Republicans Admit Their Failure on Obamacare Hope to Distract Voters With Benghazi

Republican leaders Senator Mitch McConnell and John Boehner speak after a bipartisan meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington

Republicans are openly admitting that they have given up on bashing Obamacare, and are now trying to distract voters with Benghazi.

Buried in a AP story about the Republican pivot away from Obamacare are these nuggets:

Several GOP political strategists said revived inquiries into Benghazi and the IRS will probably do their party more good than harm, provided their lawmakers appear more professional than partisan.

Undecided voters might not get excited about GOP accusations regarding the IRS and Benghazi, said Dan Schnur, a former Republican consultant who teaches political science at the University of Southern California. But given the administration’s questionable behavior in both areas, he said, “They certainly don’t line up on the other side.”

GOP strategist Terry Holt agrees. The Benghazi assault, he said, was “the phone call Hillary Clinton warned us about in 2008 when she was running against Obama. They both blew it.”

Republicans never learn. Manufactured scandals such as the IRS and Benghazi don’t work. Most people can smell the bull coming a mile away. The fact that Republicans can’t explain what exactly the scandal is in the Benghazi scandal has led the media, and the vast majority of people, to ignore it. The basis for the Republican Benghazi and the IRS allegations is their belief in a White House cover-up.

The right is fond of comparing Benghazi to Watergate, but the problem with this comparison is that the Watergate break-in took place in June 1972. By July 1973, evidence of wrongdoing was growing, and Nixon resigned in August 1974. Benghazi happened in September 2012, and despite seven previous investigations, there is no evidence that the White House did anything wrong.

There is no similarity between Watergate and Benghazi. Watergate was a real scandal. Benghazi is a cooked up sideshow that exists for partisan political gain. If Republicans don’t think that their refusal to discuss jobs and the economy will hurt them in November, they are more delusional than anyone could have imagined.

With Obamacare working, and Democrats feeling empowered, Republicans have nothing to run on. This is why they have revived the widely discredited Benghazi and IRS conspiracy theories. Republicans are all but admitting that Benghazi and the IRS are distraction issues.

The Benghazi gambit has been a total disaster for Republicans. The media and the American people both aren’t buying it. Republicans are admitting defeat on Obamacare, and watching their Benghazi and IRS conspiracies blow up in their faces.

Democrats are gaining confidence because the outlook for November is getting better by the day.

42 Replies to “Republicans Admit Their Failure on Obamacare Hope to Distract Voters With Benghazi”

  1. Hopefully the GOP will never realize that their best strategy for gaining respect among those other than their base may simply be STFU!

    Open mouth – insert foot, doesn’t ever work too well.

  2. I do wish the media would stop with the “the Democrats expect to lose the Senate and seats in the House this fall.” No, no we do not! I heard this drivel on NPR the other day. The GOP has done nothing for the people in 20 years..not a damn thing! They are focused on making Obama ‘fail,’ and in the process, have made themselves look like petulant children who stamp their feet and wave Daddy’s gun when they don’t get any respect for their lies. We’ll see who will be still standing in November…my guess is we will gain in the Senate, take back Governorships from Walker, Snyder, Kasich and Scott, and take the House. Then we can get to work fixing all the brokenness left in the wake of this GOP.

  3. repubs are making the mistake of believing that the rest of the country/world is as woefully ignorant and ill-informed as the far right part of their base..

  4. My hope is that they continue to whip the Hasbenghazi dead horse to a froth all summer long….and drop in the IMPEACHMENT bomb…more and more as the mid terms approach. The President was elected with majorities in both elections. Nothing is likely to turn out the (D) base as the thought that these ignorant thugs will threaten him.

  5. The Democrats try to manufacture jobs and the Republicans try to manufacture scandals. Sad but true. I don’t place alot of faith in polls. Only 40% of people have a landline anymore and most of those are senior citizens. What I look at is the job approval ratings. Congress has been hovering at around 18% and that is being gracious.

