in Joe or Mika’s mind or eyes as they have destroyed this country. They make millions so will never ever understand or give a shit about min wage–denied.. jobs denied..or anything that has to do with the average man and woman having a chance at life while they make their millions keeping you UNinformed..telling you how to live poor and be proud…along with FOX. Brainwashers for millions. Joe is jealous of this president because not he or any 1 repub could ever move as many millions of people as Pres Obama has.A GOP NEVER WIL!

  37. After all my blathering on here last night I never looked into what #unitedblue is exactly. I guess I’ll go do some googling. If Joe S calls Untied Blue extreme, it’s probably right up my alley.

  38. I would truly love to hear from a female republican to justify to me why she votes republican…what it is I am missing and why I should vote republican and what I will gain if I do. I might mention I’m of latin descent. Born and raised in America. I have worked all my life. Married & divorced first husband. On welfare for one year after I divorced an abusive & dangerous first husband who almost killed our newborn daughter. Both my parents have passed away but were from Mexico–IMMIGRANTS. My mother was a teacher and dad an electrician. Knowing this would I have been better off as a republican? Let me see.They said no to Violence Against Women Act–he would of k. No to fair pay. No to food stamps–my child would have starved. They say no to birth control I would of never got a job to support my child if I kept getting pregnant wihout BC! And if he abused me or beat me silly with a gun that would all be okay under GOP rule.And if I tried to defend myself I wold go to jail not …

  39. I agree with your whole list together with a few others. One is to have added Nicolle Wallace as a semi-regular flame thrower of talking points & lies — after playing cheerleader of Palin – pleeeaase.

    I totally agree to get rid of Mika. She’s an embarrassment. She embodies the characterization of the ‘dumb blonde’ and bows to Joe – she’s his ‘enabler’. Why anyone has her as host or panelist at events, seminars, etc. – guarantees I don’t go. Surprisingly she hasn’t whined that Donny hasn’t brought her new shoes in quite sometime — as if she couldn’t afford them. In the case of Mika – the apple did fall far from the tree as her Dad must wonder if she is his!!

    Neither Joe nor Mika research topics – nor do those working for them. But then — neither have ability to retain info to discuss topics with truth or intelligence. I can read my own headlines. Mika too is guilty of many lies about topics. She believes what liars tell her. Her fawning over them all – GAG.

  40. Ronan’s ‘hashtags’ are empty. It may raise an issue but no action. He’s late to the cause and then by time a segment MAY be done on it, it’s old news. Why ‘raise a cause’ if no true action is committed to it.

    MSNBC pandered for the ‘Farrow’ name by hiring him. He’s 2nd on my list to be gone after Joe/Mika et al.

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