Republicans Are So Afraid of Wendy Davis That They Are Comparing Her To Hitler



How do you know when a Republican is terrified? They start breaking out the Nazi and Hitler comparisons. An intern for Wendy Davis’s Republican opponent Greg Abbott in race for Texas governor tweeted:



A woman who is fighting for a better Texas is now Hitler. This is straight out of the Glenn Beck paranoia and fear handbook. Republicans constantly make this claim based on their myth that Adolph Hitler was pro-abortion. This is a myth because as Gloria Steinem wrote in 1980, “Hitler himself, and the Nazi doctrine he created, were unequivocally opposed to any individual right to abortion.”

The Nazi’s believed that a woman’s body belonged to the state, which is, funny enough, similar to the belief by Republicans that the state has the right to make medical decisions for women and tell them what they can and can’t do with their bodies. The Abbott campaign was trying to riff on the abortion Barbie smear that they use against Wendy Davis, but all they accomplished was revealing that their views on women and their rights to their own bodies come from the same family tree as the Third Reich.

Wendy Davis is a strong Democratic candidate, who also happens to be a woman. Texas Republicans are so terrified of the appeal of this intelligent candidate that they are trying to use her gender against her. In fact, the entire basis of the Abbott campaign appears to be rooted in the belief that Wendy Davis is unfit to be governor because she is a woman.

As for the intern from the Abbott campaign, he tweeted an apology:


The intern didn’t apologize for comparing Davis to a Nazi. He apologized for using poor judgement, which means that he is sorry for tweeting it, not believing it. Wendy Davis has a bright political career ahead of her in Texas. Even Republicans can see that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Texas Republicans are scared to death of Wendy Davis. All the Nazi references in the world can’t stop the coming demographic tide that is going to turn Texas blue someday, and Wendy Davis is one of the key Democrats that are leading the blue wave that will change the Lone Star State.

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  2. I live in California, am just a working person and I donated money to her campaign. Texas has brought us Ted Cruz, Louis Gohmert, Rick Perry and some of the most awful politicians in the country. Much of the country wishes they would keep their promise to secede. However, it would be much better if they cleaned up their act and electing Wendy Davis would be a promising start.

  3. The only thing that phucktard Martinez is sorry about is he got caught. He needs a ‘ball buster’ treatment!! But with these rethuglicans, it’s hard to find them — they’re so, so little!!!

  4. Abbott and his crew do what republicans do best when they’re threatened by anything—they lie and lie again and again. Their goal isn’t the accurate dissemination of information but winning using any means necessary. This is what causes so many Americans to vote against their own interests. They are being constantly bombarded with lies and after hearing them a number of times, they begin to accept the lies as being a true reflection of a politician, policy, or situation. To realize this, one only has to look at the resiliency of the following lies: “Obamacare is a takeover of the private healthcare system,” Obamacare “death panels, “Obama is coming to take your guns, and “Obama was born in Kenya and is therefore unqualified to serve as POTUS.”

  5. It’s so ironic that the GOP/Teabaggers accuse Wendy of being Hitler, when every thing they say and do is exactly what Hitler believed in. These bunch of hypocrites is scared of anybody that’s a threat. And Wendy is a threat. they don’t realize that they are a threat to themselves and to damn dumb to know it.

  6. They use those scare tactics to turn out their base voters. Their base is like Pavlovs’ dogs. You give them a little shock and off they run to the polls to save America.

  7. He belongs to a very sorry party. Sorry for anything that might actually help the people that they want to vote for them. They are always sorry that the pea brains they have say and do stupid things, but that does not mean they still don’t believe they did or said anything wrong. They are only sorry they got called on it.The Teapublican party is quick to say Democrats are like Hitler, but they are the party that acts like Hitler.

  8. Obama is the first politicion that I have ever respected and loved. Teabags have been so evil to this great man, it is heart breaking.

  9. The lies and hate coming from the hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, lying haters of the republican party is a never ending pool of disgusting, laced with despicable.

  10. I loved it when Wendy Davis stood up in the Texas Legislature.
    But since she has started running for Gov. she has started to sound like a rethuglican.
    She came out as pro Gun/murder, implicitly supported the death penalty, refused to support more regulations on the petrochemical industry.
    If I am going to support someone I want to see them fight for me.
    This is how the D’s lose. They decide that being a Rethuglican Lite and being nice to the rich people is more important then standing up for the 99%.
    Texas has a very low turn out rate. Part of the reason is so many people do not see anyone representing their interests.
    So try to peel off few suburban trophy wives but with out making a clear distinction too many people are going to say why bother?
    Remember the when the idiot from texas ran the then D speaker of the Texas house supported him and gave him bi partisan cover. Sounds like Ms. Davis is from the same school where power is the motivation not issues that people care a…

  11. I hope Wendy Davis loses by at least 10% so that Democrats won’t spend more money from out of state to try to elect leaders at the state level. She stands very little chance of winning. I’m not afraid of her – she is clueless.

  12. Under republican leadership, Texas has become an economic powerhouse. Texas unemployment is low. Texas has so many jobs that pay extremely well. Texas has a tax plan that people love.

    There is literally nothing wendy can do to make it better. In fact, all she will do is make a great state worse. She will create problems to fix were no problems existed.

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