    Keep beating the Benghazi and IRS drum all the way to November. Bet it comes back to bite them in the back sides.

  6. ive been saying since the rw thought that obamacare was going to be a pejorative, that once the aca happened that they would call it obamacare, then when people liked it, they will call it the aca, and during the election, they will claim it was their idea all along, and call it romneycare..

    while the aca is far from perfect, i know so many who could not get covered for any money, and the creative types i work with in LA, are getting a great price for coverage, and are finally seeing doctors…

    oh and now new exchanges are coming, and costs will go down further…

    but benghazi….

  7. There is no love of country, or patriotism inbthe republican party. They prove every day who America’s worst enemy is. All they have to do to see it is look in the mirror.

  8. It’s a shame that this is presented and perceived as. tea party republican extremism. This is not a partisan issue. This country is out of control. People feel it whatever their party. Politicians in the Washington bubble work for lobbyists and not for the people who elect them. When was the last time you felt proud to be American? when you knew things would get better? Bush or Obama and all the rest of them, their agencies, their fed are using us all.

    Where is occupy wall street. How about we STOP fighting each other and get rid of the real problem so we have a country in which to deal with our differences.

    Btw I am a democrat. There are things I don’t agree with said by this group but since they are the only game in town, unless we think things are going well and Washington is doing its job, we should get with these folks, change what we need to and pay attention to what we have in common.

  9. In addition to the above fabrications by the “fumbling mumbling despicable lying Republican Puppets for Corporations Are People Moochers”…
    Attempting to shift blame and point fingers of their own internal antigovernment, anti-regulation, anti-democracy denials of Veterans funding requests.
    Please make available of what VFW and Paralyzed Veterans of America Administrations response to the Party of Obstructionists, of what is the real factual bases causing problems in the Veterans Health Care Treatments.

    Happy Veterans Day!!!

  10. I wonder if those Republicans screaming Benghazi in their sleep and during their talk to anyone who will listen about fail to realize that they are beating a dead horse to death? It’s DONE! Americans have already made up their minds on this “scandal”: It’s manufactured by the Repubs, and there is no There There. Case closed. ;) Nothing to see here….Go home.

  11. Yup!
    My dear departed Momma always said, “give a Republican enough rope and they WILL hang themselves, they just can’t help it”.

  12. They all predicted Romney would win, too.

    You’d think they’d get a little humility, but noooooo.

  13. No, not all Dems work at the behest of lobbyists. Keep thinking that, you lose your best shot. I lobby. I also mobilize voters in a large grassroots organization. We don’t do ‘click and send’ – we get people OUT to district offices, via FAX and calls to DC. We have beaten the soft drink industry, oil interests, car insurance, the entire auto industry’s resistance to CA’s clean air bill, and across the nation it was grassroots people speaking up that won the day on the ACA vote in 2010. Oh, you NEVER hear that on TV because it doesn’t fit the ‘story’. But it was people who beat corporate money over and over and over.

    So when you cave to the ‘lobbyist’ issue, you’re correct ONLY when you don’t get out there, visit, FAX, or phone your elected official. I’ve seen it work so many times that citizens that equal votes beat HUGE corporate money that I no longer have any sympathy for the ‘we can’t beat ’em’ mantra.

    Oh, yes you can.

  14. These bastards are so easy!!! Never saw this one coming, come on Repugs pick that fastball up so I CAN HIT IT!!!? Folks these people have nothing, no ideas, no platform and quite frankly no candidates. And you know what else, they have about 60-90 days before the President hits the gas on Immigration reform, and these idiots don’t have a clue. Damn, can’t bash the ACA anymore, certainly can’t bash the economy. What happened to this once proud 1 percent Republican Party of Ronald Reagan, did Obama derangement screw up there psyche? The party of stupid really thought they could snow over the American public with obstruction and bullshit with all things Obama, but as it turns out the American public is not as stupid as they are. Contrary to what the media says about 2014 and/or 2016. Bobby Jindal’s party of stupid is in trouble. Ask Kentucky Mitch, or the Wisconsin Walker. All we have to do is vote, please encourage others to go out and vote.

