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Duck Dynasty’s Toxic Homophobe Phil Robertson Invited To Speak At GOP’s Leadership Event


Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family featured on A&E’s one-time hit show ‘Duck Dynasty,’ will be a featured speaker at the Republican Leadership Conference this coming Thursday. The homophobic wannabe preacher nearly got his family’s reality show canceled last year due to comments he made in a GQ interview. During the interview, he compared homosexuality to bestiality and pointed out that gay sex was a sin. A&E suspended him from the show, only to relent after a while due to the whining of a number of prominent conservatives.

Later on, video surfaced of Robertson stating that adult men should marry underage girls. It was also noted that he promoted this activity in his autobiography. Essentially, his reasoning behind forcing teenage girls into marriage was that men can teach them young, get them to do what they want and not allow them to get too educated. Recently, TMZ got a hold of footage showing Robertson speaking on Easter Sunday at a church. Basically, he double-downed on his GQ comments, claiming that homosexuals are sinners and that they will not go to Heaven.

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The thing is, even though the right-wing media and conservative politicians got behind the Robertson clan and helped them keep their show on A&E, the rest of the country decided they were done with them. Ratings for the show tanked after it was revealed that Robertson was a far-right evangelical loon who preached hatred and bigotry. Even in the heart of the Bible Belt, the Robertsons couldn’t get anyone to buy tickets to their events. In an extremely humiliating turn of events, a stage show that the ‘Duck Dynasty’ crew had scheduled in Springfield, MO had to be canceled due to low ticket sales.

However, despite his toxicity, the Republican National Committee has decided that its a good idea to put Phil Robertson up on a stage and let him blather on about morality and decency. He is going to be at a ‘leadership’ conference and speak to Republicans about who knows what. Yet, because the event is being held in New Orleans, the RNC figured he will be a ‘draw’ and bring some good PR. Yeah, OK. It is obviously a great idea to throw a known homophobe onto the stage while the rest of the country is moving at light-speed towards marriage equality.

This is a bad idea of epic proportions that won’t end well for Republicans. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and other GOP leaders have no one to blame but themselves. By inviting Robertson to speak at this event, they decided to embrace a gay-hating zealot as one of the faces of their party. They deserve whatever they get from this decision.

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