  15. The Village Idiots keep whining about
    Ben-Gag-Zee because they CAN’T talk about anything Else.

    Unemployment ? – Nope.
    Immigration Reform ? – Never.
    Minimum Wage ? – Absolutely Not.
    Gun Control ? – No Way.
    Marriage Equality ? – Never.
    Women’s Health Care ? – Not Possible.

    Wait until the Grand GOPee Inquisition into
    Ben-Gag-Zee blows up in their Faces. Just like the last 7. I Hope that happens at the end of October. Just before the Elections in November. Please Proceed.

  16. Everyone seems to have forgotten the ticking electoral time bomb, set to go off sometime just before the election. I refer to the Hobby Lobby case, which will be a huge organizing tool for the Right, no matter how it is decided. If the Supremes decide in favor of the plaintiffs, the religious right will be emboldened to push further, to try and damage the ACA so badly it cannot survive, with further test cases, or, if they are unsuccessful, it will become a rally-point for right-wing outrage, either way, they will use it to bash Democrats, hoping to persuade enough independent voters on this issue to elect Republicans to their seats. Roberts has total control of when to set-off the bomb, and he will choose the best partisan moment to hit the trigger switch. If Democrats haven’t prepared for that ruling to hit, at the worst possible time, the damage will be great, and the Senate could well be lost.

  17. The media will never stop with the “the Democrats expect to lose the Senate and seats in the House this fall” meme.

    As anyone can see the media shills for the republicans.

  18. One of the things we won’t hear during the latest lynching attempt is that the republicans refused the administration’s request for additional funds for Embassy security.

    We need to continue to bring this up.

  19. Well the GOP/Teabaggers are down to their final card. Benghazi!! they have fought against every thing that could make this country great. But “No”, their in-closet racism and evilness have brought them to this point. As we know they are relying greatly on Benghazi and the Koch bros. So we need to understand and make them understand especially the Koch bros, that money can buy everything but a free man’s vote. That is more valuable than any amount of money. Just remember this poem from John Pierpont;
    A weapon that comes down as still
    As snowflakes fall upon the sod.
    But executes a freeman’s will
    As lightening does the will of God,
    And from its force nor doors nor locks
    Can shield you ’tis the ballot box

    Come on Dems lets move in for the kill and vote!! Drop everything it’s important.

  20. Non of these great comments means nothing, unless we all volunteer to get out the vote. I would say if the rpugs keep going the way they have Oklahoma May go blue. Texas is on its way to blue

  21. The points in the article are correct, except angry republisheep will show and vote while rational dems who know there’s nothing to the fake “scandals” will not show up to vote in great enough numbers.

  22. Yes, Yes, Yes! You have it right. These assholes run on fear, greed, division and obstructions. It’s a game to them. They sit in their castles and start shit because they are bored.

    The Benghazi attack is the gop congress/constituents fault.

    It’s that simple.

    I’m furious that these heartless, greedy gop hacks are using our DEAD citizens for their fundraising. How dare they!

    They were warned that cutting funding to our embassies and consulates WOULD have dire consequences.

    What the gop is alleging about Benghazi is senseless, cold and devilish.

    And they did thanks to the gop congress.

  23. That is why we have to make sure we get out and vote Dem..because if we don’t, and the GOPT gains control, they will dumb down more and more of this country which is what they want. They do not support education whatsoever, so there we have it.

  24. What is really low and should be publicized over and over again is how much of the taxpayers’ money has been squandered by the GOPT..between the gov shutdown, the endless repeals of ACA, the endless bogus investigations into Benghazi, money the country lost by Congress not extending UE, etc., etc.

    This needs to be bluntly presented by the Dems in actualy $$$ amounts loud and clear .

  25. The Republicans refused not just once, but twice before 9/11/12. And they’ve refused twice more since then. All because it’s under Obama’s watch.

  26. So, the TGOPs admit their failure for the repeal of the ACA?

    Now we the people need to collect the $1.45Million of our money that they spent on each “repeal” vote!

  27. the republicans refused the administration’s request for additional funds for Embassy security.
    The Republicans refused not just once, but twice before 9/11/12.
    The Benghazi attack is the gop congress/constituents fault. They were warned that cutting funding to our embassies and consulates WOULD have dire consequences.

    A fallacy hat trick!
    When one is not the least bit informed or familiar with a particular topic I have always believed it best not to foist a whole bunch of ignorance onto everyone else.
    But maybe that’s just me.

    Have a nice day.

  28. Talking to a Republican:
    “What do you think of the Miami Heat/Pacers series?”

    Republican” Benghazi!

    Okay…”What do you think of the Pope’s visit to Israel?”
    Republican: “When is he going to Bhenghazi!?”

    “What did you do on Memorial Day?”
    Republican: “Benghazied at the beach?”

    There it is the Republicans have gone BENGHAZI Loco> ;)

  29. John Kerry Trolls The House
    It seems that there is a bit of a slapfight erupting in the Benghazi sandbox among the angry children of the House of Representatives. John Kerry, who is not at all as dumb as the people seeking his testimony in relation to the ongoing nothingburger, has decided to middle the whole muddle, which has the children calling, “No fair!” and pounding their fists on the asphalt of the playground.
    Read More

  30. Your first link this what lamb said
    Eric Nordstrom, who was responsible for protecting US diplomats in Libya, said that he too sought additional resources. But he said he was told over the phone by a senior state department official responsible for handling the request, Charlene Lamb, not to make any more because “there would be too much political cost”.
    And:Lamb responded that the requests were for more personnel in Tripoli and it would have made no difference to how many security men would have been protecting the Benghazi consulate where protection was in any case mostly in the hands of a pro-government militia.
    As usual you are wrong

  31. All I have to say about your hero Glenn Kessler of the post factchecker is this
    Glenn Kessler’s Shameless Lie
    Kessler’s foundational lie–the stinking lie on which his whole corrupt operation is based–is that he’s “fact-checking”. Untrue!

    You keep falling for the same old bullshit and no matter how many times you make a fool of yourself you keep coming back

  32. Second try for second link.

    A commentator up-thread opined that the lack of funding won’t be mentioned enough by Dems and the reason is that sworn testimony from past hearings put this bogus explanation to rest well over a year ago. Any Democrat rep. that raises the funding issue will either be viewed as embarrassingly uninformed or dishonest.
    But I know all is right in the world when you’re telling me I’m wrong.

  33. Let see they took the word of pajama boy and the car thief so I guess that settles it. Oh, hold up….
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said today that he voted to cut funding for U.S. embassy security amid political attacks from Republicans that the Obama administration did not do enough to secure the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya that was attacked last month.

    Well they all lying POS republicans so who knows the truth which brings me to this question. So how is this the Presidents and Clintons fault and what is the so called cover up?

  34. they took the word of pajama boy and the car thief so I guess that settles it.
    They took the sworn testimony from Lamb and the confirmation of her testimony by the CFO of the State Dept. -who are part of the administration – and the ARB report primarily faulted “systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies,” and not unfulfilled budget requests. Not good enough? What about the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee finding that the killing of the Ambassador was “preventable.”
    Their report concluded that under former SoS Clinton’s watch, the department failed to increase security in Benghazi despite intelligence reports that the situation there was deteriorating and warnings ahead of the 9/11/12 attack that U.S. facilities were at risk.

    The Rhodes memo shows how the administration was trying to spin the attack as something other than their own strategic failures.

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